Why I will Appear as Ascended Master First in Bulgaria

by Georgi Stankov, February 21, 2013

Hi George

I’m sure you’re quite amused and flattered with how revelations are rolling out with the latest announcement of the Bulgaria Government resigning. The coincidence is undeniable and couldn’t be ignored by any new readers of your website in the last few weeks. What else could be said? The stage has been set. Personally I am feeling detached to this amazing revelation as just an observer. Maybe it’s my lack of geographical proximity, any personal history with Bulgaria or actually how I am meant to feel at this time?

I really do feel privileged to bare witness to these events which are lost on most and to have the inside scoop from yourself and the collective consciousness of the PAT. I do need to remember this more often when I am battling with my ego who has been doing his utmost to prevent my ascension saying all sorts of shit in my head at most inappropriate times and I can sympathise with Garrett who mentioned something similar a few days back.

The only way I could describe my ego’s actions, which are actually more like third person thoughts that come from nowhere, is that of a cornered rat which thinks it has no option than to attack. I try not to judge myself with this too much and measure my spiritual progress against an illusory ideal, but I also need to take some responsibility for my thoughts. It is difficult for me to just write them off as “part of the process” though and feel that I am hindering more than helping.

I have had a tough couple of weeks with this and I know this pales in comparison to what other PAT members are going through. I’m bringing this up is also as I gained comfort in reading others experiences similar to my own as we all do. Suffering in silence with your mind is not much fun and I thought I was behind this already. Oh well.

I just want to say thank you for everyone’s contributions and especially yours. This website is special beyond words as you know and I can’t say anymore to that. Looking forward to the next domino.

Warm regards

Dear Alex,

these are the last convulsions before the first ascension wave materializes this weekend and the people will be put in a state of total shock before they can change their mindset.

The fact that the Bulgarian government has resigned just in time for my ascension and appearance simply reveals the perfect, hidden coordination of the HR and my personal creative activity on a global level behind the veil. This holds true for all of you.

It has always been my deep understanding, and inner-soul conviction, that I must appear first in Bulgaria, in my native country, before I, respectively the PAT, start with our devastating march through the Western countries and oust their Orion puppet regimes. Of course one may argue, why first in such a small and insignificant country as Bulgaria?

But asking such a stupid question (and here I refer to an unknown idiot, who asked me this question today), one readily forgets, especially if one has no historical knowledge and idea of the inner dynamics of all historic events, that Jesus also appeared first in the most insignificant, backward and peripheral province of the Roman Empire, from where he then established Christianity worldwide. Of course we know that Jesus did not exist as a historical personality and that it was Apollonius of Tyana, whose spiritual influence gave the birth of this morbid religion when it was hijacked two centuries later by the Reptilian Emperor Constantin the Great.

When one follows the official history of the Church, it was actually Paul and Peter, another fraud, that allegedly carried Christianity to the capital Rom. Paul was said to be a Roman citizen and this fictive personalty was only invented to hide the true origin of Apollonius, who came from the same province of the Roman Empire in Minor Asia.

The fact of the matter is that, while the appearance of the first ascended master – the “Second Coming of Christ”, as the Church (as Advent church) refers to this anticipated event since 2000 years – may take place in the periphery of Europe, such as Bulgaria, which is by the way still the heartland of the Ancient civilized world, which exists simultaneously in the NOW in the higher multidimensional reality (This fact is often forgotten by most New Agers, while we now merge all timelines prior to ascension.), it will, nonetheless, rapidly spread throughout the world.

After all, I am also a citizen of Germany, the core land of the EU, and live in the centre of the Old Continent. At the same time I am known through this website in the Anglo-Saxon world, so that this first ignition will spread with the speed of light on the world wide web and encompass the whole humanity within minutes. Please, do not forget that the people are already fully immersed in our web of light and magnetically attracted to us, so that they know about our existence, eminent importance and imminent appearance, as this has been confirmed by the latest message from Dorie’s and April’s HS.

But there is also an important psychological aspect which all New Agers such as Beckow and Co. have never grasped in their narrow-minded, Anglo-Saxon imperially-centered way of thinking, no matter how rosy it has been tainted with weird esoteric ideas: All big historical events leading to profound transformation of humanity have always started at the periphery and then have rapidly progressed to the centre of the Orion empire. And there is no other empire on this planet, no matter how the individual countries and “powers” are named.

This is the proverbial turning of upside down of the old Orion order. And while the local Mafia in Bulgaria, financed with Orion money from the West, has been omnipotent after the Fall of the Iron curtain and has suffocated the life of the normal Bulgarian citizens, the Orion political matrix, itself, has collapsed in 1989 and since then has not been restored. As we have discussed this issue with respect to Bulgaria and other East European countries, such as Romania, Croatia, etc., the peoples of all former communist countries are in many respects much more free and liberated from the Orion influence than all the so called “civilized” Western countries such as GB.

The latter is now on the verge of total financial and economic collapse (which the mainstream media deliberately hide), where the people have been impoverished in the last months to such an extent that many of them are now much poorer than most Bulgarians, but obviously still too dumbed down to revolt against their Reptilian elite. I have a fresh example with Felix, who returned at Christmas to GB only to find out in what a catastrophic economic situation his country is now and had immediately returned to Central Europe (Austria), where social life has still preserved some of the past civilized conditions of social welfare.

Finally let me add that I am well known in Bulgaria due to my activities to popularize the new theory of the Universal law in my homeland, and there are some groups of scientists who are exploring and implementing this theory since the 90s.

I think that I had to address this issue to give you some glimpses into the inner dynamics and logic of the End Time scenario that I have perceived two decades ago and have followed and created with my thoughts indomitably since then. This I have done in the full faith that, what I truly create for the benefit of humanity, will always occur at some point in  time on this toxic earth, if I only keep the coherent mental pattern intact throughout linear time without any wavering and doubts. Perseverance has always´been rewarded in All-That-Is. Otherwise we would not have had the current ascension of a whole planet and universe in the higher dimensions, with us, the PAT, being the driving and executing force behind this monumental cosmic process, as the Elohim have confirmed to Carla today.

And the last will be the first!

After all, aren’t we, the PAT, now the outcasts of society who will become very soon the new spiritual leaders of humanity in all eternity?

With love and light


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