Personal Opinions – January 18, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

I have just finished reading the “Optimal Ascension Scenario” and here is my essay:

Optimal Ascension-Carté Blânche
by Henry A. Clymer

As an optimal scenario for our quickest ascension, I would like to propose that each member of the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team), including his immediate family, has a roof over their heads, food to prepare and eat, and privacy for meditation, sleep, recreation and sex. It is a necessity that all of them are combined as a single unit of one.  Those are the basic necessities that any human needs for survival.

Not only does every member of the PAT not have all of these, but we must endeavor to make the group whole, so that we can ascend as a complete unit. This will make the lifting of Gaia easier, and lead to the supernova. Then we can eliminate any linguistic abilities for communication, and then set society in order. With little or no violence;  So to do this I am sending a PayPal donation to the site for ___ dollars to help out PAT achieve a uniform standard for immediate Ascension.


Dear Henry,

I had to sleep over your proposal before answering you. First of all thank you very much for your donation.

Your proposal is very noble, but after brooding a lot over it, I concluded that there are several principal objections that challenge its premises.

As you know, our souls map out our destiny as incarnated personalities and there is very little we can do to avoid certain experiences that were firmly anchored in our soul contracts. When Tim first established contact with me more than a year ago, I immediately envisioned that he will be homeless at the end of this incarnation because this was the way his soul wanted to go. His whole presentation perspired this outcome. There is nothing I or we could have done to avoid this development and I do not feel that he is unhappy with his current situation. In fact this last experience will accelerate his ascension.

And here I come to my major point. If we now indulge in providing some money for those PAT members, who are in dire need, we will only make cosmetic repair work on the old unjust Orion system. In this way we will only demonstrate that we still believe in this illusory system, which actually no longer exists in the HR, from where it is energetically fed, and thus we will achieve a less favourable outcome. Our creation will be inferior. We cannot seek or reach any radical solution of our problems in the old way. It will not work.

Besides, I doubt that the PAT is in the position to provide the minimal sum of money to even help Tim. And we have some more persons, who are also in dire financial needs. We will only invest energy in a dead end, as money is not the solution at present. But first and foremost, I doubt that if the basic needs of all members of the PAT were fully satisfied in a miraculous way that we will ascend earlier.

In fact if we neglect the current conditions fully as being illusory and only concentrate on our ascension, as Tim is actually doing and is quite content with his current situation of being homeless, thus throwing away all material ballast, we will charge this outcome much strongly and will thus facilitate this alternative to arrive sooner.

I have been talking every day very intensively with my HS since Dec 23 that I must ascend now and have done everything possible to foster this goal. Least but not last, because I have the dire financial situation of the PAT poignantly in front of my eyes and plea to the HR to end it immediately.

And now this night I dreamt for the first time since I am in the LBP very clearly in a lucid state that I was thoroughly instructed by my HS what my duties will be when I ascend and appear as ascended master in front of humanity very soon. It was the final dress rehearsal, so to say. The instructions of my HS contained essentially the same job/mission description I have discussed on many occasions on this website and as recently as two days ago when I presented my vision on the optimal ascension scenario, which you have now further elaborated. The only novel aspect was that when I will appear in light body on the earth, my awareness will extend to the 9th dimension. This is much higher than the 5th dimensional light body and consciousness, which Dorie’s HS told us we will enjoy after our ascension several months ago.

As soon as I ascend, the whole PAT will be catapulted in the centre of the world’s interest and will become the hub of all major changes at the societal level. In this way all members of the PAT will start to live immediately in abundance. And what is much more important, they will begin to exert their educational mission, for which they have come on the earth at this auspicious time. They will experience for the first time true spiritual fulfilment and satisfaction in their otherwise very difficult earthly lives.

Believe me, I am as occupied as you are with the material and financial scarcity, in which all PAT members must live now, and this makes me very sad. But I do not see any other feasible alternative to accelerate the process of ascension, thus ending this despicable situation, than to concentrate only on this outcome. Any other deviation from this goal and any futile investing of energy and efforts in mending the old unjust ways of the crumbling Orion system, only to improve in a pecuniary manner the poor living conditions of some of our PAT brothers and sisters, will be waste of energy and will not help.

