How the PAT uses the Inner-Soul Dynamics to Change the Collective Mindset

by Georgi Stankov and Daniel Akkerman, February 4, 2013

Dear George,

I fully recovered by now and I’m not planning or foreseeing such a thing (descending in hell) again. My family is starting to accept my teachings very easily, really a big difference when compared to two weeks ago. Keeping this in mind, I think humanity will get there, or they are there already.

I was just linked to a very funny article in the news:

Basically, they are admitting the use of Internet trolls, in this case to form public opinion about the EU, but obviously this also happens for many other purposes and the real numbers must be much bigger than the modest ones of a few million as reported in the article. However the point was, most reactions from the masses on this article and many others are something like “we know this”. There is a really strong and growing feeling among the masses in terms of inner knowledge. Most people have accepted and understood at least modest revelations.

The general message seems to be that they know, but they don’t know what to do with it. They want to change things, but they don’t know how. And that is where we come in as ascended masters. I think they are ready and waiting for us.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

I read about this issue already and this is very revealing with regard to the true, heinous nature of the EU and the mentality of its Orion servants in Brussels.

Your observations that the people are getting more open by the day is very encouraging. I cannot make these observations as I have very limited personal contact to other people due to my seclusive way of life. If you say that they are ready for our appearance although they still do not know this, then it must be so. After all they have been completely rewired by the new energies and codes transmitted by the PAT through our web of light and this must have established a potent, latent affinity towards our ideas in the collective subconscious.

This is exactly the mechanism how karmic relations are created on the earth all the time – by magnetizing the emotional fields of the incarnated entities and by attracting them in this way until they merge together and establish a permanent emotional bondage. In the past this was done with the help of the three lower chakras, which were disconnected from the rest and separated by the heart chakra. Such magnetic karmic connections could be very malignant and stagnant as they did not allow any flow of energy, thus augmenting the corresponding negative behaviour patterns in all humans.

Now the unity field of the PAT and its web of light function as huge magnetic attractors that connect with the heart chakras of all ascension candidates and influence these entities in the opposite, most beneficial way – by increasing the rotational kinetics of the 4th chakra and thus generating the feelings of love, wellness, benevolence, positive attraction etc. This is how humans still function as a kind of bio-robots.

The mind is more or less fully excluded from the current rewiring and has to follow the impulses of the heart, although on the long run human awareness must expand tremendously before this species evolves to sentient multi-dimensional beings. But for the time being, this upgrading of the mind is not a target of the higher realms as this will need much more profound changes in the entire energetic structure of the incarnated masses that can be implemented only after ascension within their new crystalline bodies.

Therefore the masses are now moulded to a new sensual species by only modulating their heart chakras and thus rewiring their inner magnetic compass towards new emotional preferences. This is the reason why they still do not know what they want to know, as you observe, but when it comes, they will be able to feel what is right and what is wrong.

The PAT and its ideas will be the right thing, they will spontaneously choose and everything that the politicians will tell them (including all the nasty gossips against the PAT as the Internet trolls currently exemplify) will be felt as wrong by the masses. The effect will be huge at the societal level, as the politicians will have nothing to offer, but the same old lies and fear based methods of manipulating the people. These deceptions of the politicians will be discerned by the people immediately in an unconditional manner as a kind of Pavlov’s reflex without any superfluous debates as is the case now. The masses will simply turn their back to all current Orion politicians. Precisely at this moment the politicians on power will lose all their power without any fight and nobody will care any more about them.

From that moment onwards we, the PAT, will be the new leaders by inner virtue and powerful energetic, magnetic attraction. I define this effect in the new theory of physics as “long-range correlation” (LRC). The LRC of the PAT will be its attractor force of human magnetization through the web of light that will establish new long-term dreams for the new human transgalactic civilisation that will emerge under our guidance. The results of this energetic influence will be seen very soon and they will surprise even all the PAT members with their globality and swift effectiveness in changing the old collective mindset.


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