Further Confirmation For Our Ascension in February

by Georgi Stankov, February 1, 2013

John Smallman and his sources – Saul and Jesus, actually his HS – have been known to be very redundant and vague in their information and never to give any forecasts except general promises about the blissful future of humanity when it will finally awaken. Only recently I have challenged the wisdom of this kind of redundant astral information for the personal evolution in a letter /comment in John Smallman’s blog, which he of course did not publish as he is afraid of any critics as most channeling mediums do. This human deficiency – the inability of critical self-reflection – has been widely discussed by the PAT and we have achieved a remarkable unanimity in our opinions on this kind of human behaviour, still trapped in the duality of this planet.

The last message from Jesus, channelled by John Smallman makes however a refreshing exception from his former channeling practice. Could it be that my critics has been heard at a higher place? I have made on numerous occasions the experience that as soon as I intervene with a certain channeller and make some critical comments that the quality of the messages improves or weird topics disappear from the menu of this medium. In some cases of dark sources, they even stopped channeling.

Now that the decision of my and your ascension has been approved by the Source, such channeling sources must take this fact into consideration, if they do not want to lose their credibility as reliable sources of information for ever. They know that we will determine very soon the scope and the direction of the new sweeping events that will transform the current debased humanity to a transgalactic civilisation, while none of the GF will show up in this first phase. This is a done deal and the result of the decision of the PAT, who have a poor opinion on the performance of the GF in the current ascension process. Hence such sources must accommodate their statements and forecasts as to consider our plans as creator gods and future Earth Keepers of humanity that will be very soon realized on the earth.

In his last message Jesus announces for the first time all of a sudden,after he has lost himself in esoteric trifles since Dec 21, the coming of an important threshold that will be crossed by humanity very soon and will transform its way of life. You do not need to guess what this source is meaning. It is simply heralding our impending ascension and appearance in front of humanity which we discuss since the two failed ascension  attempts on Dec 18 and Dec 23, when we decided for the X-time to take again the initiative in this ascension process and to accelerate the awakening process by connecting the entire PAT to the Source and thus allowing for some of its members to ascend earlier and change the course of the current non-events at the societal level.

Your are very close to an important boundary
February 1, 2013 by John Smallman

“You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur.  It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you.  You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” – psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic – that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely.”


Another German source of a modest quality has just reiterated for the 4th time that it is planned that the first contact will be the appearance of the first ascended master in the his presidential function (Please do not confuse this statement with respect to current incumbent presidents. but as a reference of his cosmic role to play. I am now also exerting the role of the Captain of the PAT without having a captain licence), who will be widely covered by the mass media:


“Das heißt nichts anderes, dass unser Erstkontakt mit euch schon gestartet ist, das auf was ihr wartet, ihr Lieben, das große Medienereignis, die Ankündigung unseres friedlichen Kommens, über den aufgestiegenen Meister, der im Präsidentenamt ist, das alles sind Dinge, die sicher in eure Realität treten werden!”

“This means nothing else, but that our first contact about which you are waiting is initiated with you already, dear ones – the big media event, the announcement of our peaceful coming through the ascended master, who will preside over this event; these are all things that will surely enter your reality!” 


Even Joe’s source of channeling is now fully embracing our information, which I am giving Joe as to be better informed when he channels. This is what I have tried with many other channellers, but their ego prevented them from profiting from this cooperation to the benefit of all sides. Only Dorie and April have fully embraced this fruitful cooperation, even when it included some critical assessments, and we received much more precise and detailed information about the ascension process, free of any boring, fluffy, rosy statements, than any other channelers worldwide are able to deliver.

For instance in the last Joe’s message, his source explicitly refers to the two failed ascension attempts by the PAT and announces the next big ascension test run that will come very soon and will enable all those who were ready to ascend around Dec 21 to be the first ones to move to a higher dimension very easily:

Gechannelt von Lichtarbeiter Joe Böhe am 26.01.2013
302. An alle Menschen, die beim letzten Hub aufsteigen wollten


“Wie euch schon mehrfach berichtet, hat das Komitee, das zur Energiebereitstellung beauftragt war, nicht genügend Energie erzeugen können, so dass davon beim 1. Versuch am 18.12.2012, nur 95 % zur Verfügung standen, die nicht ausgereicht haben, alle Gläubigen, einschließlich der, die nicht aufsteigen wollen, in die 5. Dimension zu heben. Beim Folgeversuch am 23.12.2012 konnten immerhin 98 % der benötigten Energie erzeugt werden, was wiederum nicht ausreichte, alle Gläubigen (einschließlich der gläubigen Verharrer und der gläubigen Nichtinformierten) sicher zu heben.( Kursiv: Zusatzinfo Joe)

Bei den beiden Versuchen haben alle Menschen, die bereit waren, einen hohen Energieschub erhalten, der ihren Lichtkörper aktivierte und damit das Überwechseln ermöglicht hätte. 

In diesem Übergang in den Lichtkörper stecken nun eine Vielzahl von Menschen, die durch ihre hohe Energiestruktur nicht in das alte Leben zurück können. Andererseits reicht die Energie bei einigen Menschen aus, doch schon mal in die 5. Dimension zu sehen oder zu fühlen, ohne direkt überwechseln zu können.

Dieses ereignet sich meisten in euren Träumen oder im Halbwachzustand, so dass ihr es immer als Traum deutet. Leider kann dieser Energievorsprung nicht zurückgenommen werden und diese Menschen müssen bis zum nächsten, bald folgenden Hub, damit leben. Es beeinträchtigt das normale Leben nicht, jedoch fühlen sich diese Menschen immer in einer Art Schwebezustand, als ob sie immer im Aufzug leben würden.

Dies hat auch Vorteile, die ich, der Göttliche Vater, euch “geschädigten” Wesen nicht verheimlichen will. Beim nächsten Hubversuch seid ihr die ersten, die den Weg in die neue Zeit gehen werden, weit bevor alle anderen folgen. Das wird euch gut gefallen…


Channeled by Lightworker Joe Boehe on 26.01.2013
302 To all the people who wanted to ascend during the last ascension test run

“As have been already repeatedly reported to you, the team (referring to the PAT) which was responsible for the energy supply for mass ascension, could not produce enough energy, so that at the first attempt on Dec 18. 2012, only 95% of the humanity threshold were reached. That was not sufficient to heave all the faithful people to the fifth dimension. During the follow-up attempt on Dec 23. 2012 98% of the required energy could be generated, which in turn was still not enough, for the people to be safely lift (Additional info by Joe).”

The source:

“In both ascension test runs, all the people who were willing to maintain a high energy boost, could activate their light bodies and this would have enabled their transition to the higher dimensions.

Now  a number of people are trapped in this transitional period, where their light bodies due to their high energy structure can not return back to the old way of life. On the other hand, the energy of some of these people is sufficient for them to see or feel the 5th dimension, without being able to move directly into it.

This happens mostly in your dreams or half-awake, so that it is always interpreted as  a  dream. Unfortunately, this energetic advantage can not be turned down and these people have to live with it until the next, soon following ascension attempt. It does not affect the normal life very much, however, these people always feel in a kind of a limbo, as if they are living all the time in an elevator.

This has also the advantage, which I, the Divine Father, do not want to conceal from you, the “damaged” ones. During the next ascension test run, you will be the first ones that will enter the new era, long before all the others can follow. You will be very pleased….”

If you have come across some other sources that confirm our impending ascension in February please let me know and I will publish them.

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