I have just seen what Steve Beckow has done with his new website. It has turned into a market place for obsolete financial affairs and he has thus further alienated himself from his past modest spiritual goals. I do not want to make this website a platform for a discussion of petty financial affairs, which we will not be able to solve in the first place in the short period of time we are supposed to stay on this planet under these conditions and will only distract the members of the PAT from their only important objective, which is immediate ascension and full detachment from this reality, even when it must take the interim form of homelessness, as is the case with Tim. He is strong enough to cope with this situation, as he is a sovereign creator being and an ascended master already.

I hope that you understand my arguments. We both strive for the same goal, and I highly appreciate your altruistic impetus to help, but at present we must be very careful not to try to help in the old ways as it does not work anymore and only sends the wrong signal to the universe and humanity.

My wife has tried to help Felix for more than a year now with a complete devotion and when he finally established himself last month, he destroyed all her efforts within 10 minutes. I do not want to talk now about this sad story, but this is a clear example that we cannot help a singe soul, if she has decided to go her own way of austerity and deems it to be the best way for her incarnated personality to progress.

With love and light

Dear Tim,

below is an email from Anthony Kane, another member of the PAT and a good friend of mine. He is a cousin of Martin Luther King. I told him about your destiny and he has gone through similar situations after he fled from the USA 7 years ago when the Orion secret services wanted to kill him as he was an evolved soul and attacked them directly. Now he lives in Vancouver, Canada. He says that this organisation has helped me a lot and that you should also try and establish contact with them and see what they can do for you in your current situation.

I wish you a lot of luck and success.

With love and light


Thanks for your prayers and expression of angst. It is appreciated, but not necessary, as my situation is but a pebble in the shoe compared to what so many are experiencing.

I am where I am not because of I but my self here for my growth. I bet the ranch on ascension with total confidence rather than make any plans or options otherwise. The situation is not as extreme as it may seem, could be worse, much worse.

Thursday 17th SOAR was quite uplifting and inspiring. I love the message regarding the Inauguration. I wonder if the ‘mystery guest’ will be more than an ascended master such as St. Germaine… would be most wonderfully amazing if it was Christ Michael.

Appearance of Michael would signify the liberation of earth and entire lifewave, total capitulation of PTB. The energies of such liberation would be so immense as to trigger PAT’s subsequent ascension. Knowing that the government of YHVH was established on earth, we PAT could go home, relieved of our burden and responsibility.

Maybe this change over is just exactly what PAT has been waiting and preparing for prior to our supernova. Maybe??

This event would herald our {PAT} carte blanche clean slate freedom to create, with unrestricted power to act at one’s own discretion and unconditional authority.

Past 15 years I have read on Internet rumors that since WW2 people behind the scenes have worked to put end to Federal Reserve and the privately owned US Federal Corporation acting in appearance of legitimate government.

After all these years what better time for a change than now, and if not this Inauguration, then I must conclude such rumors are but rumors.

More info about what may actually unfold on Monday January 21, 2013…


Dear Tim,

I am glad to hear that your spirits are high as this was what I have just written to Henry concerning your case. I will publish it today.

I think that there is a fundamental misunderstanding – no AA Michael or St Germaine will appear and these names mean nothing to me and the Universe.The only ascended masters, who will appear on this planet, will be the incarnated human beings who have achieved this kind of ascension.

The other changes of society are the sole responsibility of the masses, which will continue to live on planet A/B and not our duties. We may coach them energetically through the web of light from the higher dimensions, but they must solve their organisational and political problems on the ground by themselves. This is not our obligation. Our obligation is to present them a new spiritual alternative.

With love and light

Dear George,

The days leading up to the 1.13.13 portal, I felt strong anxiety and impatience like I was sitting in a small box. 1.12-13 were odd days as I felt disconnected and had the sudden urge to want to flee or disappear. Justin and I have been talking a lot lately about leaving the islands, but since everything is so messed up right now the only thing we can do is try our best to move forward in our current situation and focus on ascending. Justin, my boyfriend, is still sick with bronchitis and is emotionally tired of being so ill.

