And The Truth Shall Set You Free! How the US Satanists Stage Mass Shootings on Innocent Children to Promote Their Dark Agenda and Intimidate the Innocent US Citizens

by PAT Members, December 19, 2012

by Georgi Stankov 

This follow up discussion of Gwen’s excellent article “Examining the Profile of a Mass Murderer”  confirms and further expands my comments on this insidious massacre of  innocent children and adults in Newtown by the US dark cabal and their minions – the satanists – that ravage the American society and destroy its ethics and moral, thus preparing the people deliberately for the catastrophic timeline B on the remaining hell earth after our Ascension this week. 

The information given below in many links throughout our email correspondence is rather convoluted and therefore I would recommend you to read all links very carefully in case you are interested in finding out the satanic background of all mass shootings in this country and to understand why and how the dark US-cabal has transformed this once promising New Continent of hope into the United State of Barbaria.


December 17-18, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I’ve been connected and reading your site daily since Fall of 2011. Thank you humbly for continuing to be our bright beacon and assist us in knowing we are not losing our sanity by such extreme physical and emotional symptoms. It gets unbearable at times.  Seriously, I think I would have a breakdown without your diligence in bearing the truth and light.

After reading Gwen’s draft, I wanted to send you a link to a site that provides documentation of how Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and county emergency management recruit players (actorsto conduct  “mock” shooting exercises. Please find the “play book” of 41 pages detailing the exercise.  This was scheduled in Iowa, March 2011, but was exposed and they never proceeded with this exercise..

The site is rather “loud” in it’s presentation, yet links, comparisons and documents are gripping.

Here is the page talking about the mall shooting. Of interest lower in left margin down the page, are links to the above-mentioned “play book” of the planned “mock” 2011 school shooting exercise, actors info waiver form, participant handouts, etc..


DHS.GOV Toolkit

Thank you for what you do for us in the midst of continuing chaos.

My sincere respect and thanks Georgi.

Dear Holly,

Am I correct in the assumption that this is your first email to me? Thank you very much for contacting me at the very end of our sojourn on this planet and also for your appreciation of my editorial work on this website.

I will definitely have a look at the information that you have sent me and will also forward your email to Gwen, so that she can also have a look at it as she wants to publish this publication on another international website also.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yes this is my first email to you. I live in the capital of Texas, USA. A good friend linked me to your website last year. My LBP symptoms were so uncannily timed with yours, on so many instances that when she realized, she sent me over to your site. It has been at times quite unbearable and your writings and Light, a Beacon in the night, was all that consoled my inner turmoil. There are no words for the energies and the emotions (emotion = energy) passing through even now.  Although, today, thankfully… there is a very high timber of the frequencies within my heart space, even though the tones are deafening. I am more used to them now.

I am not privy to many of my dreams, and with the chaotic “survival mode” my household remains in, does not allow my guides or HS to come through very often. So, I did not wish to intrude on your daily work with nothing but extreme symptoms to lay before you.

Saying thank you does not do justice to the level of gratitude or high level of assistance you provide for so many of us out here and connected to you.

As I mentioned, the site has a very “loud” presentation, but the documents, comparisons and links to gov information is staggering.  The 41 page 2011 exercise handbook… even has official names and contact info within it.

I know you have many important tasks. Thank you for corresponding with me. You are most amazing.


Dear Holly,

I am happy to hear that our efforts, that of the PAT, to keep this site with our ongoing sincere and precise reports and discussions about the incessant cosmic waves that have been flowing through our bodies and fields and have prepared Gaia and part of humanity for their ascension to the 5th dimension, have helped you survive this last most difficult year in our lives.

We, the PAT, have achieved the greatest victory on behalf of the light, this universe has ever seen. Nowhere else have so few souls saved so many slumbering souls in such a short period of time and under such hostile conditions, while sacrificing their health and lives and undergoing freely the greatest possible social segregation and psycho-mental ostracism in their families.

