The Strange Dichotomy Between the PAT and the Rest of the LW Community

 by Georgi Stankov, January 25, 2013

The PAT must definitely live in another special universe, which is not populated by other human beings. At least this is my impression when I read other channelled messages. The latest missive of the “Manuscript of Survival” No 258, Jan 25, tells me that there is a strange dichotomy, a great anomaly between what the PAT experiences these days and what the rest of the star seeds seem to experience at the same time, if one assumes that  such sources objectively reflect the actual energetic situation. Just compare what I have published today with respect to this week of extreme cleansing activities by the PAT leading to total exhaustion, as Jerry has just written to me, and what the average light worker experiences at the same time:

“But now, it is almost like you have been spit out on the other side, into something that seems almost eerily quiet in comparison…”  


And even if some of you get a taste of this newfangled action from time to time, mostly during your nigh time and your sleeping cycle, the rest of the time it will seem to be more than a little hush hush. And rightly so, as you have all finished some rather gruelling rounds of energetic upgrading, and as such, too much action is not what you need at the moment.”


But then, when everything seems to quiet down much like it is at the moment, for many, that is even more of a curse. For then they think that they have ”lost it” in some way, and that they have become totally disconnected from it all.”

When I read such messages, I poignantly realize why there is no common language between the PAT and the rest of the LW community, and why they will never understand our sacrifice to save their asses and heave them to the 5th dimension, while these lazy souls recreate from the little or no effort they committed during Dec 21 and hardly before that.

This message proves that there is absolutely no congruency between our experiences and that of the rest of the star seeds, and not speak of the rest of humanity, which is still in a big slumber and does not get anything.

Let us consider the fact that this lady Aisha North is much more advanced than the rest of the New Agers, otherwise she would not receive this kind of messages. And still she must live on another, blissful island, where gentle waves of maritime breeze touch upon the LW bodies and are graciously interrupted by huge pauses of stillness for all those star seeds with faint hearts to be able to recreate their, ah, so “exhausted” physical bodies from some modest energy upgrades.

This message sounds to me as if ascension were just a visit to a wellness bath, where leisure and prescribed immobility are the orders of the day, while beautiful medical sisters are accompanying you on every step from one pool to the next one.

I think that this is only our fault – we have indulged these no-goods to behave like this, by taking upon shoulders all the dirty work they were supposed to do because we have dedicated ourselves to saving their asses, including our freewill postponement of our ascension many times in the past.

The only consoling statement in this, to my taste, very offensive message with respect to the incredible, perennial sufferings of the PAT in the last years and especially this week is this final sentence, which alludes to a big event that will surpass the modest imagination of most LW, including this medium. This could be either the PAT Supernova or the first ascension of some members of the PAT and their appearance in front of humanity:

Well, for us, there are no secrets or surprises lurking ahead, but for you, the next step is not something you can envisage with any clarity. And rightly so, as then you would probably not believe it anyway…”

Just to perceive the huge gap in the personal experience between the PAT as the new Creator gods and the still slumbering star seeds side by side with the masses, please compare this message to the email which I received from Jerry an hour ago.

The Manuscript of Survival – Part 258 – January 25, 2013
Aisha North

Dear George,

Thank you for publishing Carolyn’s letter and your response. I could feel the honesty of Carolyn’s opinions about her experiences. They reminded me of mine several years ago when I realized the horrors of the real situation on earth. A horror to great to even be described and a system that continued to perpetuate that horror.

Carolyn I can assure you you are not alone in your experiences. With each failed ascension run I am taken to an old rugged cross and nailed, nailed hard and fast as a reward for actually thinking I could help ascend a beautiful blue jewel of a planet, whose inhabitants were stuck in slumber and a slumber they thought they enjoyed.

Physically, things are about the same for us. Anita has real physical problems, life threatening, which have manifested as a result of this process and, while stable for now, faces real challenges every day. People relate to us as as if we are any other couple, where one spouse is gravely ill and the other is a caretaker.

I continuously get offers to help in any way, but no one ever does the least thing for us. I am continually asked if I eat enough, but no one offers me food. The same goes with money. Do I have enough, but no one offers any as well I am always owed by several. Even though some of them have nice words, they sense we are different and just don’t want to know why. This tells me one thing as you said, George, my solution is not 3-D. No amount of sympathy from the masses will help as would none of their gifts should they give them, which they won’t, would help at all.

My only solution as well as the rest of PAT is ascension. Quick and swift ascension. That is also the only hope the world has. Not another budget, president or whatever. I wish the masses would just end their activity meetings etc. and ask “What is wrong, what do we need to do”. But instead they clamber along on their old worn out pathways.

George, if you are right and I have every reason to believe that you are this will not continue past this week. Meanwhile, I feel like a battle weary soldier who not having achieved his objective is taken out to a cross and nailed fast. Just before he succumbs to an anticipated death, he is buried deep into the earth.

Each night the battles continue and each night he is exhumed to battle once again and then returned to his grave. In his grave he experiences physical and emotional traumas associated with the previous battles. Despite how grim this scenario is, this has been my experience for the past month. But as you have said, George, the universe surely would not put so much effort into such a process, if a positive outcome was not expected.  Surely that outcome must be ascension. Despite all, we are still here in anticipation of our redemption.


Dear Jerry,

you have so eloquently expressed our current awkward situation that there is no need on my part to add anything more. Given the incredible intensity of the energies these last days, there must be an outcome very soon, otherwise this whole effort does not make any sense. As I said to Moni yesterday, my horizon is so limited that I can barely overview what will happen in the next day and cannot have any large perspective or long-term plans at all, although I have two daughter still to care about.

I would not mind if I die tomorrow, quite on the contrary, as any new day is a new drudgery, but unfortunately we will stay on the earth as long as the HR need us in one or another way.

I have for instance a rapid growing tumor on my left inguinal region since one year and I have no idea what it is. However I will never go to a doctor just to check it as, whatever diagnosis will come out, it will have no consequences for me. In a clandestine manner I hope that it is a malignant tumor and that this may end my life, but I do not really believe it, as my body perspires the inherent feeling of immortality.

And this is the greatest conundrum in which we all have to live nowadays – Anita, you and myself. Nothing make any sense anymore, except immediate ascension.

Many greetings to Anita and tell her that I daily think about you and send my best wishes to heaven for you to be helped.

With love and light

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