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Channeled by Joe Boehe, January 08, 2013


Last week I informed my German friend Joe about the current energetic situation on the ground as I see it, and especially about our two failed ascension test runs in December. This information has helped him to deliver a very clear and precise message from his HS, which fully coalesces with our experiences of a steady energetic build up prior to the final ascension of the PAT and Gaia in the coming days. I have translated this message for you below.


Joe’s Message

Since October 2012, the energies from the sun were always constantly changing in order to prepare the people for their ascension and the prevailing energetic structures there.

Since the two ascension test runs were unsuccessful in December because of not being able to achieve the necessary amounts of energy, but also to build the energetic structures of the 5d-earth, the people, especially the very sensitive energy workers, feel the strong fluctuations of the energies that were significantly raised in addition to the constant changes, which are now receding very slowly.

Supported by the millions of people who are still hoping that the new ascension hub will run quickly, the high energy structure achieved so far remains latent on the Earth.

The disappointment of the people, who were hoping for their own ascension, but have now found that it did not work and currently conclude that everything was an illusion, can only slightly affect the current energetic structure.

You, the people have to live in the next few weeks up to the final last ascension test run  with such a high energy level, which is in addition modulated by the radiation output of the sun. It’s a little bit like a precursor to the 5th Dimension, where the whole body suffers, not only because of a certain fatigue or exhaustion in you, but also because of the head, heart, and muscle aches that are still persisting and will not disappear as quickly.

There can be only help from a lot of fresh air and relaxation exercises in small meditations.

The high sensitivity of many energy workers or esoterically active people in the current high-energy phase brings about that one increasingly encounters lagging souls who beg to be allowed to enter the light. This was a very active period of soul ascension in the months till December, but since ascension was delayed (on Dec 21), these souls are still eager to take this opportunity.

Therefore be prepared to do this work of love for them and ask the angels to help you in this endeavour, so that these souls will surely go into the heaven of souls. Remember that you have to deal at this moment with different energies than before, so that make no private experiments “to send light”, but let yourself being helped by the angels.

There will be also increasingly “black souls” who will come to you, who now follows the Christ, and will ask for your light. You cannot and should help such souls, because Lucifer has his own rules and all beings, who follow Christ, should be aware of them. A false sense of eagerness to help may  cause massive problems that can even lead to the possession of the person by black angels. So be careful and check exactly who wishes to travel with you the  higher dimensions.

I, the Divine Father, would like to say more about the final ascension hub, but there are no further facts at present and I trust the beings who have taken the responsibility for this task. This time they will succeed because they can continue to count on my help….

Talk openly about the issue of ascension and tried to help the people, who, despite their faith, are still,very much clinging to this material world, to let go of. It is worthwhile for anyone who wants to ascend.

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