The Elohim Confirm: Your Ascension Has Arrived and Nothing Can Stop it Anymore

by Carla Thompson, February 21, 2013

Dear Georgi,

The Elohim have just come in with this beautiful loving message confirming the arrival of the Ascension.


The Message 

“Greetings! We are the Elohim.

Passages are being taken now, in this moment, onward to the ever-present expanding, yet motionless frontiers of evolution.

You and your members (PAT and light workers focusing on the ascension path) are embracing openly and fully the Divine path upwards and outwards as the creationary path unfolds in beauty and desired designation.

Beyond the confines of the mind and matter, and into the pure essence of connection itself – connection to Source, connection to the One. Unity knows no bounds within the creationary realms – it communicates, connects and expands within the fullness of perfection.

Embrace now the new energies of Harmlessness! There is a theme to All-That-Is and this is perhaps the Greatest of All – Harmlessness. As this energy is held within your fields as you say this word out loud, feel it’s energy of peace and unconditional acceptance through pure loving kindness as it embraces your very essence. Feel the engagement through and through to do no harm – this is the essence of the Ascension.

You are all prepared now for this magnificent fulfillment of inward rotational fields. Your fields have fully embraced the light codes as well as the sound codes the Source so lovingly sent your way recently. The sound codes opened energetic pathways at the confluence of the DNA where miscommunications entailed.

The events have begun to unfold energetically and nothing can stop them now.

The fortification of events entails promulgation of certitude and inner strength. Hold on to the sense of your inner purpose – lose not sight of this now. Your single-mindedness on the ascension path is the achievement of the Ages.

The beautification of all things, in all realms, precedes/flows from the Source impulse in search of perfection. Perfection is purity in all thought and in all action.

The enjoyment gleaned is the treasure found and cherished within.

All conditions are met, all alignments are fortified, all presentations pure.

Rest easy now. Hold on to the moment. All is well!

We are the Elohim.”


The room was engulfed in golden-white light and all sound from the outside world was neutralized as this message came through. I felt as though I had gone in a bubble or a cocoon to another dimension. I believe that perhaps I did.

They love us, all of us, so very much, it’s really quite overwhelming.

Much love and light,

Dear Carla,

this is a very beautiful message indeed. I will publish it immediately. I have also received a message from April which confirms that our ascension is in full force and will materialize this weekend.

With love and light

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