Personal Opinions – January 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I have felt the thread of this letter building up for some time and it is now becoming clear enough to express. I’m feeling that it is important for us to not mind who ascends or not, or when they do. I sense that some PAT are still very concerned about their families and friends and some half-asleep lightworkers who they know personally and hope for them to ascend with us. We need to detach from EVERYTHING 3-d, including the idea that our families and loved ones should be in some advantaged position just because they are humanly connected to us. Their connection to us is of the old and each is now on his own path, to quote George, ‘However we have now entered a period of multiple timelines and ………. each individual will progress from now on in its own, specific velocity.’ We would be wise to consider what Joe Boehe recently wrote, ‘The high sensitivity of many energy workers or esoterically active people in the current high-energy phase brings about that one increasingly encounters lagging souls who beg to be allowed to enter the light. These lagging souls may well include our nearest and dearest. Joe also suggests, ‘Remember that you have to deal at this moment with different energies than before, so make no private experiments “to send light”, but let yourself be helped by the angels.’ WE are also each others’ angels.

There is something about us ALL focussing ALL our ascension energy on ourselves and each other, in the building up of this deep inner strength I’m sensing and in the creation of the full-fledged UNITY of the PAT. This is not to say that we neglect our earthly duties towards children, parents, etc. but that ALL of our ascension-related energies be directed towards OUR ascension. This may be perceived as self-serving by those who do not feel the energies, but we all know we will support EVERYONE far more in our ascended state of being than in this present state.

This is not in conflict to Joe’s HS who says, ‘Talk openly about the issue of ascension and try to help the people, who, despite their faith, are still very much clinging to this material world, to let go of. It is worthwhile for anyone who wants to ascend.’ The key words here are WANTS TO ASCEND. That is, not trying to persuade any doubters that ascension is for real, but being energetically (rather than practically) available only for people and souls who know about it and WANT to ascend and who put our energy to good use (which we may or may not become consciously aware of.) This is not in conflict either with my saying ‘focussing ALL our ascension energy on ourselves and each other,’ because someone who knows and really wants to ascend is part of the ‘ourselves and each other’ who are about to ascend.

In particular, I felt from the recent information from Bernice (which mirrored my feelings about the HR fiasco, although I do not interact consciously there in the way that she does) that these lazy pole-dance-lounging HS’s will cruise on the back of anyone who allows them to and in the process actually hinder the carrier. We must therefore be sure NOT to allow them to do this.

I feel that we have now done all the work we can do on this planet and Source is freeing us up to ascend very soon. This fully coalesces with the messages from Bernice, ‘We sit together in a circle-on the BRIG. In the centre of us there is a white crystal dome. We all unite to place a hand on the crystal and join together to press for detonation. The power-energy is from Source. The detonation begins.’ and Dorie, ‘Source is in charge! AND from the information that I have been given from HS, we have been given a “blank slate” to create on, that is, we the PAT have been given a blank slate, and open blueprint it seems to me, to do whatever it takes to move us all into ascension.’

I know I speak for us all when I say, “The Sooner the Better.”

In love and light, Gail


Dear Georgi,

I’d like to ask you for some clarification regarding a statement of Gaiaportal’s latest message which goes as follows:

“Seeking the intellect-guided, leaves emptiness within, as Higher D energies do not support the intellect.”

I’m somewhat bewildered, since we have often discussed the importance of the intellect in human evolution, and the past centuries have demonstrated that neglecting the intellect creates a dumb flock society. I  strongly believe that as long as humans dwell in carbon-based bodies, the intellect is a vitally important tool.

Maybe I’m missing something, and my interpretation of this sentence was shallow. Can you please share your thoughts on this?

With respect,

Dear Zoltán,

to understand this quotation, you should also consider the next statement:

“Seeking the Higher Intelligence aligns Higher Hue-Self with the upgraded Higher D grids.”

This source uses two words “intellect” and “higher intelligence” which it juxtaposes. Now let us assume that all the conventional thinking of the present-day scientists is guided by their “intellect”, the way they have developed it during their Orion studies. I was recently confronted with this kind of thinking, while sending my offer to many institutions and had to read about their research areas. This is the kind of intellect that is now cherished in scientific circles. It is not holistic, it is void of spirituality and highly compartmentalized. It is a dead end as it also excludes intuition, which is both mental and emotional at once as is the case with myself. I cannot and need not separate emotions from intellectuality as I know that this is the true form of “higher intelligence”.

