Mass Ascension Candidates Are Making EXCELLENT Progress. First Ascensions of PAT Next Week More Than Certain!

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, February 7, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is an update from HS confirming that things are still on schedule for ascension. Also, a little bit about what has been going on behind the scenes is provided. I’m sorry this one is not as strong as previous messages, as I was still struggling a bit today with the energies. I still think it may be helpful though, if anything simply further confirmation.

I look forward to rereading it in the morning with fresh eyes and a fresh spirit. In the meantime, I look forward to your initial impressions.

Much love and light,

HS Update 2-6-13

Me: So frankly, part of me wasn’t feeling at all like connecting with you today but, I could use a little inspiration and some additional clarity and I’m hoping you can help me out by providing both in an update.

HS: Yes, I know it’s been very challenging for you lately. Every ounce of you feels squeezed, restricted, frustrated, with very few glimpses of positive movement since we last conversed, but that is only because your vision is clouded, while receiving such high frequency surges from Source. It’s hard to get your bearings at all, let alone function when such energetic blasts occur, so be careful not to judge yourself or your ascension process/ status too harshly, as to even be on the receiving end of such surges is a sure sign of your progress and highly evolved nature.

February has indeed been a jam-packed energetic month as forecast and you are only six days of your calendar time in. I am sorry that you did not get the reprieve that was promised you the last time we connected, but believe or not, the masses were actually ready to receive the next infusion from Source via you, the PATTherefore the next surge commenced only a day or two after the last one ended, giving most of you little rest and comfort.

But the energy now radiates, intertwining and pulsating throughout the subtle bodies and chakra systems of the masses and it is truly a beautiful sight to behold! There is a flickering, an igniting, a light pulsation of the heart, throat, and third-eye chakras, which is continuing to expand the opening of the masses to love, truth, integrity/ communication, and the capacity to dream/vision not only for themselves but for all.

The widening of these openings is timely and in balance with the upheaval still being experienced within their lower chakras and subtle bodies. Mass ascension candidates are now making EXCELLENT progress! They now begin to integrate in earnest the latest round of energy that you, the PAT, recently anchored.

As you yourselves finish integrating this latest surge and dissolution of any 3D templates/ codings / structures etc.., know that the second part of this month will see the momentum dedicated to your further rise in visibility as discussed previously. Even now they open more to receive you. This is why you are being hit so hard, to “turn it up” on them and see them open as you have opened. So again, YOU ARE PREPARING THEM TO RECEIVE YOU. And, YOU ARE MOVING THROUGH THE GRADATIONS OF RECEIVING SELF at the same time.

What was shared before still stands. We still anticipate the first PAT ascended masters to make their appearance soon, yet this month.And then the next group/batch, and so on, and so on…until the culmination of mass ascension in March, most likely utilizing the equinox energies. Again, this is a fluid forecast as all events/ circumstances/ processes are fluid, but we are frankly delighted with the results in the masses so far, even more so than the last time we chatted. Very exciting!

What’s even more exciting is knowing what is just around the corner for you and for the PAT. It might be hard to feel excited just yet, with the energy still leveling off within you, but beginning this weekend/ next week you should see a noticeable increase in magnetization to you. A substantial uptick if you will in events / circumstances / interactions that will see you made visible for who you TRULY are. And that goes for both, first wave ascenders and those following close behind. Let’s just say that one by oneyour dreams are about to come true this month and for some, into next monthAnd this is only the BEGINNING!


Dear Bender,

excellent! This is exactly the kind of message I expected you to receive at this point in time. It fully coalesces with my estimation of the progress we are now making in preparation for the first PAT ascensions in Mid-February and that of the masses in March around Equinox.

Let me elaborate a little bit on the introduction of your HS in this message. We, being the actual conduits of all source energies of transformation on this planet, are still very limited as energetic biological systems. When we operate as huge antennae and transmit these source surges and new codes to the masses, we cannot perceive the quiet voice of our HS giving us personal instructions. The intensity of these energy bouts simply override our mind and brain that are now fully engaged in the left brain portal, through which these energies are streaming downwards in our bodies and enter the chakras and the grids of Gaia, including the web of light and the rainbow bridge through the dimensions, which the PAT has created last year.

During such periods of most intensive transmissions, we are not only physically knocked down, but our transcendental minds cannot operate to their normal, heightened  levels of mediality. This has been a leitmotif in all my writings. I have always stressed the key fact that when I am under huge bombardments from the source (and this is the case most of the time), I cannot receive proper inner impulses from my HS. But on the other hand, exactly this physical experience of total exhaustion tells me that we are progressing with giant stets towards our final goal. It is very difficult for a human being, even when he/she is an ascended master, to bridge this discrepancy between total physical debilitation and the joy of knowing to be rapidly approaching the desired end.

This clarification is necessary at this time as all of you have been now connected at the nexus to the source and you will go in the final days through some stressful experiences, which may not be counter-balanced all the time by moments of illumination and blissful insights. You must learn to be patient  and not to lose faith in the final outcome – not now, when our ascension is knocking on the door.

Of course, we lived through some very disappointing moments when, notwithstanding our inhuman efforts to ascend Gaia and humanity, we could not achieve our goal, as was the case with the two failed ascension test runs on Dec 18 and Dec 23. After that we had to cope not only with a damaged physical vessel, but also with the huge disappointment that heaven had failed one more time to live up to its promises, after we, the ground crew have given more than our fair share to this painful process and have even sacrificed our health. And this is the only thing we still have on this planet, but over which we obviously have no control any more.

This is the utmost form of HUMAN SURRENDER and this is the final point any incarnated human entity must reach before he/she can ascend. Hence our ascension is just around the corner and the PAT should begin to envision the most hilarious scenarios, when we will unite as ascended masters on this earth and shall begin to transform like whirling winds this debased society in the course of this month! The ousting of “kill list”-Obama from the White House is on top of my preference list due to the urgency of this matter, then comes the pope, and so on…

With love and light

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