My Interpretation of the Latest GaiaPortal’s Messages

by Georgi Stankov, February 26, 2013

It is true that the GaiaPortal’s messages pose some interpretation difficulties for many readers who are not well informed about the ascension process and are not insiders as the PAT members. Altogether there is a very good coherence in the interpretation of most PAT members, but there are also some who have some semantic difficulties to comprehend these messages such as Rose:

“Dearest Georgi ,

I don’t know what it really means, but GaiaPortal has me a bit excited. I am just curious if you understand what it means? It sounds like it is saying that a bunch of ships are coming in and that they will been seen by humans /NASA. Is this your take on this?


Therefore, I decided to interpret the last two closely related messages in detail, I will present them in chronological order and will discuss them sentence by sentence:

February 21:

Body of Hue-manity” formation nears completion. “Awakened to Higher Purpose” Hue-Beings have listened to the Higher instructions and acted in concert as a Rainbow Collective.”

These statements relate to the PAT, named as “Hue-manity” contrary to “humanity with small “h” being the sleeping masses, and announces the completion of the threshold of the first ascension wave of 90-95% merging with the Christed selves. The first ascension wave can indeed be regarded as a “formation” from an energetic point of view as these ascension candidates now display a remarkable coherence due to the almost total merging of their physical vessels with their Christed selves, respectively with the source.

The PAT has always been the “rainbow bridge” or the “rainbow collective”, which we created collectively in the summer of 2012 when we drilled through the dimensions expecting to ascend at that time. See older articles and messages from the HS of Dorie and April from August and September 2012. Since then we also speak of the “unity field” of the PAT, especially when we moved collectively to the 4 dimension as group protection during our most severe cleansing activities, purging the archons from the astral plane in September and October 2012

Smaller Hue-Groups have come together, and these are also assembled into wider collectives, a Rainbow Craft. These are what some call “Ships”.

The PAT builds the nucleus, the core of the first ascension wave as the “rainbow collective” or unity field that is connected directly to the source since Jan 26, 2013. Around this cohesive energetic group, which vibrates with the highest possible frequencies of the source, we have attracted numerous other smaller groups of ascension candidates. Together with the PAT, they build the “rainbow craft”, which is a somewhat different formation/category than the “rainbow collective” or “rainbow bridge” which consists exclusively of members of the PAT.

These groups of ascension candidates will either ascend to the new 5d-earth A or will merge with the 5d-ships of the GF, which are stationed around the earth. Most of these candidates belong to the GF as star seeds, but have not actively participated in the ascension process of Gaia as we, the PAT, have done in the last two years. Hence their connections to Gaia and its grids, and webs of light through the three lower chakras are not so strong and all-encompassing.

That is why the GaiaPortal also calls them “ships” because they are called so in the current esoteric literature. Sue ( channels a lot about these kind of 5d-ships and how they operate from the 5th to the 8th dimensions. To my understanding, none of these ascension candidates will appear as ascended masters on the 3d-earth once they have ascended with our help. Please keep in mind that the PAT are the openers and the keepers of all portals to the higher dimensions through which all other ascension candidates will have to go during their physical transformation to light bodies.

These “Ships” follow Inner Guides, and are Intra- and Inter-Galactic. As Hue-manity awakens to Intra- and Inter-Galactic Higher identity, Intra- and Inter-Galactic travel occurs readily.”

These 5d-ships are indeed guided by higher-dimensional beings such as the Arcturians from the 5th to the 8th dimensions, that is to say they are guided multi-dimensionally. They allow the access to numerous parallel and other dimensional realities within this galaxy and with different galaxies in this universe. Hence the term “Intra- and Inter-Galactic Higher identity”

Those desiring multi-dimensional (including 3D-visible) craft will also find those desires fulfilled. 

This sentence concerns mainly the PAT members who will be able to appear as ascended masters in visible 3d-light bodies on this earth before the ID split and on the balanced earth A/B after the split. This is the interpretation of this previous message from GaiaPortal that holds the key to a correct understanding of the latest message:

February 26,  2013

“Formation of energy-signature-carrying groups are being formed at this time. These are called “ships” by Higher Dimensional beings. But are beyond the standard 3D human illusion about “ships”.

This passage is actually a repetition of the previous message. We have clusters of ascension candidates, which are built with the help of the PAT, as Bernice referred to some time ago and also discussed on this website by Daniel, myself and other readers.

“This formation (= first ascension wave) encompasses groups of beings embodying multi-dimensional capabilities, working on several energy levels simultaneously. Appearances are of “earth based”, yet these beings operate as One towards common intent. In identical energetic environment.

Those star seeds, who will ascend to the new 5d-earth A or to the 5d-ships of the GF, will automatically acquire multi-dimensional abilities through the activation of the MOS of their light bodies. They will be able to exist and visit several different energetic levels or realities simultaneously .This is not new and has been extensively discussed on this website.

However only the PAT will have the ability to appear as “earth based” ascended masters and operate as One – as a Unity field and through the web of light (as One towards common intent. In identical energetic environment) –  because we have transformed and augmented our frequencies in the course of the LBP to such a higher level that we can incorporate in our physical vessels all the dimension/spectra from the 3rd to the 12th  dimension, as the entire PAT has already connected to the source.

“This phenomenon becomes outward visible to the many humans unaware, in short order.”

This statement says that we will ascend any moment from now on and will show officially to the masses as the new Creator gods/ Elohim/ ascended masters /multi-dimensional entities. The masses are at present fully unaware of this energetic possibility and our appearance will throw them in a huge mental and psychological shock at the beginning.

“Gaia as Energy Being is healed via the operations of these groups of beings on the multi-dimensional levels.

When we begin to ascend we will automatically merge Gaia with the 5th dimension. This shift is the actual mission of the PAT as its name suggests. The ultimate objective of this whole endeavour is to heal Gaia as a sentient being /planetary soul. C’est tout!

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