The current scientific “intellect” is the kind of mental aberration that is also measured by IQ tests. The very human concept of intelligence in terms of “intellect” is profoundly flawed. Since one has to use a word for this kind of distorted human thinking, this source uses the word “intellect” in a negative connotation, while this word is normally considered to be positive in scientific circles, and this is what has disturbed you, while reading this message.

This source also uses the word “higher intelligence ” which is the awareness coming  from the higher self, the monad and the source through the left brain portal. I can very well distinguish between these two mental states as I have gone through this intellectual transformation when I discovered the Universal law and began to re-write the whole conventional science and thinking based on the narrow minded intellect of previous physicists with the higher intelligence coming from the source, for which I was the human conduit; the latter is open, unlimited, holistic = all-encompassing and intrinsically logical. It was a very tedious, but highly rewarding process, through which most  PAT members have gone in one or another way.

Therefore, it is important that one defines precisely some basic terms when one uses them in a disquisition, in order to avoid confusion due to the numerous conflicting connotations which many words now contain. Human language is intrinsically biased and ambiguous, and one must consider this fact from the very beginning.

The source GaiaPortal is naturally too succinct to make such a priori explanations, but I am sure that this is exactly what it means. In fact I like it for this reason, as it affords a lot of background knowledge in gnosis and human language from the reader and does not simply disclose the facts. They must be interpreted individually and even then there is a hidden information that is not explicitly mentioned.

For instance I have spent a lot of time and effort in my theory of physics and cosmology in volume I and II to define very precisely all basic terms in physics and science, before deriving them ontologically and mathematically from the primary term, respectively from the universal equation, which is the symbolic presentation of the primary term within mathematics.

In my German book “Thoughts” I discuss this semantic aspect of human language one more time in more depth. You can read the English introduction on the website.



Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your chrystal-clear explanation on this matter, it verified my feeling that the source of confusion is the ambiguous character of human language and my present, inadequate knowledge considering basic terms. I also realised that I have a tendency to long for gaining knowledge quickly without much energy input, despite my better judgment. I believe that this sort of laziness is a legacy of the orion educational system, which does not stimulate individual thinking and effort, but simply expects students to swallow the crap of the establishment without question from a very early age. At least this is what I experienced both at secondary school and my rather short time at university.



Dear Georgi,

I just wanted to connect with you once again and say how much I truly appreciate all you have done for all of us, PAT and how deeply moved I am by your continuous efforts to stay the course no matter the struggle.

I am now in California near to the coast and have for days had the feeling something big is coming, and therefore, as always, fully support our ascension this weekend.

Just a few things:

1) on Dec. 25/26th, I had a very intense dream and that Leo, myself and you were searching for a water pipe. you were carefully showing us where and how to find water. (among other things, this is re-enforcing the role you have played in my life, especially, guiding me and so many others to find our own “water” or source of life.

2) Yes, Jan. 2/3 was an intense day, i felt so exhausted

3) While I did not experience as intense symptoms on Jan. 8/9 as you, I have felt a build of something huge coming and have had little incidents that indicated to me, something is brewing. while riding in the car, the radio came on and a very clear voice broadcast a warning that the ENTIRE California coast is under a kind of severe high-tide warning. I searched the Internet for confirmation and only found a fraction of this information. It seems this information was meant for us. I can hear the Pacific waves crashing through the windows at night, even when they’re closed. The only confirmation I found about the coastal warning was from asking a woman locally about it and she said this is highly unusual warning for the entire coast. I also walked to a nearby beach yesterday that I’ve visited many times as a child and suddenly there was a “tsunami warning” sign posted, which I have NEVER EVER seen there before.

4) Your good wishes for our travel to the US came true, we are living in a kind of blissful bubble (A/B) where most people we meet are very pleasant, dream-like and thoughtful. the only exception is tonight when we encountered a semi-paranoid man, who told us “they” are out to kill him and that the world is going crazy (which it certainly has been, obviously, so in fact he is probably more sane than the masses!)

