How to Cope With the Latest Fear Waves

by Georgi Stankov, February 9, 2013

Hi Georgi,

This is H. from A.  I would ask that you keep my note within the PAT…

A bad turn of events for our household. We have been noticed to vacate this home of 8 years by the end of March. I have been going through intense ascension symptoms. The fear is overwhelming and comes from within. Inner tremors and physical shaking, night sweats cold/hot, loud loud tones again, etc.. Due to anxiety and fear of being homeless these are amplified even more. 

I have also been getting glimpses of horrible reflections in concentration camps, prisoner of war camps and the forlorn, defeated, sheer hopelessness of such a situation. Where no one cares if you live or die, one doesn’t know when they will feed you, torture you or kill you. Yes, as dramatic as this sounds this is how intense these fears are and I almost have no control of them. I go to bed not wanting to wake up and face the next day. I am waking up at 5:30 or so every day and cannot get back to sleep because of the fear programming or cleansing I’m doing. I can’t believe my HS would have put me in such a horribly difficult almost impossible situation. I keep telling her, all we need is food, shelter and transportation with some type of work to maintain the basic survival needs.

Of course, the old car I use to work a 12 hour a week, part-time job 20 miles away, broke yesterday…The bathroom tub pipes started backing up this morning. Credit is bad due to the crooked credit card banks and debt they’ve sold to horrible debt collectors constantly harassing. There is no money or credit to easily find another home. The property manager of this house is a friend of the owner’s family and is a lizard of the Orion dark matrix. This is the 2nd time he’s forced me to move in 10 years and not by choice. He cares not who he leaves homeless. My partner is working as much as he can and we have 2 beloved dogs as well.

I started to really work hard looking for another part-time (there just aren’t any full-time jobs for my age demographic 51 yrs old) and the car’s fuel pump went out. One possible job cleaning houses is contingent of course on reliable transportation. I barely make it day to day now and the difficulty in holding a positive attitude is very great. I just don’t want to be here in this hell like this anymore. My adoptive mother is in her mid 80s and will not help with any monetary assistance as it may affect her lifestyle, although she has the money to help, all she does is PRAY TO THE LORD for me. The rest of the family is wealthy, but due to this adoptive mother bad mouthing her kids for their lifetime to them, feel we are not worth helping us survive. If the car is broken, we cannot even live out of it. sigh.

I am wondering if you (I know you are so busy) or the PAT would take a look at my energetic field to see if there is a subversive dark attack going on, or parasites, or anything that can be removed or any way that things can be positively assisted with our struggle to get safely into another home. Right now I don’t see how we will make it, unless things turn around positively and very soon.

I am sorry this note smacks of desperation, but I guess looking into the near future it is desperation to help get energetically stable, centered and a knowing that it will all be alright.  I don’t feel that currently with these waves and the calamities that keep hitting out of no where.

Thank you thank you Georgi for what you do and thank you for reading my note.  So many don’t realize that having the basics to survive in the world right now is SO much more than many of us.

Love to you and the PAT

Dear H.,

you are now fully in the process of your crucifixion. I went through this same ordeal as early as 1995 when I lost my company, my house, had half a million dollar debt to the banks, two small children and without a job, both me and my wife. Now 17 years later we are still alive, our daughters are grown up and study at the universities in Munich and Vienna, and, although we still struggle with harsh financial problems, I am more optimistic than ever.

You are now confronted with the collapse of the old matrix at your personal level and you witness what will happen with the whole mankind very soon. You are a way shower in the real sense of this word in terms of matrix collapse. At the same time you have the blissful and imminent vision of ascension as an alternative to this crumbling world. Both life alternatives exist side by side in your mind, which is the only true reality.

You may now believe that the dreadful alternative to become homeless (eviction end of March) and jobless this month is the real one, while ascension this and next month is a virtual idea and hence of less or no reality. But very soon you will experience that it is exactly the other way round. The negative alternative you dread now, will never materialize for you and ascension will become your and our reality this month.

Not only you, but the whole humanity is now at a crossroad, only that you/we have a more clear knowledge and understanding of the current situation and leading processes behind the veil, while the masses are still trapped in a huge slumber and hence cannot fear the dreadful destiny that is awaiting them very soon. This is the only difference between you and the rest at this moment – your cognitive advantage, which you now interpret as a disadvantage, while neglecting the basics of all human logic.

You simply know earlier than they, and this is actually your guarantee that your future will not be as dreadful as many other people will soon experience, unless they change their collective mindset dramatically in the coming days and make their decision in favour of ascension. This is, by the way, the main reason why I and other PAT members must, and will, ascend next week in order to trigger these “catastrophic” or “hilarious” events, depending on which aisle of human weltanschauung you stand – on the spiritual or the current prevailing agnostic aisle of humanity.

