How the Royal British Family of Bloody Reptilians Murdered Diana and Covered-Up this Capital Crime

by Denise Godber and Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2012

Important Information:

The links to the film on Diana’s murder given by David Icke below are no longer available on the Internet. The dark British Cabal have removed them. 


Dear George,

I have been quietly observing and taking in all the information around me. My quest for the truth is always with me. I have felt my heart lead me and my will and courage have opened up to an all embracing strength that l know only comes to who is willing to accept All That Is.

Yesterday David Icke posted  a link that caught my attention.  I wasn’t really interested in another story on Princess Di’s death, but something drew me to watch these videos.  It shows a story not of why the accident was caused , but more on the cover up after.  It is time that people know the truth about what happens in our law courts and how journalists are incompetent in their jobs and how hospitals mess up simple tests.

Of course this video is not available in the UK and that is just another reason to find out why !

In love and light


PS: I forgot to add that l am English and was brought up in an RAF  (Royal Air Force environment). This however does not stop me from looking for the truth.


Dear Denise,

thank you very much for your email and the recommendation of this excellent film on Diana’s death. I am just watching/listening to it now, while responding to you as I very well remember the incident in Paris that killed Diana and the surrounding circumstances of deliberate and shameless cover-up by the French and UK secret services and the reptilian Royal family.

Besides, I have written in my articles and books as early as 2001 that Diana was killed by the Royal family because she became a menace to them as she had proofs and personally seen that the Royal family are reptilian shape-shifters. The Royals were afraid that after she would marry Dodi Al Fayed she may officially announce this truth.

When you said first that you are in the RAF, my first thought was – what? – The German “Red Army Faction” – RAF, the most successful and famous German terrorist organisation?  But then of course you are an English and probably too young to be a member of the German RAF, which I know very well from my university time in Heidelberg in the 70s. Then I checked that the British RAF not only has the same name as this German terrorist organisation, but that it belong to the same terrorist reptilian British Royal family that infests the whole world with their insidious crimes for centuries.

This film is a Russian version which confirms the extremely hostile relationship between GB and Russia.

Only today it was announced that Litvinenko was an M16 agent and provided evidence against the Russian Mafia. As you may remember, the relationship between Britain and Russia significantly deteriorated when Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in a mysterious manner and the UK government and mass media immediately accused Putin of this crime without any evidence.

I also remember very well how the French official report on Diana’s death was totally forged after it took more than an year to complete it and it was never published. The failures of this report were widely discussed in the European press at that time. Then the big scandal came when UK declined to investigate Diane’s murder initially and it took so long for the British legal system to deal with this capital crime of the Royal family at a much later date, after all evidence was eliminated or sufficiently forged in the eyes of the British reptilian elite. Thus the facts presented in this film are absolutely correct and I remember many of them very well.

I will see that I will publish this video as I have started with my revelation program on this website and am intending to pots all important contributions that may stir the minds of the awakening masses.

With love and light



How the royal family have got away with it so long – the blatant cover up of what happened to Princess Diana superbly exposed in this banned documentary, Unlawful Killing


Keith Allen’s film exposes the in-plain-sight cover up of what happened to Diana in Paris in 1997 and her cold, heartless and disgusting treatment by this cold, heartless and disgusting family – including the way that the judge at the excuse-for-an-inquest ordered royal correspondence with Diana from people like Prince Philip to be censored before being made public. Does this remind anyone of how the judge at the excuse-for-an-inquiry into North Wales child abuse ordered that famous political names could not be mentioned by the victims?

The film exposes the pathetic irrelevance of the mainstream media which is just an arm of the same Establishment that it is alleged to be ‘reporting’ – with a few honorary exceptions scattered here and there. This is the BBC’s ‘royal correspondent’, Nicholas Witchell, one of the most pompous people I have ever met, depicted in the film fast asleep more than once while inquest evidence was being heard.

Nicholas Witchell, BBC Snooze Correspondent.

Unlawful Killing is the incredibly important and highly revealing ‘inquest of the inquest’ that reveals overwhelming evidence of a massive Establishment cover up in the UK and France and this is why it has not been seen in the UK but can be watched now on an overseas website.

Keith Allen said around the time of the royal wedding in 2011, when Diana’s son, William, married Kate Middleton:

‘Why is the film being premiered next week at Cannes, three years after the inquest ended? Because British lawyers insisted on 87 cuts before any UK release could be contemplated. So rather than butcher the film, or risk legal action, we’re showing it in France, then the US, and everywhere except the UK. Pity, because at a time when the mindless sugar rush of the royal wedding has been sending British Republicans into a diabetic coma, it could act as a welcome antidote.’

Mohamed Al Fayed is no angelic being of sweetness and light either, but the point of this film is to show how what happened to Diana was systematically covered up by the alleged inquest into the death of her and Dodi Fayed. From this comes a simple question: why would there be a cover up if there was not something highly significant to cover up?

A clinical psychologist describes Prince Philip in the film as a man devoid of guilt, empathy and love – precisely the character traits of the royal and ‘elite’ bloodlines worldwide that I have been exposing for nearly a quarter of a century. The royal family as a whole are described as ‘gangsters in tiaras’. Even this is mild compared with their sick and sordid past and present.

A Must-Watch While You Still Can!

Part one …

Part two …

Part three …

End the facade of a free country. End the Monarchy.

Be gone with you.

Please circulate far and wide – make an effort, make a difference.

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