I woke up 1.14 feeling very different energies. I felt I had reach another energetic level. Lighter and less nausea, but still experienced a lot of body aches. I also felt the blank slate of creation after the portal opened. On the 15-16 I felt almost blissful and terribly homesick as well. I find myself saying, “I just want to go home”, since Dec 23. Its been a rough couple of weeks. On a happier note, I am perceiving time on a more faster pace.

As of last night, I was hit by another wave and I am now ill with the first signs of bronchitis. I am almost happy about this as it keeps me hopeful that the process isn’t done yet.

As far as our scenario is concerned. I would not mind if we ascended in smaller waves, where you and those on the brink of self-implosion would ascend first and reappear to those who will participate in earth A. I am just unsure why our plans would be any different as we always strive for the most optimal solution, the PAT ascension. Whether we go in smaller waves or all together, this event must happen. Especially if we were to “break the ceiling.”

I would like to share one last thing. I have been having this song stuck in my head a bit.

With love and all the light from Source.

Dear Joelle,

thank you for your latest energy update, which confirms all our common experiences in the last few days. There is nothing more to add as we have documented all the stages extensively on our website.

Let me only comment that according to my estimation we need some more impulses to reach the threshold of ascension for the masses. They  cannot come only from the source through us at the subconscious level, but must also lead to radical and visible changes of the collective mindset. Only then can the PAT ascend.

For this reason it is necessary that I should ascend first and appear in front of humanity to catalyse these changes in the collective mindset. It is much more easy for the Source to let one individual ascend than whole groups, no matter how small. The PAT is needed to the very last minute on the ground when the Supernova will be detonated as our mission is not only to ascend as many human souls as possible to the 5th dimension, but also Gaia, and this must be carefully coordinated.

In this case my ascension will be the catalyst and the litmus test if humanity is ready to participate in mass ascension. This is the easiest and optimal way to solve this complex equation with a minimum of energy input. It will be only a question of a few days after I ascend that the PAT will also ascend and detonate the supernova.

With love and light

Hey George,

I have a lot to tell you and will try and write more later but wanted to throw this out there.

Why not have the Ascension of the PAT and appearance in front of humanity with one catch, only people of a certain vibration would be able to see us. People whom are not ready, evil or just to fearful don’t have to be a part of this, especially if it is their anticipated negative reaction to this scenario that is holding the whole thing up.

As lightened souls come forward, younger souls will see this and let go of the negativity that is keeping their vibration low and step up too, or at least some of them anyway.

Obviously this can be expounded upon greatly but I think something like this would be a good compromise.

I’ll write later when I get back from work…


Dear Jon,

if all of the PAT ascend at once this will be the detonation of the PAT supernova and the triggering of the ID split with magnetic pole reversal and mass ascension of humanity and Gaia to the 5th dimension. In this case we need not even show to the ascended people, and the others that will stay on planet A/B will not need us anymore.

But we have now chosen a slower, evolutionary scenario, where many events at the societal level must first take place before mass ascension could be triggered. This presupposes a full awakening of that portion of humanity that will ascend to the 5th dimension.

As I have written in response to Joe today many people will prefer not to take notice of us. But they will stay on this timeline A/B and will not ascend in the next 1000 years. The dark ones on earth B will not even witness this event as they have already been severed from this reality. The final split will happen with the detonation of the PAT supernova and the magnetic pole reversal that will be followed by huge natural catastrophes, which will be only observed on the catastrophic timeline B.

One person can ascend very quickly as soon as the ascension candidates are ready for his arrival. They are about one billion to my current estimation. The others may respond positively to this event or they may prefer to close their eyes. This number of one billion will be, nonetheless, sufficient to booster mass ascension very quickly – much quicker if we have to ascend all at once, as this has repercussion for Gaia and the whole humanity.


Dear George

I have a feeling that something major is about to happen, although I am not getting too optimistic as I have been in the past. You have mentioned that we might actually start seeing the changes that were promised in December in this month of January.

