First PAT Ascension in February. PAT Supernova, ID Split and Mass Ascension in March

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, January 27, 2013

Dear April,

from what I gather, the worst is behind us and we have survived this week which is a big deal. This does not preclude however new cleansing waves next week, but my guess is that we will have some well-deserved pause in the coming several days. My overall energies and intensity are though such, that I have no idea how long I will survive on the earth. It is a challenge each morning to suppress these energies and vibrations somewhat as to be functional at the lowest life quality level throughout the day.

I just received a confirmation from Dorie that she will be in the first wave of ascension. She has been hit very hard this week, but promised to send me a full report as soon as she has recovered…

What is your take? Shall our people continue to suffer as relentlessly as before, or is there a “silver line on the horizon” to quote a German saying? Sometimes I have the impression, it will continue like this for a while because the masses do not respond as positively as expected. On the other hand precisely this result must convince the HR that we need some more pro-active measures to awaken them more powerfully such as our ascension and appearance.

I will appreciate your valuable comments at this juncture.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest update from HS. She babbles a bit, so feel free to edit/cut as necessary. Much of the info is redundant, but I was able to receive an energetic snapshot/forecast in a general sense, for the next couple of months.

I was hoping for a clearer and less babbly message today, but I still think it’s helpful to some degree. Totally up to you if you want to share it. And as always, look forward to your feedback.

Much love and light,

HS Check In – January 27, 2013

Me: Wow, so you weren’t joking or embellishing at all, as that was a pretty intense week energetically that we just came out of.

HS: Yes. Much is taking place, moving, shifting and/or releasing on the subtle levels, in the subtle bodies, in the chakra systems of all. A great reorganization/restructuring of these systems is in process, as can be felt by all of you. The heart center/chakra is now fast becoming the focal point for humanity in receiving and interpreting information, and their reality/experiences in general versus the past, where much of this was processed largely within the mind and then manifested within the physical body.

In essence, humanity’s circuitry is being rewired back to its original divine state/blueprint, with the heart center being the main source of connection and interpretation. The mind therefore becomes subservient to the heart. And again, this is the very opening we’ve been speaking about for all of you, the PAT, to become visible in, as the masses begin to reorient themselves back into their heart space.

After all, the masses don’t know what to believe anymore as everything spoken by your leaders has been a lie, and therefore are now looking for attributes like integrity and sincerity as their new truth meters. For what else can they rely on? And these are just some of the attributes that the new leaders/the earth keepers of 5D must exhibit. So you see now why I said before that they are beginning to LOOK for you. And why they will now hear and understand you in ways that before were impossible because of their limited perceptions and empowerment blocks.

So you see, this is how the weaving and connection will continue of the unified 5D heart energies as they continue to manifest upon your shores. The inception phase is over, we are now firmly standing upon the manifestation phase of all that has come prior.

The entire PAT has now fully connected with the nexus point of source. This caused a tremendous surge to filter down through all your subtle bodies, purging any last 3D templates/encodings that were provided for you upon your incarnation. Some of the PAT are still releasing these final structures that at the time, were integral to having a human experience/narrative and/or point of reference for learning.

This, I am pleased to announce, is the last of the releasing, at least of a personal nature, that the PAT has to accomplish prior to ascension. This process is equivalent to the shedding of your entire 3D form, both physically and energetically in gradations, as each individual is able to pass through it. And this is a step that could not be finalized without you merging/touching Source within the nexus point.

For instance, this final release is something that Georgi has already accomplished having been stationed at the nexus point of the web of light with Source. But now the entire PAT has connected to this point and must be sure to rid themselves of all their remaining 3D codings.

Your crystalline bodies are waiting to burst forth! For those who have just finished with the final release/crucifixion/identity release, you are probably sensing the beginning of this physical transition now. There is now a fair number of you, ready to ascend very shortly as the final healing and integration of the new codes/templates reassemble within you and come actively “online.”

Your Christed Self will fully descend/merge (in gradations) into your now completely empty/purged vessel. This in fact, is what Georgi has been experiencing for some time now, and is very near to completing the merge/ascension himself, we simply needed to be sure that other PAT members were closely bringing up the rear so to speak.

These main 2 processes: 1) the opening/rewiring of the heart chakras of the masses, and 2) the PATs ascensions, are happening/building concurrently. So the masses, who are ascending, will be able to fully receive you as ascended masters once you ascend, and in the meantime, this connection/magnetization of you to them, becomes even stronger. You are literally manifesting the unity field/web of light in a visible and tangible way on earth at this time.

Looking ahead, this next week promises to give you a bit of a reprieve. There will still be some highly intensive energy waves coming in, but they will be sporadic, allowing all more time for healing and integration at very deep, core levels.

Next month promises to be an action packed month full of rapid movement, even higher levels of visibility that will continue to build throughout the month, and heightened opportunities/openings for the PAT members to continue rising and shining within the public sphere.

