A Decree of Ascension – January 11, 2013

by Georgi Stankov 

As discussed with Dorie and Boyd, we have now “carte blanche ” from the Source to make our own decision when to ascend. Therefore I recommend all members of the PAT to decree their immediate ascension, but no later than when the portal 1.13.13 is opened. This is very important now. 

You are all ascended masters already and fully connected to the ascended masters’ grid of Gaia. Your decisions and desires have now the potential to be realized almost instantaneously. Make use of this new energetic reality that is so much more conducive to personal creation than before and deliver a strong message to your HS that you want to ascend immediately. This should be now your first and only priority.



Dear Georgi,

I had a dream last nigh  about my youngest daughter and I, we were staying with a couple and I realized how tired we were and just wanted to go home that day. But I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get airplane tickets for us for when we wanted to leave.  The woman we were staying with said that we could choose the time when we wanted to leave, now that they had changed the rules. We walked out of the house to do something, and while we were gone, somebody robbed the house and took all of mine and my daughter’s things, computers, money… everything, but not the tickets home!

I hope this means that we can leave now.

In Love and light,

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