I have noticed that since the beginning of this month their have been major build-ups throughout the three weeks so far. If we observe what occurred in the first week of this month 31 Dec – 6 Jan many PAT members, including myself, experienced massive energy beams from the higher realms which from my own personal experience caused a thermal increase in my/our body temperatures, which is why it was so difficult for us to sleep at night. We also experienced multiple ascension test runs during this period, a significant increase in the velocity of the ascension process and a further step forward to completing the ID split

From the 7 Jan – 13 Jan we continued to experience energy beams from the source, but from my experience I stopped feeling much heat as I previously did and my body temperature felt like it was cooling off. Much more important though was huge quickening of the rate of the ascension process, especially during and after 1.13.13 and this accelerated all inter-related and co-related events such as the ID split, the ascension of Gaia, the awakening of humanity, the splitting of the timelines and the PAT supernova.

From what I gather and discovered from these past two weeks prior to this current one the ascension process increases, multiplies or exponentially increases it’s velocity rate. This current week 14 Jan – 20th Jan is another increase in the ascension rate process and, with the way it has been moving, it is not unrealistic to suggest that a major event is on the way. We have had test runs, beamed energies from the higher realms and source, The rapidly increasing speed and confirmation of the incoming ID split, the multiple/ exponential acceleration of the velocity of the ascension process, the current dualistic state of Gaia, which cannot continue for too long before her ascension, and so on.

Every week something more advanced seems to occur which only points to another event even more effective and bigger happening. I am going to be cautious, but considering that all this could have been in December and is now taken place in January, we are approaching the 18th and 23st of January one month after the flopped, long awaited date of ascension 21st of December. I am not stating that we will ascend, I am certainly not sure of that, but we should at least hope for something far more significant than ever before. We also have to remember that source/ All-That-Is does not like to waste energy and the faster/quicker the ascension process, the less energy it has to provide. It would be a shame if so much energy is used and nothing else establishes soon afterwards. The faster the ascension process, the quicker we reach it’s culmination period, which we have already commenced with.

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

there is no doubt that we are in a period of tremendous acceleration that puts most PAT members on the verge of physical depletion. It is not possible to proceed more quickly. With this pace it is inevitable that we are short before ascension or a major trigger event, such as the appearance of the first ascended master.

However since December my gut feeling tells me that this will happen in February and I mentioned this several times in previous reports.

With love and light

Dear George,

Answering the call, I’ve been given thought on the optimal ascension scenario from my viewpoint. Before elaborating on the topic, I’d like to share a personal experience, as in my analysis, the two are connected. The first time I read about the PAT receiving “carte blanche” /last Friday if memory serves right/, I had a panic attack I couldn’t explain. The enormity of panic grew even further after reading your announcement, that we ought to use this chance to fuel ascension ASAP. How weird is that? After all the information I’ve been gathering the past months, and the experiences we’ve shared, I was suddenly overwhelmed by this monstrous dread, which my confused mind projected on ascension itself.

In retrospect, the explanation to this peculiar phenomenon seems obvious. As I reported previously, I already sensed the winds of portal 1.13.13. on Friday, January 11. According to Dorie’s HS and your elaboration, this portal’s cleansing purpose was specifically directed to religious dogmas, thus further paving the path for mass ascension. Assuming that the fear-fed disbelieves of close-minded hardcore believers were being cleared through our fields, this panic reaction seems natural, as this is precisely how these ‘lambs of God’ would react if confronted with the first Ascended Master’s wisdom on true spirituality and ascension in particular. I’d like to think that this experience I went through, built another brick on the golden road. Naturally, this fear completely diminished by noon, Monday, as the cleansing wave died down.

