PAT Prayers and Energetic Support for Anita and Jerry

January 6, 2012

Dear George,

I just read about Jerry and Anita and am sending them both my energetic support. I was wondering why I felt so sad yesterday evening, and again today. No doubt there is a connection here. This feeling happens sometimes when I would later find out that someone I knew was going through something painful. I have always enjoyed reading Jerry’s contributions and especially love his humor. Even from a distance, I feel I can sense the gorgeousness of his and Anita’s souls.

You may send the following to them if you wish, but even if he doesn’t receive it, it helps to write this out, hopefully to give the words more strength.

Jerry and Anita, from my heart-center and from the essence of my higher bodies, I am embracing you in opalescent wings with all my love, healing, and gratitude. I now call upon my Source power that I Am to send thousands of leagues of angels to you from the highest dimensions up to and through Source, to bring you infinite and gently flowing energies of peace, strength, healing, hope, and joy. You are both tremendously loved for all you have represented, experienced, and shared. May you now be given total healing, infinite happiness as ascended masters, and all of your dreams brought to Life now and in all higher realms of your eternal Being.

With love and light,

Dear Georgi,

I have been hit so badly last night that I did not wake up til 4.30 this afternoon. My first thought was of Anita when I awoke, so I spent some time focusing on her and Jerry. I am beyond trying to understand any of this as it makes no normal sense at all. There are 3-d dramas everywhere I look (none mine, I would add). I am in more and more physical pain and wonder how long my body can hold on.

My love to all the PAT, especially Anita and Jerry, and you Georgi.

with love and light, Gail

Dear George,

Jerry’s mail, too, broke my heart. When I read it I was still in bed, and started my meditation/support immediately. I ended up in a dream-like state and felt very close to death. Every 3d thing became so meaningless, that it was all equally meaningless. Stronger than the void, it was a void in the void. This very strong feeling must be because of a connection to Anita, which is at least a good sign that I am helping in some way.

After all kinds of healing attempts/methods I really do not remember, I lost this feeling of imminent death and the scene shifted. I saw many flashes of a face, it must be hers, every time with a very moving smile. Things felt improved. What really happened to her? A recovery, or maybe just my imagination? I do not dare to speculate. But I witnessed plenty of deaths and near-deaths, some in the family, others more foreign. Those never really did it for me, they were all fine and acceptable. This case was much more moving, even if I have never met her in 3d before or even exchanged words, it is like one of my best friends is in trouble.

This was followed up by all kinds of short dreams related to hospitals, many I don’t remember. In one I was at a board meeting of many top directors of various hospitals/ insurance/etc, where I was questioning them about price raising. They explained several times, that while they make a lot of profit, they will raise the prices to make even more profit, even if it means many people will not be able to afford it anymore. They cared very little about this and I would like to see these dark beings gone forever.

I also told all higher realms that it is their duty to make sure Anita heals, and that if they neglect their duty, they should not expect any more of my help whatsoever. I really, really hope to hear soon that she has made a miraculous recovery and I’ll continue to do all that I can.

Love & Light,

Dear George,

Meditation, prayers, support have gone out to Jerry and Anita this morning.  Afterwards, I could not see either of them in a state of fear, only joy.  I do not know what that means, yet hold the vision that resulted.

In Love & Light,

Dearest Georgi,

I have sent before going to bed last night, my purest intention of Love and Light to Anita  And Jerry for the most blissful experience on moving on or staying with us. My prayers for  healing may benefit their highest purpose….

In Love and  Light.

Dear George,

I awoke this morning to see this notice and email of Jerry’s and I meditated immediately.  I prayed for both to be released from all their sufferings. I placed us all around their side and brought all the light I could see and feel to them as well as lift them up with all our love. We are one. May they go home now to peace, love and constant care with Source of All-That-Is and may ever be.

I too will miss them tremendously whether or not to have ever met in the physical is no matter because we all ready know each other so well. I always loved to read Jerry’s words and also feel their deep love through them always, I love you both Jerry and Anita and thank you forever more of your deeply abiding service to all.

I will most definitely see you soon as we will join together very soon.

With All My Love to You Both,


Just saw the message about Jerry and Anita. I am sending them as much healing energy and love as I can possible muster and also have asked The HR’s to either give them a reprieve from the pain or let them ascend now. This is truly heartbreaking hearing of two of our PAT members having to deal with this.


I am so sad for Anita and Gerry and have sent a benevolent healing prayer. I really hope that the awesome positive energies of PAT; members will have a beneficial effect.


Dear George

As I read about Anita this morning I felt something shift in my chest (I can’t explain better) so I hope that you will hear some good news.

In love and light

Dear Georgi,

I started yesterday sending support and prayers for Jerry and Anita, telepathically connected to the PAT, even before today’s report, ‘Meditation and Support’ was issued.  It came to me meditating on the PAT. Little can be said to Jerry other than the support of the Source, surrounding him and Anita with angelic sources to uplift them and make whatever outcome suitable to their soul contracts will prevail. You have done your job as leader of our group with intensity, courage, and emotional support.  We are with Jerry, and if Anita is to pass, we encourage and support him with all that the PAT has to offer.

In Love and Light,

Dear Georgi,

tell to Jerry I am sending his wife and him protection from the pains and best wishes for a positive outcome. He is one of my favourite PATs that I daily see on your site.


Dear George

I just read about what happened to Anita.

Please let Jerry know that I’m right next to them helping them go through this very hard time. I’m in spirit there with the rest of you healing Anita and Jerry. I’ve been in Jerry’s situation several times. It’s incredible how our soul picks up our broken heart and put it together over and over again.

Love and strength,

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