Personal Opinions -January 6, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Dear George,

I just read your request for Jerry and Anita I am once again amazed how energetically we, as PAT are connected. Last night, just before I fell asleep, I felt the need to pray for Anita and Jerry and now I know why.

I might not have met Jerry or Anita but over the past year or so a definite connection (like with so many of PAT) formed. I have always enjoyed Jerry’s comments and I was always touched by the strong bond of love between them.

I would really appreciate it if you could convey this message to them, so that they would know that they are in my prayers and that I love them.

Love and Light

Dear Mara,

thank you very much for your moral support of Anita and Jerry. I will definitely send your email to Jerry, but he said that he will no longer have the power to communicate with us in case Anita will die. I also had a very powerful meditation and pray of help for Anita this morning, and I sent her all my healing energy. But this is all we can do for the moment.


Dear George,

Please forward this Intention and Request to Jerry and Anita.

Thank you,
God Bless You,

PS: As I was writing my summons to Heaven my hands and arms started shaking almost uncontrollably, a sure sign for me that it was conveyed. Sometimes we must hope and pray against the worst odds.

Dear Jerry and Anita,

I’m not very good at either focused meditating or praying, so I will express myself:

I, Dominique, from my I AM and Sovereign Being hereby send you from my God-Heart every Blessing and Support and I summon Heaven, God-Creator and all Enlightened Beings to come IMMEDIATELY, which is NOW, to your Healing and Rescue. Thy Will Be Done, Lord. I request your Compassion, Mercy and Love for Your Beautiful Sovereign Beings who have been and are at Your Service and of service-to-others. AMEN is the Adam-Kadmon.

With Love and Light,

Dear George,

I have mobilized my energies to support Jerry and Anita in overcoming their physical pain and restore their faith. This has worked in the past with an other individual. Due to the close contact between PAT members, I have faith that our combined efforts will succeed where doctors have failed. Please keep us posted if they contact you.


Dear George and Dorie,

I felt compelled to write to you both and tell you that I fully concur with your diagnosis and prognostications of the current energetic situation which all PAT members are experiencing in one form or another in your recently published article entitled, “Where are the Internet Trolls? Did the ID Split Occur on January 2-3?”

I found that this article was published not even 2 minutes after a session with my HS in which she made me aware of the exact processes that you two so brilliantly illuminated with your words for all PAT members to see. So from every fiber of my being I say, Thank You!

Dear George and PAT,

I often find myself unable to contact you and communicate with you on a regular basis to discuss the processes my HS discusses with me or to simply validate all your hard work and this just adds to the misery of the LBP. With that being said, I want to thank you all for every word you write and all the clarity that you continue to give me, this website has been the brightest of lights in my world since it came online. The PAT’s strength to continue corresponding with each other and publishing articles has truly, in every sense of the word, been a God Send.

I was once asked why I resonate so strongly to the PAT website and to George, and how could one (me) believe that what is published is in any way true when I have never met the guy or any other PAT member.

“Aside from the obvious experiential facts that we share as individuals and as a group,” I replied. “Simply put, he speaks for me, to me, about me, better than me, need I say more?”

With Love,


I lost count (on the number of persons imaged as Hillary Clinton) it became redundant.  Point made. So I ask why?

When Benghazi happened, I noticed that all of the info leaked about the incident originated from the State Department and yet it has been the State Department that was faulted in Congressional Reports? So why would the State Department fail so miserably and then so quickly leak the damage and accept the blame? Why did Petraus, Clinton, and Obama all portray the riots as the provocation for the attack?  And if the rumor that Obama watched the matter upstairs in the White House is true, then it is possible that while those in the White House situation room watched one tape, a different tape could have been fed to the upstairs room. There are a wide range of possibilities here.

We should remain flexible as the bombardment of energies can bring about sudden changes in humans. And this means sudden changes of alliances. The factions are fighting fiercely amongst themselves behind the scenes. This will provide the perfect opening for those who want peace and a different way of life to step forward and work towards living the lives that we’ve all dreamed. Never before has the phrase “Is the enemy of my enemy, my enemy” been more poignant than now.

As for Hillary; perhaps the persistent rumors of her active participation and practice as a 3rd degree witch will be proven true and made public. Clearly they are using many clones, which means the real Hillary is probably long since gone, or why else use so many clones?

Clearly, the White House Press Release of November 21, 2012 serves as the “writing on the wall” with regard to the plot by government insiders to engage in acts of violence and blame it on Iran in order to start another war. Given my first hand experience with this gang, I can tell you that 2003-2005 was indeed a dark time when one considers the schemes that they had planned. And these things happened long before Obama became president. Either he quickly separates himself from them or he will be consumed by them.

What do you think is going on with Hillary?