5) Lot of lower back pressure the past few days and dreams, like Vicki the past two nights of things, most valuable things being stolen from me. this is obviously a sign of letting go. Last night Leo had a sort of magical dream that an intelligent cat was sent to guide us to other realms.

6) In summary, ready more than ever for ascension, Georgi and ever grateful for your scintillating clarifying presence in our lives the past year. it has been quite a ride.

7) Tomorrow we are driving into the mountains, into the redwoods, the greatest ones, the Sequoia, the largest living beings on the planet. I would be and will be so happy to ascend near these greatest of trees. I will be sending you lots of love and support, Georgi.

Lastly, and most importantly, is there any word of Anita? They both are so very dear and Jerry’s words are like a mirror to all people who live in this country and face health care shortages and medical costs. It’s just beyond inhuman, it is barbaric. if anything happened to Leo or I, we’d be in the same boat and I can only wish I could alleviate their very acute suffering. I wonder, have you heard from them about Anita’s condition? They’ve been in my heart and thoughts and prayers all these days. I send them much love, light and understanding and gratitude.

I love you very much Georgi, and I’m sorry for any misunderstandings I’ve had of you this past year. To quote you…. Like all of us…I too am…”moving in circles and return(ing) to the original point of departure, but knowing more than at the beginning.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Much love, affection, and gratitude, and anticipation to see you in the higher realms with all the rest of the PAT,


Dear Sarah,

I am very happy to hear from you from California and to learn that you are having a good time, notwithstanding all the changes of humanity that take place underneath. Obviously the energies have an overall beneficial effect to the people, making them more gentle and kind. This seems to be the overall impression.

I have not heard anything from Jerry since I published his last email and to be honest I do not have a very good feeling about the medical condition of Anita….

We all have the feeling that something huge is in the making and it could as well be the magnetic pole reversal before our ascension. I was not told exactly what this will be in the dream state. I checked some Internet sites though and read that the high tides on both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts are unusually huge since Christmas and that this is due to the wobbling of the earth caused by the magnetic field of Planet X (Nibiru) and not because of the normal lunar tides.

I dreamt this night that there was a great reshuffling of priorities and duties in the HR and that I was relieved from most of my previous obligations. It is difficult for me to assess this new development now, but I hope that I will learn more in the coming days.  I woke up with a sense of relief.

It is good that you are high in the mountains and you should stay there over the weekend at least.

With love and light

hi Georgi,

I hope you’re right about this because I personally doubt that it will be ascension, rather just another test runs again, despite all of the validations from other PAT members like Dorie, Boyd, Joe, and others. I already decreed for immediate ascension because you post an important message to all PAT. I could be wrong so lets see what happens.

Have a nice life,

Dear Henry,

I only got the information that there will be a important event this weekend and said that I am not sure if it will be ascension, but that this is probable. Our ascension is looming on the horizon and this decree has the validity for all future dates. The important aspect now is that we have the right to decide our destiny by ourselves and the sooner we begin with this, the better.


Dear George

Just to let you know how things have felt to me. Yesterday was better for me but today I thought that the energies were intense. I lay down this afternoon and felt as if I was going to dissolve starting in the lower abdomen. I am sorry that I cannot offer a better explanation, but there are no words to describe how it is. I also have a burning/itching feeling on the skin at the diaphragm region, frontal headache, ringing in the ears, a coolness earlier in the left arm, aching joints… I am OK though you know how it is. Oh yes and very emotional and weepy.

It still has not subsided yet…

I am ready to ascend and have been ready since the year before last.

Bring it on!

In love and light

Lieber Georgi,

es ist bei weitem nicht das erste Mal, dass ich etwas tue oder über etwas nachdenke, über das ich dann am nächsten Tag bei dir lese, so wie heute auch wieder.

Nachdem ich gestern deine liebe Antwort-mail studiert hatte, ging ich in die Meditation und habe äusserst tacheless mit meiner HS geredet.

Ich habe ihr in aller Deutlichkeit klar gemacht, dass wir die Sache jetzt gemeinsam zügig durchziehen. Sie und ich, wir sind eins. Sie ist ich und ich bin sie, und darum gleichberechtigt, und darum entscheide ich zum schnellstmöglichen Zeitpunkt aufzusteigen und dann zurückzukommen um aufzuklären.