We also expect some of the first physical ascensions/ reappearances of some of the PAT members during this time/month, which we forecast at the moment, to continue in culmination into March. 

At this point it is up to each individual PAT member to finish with their final releases and all that entails, as they shed their 3D skin, so to speak, and fully don/reassemble into their Christed forms on earth. Your souls are all guiding you through this most delicate process, and many of you have actually just finished with the most difficult part of this process, and are now in the final integration/healing phase or birth/manifestation of your crystalline form as your dreams/visions/experiences confirm.

This is the snapshot/forecast that we in the HR are working with now, but remember that this is a fluid process and one that depends heavily on not only your success, but the opening of the masses’s energy centers and shifts in their subtle bodies. And again, this will happen in concurrent gradations, but still rather rapidly. But we are very pleased and encouraged by the subtle movement of the masses energies/perceptions at this time as they are letting go of much in preparation of you, of the new world, of a new way of life.

We anticipate that in March, upon the culmination of first wave ascenders, the continued deepening and/or final splitting of the ID split, and the beginning of true mass ascension and re-education.

These are the most exciting times for all indeed! For these are the times of physical manifestation of all that has been incubating in the background for so very long. It is already in motion, already happening, and will only gain in momentum and potency as the days go on. Enjoy the remaining ride and fulfillment of your new roles and know that you have truly and finally ARRIVED this year.


Dear April,

I  do not agree with you that your HS “babbles” and is “redundant”. Quite on the contrary – she is very precise and informative. In fact this is the exact validation I expected and hoped to receive, and this message fully coalesces with my present assessment.Since Dec 23, 2012 my HS is telling me repeatedly that February will be the month when the first ascension wave will take place and the big events leading to the ID split will commence. As you must have read, I have mentioned this forecast on several occasions in previous reports. The speed of energetic progress we made this month is also backing this forecast. Now your HS confirms that the necessary level of progress of the masses has been achieved with our enormous help and are now prepared and susceptible for our appearance as ascended masters.

We have now two processes that run parallel and are closely intertwined – the quick and massive opening of the heart chakras of the ascending masses that will make them susceptible for our appearance and new spiritual message, and the quick ascension of the entire PAT and its final connecting to the source.

This was part of the strategy I have been discussing with my HS since the failed ascension test run on Dec 23. This is also the reason why since then I was mainly involved in paving the energetic pathway for all PAT members to become the nexus to the source. For this purpose I went one more time through the same cycle of ascension, probably for the 3rd time in a row since I repeated it one more time after the second harmonic convergence in July 2010. This time I did it in an unprecedented accelerated fashion. As I know all the stages of this process, I could clearly discern the same invariant pattern of personal ascension since Dec 23 as to heave the frequencies of the entire PAT to the 12th dimension. This did not spare  you the pains and the suffering, but hugely accelerated the process in the most optimal manner. Also the synchronicities in our common LBP experiences during this time were remarkable as recorded on our website.

At the same time the unity field of the PAT, while ascending with great velocity to the source, opened the chakras of the masses, just as we opened the heart chakras of  the LW community after we opened the stargate 11.11.11. Even the annual time schedule is almost the same. Last time when we finished with the opening of the heart chakras of the LW community in March 2012, we came to the conclusion that we have a fair chance to save much more souls and decided to introduce the third timeline of the balanced earth A/B, which humanity has now fully entered.

This led to a major postponement of the End Time scenario in 2012. Theoretically, we could have ascended in March 2012 if we had stayed by the two-earth-scenario, instead of implementing the three-earth-scenario. Just as we decided to postpone our initially planned ascension date at 11.11.11, we once again decided to postpone our ascension on Dec 21, 2012. This was the last major postponement in our long and enduring mission on the earth.

Now humanity is on a steep upward spiral and there is no time for further delays, as there is a set of cosmic events that must come in the first half of this year and will unleash a series of huge natural catastrophes on the remaining 3d-earth B. For this reason the ID spilt must take place before that and catapult the majority of mankind on the balanced earth B in the higher 4th dimension, where they will be save from these catastrophic 3d-space-time events. The same holds true to an even greater extent for the ascended earth A.

Hence we have a very limited time to ascend and trigger the collapse of the old Orion order as to prepare the masses for their transition to the new balanced society in the 4d-dimension. Those who will ascend with the ID split to the new earth A, will of course awaken in paradise. But even on the new balanced earth A/B after the split, there will be new advanced 4d-technologies available from the very beginning that will make life seem like paradise too compared to the current drudgery.

It is the same scenario which we have been discussing since 2011, only with some notable delays due to the reasons explained above.

Dear April, I think that you have delivered a very important message which will be deeply felt and  appreciated by all members of the PAT who have been physically depleted this month in their heroic effort to achieve the impossible: To ascend as a whole group to the source and thus to facilitate and accelerate the whole ascension process of humanity. This has never been done before in the whole universe.

With love and light


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