My desire for optimal ascension scenario is pretty straightforward. The fact that more and more PAT members are connecting directly to the Source indicates that Georgi Stankov is meant to ascend first, and the individuals newly connecting to Source to take over his duty as nexus/focal point. I’m pretty sure that the HR are also preparing for this scenario, hence the rapid evolution of the PAT on individual levels. Hereby, I declare that I want to focus my intent and creativity to manifest this scenario as soon as possible, unless you have any objections. (LOL) Now that we’ve given all false gods and prophets the deserved fist in the face, I see no obstacle for the First Ascended Master to come on stage, presenting the endless possibilities of the Soul.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltán,

your explanation of the fear wave we processed prior to the portal 1.13.13 is very precise – we cleansed indeed the most deeply seated religious and other existential fears of humanity that have caused in the first place the people to delegate their sovereignty as creator beings to others false gods. This has been a gradual process that had led first to the fall of Atlantis and then to the complete enslavement of this human species by the Orion /Reptilian empire and their human minions on power.

I have gone myself through many such waves, and it is very important to discern amidst such an unpleasant cleansing wave that these are not your fears, but coming from the collective and to be able to distance yourself from these. The most dangerous thing is to get overwhelmed by such fears during the cleansing procedure as thus you neither do a favour to yourself, nor to the universe and humanity. But these are huge challenges that only a very few incarnated souls are courageous enough to be expose to.

The ascension scenario has now entered the final stretch of unfolding, where all timelines and alternatives must converge in one focal point. We have prepared the ground for this event meticulously throughout the last two years, and many of us much earlier as lonely warriors. Now our optimal ascension scenario must become a reality very soon. Only the marginal circumstances may change in the last minute a little bit, but the energy from the source has commenced to flow in this direction and nothing can stop it anymore. This truth has now trickled down even to the lower astral levels of channeling and they are jumping now feverishly on our train that is beginning to gain momentum:

With love and light

Hi George,

Just sickening and painfully to read about some PAT members situation, especially Anita’s. Can we do something like donation’s via Paypal? Fast ascension would be the greatest reward of course.

Got a car crash the evening of the 15th, with a Serbian man, who was hauling a used car on a trailer behind his Van. He slipped out of his forward trajectory on the highway due to ice forming on the highway. Luckily for him I was driving on the left of him and I seemed to dampen his spin like a buffer. We were both unharmed. Would I have not been on the left side of his van, he would have spun much more, creating a ravage on the highway. After filling out the stupid Orion insurance form (we actually forgot to sign it, so its now unclaimable) I got the impression he could continue his drive towards Novi Sad, Serbia. Now I know I have “protected” him physically and financially. I acted very calm and with kindness. Yet I am still busy cleaning the heavy energies when thinking about the consequences of the crash.

The last days I suddenly got a feeling that we are almost there, but I did not trust it right away. So that feeling seems to have a basis after all.

I liked the report on the Handelsblatt with repatriation of Germany’s gold, yet the official German statement a day later was much softer. They well know that the gold is not there any more. Leased, hypothecated, re-hypothecated, or whatever. The Dutch government is smelling blood, wanting to have their share of gold back too.

I have the impression that many people are waking up, or at least ready to change their minds. Some have created such a thick mental dark coat, where they are now trapped, until somebody takes a shotgun and shoots with hail of light, probably needing multiple shots.


Dear Dennis,

there is a stipulation of negative events now that affect many of us. I have had such outbursts of negativity often in the past. There is nothing one can about such accidents, but to forget them as quickly as possible.

There is nothing one can do with money to help Jerry and Anita. They must ascend asap.

We are definitely approaching with giant steps the culmination and the solution of the current End Time drama. There are stronger indications that our ascension scenario will happen the way we envision it. We only wait now for the green light from the Source, depending on the preparedness of the masses – when they will reach the threshold of full awakening. But it can’t last much longer.

With love and light

Greetings Uncle Georgi!!

I will that all is well with yourself as well as your family. I desire to share with you an OBE/dreamstate I had around the “New Moon” In the vision I am in 2 places at the same time until I came off the stage in the vision. In the vision I was not only “on” the stage, I was also viewing the stage from the audience point of view. The audience was of massive proportion, it was like the whole globe had finally gathered together to hear these beings on stage (THE PAT TEAM/ ascended masters) speak. I noticed that there were others on the stage with me and my sister who was standing beside me.