Your thoughts?
Love and Peace

Dear Charlotte,

I have no idea. Most probably her clone had to be substituted and they have difficulties generating a new one as their underground facilities to reproduce human clones with the help of the greys and the reptilians have gone bust due to the new energies from the source and the ID split as well as the containment and extradition of the archons from the astral plane of the earth by the PAT and the forces of light.

There are so many possibilities, including the Diadochus fights between the rivaling factions of the elite for power after the ID split on the catastrophic earth B, where they will stay. Who knows? These 3d-events should no longer bother us as the ID split is now becoming active and the two realities are separating irrevocably.


Dear George

I see six ladies that are not her… and many old photos mixed in of her as ‘recent’ when they are not. Her leaving the hospital is not HC.

I do not feel she was in that plane (re: other article you posted) either…

~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

thank you for this analysis of the images of Hillary Clinton. Who ever has published them, his intention is to confuse the public, so that they will not be able to recognize this person or her clone when she appears again in the limelight, if ever.

I also do not believe that she was in that plane and participated in a crash landing, but this rumour adds to the deliberate confusion about the current situation of this weird person, who is the most highly appreciated woman in the USA. This fact speaks everything about the collective mindset of the American citizens.


Dear Georgi,

In reference to the pictures of “Hellary” as I like to call her… it’s obvious to me from the many different faces over the years that she has been cloned… or a “few Hellary’s” have been cloned over the years. Every once in a while… her physical appearance seems to be “refreshed”.

I am not sure if I pass the quiz or not…. just saying what I think.


I am moved to respond to the latest e-mails posted from other PAT members and confirm I too have had many of the same experiences. In my message from January 3rd I clearly confirm what other PAT members have been saying and my personal experience of the creation since then only confirms this thesis:

> My understanding of the events to take place and this is confirmed by my higher self, is that Ascension was not to take place on 12/21, but would in fact happen over the course of 2013 as humanity gradually become accustomed to the new energies funneled to them through you and all of the PAT.

I also concur and have only been moved by Gaia Portal, Manuscript of Survival and John Smallman channels… the pulsations in my heart have varied from such a blissful glowing energy, but yesterday (Jan 5) felt almost a painful pulsation that was sourced in the center of the heart and radiated out through all my body and out through my finger tips.  Around 9:00-10:00 pm yesterday this energy felt absolutely electric and I could discern between waves as they hit me.  By 10:40 I had to go lay down.

It’s also worth noting I have not been motivated to post anything new on my website ( since the 20th of December when I posted “The Ultimate Ascension Message”.  I can’t explain why except that so much 3D drama has been unfolding around me and the world I turned inward to focus on my own personal process… and the site took a back seat. My HS says I will come back to the site at some point, but the focus will be different than in the past – I’m not so sure what yet.

Except for 3 years in college I have lived in the exact same neighborhood since incarnation and have observed the 3D reality here in these last decades of linear time.  Since my 26th birthday on 6/21/2012 It has significantly hit home these last months how the physics of time are changing and the unfolding of this cosmic drama is affecting all gradients of life. I do feel honored to be blessed with such awareness of the planetary situation, but such a perspective is a double edged sword, as PAT members know.

I woke up today with such a pressure in my head and have felt so energetically separated from my body. It’s almost as if my physical vessel is slower than my awareness and it has to buffer to interact in this 3D space. Frustrating.


PS: I forgot to write about Hillary.

I don’t know if those pictures are different people (maybe clones?), but I have noticed Hillary’s declining appearance and health since she took office as the Sec. of State.  What do you think about this being clear evidence of the shifting vibrations and incompatibility of the dark types in the new earth?

Many bankers and heads of state are getting sick, committing suicide or just plain dying.

Some examples are obvious – Kim Jung Ill, Hilary Clinton, Bush Sr., Dick Cheney (basically a Zombie already!), Hugo Chavez, etc.


Dear Corey,

thank you for your latest energy update and validation of the energy surge from yesterday and since the beginning of this year. I am sure that after you have accustomed to the new energies you will find the new and proper way of expression on your website.

It is well known that all politicians, when they come to power, begin to age very quickly due to the negative energies with which they are surrounded. In addition we have the new powerful, high frequency energies from the source, which most of them cannot cope with as they are vibrating with very dense, low frequency patterns and this must have huge repercussions on their health.

But I think that due to the progressing ID split we will not be able to follow their stories of rapidly diminishing health to the very end, as they will soon leave our reality and the final outcome will not be revealed to us. We will simply forget about them and their unfinished life stories very soon. At least this is what the masses will do with their very short collective and selective memory. You and I may still ponder on these entities and what has happened to them.


Dear George,

whenever you have a chance, could you please tell me how would you interpret this sentence. Thanks.

“For you have no limits now, dear ones, and that is what you are about to find out as soon as you manage to look beyond the symptoms and tune into your own core.”