Es kam kein Widerspruch von ihr, und ich habe mich frei und leicht gefühlt.

Der Traum von Vicki ist wunderbar und das schöne ist, er wird wahr.

Translation in English

Dear Georgi,

it is by far not the first time that I do something or think about something, then I read about it the next day on your website, as again today.

After I studied yesterday your loving email response, I went into meditation and talked very clearly and openly with my HS.

I made her clear in no uncertain terms that we should now do the things together quickly and decisively. I told her – You and I, we are one. She is I, and I am, and therefore equal, and that is why I choose to ascend at the earliest possible point in time and then come back to enlighten humanity.

There was no protest from her, and I felt free and easy.

The dream of Vicki is wonderful and beautiful, it is true.


Hello George,

I have not yet finished today’s articles, but each is amazing this week, every one intense.  Thank you for confirming experiences are fast and furious for us now.

Experiences are streaming through me so quickly at every level, it’s impossible to share.  My body is reeling from the waves this week, so I’m spending time resting and having daily conversations with HR. You know, we all experience these idiots in the HR. Yet, I never considered they were in charge of ascension details. Now I am open to realize what a fiasco it truly has been.

Last night profuse sweating, a strong short headache, exciting altered states, a brief tour through humanities emotional horrors, back ache, lungs damp, and yet the love is so strong.

Re: your Ritz Hotel dream. Last night  I went through many planes. I flew over geometries I couldn’t identify and experienced colors I’ve rarely seen. This morning’s final dream I was transported by car with a small group to a hotel. Everyone in the car was full of excitement but I did not recognize anyone. We arrived at a hotel as if we were expected.  We were seated at an impromptu table arranged in the hallway while we awaited a large anticipated upcoming event. Oddly, my dog Gracie, made it to this hotel with us.

I sense you are correct about something big occurring this weekend. The more the inner world events open up to me, the less I can physically accomplish in 3D to accommodate these downloads.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

it is a real helter skelter now and it may become much more furious this weekend. There are many more from the PAT who sense that something big is in the making. It is ultimate time. The hotel party dream is a clear symbol for our impending celebration after ascension, no doubt about it, but when – this is the billion dollar question.

The HSs at the astral planes are the soul patients, who have to be rescued and they have no say on their therapy, but must only make a decision to convalesce. However many have not made up their mind yet, whether they want to be healed or not. This is the actual problem.

With love and light

About the HSs, LOL. Really, it’s like this. And truly, it’s not funny. It’s finally obvious isn’t it? – Marilyn

Dear Georgi ,

You mention for us to decree for immediate Ascension, does this mean like the one you did in the summer, because the one in the summer also included having our families ascend with us. Thank you for your help !

With love and light

Dear Rose,

this time we can only decree for ourselves as it is obvious that most of our family members will not follow us at this time.The decree in summer was of a general character, stating that we want in principle that our family members should also ascend to the 5th dimension, but we did not specify when.

With love and light

Howdy Georgi, it’s me again.

Let me just start by saying, I have been suffering from the extreme catharsis mentioned in your articles over the past couple of weeks. That, coupled with depression and a good amount of ridicule from unevolved heartless family has made my new beginning this year extremely difficult so far.

I must admit, when the 21st came around and I really wasn’t surprised. Like we had discussed before, humanity never went through its revolution, spiritually or physically, and because of this, there was no way we all could possibly Ascend, even with us (the collective PAT) doing all the heavy lifting, it was not enough to lift up billions of unawakened souls at that essential point in time.

I also must say I have been waiting for us to make a new Decree since January 1st. I knew we needed to, there is just no other option anymore. Either we make this decree and Ascend, or we will remain stuck here for the bleak foreseeable future, hostages to the higher realms and their flawed plans.

Georgi, I love you and the PAT dearly. You are all like family to me, and have helped me advance spiritually far more than I would have ever done alone. I am forever in your debt because of this and will never forget the many amazing things I have learned while keeping up with the PAT. But, alas, I have had enough.

