Obama’s Heinous Plans for Catastrophic Earth B Are Unrealistic

by Georgi Stankov and Susan Hall, February 6, 2012

Hi George,

I happened upon this today and read through all three parts. It is disturbing, and I wondered what your take is on this? 

I hope you are well.

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7305(Part I)
http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7310(Part II)
http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7666(Part III)


Dear Susan,

this interview is a good summary/confirmation of what I know about the secret plans of the dark US-elite to establish the NWO and to abolish the state. This has been discussed since the 90s and even earlier, but of course in this interview there are some new developments. This all constitutes the catastrophic timeline B, which may be implemented after the ID split in March. The whistle blower says that this scenario will unfold most probably end of March or April as they know when the ID split must take place at the latest.

Now these plans had no real chance of success in the past and now even less than before, as they were counter-balanced by the forces of light, who for instance prevented the financial crash in 2008 and since then, which the dark elite wanted to exploit to declare the NWO. I have discussed this scenario in several articles on my website. Now the light quotient is so high on the earth as never before since the time of Lemuria and higher than during Atlantis, so that this kind of catastrophic scenario – dollar collapse, total impoverishment of the masses, famine etc. –  can only happen after the ID split on the catastrophic earth B.

But then Obama and his criminal elite will be confronted with only one quarter of the US population that will stay on this planet and with a completely devastated infrastructure due to the deluge from the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal, so that none of these plans have any chance of success, as all these institutions such as DHS, FEMA, etc. will no longer be functional. Obama and his assassins will be happy if they have survived the shift.

That is why one must see all these events through the prism of the PAT, respectively from a higher vantage point of view of ascension, as not to get trapped in this 3d-reality on earth B. The most stupid thing now is to project such catastrophic scenarios in the future upon the whole world population. They may apply only for a quarter of it, but even then the conditions on earth B will be that of a devastated planet by natural catastrophes and the portion of humanity that will have survived the shift, will begin to live in a survivalist mode, while the elite, if lucky, will have to hide for years in their underground bunkers before they can appear on the surface.

We have discussed this scenario for earth B extensively on our website and this will be the new reality for Obama and his entourage very soon.

But there is also another, much more positive timeline. When I will ascend next week and appear in front of humanity, I will disclosure all these plans of Obama to the American citizens and will easily oust him from power, before he can trigger this catastrophic scenario. This is the reason why I deliberately publish so many articles about his criminal deeds, as to sensitize the people for this grim fact and to create a new timeline in the higher realms, which I will easily implement as an ascended master on the current earth A/B as a sovereign creator being.

With love and light

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