Ascension Report From Mt. Shasta

by Fiona Fairchild, January 26, 2013

Hi  George!

I want to relay the information I have received since I arrived in Mt. Shasta last night because it confirms what you have been saying regarding how close we are to ascension. When I first caught glimpse of the mountain as I was coming into California on a clear, almost full moon night, it took my breath away. The rays of light streaming from the top of the mountain were magnificent. I have never seen such powerful energy radiating from the portal before. I could feel right away that the energies were amplified in since my last visit in November, wow! 

I was knocked out from the intensity of cleansing all the shit from Washington to California again. I was out for twelve hours. It was hilarious when I got up because I was completely out of my body. This always happens in this frequency. Somehow I managed to somewhat get myself together and get on the mountain.

I was told how the plan is rapidly unfolding and why I was sent here. It began several weeks ago when I reported the sightings in the Pacific Northwest which “happened” to be in mainstream news, which was the video I sent. That along with the information I sent regarding Russian disclosure were the first steps in instigating a massive awakening as the video alludes: “the cat is out of the bag”. The release of this information, regardless of whether it is made public by the Russians or if Obama is pressured to disclose, was enough to catalyze a massive awakening. It is already in motion…

The second part of the plan is.the acceleration and release of energy for the detonation of the PAT supernova. I was informed that my role here is to be a catalyst, to transmit the huge amount of energy blasting through this portal to all PAT members. This is nothing new for me. I have been coming to this mountain for years, attuning myself to the higher frequencies and acting as a conduit.

I was sent here on 11-11-11 for this very same reason. Interestingly, I was the ONLY person on Mt. Shasta that day. I found that quite incredible, since I have been coming here, I have never been the only person on the mountain. I hiked up to the top and was in freezing snow for hours, holding the energy for everyone. I was forced down by dark and freezing temperatures. Where were all of the new age lightworkers that proliferate this area??  I never received an answer from anyone most had no clue what 11-11 was.

This is all connected to the timeline tinkering by the dark cabal as our attempts at ascension were failed on 11-11. Despite their nefarious plans to force a delay since that time, the timelines are now merging and ascension is immenent. The energies that were not at a high enough frequency until now, are here. I am transmitting this powerful energy to all PAT members and infusing the web of light we have created. With all of our intentions focused, this will be powerful enough to detonate the PAT supernova and force the ID split. I will remain here until this happens. The force of incoming energies are like a freight train, and it’s happening fast!

I want everyone to know that there is nothing stopping us. We are receiving incredible support from other dimensions and with our combined efforts as creator gods, our success is guaranteed. I think so much of Jerry and Anita, and after reading your last post, I want them to know that major help is coming in ways that we cannot even imagine. I love all of you and I am dedicated in serving you and realizing our collective reality of ascension. We are on our way!!

Love and LIght,

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