I am 22 years old, and have finally come to grips with my slavery to this system. I finished my associates, and will begin my true education as an Architect at Texas A&M.

The problem is, I desperately do not wish to do this. Yes, I do want to progress my life, and I do want to be successful, but not like this. Not with the world the PAT has taught me never to be like, not with the heavenly realms calling my name. I came here for a purpose, and a college education is not why I am here.

The thing is, the date of our Decree works perfectly, and I knew it was coming. The decree is on the 13th right? That is a Sunday. Amazingly enough, I start school the very next day, the 14th. What a perfect day this is to Ascend right before I become chained to circumstance in this disgusting world.

Georgi, we have to ascend Sunday, there is no option for me anymore. After this crucial date, I will no longer have leisure time, and probably wont have enough time to continue reading your site. This breaks my heart Georgi, you have no idea how much this grieves me.

I still believe, somehow, and I will make this Decree with all the infinite will that God has granted me as an Ascended Master. I, Ted Justin Helm II, as an Ascended Master and a emissary of the Heaven decree that I will ascend on Sunday, January 13th 2013.

If I do not, well… I will have other concerns at that point. Please forgive me, but I am afraid. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Lets ascend and be done with this.

In Love and Light Georgi!


Dear Ted,

This decree is the expression of our collective will to finish with our mission on the ground and to decide personally about our future destiny. This however does not guarantee that ascension will happen on 1.13.13. But this is a good day to start with our incentive.

Thank you very much for your appreciation of our work on this website.

I think that you can start with your study in a relaxed and exploratory manner and should not expect that much will change in your personal life. After the first weeks of adaptation you will smoothly return to your past habits and will find out that life is more or less still the same. I personally do not believe that you will finish with this study as the old matrix is dead and will crumble any moment. But you may witness it crumbling first hand. When this begins, the universities will be among the first institutions to dissolve and change radically.

With love and light

Dear Bernice,

I had a discussion with Carla concerning your following statements:

” We decided then to ascend smaller more manageable groups out of 3d, of those that are ready. (Approximate numbers of 45- 50)  AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I DECIDED ON WRITING THIS TO YOU AND THE PAT. BECAUSE WE WERE AT THIS MEETING TOGETHER: WE DECIDED TO WORK WITH SMALLER GROUPS”.

I interpret your information that the PAT will ascend and each one of us will take a smaller group of 45-50 persons, less than originally planned. Carla understands this passage that the whole PAT may not ascend at the same time, but in smaller groups. Can you please clarify on this issue? Thank you.

With love and light

Dear George/ PAT

This is how I interpret  it:

Each member of PAT, who is fully integrated within the PAT / Gaia 5d grid,  on Ascension, will incorporate a group of between 45-50 persons that are ‘ready’ i.e. ( as in each person in that group will have integrated the minimum required energetic frequency pattern themselves).

That feels accurate as my understanding; however, I also believe this means there are PAT members that will return and repeat the process more than once. ( after first wave ascension).

To add to that:

I am aware that during these past 2 days/nights of being in constant discussion/ arrangement/ agreement with those that represent the  ‘logistician’s’  (best word I can use to describe) for ascension. Entities that are active between the levels/ dimensions 6-7.  And will add that the d*vil is constantly in the detail, as per bloody usual!

Then there’s levels’/ D’s 8-9-10 !

You know, I really wish we had more types (like the PAT) with the ‘balls’ for this work, cos we could really use them now; especially for our mission between levels 6-7 & then some less ballsy but more tactful & gentle PAT’ers for 8 -9-10. It will come; I know it will, just takes patience, that’s all.

Don’t we just wish that the effort/time wasted channeling or debating who has a more elevated level of understanding would just stop now (it is just so old & human 3d shit) so we could deal with what’s really up with ascension.

About 4-6 weeks ago on a visit in HR’s -( level/ dimension 6-7). I’ll call it a vessel/station; I met  the ‘captain’ called John Stark, felt like I’d always known him, but only just remembered. wikipedia ) Says he is PAT but not incarnate. The logistics of this ascension came up between us then, as we looked at all the ripened souls ascending to 5d, and then the thousands of almost ripened souls being processed; and then there were those ‘waiting’ to be processed. ( heck can’t have all these HSs running about all over the place, would be the best way to describe it)  There is always so much to be energetically worked through. There is no wonder we volunteered and came back from the future to sort this out.

