Energy Update and the Elohim Message

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, February 24, 2013

Dear Carla,

for me this energy surge resided last evening, so that I slept comparatively calmly this night. Today (Feb 24) I feel exhausted from the series of waves on Feb 22 and 23, but there is a marked relaxation this morning. However my assessment is that humanity and our bodies will need some time to process and incorporate these powerful injections of source energy before the people are ready for our ascension. The removal of the survival paradigm from the DNA of the masses is the single most important step in the ascension process. Therefore, to my estimation it may take another couple of days before we ascend. Can you check this matter with the Elohim?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I agree that we will need time to incorporate all this energy. I am exhausted as well from all this and in no way feel as prepared as I felt on December 19th and 23rd.

I will see if I have the energy to tune in to the Elohim – a bit of an irony isn’t it?


Dear Georgi,

I was able to get some information from the Elohim just prior to crashing from the energetic overload. I just woke up and while I am experiencing extreme nausea I want to at least get this condensed version off to you.

The Elohim confirm:

“the massive infusions of Source energy promulgate instant clearing and creation of the ‘Tabula Rasa’ on all energetic levels of creation. 

The resultant evolutionary leap is the ‘quickening’ that some have predicted.  Due to the critical nature and complexity of this directive further injections apply and shall continue until maximum thrust is reached. This thrust from Source represents final and absolute eradication of primal instinctual cause. 

This process requires full integration each step of the way for realization of ascension.  As these pulses create substantial adjustment and correction you shall notice strong and perhaps uncomfortable physical symptoms during integration as you are sensing in this moment. The ascension occurs when all adjustments meet completion.”

My impression is that we are clearly moving forward with the ascension and in fact I feel once again a whole new level of intensity here. I’m not certain why I feel so hard hit with this particular wave, but I do feel, personally, as though my ascension has been pushed back while I integrate this change.

I really hope you are feeling better now and that I can say that as well soon – perhaps in a few hours.

With much love,

Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this latest update from the Elohim. It was clear that the series of waves from the source will continue unabated until ascension. I am not feeling these waves today (this changed in the afternoon), but I feel very weak and unable to do anything physically. The body vibrations are at a very high level, but rather harmonious. However I do agree that it may take some more time till the peak is reached and ascension can commence.



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