It’s All About Ascension

by Joe Boehe, channelled on January 31. 2013
published on January 3, 2013


As I have mentioned previously, I am in constant communication with Joe and inform him about the latest updates from our website. He then receives his messages from his source in the full knowledge what is supposed to happen from the higher vantage point of view of the PAT. This has improved significantly the quality of his latest messages and we can only profit from this additional, external validation. 

Of course one may argue that we are thus biasing Joe’s messages and receive the wrong feedback, but this is not my concern, as I know it better. No reliable source, and Joe has been reliable in the past, will jeopardize his reputation in the very last minute when the ultimate decision about our ascension has been fallen and there is no space and time for further delays.


Joe’s Message

I have pondered a lot on whether to publish the following message. I am sure that, as always, it was the same energy that sent this message to me – that of the Divine Father.

I am also aware of the fact that one more time the professional critics would say they knew it in advance that this all I am writing here is crap and that I should be punished at least by imprisonment or even worse. But I hope that my conviction about the correctness of the upcoming events will give all chosen people the security and strength in the faith that we are on the cusp of the promised transition in the new era…


After a brief period of respite, you, earthlings, will now experience the final shift of all people who believe and desire Ascension.

My intention as the Divine Father that all believers should be heaved in the Golden Age of the 5th Dimension has ultimately failed in December during the ascension test runs, because many of you were simply not willing to detach from your material possessions and to look forward in joy to the great, unknown adventure of the “Golden Age”. It is also a pity that many believers, who have the chance to ascend, were not informed and therefore have no relation to what is now being planned and will take place.

In the course of February 2013, the responsible for the energies in the Galactic Council will begin in collaboration with all those eligible for ascension with the first attempts to separate small groups of people from the earth, and to heave them in the 5th dimension.

If these attempts occur with sufficient energy and without any incidents, the next larger group will be called in to get ready for ascension and to start with its journey.

With the increasing stability of the provided energy and proper transportation, increasing quotas of believers will be called and sent on their way to ascension.

The whole process will take about three weeks and will bring about a permanent transformation of the earth. At the end of this action, many will wonder why they have not ascended, though they may believe that they have acquired by occasional church visits or occasional participation in common faith congregations the right to be entitled to ascend. Here I, the Divine Father, can only say: “weighed and found wanting”, and therefore these will not be the believers, I, the Divine Father, would like to see in the new beginning on the fifth dimension…

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