When I work this way I see the current energetic status in the HR’s, which is the exact energetic interpretation of all co-running timelines; constantly changing & evolving. I see too, those higher levels. Not always allowed pure access here though, just as requested by source and covert.

Without trying to paint too dire a picture, I realise that is exactly what I am achieving, so forgive me for that. However for us, PAT, all this is all ‘a given’. As you always state, that is what  has set us apart from those that have not even recognised yet the scale of our work.

All those terrible debilitating energy waves we endured between end December and the beginning of January tested our web /grid of light to the max. ( as you have stated already). So from now on, as we each are going to take a group of 45-50 only, as our quota of persons we wont be ‘ suffering ‘ such terrible physical symptoms for test runs, which should be actual from now on and not a test!. And when we attain, promote/keep that energy going, we will greatly assist Gaia in ‘letting  go’ of all old 3d timelines finally.

Thank you as always

much love Bernice

Hello George,

This morning upon waking from a dream. Was planning a celebration party. A wedding or something of that nature. A couple days before the party something happened. Like a tornado, something of the like. Remember seeing piles of rubal heaps of like trash. We had to clean up this mess just before the party. This has happened before, I was thinking. Had to clean up the mess and was not very happy. Woke up.

For sometime the 13th has felt more like a warning to me. My gut feeling. Can’t put my finger on it. I concur with the latest postings. Maybe us PAT can figure this out. I feel I should be on guard.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas



Dear Elna,

I cannot exclude an earth’s event of great magnitude as I explicitly said that I was not told in my dreams what exactly will happen. It could as well be the magnetic pole reversal first and then our ascension.



Sure, I totally agree with “cart blanche” as all the PAT members do. To my understanding the Source is saying: “there is NO good cops to save you. You have to plan and execute your own escape”.

We are the saviours of humanity and now we have to save ourselves from HR, whom we work for, which is the biggest irony of all.

We still need sharp split between the two Earths B and A/B before we ascend. Otherwise who else will perform this task?  Ultimately the ID split and our ascension can be done at the same time, but those retards from HR will not take the risk as they proved themselves over and over again what morons they are.

Therefore 1.13.13 is ideal (under current conditions) for final ID split.

On another note, I noticed that you already announced scaled down number of ascending candidates to Earth A from two billion to a few millions.

Days before this announcement I spoke to friend who is a star seed and wanted to tell him that two billion will ascend, instead of, a ‘’few hundred thousand’’ came out from my mouth. We were both surprised about this low number.

Ultimately, this is a realistic number of enlightened entities that may deserve their ticket to 5D Earth.

How long, according to your estimation, will we still reside in the photon belt of galactic alignment?


Dear Boyd,

to begin with your last question, I do not know exactly, but we will remain in the range of 80% in the photon belt for another couple of months. I read this somewhere. But I do not believe that this is the most decisive factor now. It is still the awakening of the masses. All the other circumstances for ascension are in place and Gaia is more than ready to ascend. She has already postponed her due ascension and I doubt that the HR can sustain this bi-polar situation for a very long time. This is my major hope that we need not wait too long.

You are absolutely right that we still need to trigger the final ID split and the ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension and that we are the only ones who can do this from the ground. The HR are helpless without us. That is why they must take care not to exhaust us beyond our physical limits and simply kill us. The fact that they are still building this energy surge in the last few days, much to the detriment of our health, tells me that they are in a terrible hurry, notwithstanding the current superficial stalemate. They will take humanity by surprise after they so badly failed with their forecasts on Dec 21.

There will be no social and economic reforms on the balanced earth A/B before the ID split has been accomplished and the dark elite on power fully separated from this timeline. This is common sense. Hence with our ascension we will actually herald all the major changes on the timeline A/B. It is logical that we will then show up to the masses to accelerate this process of profound transformation.

Hence the ID split and our ascension is “conditio sine qua non” for all further developments on the earth. Precisely this fact is now the most secretly kept one by all channeling sources, as they do not want to scare the masses and because most of the people have no idea of the coming ID split.


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