I immediately felt the Pat Team presence and knew that this moment had to have something to do with our collective ascension (The Pat).  Each Pat Member that was on the stage were dressed quite different than the normal 3rd dimensional attire. Our attire truly was/is indescribable however colorful.  Each member would approach what appeared to be a “microphone” to address the massive audience. I re-call approaching the “microphone” introducing myself and my sister, and I re-call a “taller than me” older gentleman to my right who had such a peaceful energy as did everyone on the stage. I re-call that once I spoke and intro myself and my sister, that a message was telepathically sent to (I am assuming it was the 45-50 people that Bernice mentioned when she stated:

” We decided then to ascend smaller more manageable groups out of 3d, of those that are ready. (Approximate numbers of 45- 50)  AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I DECIDED ON WRITING THIS TO YOU AND THE PAT. BECAUSE WE WERE AT THIS MEETING TOGETHER: WE DECIDED TO WORK WITH SMALLER GROUPS”.

So after the telepathy, my sister and I begin to descend from the stage and the “taller than me” older gentleman to my right stepped up next to the “microphone’” to speak. As my sister and I are descending and “walk floating” thru the crowd, I noticed random people began to follow behind us, however mind you that this audience is massive, so I am guessing “45-50” followed behind us.

There was some slight distortion in the vision, like an old b/w television, and then I see each member of the PAT with these groups of people and I think we were explaining something, ASCENSION? maybe and what was about to go down. This was the end of that vision.

When I awakened, from this dreamstate, I instantly felt a very different KINnection to the UNIverse and every inhabitant. And you would think in a massive group of people and one person is speaking at a time that there would be people whispering and talking, however this was not the case, you could hear a pin drop and a person poot  Their hearts were open to receive us and they were paying very close attention.

Whatever happens, I will that the process is pain-less and smooth. Like you stated, Uncle Georgi, we The PAT are definitely the ones to accomplish this goal of ascension, cuz, when I even mention ascension to the outsiders they are like “what”?” and at one point I would push this information on them. Now source has shown me how to back up a bit and approach in a different manner.

Last night I did have a very brief vision of a couple whom, thru my interpretation, appears as the energies of Jerry and Anita, however they were much younger and were also aware of all of things they had gone thru up until the moment. I saw them in a much younger state. So to JERRY AND ANITA : I /We are sending you out the most potent energy to not only up-lift your spirits, but to fully ascend you immediately, so that you both get the necessary rest you need, cuz, we will be seeing you both as we ALL Supernova up outta here!! I love you ALL so so very much and as I type this tears are beginning to flow, however not in sadness, but in the joy I know that is to come for us all. Thank you so much!

empress azalee

Dear Empress,

thank you for your wonderful dream /vision of our ascension. We are indeed on the cusp of this event. Your vision of young Anita and Jerry is also very reaffirming that they will be soon released from their pains and suffering and will finally be able to return back home.

With love and light

Dear George,

I have come across Paul LaViolette’s article about “we reported the story that scientists have been tracking a dense cloud of gas heading for the Galactic Center with its closest approach to the GC being expected to occur around the beginning of July 2013.”

Would this be the event from the Cosmos that shakes humanity’s minds? Here’s the WebPage:

Anyway, I don’t understand physics, so I have no opinion about how true this might be.

Kind Regards from Peru

PS: In one of the PAT’s post it was stated that PAT members were located all around the world. Is that so George? Are there members or followers of the PAT’s site in the 5 continents? That would be a very interesting phenomena. Indeed!

Dear Arloz,

we have to deal with a lot of speculations, therefore it is difficult for me to comment. The Nature article, which I read some time ago, suggests that this gas cloud is allegedly coming from the galactic centre and will never reach the solar system. The article, to which you gave me a link, discards this hypothesis and suggests that this gas cloud was created by a single supernova much nearer to our solar system and that this gas will reach earth in July 2013. Remote viewing has confirmed this forecast.

I have published on several occasions in the past the information that there has been a supernova explosion very near to our solar system, only 11 light-years away. The first wave of tachionic particles (quicker than the speed of light) reached the earth some 10 years ago and were registered by the dark cabal scientists in secret laboratories. They know that the actual wave will come in the summer of this year and will devastate the old earth. That is why they now publish this kind of articles with still bogus information as to prepare part of humanity staying on earth B for this catastrophic event after the ID split. Hence we must ascend before that and that is why our time of change is very short this year. You must re-read my past articles on this topic.