Dear Moni,

this sentence simply announces that we have crossed Rubicon and now we are immortal and when we will soon ascend we can create everything. One should only start to believe now in this future potential and look beyond the current pains. But we are not there yet in terms of immediate creation, we are still limited by our physical bodies and brains and that is why I want to eliminate them as soon as possible by our transformation and ascension.


Hi George,

Hope that heaven can find a pause and give you some harmonious energies. Something different happened to me before starting our vacation to Konstanz the 1st of January: everything feels like dampened, as if I’m experiencing everything through some kind of layer or a membrane. Normally I’m thrilled and excited when traveling and going to the (Swiss) mountains. Not so much these days. I enjoy it, but more or less dampened so to speak. Still on vacation (now in wonderful Karlovy Vary) and we had a short trip to Switzerland, where we had a near collision with an eagle. I was bracing for impact, so close it flew over our car.

Anyway, this effect what I endure is of a constant nature, it did not fluctuate. Whether it will be permanent or temporary I do not know.

Something else; just before Christmas eve I had a dream that “told” me that spiritual puzzle solvings of individuals will go into the ether/source and others can tap into that energy, shortening the learning curve of others wanting to progress with their spiritual paths. No fancy graphics in the dream, just the feeling/impression.

With love and light,

Dear Dennis,

it is correct that now the people learn directly through the mental imprints we leave in the collective astral atmosphere of the earth and humanity as wayshowers. That is why I have started to approach the scientists and also to embrace them in my web of light in meditations. It is only a matter of days when they will begin to open to the new ideas.

There is indeed a kind of membrane or visible dissolution of the old 3d-holographic model and our vision is continuously blurred these days. This will stay so till the full separation has taken place with the ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension.


Dear George,

Quoting your latest post

“I came to the conclusion that the current stalemate or superficial stasis is the most convincing proof that our ascension is imminent and that it is actually necessary to have this artificial stillness at the societal level that entices the illusory hope among the masses that this Orion model will go on indefinitely. At the same time the dramatic changes within the inner soul dimension of all incarnated entities are running with full force and prepare the psycho-mental ground for their rapid transformation.”

My question to the HR was; how long is it going to take for the changes to the inner soul dimension of all candidates to be prepared for this transformation? Because I really do feel like I’m flapping in the wind.


After hyping the whole PAT up on the idea of imminent ascension for more than a year; after raising our frequencies thru the LBP to the point of being incompatible with our surroundings; then nothing happens and we are left here on the ground for an undisclosed amount of time, of course we feel like we’re flapping in the wind.

I didn’t like the answer I got. I was told “To expect to remain on the ground for a majority of the year. And to me that could only mean that we will be waiting until 11-11-13 or some other optimal energetic date.

Cory James Jones

Dear Cory,

how did your HS precisely conveyed this message to you? Besides this answer does not include all the changes that will occur in the course of this year which will put us all in a different, much more favourable situation. I am talking of a stalemate till first ascension wave takes place which will contain a very small number of people who will then appear as ascended masters. This is inevitable as to change the collective mind set and trigger these big events.



I was sitting, pondering on this confusing place I’m in.

Whether to salvage my financial situation or say “Fuck it”, because we are about to ascend. The “Fuck it” attitude I’ve had for the past 4 months has really helped my let go of so many attachments. But if I keep it up, I may end up homeless.

I can feel my HS, but the best way for me to get answers, is to use a pendulum. The only answer that I was looking for at that moment was; how long can I expect to be in 3D, so I know exactly how to approach my 3D dramas.

I wrote several thought forms down on paper and then asked which attitude would be best for me to adopt to insure that I’m doing my part in this Ascension scheme.

The thought form that was indicated to be the best was; To expect to stay on the ground for a Majority of the year. I’m not going to say that this is what is going to happen. I realize that we are pawns on a chess board to the HR and it matters little if we know the big picture.

I just want the truth, because this constantly waiting for imminent ascension, and then nothing happens, is breaking my heart. I’m not blaming you either, Georgi.  Finding your website in Sept/Oct of 2011 was the catalyst that triggered the most rapid and profound awakening that cannot be denied.



Dear Cory,

I have full empathy for your situation as mine is not much different. In this case I would recommend you to concentrate on the most feasible solution within your personal life and circumstances and ask for an easy solution without breaking with your spiritual principles and seeking a detestable solution for survival within this crumbling 3d-reality.

I am sure that you will experience soon a radical change for the better as it is no longer opportune for us to suffer under the old Orion matrix, which is no longer valid. In this case even if you have to stay several more months on this earth, it will no longer be the old earth, but the balanced earth A/B that will offer much greater possibilities for people like you. One should not make the failure to extrapolate from the current unfavourable situation upon the future and assume that it will stay so in all eternity. Everything is changing now very rapidly. Just assume that if some of us ascend in the coming days and weeks, what a huge booster this will be for the lives of all PAT members.

With love and light



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