Of course you must now mobilize all your inner powers and faith to cherish this vision and not to succumb to the existential fear you now experience.

Now let me elaborate a little bit on the fears you now experience during your cleansing work on behalf of humanity (and not for you). None of these fears are yours, but they may be very intensive and interfere with your personality structure, which is still based on some fear-based patterns and thus resonates with them. These collective fear based patterns are predominantly of existential nature and they must be now fully released from the mental and emotional structures of humanity, before our ascension and appearance as ascended masters can take place.

This is what the entire PAT is now doing very intensively and extensively, as we are all connected to the source now and thus the most powerful and effective vacuum cleansers of human dross of the worst type on this planet, as young Daniel recentlydescribed with regard to his dream experience with this utter human darkness. This unique cleansing work on the part of the PAT also allows each one of us to fully delete all the 3d-human features and patterns, which we have developed throughout this incarnation as to survive in this toxic reality, from our still existing, now almost entirely empty human energetic structure, so that our Christed Self can descend in our physical vessels, as April’s HS has confirmed in her latest message. This is the way how the PAT is now ascending in gradations to the source.

As you must have read, I have finished with the releasing of my fears years ago (and I can assure you this was the most rotten process one can experience on this world and at least as intensive as yours now) and could have ascended as early as 2009. Since then I have gone through the same rotten and highly debilitating process of ascension two more times in order to help, first the LW community to progress in their LBP, and then one more time very quickly after Dec 21 to help the PAT to connect to the source. The objective was that I should be released from my function as the only nexus to the source and ascend in advance, thus catapulting the PAT in the centre of all human transformation next week.

Actually, my energetic structure must be entirely void of any fears, and this is actually the case. But as I am still fully engaged in the cleansing  of human dross, being the most experienced human vacuum cleanser of all, I am still getting all the negative and nasty fear-based waves coming from the collective with full force. These existential fears flow throughout my energy field with such an intensity that they automatically involve my psyche and mind in a most unpleasant manner.

This was in particular the case yesterday (Friday, Feb 8) which was a very powerful and nasty cleansing day for me and surely for most PAT members. This last energy cycle/bout prior to our ascension follows the same pattern as the dress rehearsal for mass ascension last week, so that I expected Friday to be a very bad day. It is no coincidence that Anita died on this day.

I can assure you that on Friday I was so overwhelmed by these negative collective patterns that some harmless comments on the part of my wife threw me in a full despair in the morning and it took me several hours with the help of my higher logical abilities and unfathomed faith to recover from this nasty energy bout and disperse these negative patterns that had inundated my psyche to such and extent that I felt as if I was drowning yesterday morning.

Then when I received Jerry’s notice that Anita has died, I was filled all of a sudden with such an unexpected joy, peacefulness and tranquility that I was transformed within several minutes into a completely different person, and life seemed to glee with all heavenly promises all of a sudden.

We are now going through the most extreme ups and down in our whole cleansing carrier, as the latest GaiaPortal’s message confirms specifically for the PAT. These energy bouts can knock down even the most resilient wayshower and experienced cleanser of human dross on this planet as somebody like myself.

But I can tell you, your HS and infinite angels are taking care of you and nothing bad could ever happen to you, unless you fully succumb to these external fears, which are only an illusion and are now in the process of complete extinction from the energy grids of the earth thanks to our inhuman efforts. Just keep up you faith and know that there is always a solution for every problem, just as Jerry realized when he lost his most beloved wife.

Only this summer our car also broke and I had no money to repair it and without it we were helpless as a family. Then all of a sudden the car mechanic in the neighbourhood appeared to be a light worker and he was very happy to speak with me on these topics as he could not find anybody else to share his views. Although I knew him for more than 10 years, I had never discussed ascension and the like with him as I did not suspect that he is interested in esoteric matters. Then he repaired our car for free and since then he has become my best friend. This all happened without any coordination, effort or life management on my part. I simply asked my HS for a help in this devastating situation and it came in the person of this car mechanic, who happened to be an old soul friend of mine, but appeared only at the just, last minute in my life.

Just be quiet and optimistic and know that there is always a miraculous solution, now more than ever, as long as you only cherish a positive, fear-free timeline for you and not succumb to old fear based patterns that are now extinguished for ever from the energetic structure of this planet. First start believing that ascension will happen in the course of this and next month and keep in mind that the whole humanity will be very soon in a much worse situation than you are now. Not that you should indulge in “schadenfreude”, but just to have a reliable measure for the insignificance of your current imaginative troubles.

I think that these arguments suffice for the moment to boost your morale.

With love and light

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