This is all I can say on this event and, auspiciously enough, I was the first one to publish on this supernova and its impending devastation of the earth in 2011, much earlier than this recent article in Nature.

The PAT members are indeed dispersed around the world, but there are very few active members in Asia and Africa, except South Africa, and also very little in South America. They are mainly in North America, Europe and Australia.


On the Propagation of the New Theory of the Universal Law as Part of the Optimal Ascension Scenario

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for that positive and uplifting message. I really needed to hear all of that. I’ll write more later and include a photo but for now, I wanted to let you know that I heard back from our Board Chair. He just popped by my cubicle and thanked me again for forwarding him your information, he actually had it all printed in his hot little hands. He had just finished reviewing it, was very excited about it, and let me know that he would definitely be forwarding it to Bruce and Jan today. This is a great sign indeed! Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Will write soon,
Much love and light,

Dear April,

this is exciting news indeed for one simple reason – such incidents tell us that the people are beginning to open for new ideas and that their previous brakes and restrictions inside their minds and psyche are melting like a spring snow kissed by a south wind.

These people, like your bosses, are now the pioneers among the people and they will profit hugely by the very fact that they were the first to have been aware of the new theory and our pivotal role in the building of the new earth.

Until now these people were lacking this vision and the inner conviction that this may be so. Now this is changing by the second. The reason for this is that we have built a web of light around them like spidermen, to quote Vicki, and they are within our energetic network. We only need to shake a little bit the net and they will begin to swing to our music.

But the big events that will reshape humanity must come from above and this means they must begin with our ascension and official appearance as ascended masters. Everything else will come later on.

Therefore do not expect any conventional breakthrough now, but a miraculous one very soon. You see, I have written to more than 200 physicists since New Year and have not received a single response yet. I did not expect anything else, but what I strongly sense telepathically is that I am now the spiderman who has encompassed the whole scientific community in his web: They know about my existence and know what a menace I am to their established positions. And they do not move, as every move will be deadly for them, they know this subconsciously.

Only when this fear is overcome and their secure jobs gone, will they open to the new theory and not the other way round: But they know that they have lost the battle already as this is what their souls are whispering them all the time. There is a sense of deep confidence now in my inner being, telling me that we have fully won.

It is only a question of exact timing when I should appear on the scene to achieve the maximal dramatic effect. After all, I have been waiting for this moment more than 17 years and have made infinite attempts to reach the scientific community in vain. I know with whom I am dealing.

Your bosses have no experience with scientists. And they do not need them. It is not their duty to convince them. This citadel can’t be won. It must be fully erased with its foundations. This will be done by heaven. Your bosses must only open themselves to our ideas and you can help them a lot.

We the PAT are on the verge of becoming the hub and the central point of rotation for the whole world very soon, just as we already are the driving force behind all ascension. Now the PAT must get used to their magnificence at the societal level, notwithstanding our still poor living conditions and current lack of any social recognition. This will change overnight when at least one of us ascends first and shows up.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I agree whole-heartedly, though the whole process seems painstakingly slow right now, at least on the outside.

You’re right, this is a very good sign though. One that I should not be dismissive of. For they are indeed more open than I had anticipated. I didn’t even have to explain much verbally about you and your work in the first place, which was surprising to me as I thought for sure he would have asked me more questions upfront before reading your weblinks.

One good thing I can point out is that our Institute was pivotal in getting mind, body, health and alternative medicine on the map, at least here in the States. We funded A LOT of studies and the TV personality Bill Moyers with his series Healing and the Mind, to go public with these findings in an attempt to make mind, body, health and alternative practice/medicine more mainstream and a good companion to standard medical practice.

Unfortunately, that was our one and only big feather in our cap back in the 80’s, though we sponsored these programs/research quietly. And Rob, our Board Chair, was President back then, and led the charge. So, I can definitely see his resonance with your work/Universal theory as it takes all our prior work much, much further to the scientific foundations of our reality/experience. So as you pointed out, yes definitely, I feel that it would be advantageous for them to be among the first to understand and accept your Universal Theory.

