The Collapse of the Old Matrix. Italian Elections February 24/25, 2013. The Next Two Most Powerful Italian Politicians Will be a Former Communist and a Comedian

by Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2013, 15.00 p.m. CET

 The Italian elections are still ongoing today and the first results will be known as early as this evening. However the latest trends show already that the two winners will be a former communist member and a famous Italian comedian. Thus the old Orion elite embodied in the Reptilian shape-shifter Berlusconi and his follower as PM, the Bilderberg clone Mario Monti, a former EU bureaucrat, will be the clear losers.

This new situation, with a former communist and a comedian, being the two strong political leaders to build a new Italian government of crisis after the austerity programs of the past unelected Monti’s Orion government impoverished the Italian population, is a new tremendous opening that will facilitate our appearance as ascended masters in Italy. This new political trend will not only help us oust the pope and all the cardinals from the Vatican, before they go in conclave to elect the new pope, but will allow us to introduce the new enlightened society in the cradle of modern Western civilisation.

According to the latest unofficial polls – in Italy it is forbidden to publish forecasts during the two days of elections on Sunday and Monday (today) – the centre-left coalition of the former communist Pier Luigi Bersani has already 34-36% of the votes with a slightly positive trend. The  centre-right coalition of Berlusconi with Liga North are stable at 28-30%. The Monti coalition seems to be below 10% with a negative trend.

The big winner of this elections is already the famous Italian comedian Beppe Grillo and his newly established party “Movimento  5 stelle” (Movement of the 5 stars)  with estimated 20-21% of all votes. Some forecasters even attribute to this new party up to 30% of the votes, which is a huge electoral slide for Italy. The fifth party “Rivoluzione civile” is beaten with 3,2% and a very negative trend, and will play no role in the constitution of the two Italian senates and the new government.

I am only giving you this information to underline the absolutely staggering coordination from the HR of the current political events on the earth before our official appearance and disclosure as ascended masters and the new Earth keepers will take place. We have similar unstable conditions in Spain, where the current austerity government is about to topple any moment under the huge pressure of the angry and hungry Spanish population which revolts on the streets of Madrid and throughout the country since many months.

Then comes Greece with its perennial crisis, governed by a former hitman of Goldman Sachs, the bank that helped ruin the Greece population by steeling more than 100 billion $ from the state budget, laundering it through their clandestine Orion monetary channels,  and thus causing the huge state deficit of Greece that is the cause for its current crisis.

Britain has just lost its triple AAA amidst its fourth successive recession since 2008 and  the budget deficit has reach astronomic heights. At the same time Cameron is officially claiming that he intends to divert billions of pounds of tax money into secret military operations, while the official defence budget of GB has been drastically cut. And where are the British people? Everywhere hiding from the winter blizzards, but not on the streets to demonstrate against the most sinister Reptilian government on this planet. But the awakening of the slumbering British masses will come very soon.

France is embroiled in its Mali adventure and Germany is in a huge, officially still unrecognized crisis  – political, economic, financial (with Deutsche bank being the biggest criminal scandal/financial fraud in many decades and other banks on the verge of illiquidity) and moral, sending troops the world over forgetting its past criminal history.

Brethren, I tell you, when we will ascend, the old matrix will be ripe for its collapse and a slight breathing of a single ascended master will be sufficient to topple down this house of cards.


The first projections on the Italian election results as just published by the newspaper “La Republica” confirm my forecasts above (20.00 pm CET):

The centre left coalition has 32%, the centre-right coalition and lega nord (Berlusconi) 29,7%, Grillo (Movement of 5 stars) 24% and Monti coalition 9%. This means impossibility to build a stable parliament (two senates) and a government according to La Republica. This is the best outcome for us to ascend and show up in Italy and take over the leadership of this country.

“A due terzi dello scrutinio per il Senato i dati parlano chiaro: Pd-Sel 32%, Pdl-Lega 29,7%, Grillo 24%, Monti 9%. Questi numeri vogliono dire ingovernabilità.” – La Republica.


For all Italian readers, please watch this excellent interview with Beppe Grillo. He is obviously one of us and this fact makes me personally very happy.

And his highly emotional speech on Feb 19, 2013 in Milano:


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