April’s Latest Update: After the Source Waves and the Elimination of the Survival Fears in Humanity

by April Bender, February 24, 2013

Dear April,

yesterday, late in the evening, I received a long email from Dorie with a message from her HS…. Below I will attach her email to me and my response to her for your personal confidential reading.

For me this energy surge resided last evening, so that I slept comparatively calmly this night. Today I feel exhausted from the series of waves on Feb 22 and 23, but there is a marked relaxation this morning. However my assessment is that humanity and our bodies will need some more time to process and incorporate these powerful injections of source energy before the people are ready for our ascension. The removal of the survival paradigm from the DNA of the masses is the single most important step in the ascension process  The same holds true for our bodies. Therefore, to my estimation it may take another couple of days before we ascend. Can you discuss this issue with your HS today?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for forwarding Dorie’s HS message. She did share her response to you last night with me as well, I just didn’t have an opportunity to check back in with HS at that point, but instead I allowed Dorie’s message to incubate within my consciousness overnight.

Then I awoke up to read your follow-up message this morning, and must say that both messages resonated fully. I too, have felt a message/important update brewing over the last couple of days and feel that both of you touched on a couple of important items regarding our current status.

Below is the latest from my HS on where we currently stand, and as you’ll note the same general themes are emerging that you and Dorie have already picked up on. This seems to be a multi-faceted update and it took be a bit to get it all down. I hope it’s clear and not too confusing as it was tiring for me to keep up with HS as she jumped around on updated on various catalysts/initiatives happening.

As always, I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts on this. I honestly am not surprised or disheartened by the update and I attribute that to the “quickening” sensation and simply knowing and feeling that all is still very much progressing, and rapidly at that. But let me know what you think, I’m happy to take HS to task if something sounds amiss.

Much love and light,


HS Update 2-24-13

Me: So here we are at the close of the weekend, and while the last couple of waves were very intense and transformative, we did not ascend. Can you please explain why we have not fully transitioned yet?

HS: First, it’s VERY important for you to recognize and celebrate the fact that you’ve all reached the 90-95% merge completion rate, as was our target goal. Please give yourselves a well deserved PAT on the back and allow yourself to FEEL and KNOW just how far you’ve come, and more to the point, who you now ARE as you’ve consciously assimilated many many aspects of Self within you.You, for all intents and purposes, are now in ALMOST every single manifested way, fully Ascended/Christed Masters walking the earth.

The “almost” implies what is still left to be done prior to the actualization process of physical transfiguration and your disclosure/appearance to the world. Remember how I said things/processes are yet fluid? Let me explain what is now occurring.

First, even though all of the first wave ascension candidates have reached at least 90% completion of their merges, there is still some integration and assimilation that is taking place as a result of the last two very potent energy waves. And there is yet one more wave coming your way to further assist in this process over the next day or two, though this wave will be of a different quality, more healing, soothing, peaceful, though it will be just as potent, and may still kick up some dross for those of you still offering to clear, just so you aren’t taken by surprise. But it shouldn’t be overly taxing for you as that would negate the purpose of this healing and integration wave.

Also, you are carefully creating/constructing your disclosure scenarios with those closest to/around you in everyday life and/or those related to your particular PAT specialty/sector. This for the most part is not happening on a conscious level, but this work/weaving is happening behind the scenes never-the-less. Many of you are reaching out to your fellow human brothers and sisters during dream time, when it’s somewhat easier to work with them in this capacity. And this work is bearing much fruit in your conscious interactions with them, is it not?

The masses will only continue to become more and more conscious of who you are, in preparation for fully receiving you. I say fully, because many are starting to already receive you now, though not quite as deeply or as consciously as is needed, yet. (Your rise in visibility.)

This is why I wanted to stress to you the import of the article that Georgi shared on quantum cohesiveness. Sure you are working with the HR in this endeavor by connecting to various inner/dimensional realms and weaving the web/anchoring the light back and forth between those places to Earth, but you are also doing the same with the masses through symmetry (like attracts like and is magnetized to like). Therefore I can’t overstress the reciprocal relationship between you and the ascending masses. As I’ve said before you feed their ascensions, as much as they feed yours. All that to say that there are still some final weavings/magnetizations happening in order to fully support and execute your individual disclosure scenarios.

Secondly, as I mentioned before, there are many other processes/events/triggers happening out in the larger world, running concurrently with your ascension, disclosure, and magnetization processes, that are also affecting the shifting of the masses/humanity. These triggers/catalysts are now being more carefully orchestrated to align optimally with your full disclosure scenarios.

And lastly, the second wave of ascension candidates are moving up in their levels of merge completion behind you. They are currently 60-70% complete.

Basically, all the individual pieces/initiatives are moving into final alignment. We are so very pleased with the progression of all and are eager to see you disclosed to the world, our beautiful shining ones!We simply ask a few more days time in which to allow for processes/initiatives to move into final alignment, and we will reassess the situation again before proceeding with your final transition and subsequent disclosure. We are still well on schedule and all lights are still “green,” as your “quickening process” should indicate to you. Simply continue to monitor the situation by that, and you will understand that in most all ways, you have already ascended and reassembled/ merged with your Christed Self and are simply waiting for your disclosure/unveiling signal. For you already contain now all that in which you’ve been seeking as your newly expanded Self can testify, THEY just don’t see you fully, YET.

But all of that is about to change very, very soon! Again, just stay in connection with your “quickening” as that is the truest indication you all have, and using that, hold your faith. You’re already there, you’re already complete, it’s just a matter of flipping the switch so you can manifest Self more fully in bodies more conducive to your new role.


Dear April,

thank you for your prompt response and the latest update from your HS. I can confirm that the last wave announced by your HS has just commenced as I was knocked down this afternoon and had to sleep for two hours very deeply. The energy intensity has jumped during this time and the vibrations are shaking and penetrating my whole body. This time it is similar to a celestial shower that enters all chakras, precisely the left brain portal and the heart chakra simultaneously and do not cause any headache or other pain. The chest is burning like when we opened the stargate 11.11.11.  I am also carried away and can not anchor any more in this reality. These source energies are really spiraling upwards with an incredible force.

Your HS has confirmed what I sense since this morning.That we and humanity need some more time to process and integrate these powerful source energies from the last several days. But this does not matter as long as you all have reached the necessary threshold of 90-95% of merging with your Christed selves. From this level there is only one way to go – full physical transfiguration – the final and ultimate switch.

It was obvious that the HR will need a couple of more days to prepare the masses and all other processes for our appearance and disclosure  because we will appear much more massively than initially planned on the earth and will immediately take control over mankind by ousting all current dark politicians, beginning with Obama and ending with smaller despots. Then we must introduce some 4d-new technologies very quickly, most probably before the ID split and mass ascension.

We can no longer do anything anymore, but only let go of and allow us being carried upwards as I am doing now, barely finding the words for this response and having great difficulties to edit the website.  It is just surviving in suspended ascension, while my physical body is rapidly disintegrating in front of my eyes.

I would like though to urge all the PAT to have full confidence in the ascension process and to know that this time you all have reached your goal and have ascended energetically to the source. The switch will come like the thief in the night, but this time the thief has already starting knocking on the door and the front door is wide open for him, respectively ascension to enter.

With love and light

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