My Clarity on the PAT Mission After Connecting to the Source

by Gail Storr, January 26, 2013

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I am so excited by the events and realisations of this afternoon that I have to write immediately. I have received a clear vision of the present energetic mission of the

Very recently the following deeply significant initiatives have been instigated by some of the PAT family. These initiatives are actively breaking down some of the most fundamental legs that are at the core of the Orion grip on humanity.

Georgi and April are addressing                         Science
Gwen is addressing                                              Pharmaceuticals
Gail is addressing                                                 Language
Jon is addressing                                                  Christianity

These disciplines really are fundamental roots of the Orion grip on humanity. When these are transformed into their original pristine condition, the minds of those people choosing Earth A/B will be freed from the Orion grip.

This energy has now been unleashed by the PAT and I wait in excited anticipation to see who in the PAT family is naturally attracted to which leg of the matrix for its dismantling and also to see the disintegration of those legs revealed to me in the mainstream.

I am so excited to realise this. It is unfolding before our eyes. I am also excited by another aspect of the liberation of humanity which has revealed itself in operation to me.

Two incidents made the situation clear to me.

The first was my friend making a phone call to me last night, in which she said that she had suddenly realised that her difficult life was of her own creation and that she now felt that there was a joyful alternative not only in sight, but actually achievable. This coincided precisely with her having to decide whether or not to engage in a legal situation thrust upon her by someone else. She has wisely decided not to engage. All this comes directly at the end of the energy tsunami and is clear evidence that the energy of real people has lifted out of the deep fear patterns. I expect a lot more evidence of this to become apparent very soon. It is this lifting out of fear that creates the opportunity for what I observed next.

The second incident was related to me by Anna. She had been in a shop filling out a contract for a phone and the domineering manager had been interfering with the activities of the girl doing the job. He demanded from Anna the name of the house again and Anna said firmly to him, “It’s OK. She’s got it.” I realised that what is happening now is that such a statement is making the person actually realise that he is behaving in a certain way, whereas before he was behaving that way out of habit and didn’t necessarily realise the nature of his behaviour. This is, of course, a process that we all recognise intimately from our own awakening experiences over the years. Only now it is becoming available for ALL of humanity, because the energetic input of higher vibrations has lifted humanity out of fear. What happens is that EVERYONE will get these unexpected reflections of their own behaviour and will realise what they are like. After this realisation, people are making an actual choice, with awareness, of which attitudes they choose to live with, or, in other words, which weltanschauung they engage with. This is clearly the method we have chosen to liberate humanity, as it is the optimal energetic gradient to let people choose for themselves, with awareness, whether they want to exist in Earth B or Earth A/B and does not interfere with free will.

I had the inspiration to write a thank you letter to my creditors expressing my gratitude that they accept £1.00 per month and how that makes a huge difference to my life. This will make the person reading the letter clearly realise if their attitude had been that their job was only to screw as much as possible out of people. When confronted with the fact that their job also supports people in difficult circumstances, if they did not already have this perspective, they will have the choice of whether to adopt this new perspective or reject it. Again, clearly a choice between Earth B and Earth A/B.

So, the removal of the legs of the old matrix and of deep fear patterns, combined with the peoples’ own choice of Earth B or Earth A/B is clearly leading rapidly to the ID Split. We have unleashed the Tsunami of Awakening upon humanity. Let us all enjoy watching the unfolding of humanity reveal itself before our delighted eyes.

There is another exciting realisation which I would like to share. This experience of receiving such a level of clarity on the current energetic situation, that I am able to express it coherently to you all, made me realise something profound. I realised that all of the PAT were also on the edge of the realisations that I have just had and I felt compelled to write to give you all the words or the picture to trigger the full realisation in yourselves. I felt that if anyone had realised this already with such clarity, they would have written instantly, as I am doing now.

This is the experience of being the source of a trigger in the group’s ever-shifting perspective which makes one a nexus point for the whole group in that instant. This is clearly what Georgi has been doing ever since the inception of this site. As we have   ommunicated with one another there have been various incidents of serious articles, from a variety of people, which shift the perspective of those ready to shift and that person has been a nexus point for the group at that time.

It seems that this is becoming stronger and stronger and I can see a vivid picture of the PAT all being strong and active nexus points for the group, simultaneously, and thus creating a fully energetically unified PAT. This is the 5-d template for Group Dynamics and, in fact, the model for the whole of humanity to eventually embrace and become a unified Humanity. Telepathy will eventually replace language and articles, and once all are connected to Source as co-nexus points, everyone will have access to EVERYONE ELSE’S knowledge, or offering to humanity. The ultimate Group Dynamic.

My experience of the full-on connection to Source, as it moves through me, is exhilarating. Now I can see, George, how you can bear the LBP when you connect to Source like this. It is clear to me that George has been the Primary nexus to Source within the PAT and has encouraged us all to have a go at it ourselves, through our communications. Now we are getting the hang of it and I hope this picture now makes it clear enough that more of us will, consciously, actively choose to be nexus points.

See!!! I’ve just done it again!!!! This is so clearly the actualisation of the message from April’s HS at

Actually, I prefer to say now that the message was from April, because at this point we are fully embracing our higher selves and literally becoming them.

She stated:

“due to the nature of your unique role and that of the PAT, these energies and the corresponding magnetization causes YOU and YOUR LIFE experiences to be the powerful catalytic experience and/or trigger in THEIR (other peoples’) lives/ consciousness.”

And also:

“Because of all the energy and clearing work you have done in preparation for mass ascension, the masses are now fully open to learning by parable and/or story more than ever.”

In introducing the message from April, George said:

“The overall feeling in this dream was that this time the final decision has been made as to how to proceed with the clinical research (understand ascension process), and that I have now my hands firmly on the steering wheel and am in control of all the imponderables of this messy process. In other words there is a clear distribution of responsibilities and a precise streamlining of priorities and authorities.”

From this new perspective, I now thank George from the depth of my being. Dear George, I can now fully appreciate what you have been, what you have achieved, and why, once we have all become strong Nexus points and are a coherent Energetically Unified PAT, you will ASCEND and become the First Ascended Master to appear on the Earth A/B. This will be the moment of the ID Split and you will be visible only to Earth A/B.

Dear George and Dear PAT!

I love you all so very much and I am PROUD and DELIGHTED and much more, to be a part of this remarkable and LIFE-CHANGING, paradigm shifting, humanity-transforming, love-beaming and OUTSTANDING group of souls we know as PAT.

In love and light, Gail


Dear Gail,

I read your letter yesterday late in the evening, but today I cannot access it as attachment anymore…. As I remember your letter well, let me comment on it. You derive your exaltation from the fact that you have now fully connected to the source. This has enabled you to acquire a full clarity about the current energetic situation and the mission of the PAT.  These are very rare moments in the life of an incarnated personality when one grasps within the blink of an eye the whole purpose of his/her existence and then imprints it in his memory for ever.

It is not that the insight you have gained is new to us. In fact we have discussed these aspects of the PAT mission many times in the past. I even do not believe that there will be  a specialisation among the ascended members of the PAT as they will deal with all these issues at the same time. just as such topics as drugs/pharmaceuticals and semantics have always been in the core of my scientific interest and a major theme in my books.

What is new though is the absolute clarity and imperative certainty that everything will happen the way you have envisioned it like a lightning when you connected to the source. It was the intensity of this inner knowing that impressed you most.

With love and light


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