Just so you are aware though, Rob and the others are not aware of the PAT in any in depth way. I did mention to Rob that once you posted your scientific books online, that highly evolved lightworkers and wayshowers tended to gravitate towards it, so you created a separate area on the website for the PAT to connect to and dialogue with each other, and that was how I began to form a relationship with you, and now after a year and a half, we are very good friends. I did not share anything beyond that as I really wanted to focus our conversation on your work, at least to start with. He would definitely be open to the rest of the story, as we’ve discussed such things before with each other, but I didn’t want to give too much, too fast.

But as you said, the research work on your theory alone would not be enough. Even if we get everyone on board and find a university willing to conduct the necessary research, it could take a lot of time before the results would be published/made known. Therefore, something MUST happen before then, and your ascension and return as shining ascended master would be that perfect something. I have decreed this as well. And it stands to reason that having things/your work in the pipeline at the time of your ascension,  would guarantee a quicker and better reception of it by the scientific community and the masses, and frankly would just save a lot of time.

So all that to say it does appear as if circumstances are lining themselves up, and rather rapidly too. I sooo hope you’re right Georgi and that this means our ascension and appearance to humanity is right around the corner. For I know well enough by now, I won’t be “seen” any other way. And if they can’t “see” me, how can I help them and society? I just want to help and actually be utilized to my potential you know? The closest I’ve come to that is my participation with the PAT and in helping friends/family in need, but unfortunately I spend most of my waking time stuck in a cubicle. Ah well, hopefully all that is about to change.

Thanks again so much for your uplifting note. Each day, I’m getting a little lighter and lighter. You’re helping me to continue to look forward to wonderful things and I can’t tell you how much I need and appreciate that right now. Especially knowing how busy you already are.

I love you so much Georgi, and am so grateful for your friendship and mentoring. Now more than ever.


Dear April,

thank you very much for your elaboration on the topic. Let me observe that we all are tired and exasperated by this perennial stalemate when we cannot do anything on the ground for what we have actually come on the earth in the first place – enlighten humanity. But this can and will change overnight when I ascend and the PAT will become the focal point and the hub of all major changes on this planet. One must only have the vivid imagination to keep this vision alive as I have done in the last twenty years.

As I have already mentioned, I have been talking every day very intensively with my HS since Dec 23 that I must ascend now and have done everything possible to foster this goal.

And now this night I dreamt for the first time since I am in the LBP very clearly in a lucid state that I was thoroughly instructed by my HS what my duties will be when I ascend and appear as ascended master in front of humanity very soon. It was the final dress rehearsal, so to say. The instructions of my HS contained essentially the same job/mission description I have discussed on many occasions on this website and as recently as two days ago when I presented my vision on the optimal ascension scenario. The only novel aspect was that when I will appear in light body on the earth, my awareness will extend to the 9th dimension. This is much higher than the 5th dimensional light body and consciousness, which Dorie’s HS told us we will enjoy after our ascension several months ago.

As soon as I ascend, the whole PAT will be catapulted in the centre of the world’s interest and will become the hub of all major changes at the societal level. In this way all members of the PAT will start to live immediately in abundance. And what is much more important, they will begin to exert their educational mission, for which they have come on the earth at this time. They will experience for the first time true spiritual fulfilment and satisfaction in their otherwise very difficult earthly lives.

Let me finally comment on your following statement. The new theory of the Universal Law does not need any scientific research at all to be accepted, but only to read it and comprehend it. A good specialist in physics should need at the utmost one day to grasp its revolutionary character and no more than a week to understand it in its full complexity. This all, provided he has the inner impulse to learn something new and is an honest searcher of the truth. Therefore the minds of the scientists must be first changed/ cleansed by the energies from the source, before they will be able to address the new theory of the Universal Law. My ascension will catalyse this process of awakening and enlightenment of the mired scientific community.

I am very optimistic that we are on the cusp of this event.

With love and light

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