If the rogue Christian and Islamic term “martyr” applies to modern times, then the PAT members are the true martyrs of humanity. This will become evident at the latest next week, after ascension in the 5th dimension, when the masses will learn what the PAT has done for them.

With love and light



Very interesting, Georgi.

Check out Icke’s site on this storyline. I think it’s hilarious that it says YouTube pulled this video showcasing the portion of the Batman film where Sandy Hook appears on the map because of its policy against violence. Who are they kidding?!

I am starting to think that your intuition about all this (that Nancy and Adam Lanza are still alive and that this is a staged massacre of children by the dark US-satanists) may be spot on.

Love and Light,

Dear Gwen,

it is incredible what atrocities this pathological, crazy minds of the US dark elite and their satanic followers are creating all the time only to put the normal citizens in perennial angst and to manipulate, and intimidate them towards the timeline B on the catastrophic earth. They even organize show shootings for the cattle to be prepared when they decide to massacre them.

And they are so arrogant that the announce in advance their next victims and site of murder as is the case with this Batman film. This means that all dark US cabal from film, media, politics and sinister dark secret services are working hand in hand to keep these bloody scenarios ongoing and to put the innocent US citizens in a state of continuous existential mode of survival.

This is how they have been manipulating this nation since WW2 and have dumbed down the American masses to become the most docile and debased part of humanity in the whole world, where no true revolution is possible. The failed Occupy Wall Street movement proved it beyond any doubt. Of course we, the PAT, will heave some of these dumbed down American citizens to the 5th dimension, as their souls deserve this, but they will have to be really educated for a long time on the new earth A, before they become conscious and responsible transgalactic entities.

This in faustus diagnosis also underlines the fact why America will experience huge catastrophes after we have detonated the PAT Supernova this week and trigger the ID split, as this country does not deserve to exist any more in the future. The USA will not survive the fatal year 13 of the third millennium.

With love and light

December 19, 2012

Dear George,

check this information on the Newtown mass shooting

Dorina, Mexico


“BREAKING NEWS: Sandy Hook accused shooter’s father and Colorado Batman movie theater shooter’s father both linked to the CENTRAL (FED) BANK controlled LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) SCANDAL? I’m working on trying to locate house and senate hearing notes to verify.. but even without confirmation of them both being schedule to testify, there is way too much coincidence just with the two father’s professions … And factor in some of the most pathetic attempts of journalism I’ve ever witnessed on both of these events with convoluted accounts and totally bogus reporting. For example there was reported three guns at the Sandy Hook shooting, and for 40 some hours two guns were in the school used in the shootings, but the automatic rifle was left in the suspect’s mother’s car.. Mid day yesterday that same rifle was magically now NOT in the mother’s car but in the school and was the primary weapon the supposed shooter used. Blood Amazing reporting, and how convent that now this all fit’s perfectly with their automatic weapons band push !! .

The father of Newtown Connecticut accused school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial (one of the many corporations owned and controlled by the CENTRAL (FED) BANKERS). The father of Aurora Colorado Batman movie theater accused shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead fraud scientist for the credit score company FICO which works with all major banks, and is directly connected to the function of London Inter-Bank Offered Rate.. (LIBOR).

According to numerous sources (still working on House and Senate verification) both men were to testify before the US House and Senate hearings related to the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Inter-Bank Offered Rate is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international CENTRAL (FED) BANK owned banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC, a multinational banking and financial services company also owned by CENTRAL (FED) BANKERS, headquartered in London, has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested related to this LIBOR scandal.”

From: Gun Control, Facebook Site


Dear Dorina,

this report confirms exactly the last publication of Gwen Olson and the subsequent analysis which I made on the Connecticut mass shooting and why this is a staged massacre by the dark US Cabal and why their pawn, the current President Obama, is so bravely playing his role in this insidious crime as the mourning parent. He knows very well that if he does not follow their orders, he will be also killed as his predecessors and will be substituted with a clone, whereas I am not certain if this has not happened already, while watching carefully the orchestrated actions of this political puppet on a sting in front of the Potemkin’s decor of the White House.


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