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Letters to the Editor

Dear George,

If there is one thing that keeps surprising me, it is the tactics used by the higher realms to wake people up. How can they continue to strive for a slow, inner awakening, when the last 40 (!!!) years have constantly proven that this path will only cause delay after delay. At this rate, there will be so many delays, that they will even begin to delay new delays, because previous delays later turned out to be more of a delay than expected.

Do the higher realms really understand the blindness of a human? Most humans have not even heard of this word “ascension”. The “revelations” in the news, they are not enough. It is just same old, same old to the masses, a tsunami of information, which appears to have little direct impact on their lives, their only response is apathy. Most humans, while they have senses and brains, how limited those might be, do not even use their senses and brains. They are looking constantly for the next opportunity to make themselves numb. They are so barely alive, that the only reason they do not die, is because they are so barely alive that death is not a real possibility.

It is like the higher realms are afraid to do anything with impact, except causing more delays. The masses are so focused outward, with the little focus they have, that they don’t even know there is such a thing as “inner”. The only solution to this problem is to let the matrix crumble forever, and to let us appear as ascended masters. Waiting several weeks or months, what is that really going to accomplish? For years we have delayed things by several months, only to delay again.

Their strategy reminds me very much of my mother, when she asks me to assist in tidying up the house. She wants my help, but she wants herself to make all the decisions and does not support anything which is not her inefficient approach. She is absolutely focused on having everything that is the same type of item in one separate box, and wants to keep everything for sentimental value. In the end we end up with a dozen of nearly-empty boxes that only hold a few items, and these boxes take more space than the items took before. So now every time my mother wants my help, I tell her that she will only get it, if she listens to me and values my input as well, because otherwise we accomplish very little.

So this raises the question, why do they never really listen to us? We have all discussed multiple times in the past, that if humanity is to change, the matrix must absolutely crumble. But the only thing that happens is soft revelations on the news, which has very little impact at all. When will all the higher realms finally accept that this is the only way to awaken humanity and make them sensitive to what is inside? Soft prods can never accomplish what pulling the rug from underneath the feet of the masses will.

This is exactly what your new plan of spreading the Universal Law is about. It needs to be undeniable to the masses that there is more, much more. And to reach in such a way that they can feel these inner impulses, first the world of illusions must be removed by an overwhelming and undeniable force. If it is not that strong, then it is ignored like the many “revelations”. It is my opinion that our next move as PAT to the higher realms should be like what I do with my mother: genuinely consider and value our opinion and knowledge as higher realms, or stop receiving our help. The unsuccessful attempts at mass ascension should be a big motivation in this regard.

Perhaps there are signs of this already. Two days ago I slipped into a dream-like state and received a very special download, which I cannot really describe adequately with words. Then, last night I was informed that I had to use my “seer abilities”. I began seeing all kinds of things. First by looking at small lights in the darkness outside and in my room. The contrast made this very easy. Also this was the reason my sight is not attuned to 3d (I have about -3 on both eyes). In a tiny dot of light (when compared with my entire field of view) I saw more detail than in all the surroundings. There were many patterns, fibers, fabrics, events, plays and more visible. All types of light also had different properties. The small blue light from my computer, a few of the streetlights outside, reflections, Christmas lights (also outside). I was seeing right through the veil, but it was more. Doing this was like ripping out all of the pages of a phone book or dictionary.

The ripping felt like a lifting of the veil. I then evolved this technique to not just see it in areas with strong light contrast, but in pictures, the reflection of my eyes in a mirror and more. Also I looked at the painting I painted earlier and I could see that it was very powerful in lifting this veil through vision, like it was always intended to be used like this. Eventually, the veil was visible everywhere at all times, like a dark-green (with hint of dark pink) overlay of the real world. I would see through it, at very specific points and with very specific strengths, to cause a collapse or weakening as efficiently as possible. With a bit of intent, I can still see it in the same manner as yesterday.

I don’t know what the full impact of this is yet. As always things look different, but not quite different enough. But maybe finally a more radical approach of collapsing the matrix will happen?

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

I use exactly the same arguments in my discussions with my higher self since Dec 21 when I started demanding my immediate ascension and appearance in front of the masses. We must now “hammer the nails with our heads” and bring about the necessary social and mental changes that will prepare the collective mindset for mass ascension. We cannot go like this for ever and I can assure you the higher realms know this as good as we do and they must make their final decision on this subject very soon – to my estimation before Christmas eve.


The fact is that everybody expected something to happen on Dec 21, including people that believed it was doomsday and nothing happened. However, this is the best choice we can do and it is the right time to pull out the wild card/surprise card, while the energy is still ripe. There is no other choice than to appear as ascended master even though that idea was originally rejected by the people that would not be able to handle the truth. It would be  shocking and surprising like you said after their great disappointment on Dec 21. Maybe their minds will now be able to open for newer ideas when this occurs. I believe they will accept you a lot easier now due to the incoming 5D energies and won’t reject you due to your energy level. The PAT will continue to support you, while they continue to anchor the 5D energies.

Thomas Mai

This is all starting to make a lot more sense. Especially for the last few days and weeks so thank you for taking the decision to post April and Dorie’s messages. I’m still a truth seeker and I’ll take the ugly truth over fantasy any day of the week. I’ll believe the fantasy when I’m living it.

Like you, after I knew something was up, I cursed my HS and the heavens as to how they could do this to us as it could break the lightworker’s hearts and minds. How could they hang the only people serving out to dry like that? I didn’t think heaven could be so cruel, or stupid.

I need some time to think on this latest information as it is multi-faceted.

The way my HS, who I now am constantly in contact, leads me astray can only mean some form of Mastery training. There is no other explanation for her methods.

Alex, Australia

Dear Alex,

the failed ascension on Dec 21 has brought the small light workers’ community in a real mess and the higher realms know this even when some channellers are continuing with their rosy, fluffy propaganda. These channellings are however not the driving force behind the events.

Hence they need urgent solutions to rectify the current stalemate and give another impulse to the ascension process now in a stasis.The only possible way to go now is to trigger a massive illumination of the masses about the real nature of humans – them being ascended masters and creator gods in the first place. And this must be clearly demonstrated at first by a single person, who will focus the attention of humanity on himself and then with many more to come out.

This is the role that the PAT will now play, beginning with me. Heaven can no longer wait and do nothing tangible on the ground – there is too much at stake and they know it. They must now keep the momentum and even increase significantly the pressure on the old matrix, until it crumbles for ever.


Dear Dorie and April,

I’ve said thank you for your channeling work, silently many times during the summer, but now I’d like to share in words, how I experienced the time I’ve been connecting with you through Georgi’s website.

From May to September you helped me to keep on going. That is a simple fact! During those months I’ve had no other earthly support, but your words.

I know, everything that you channeled was true at that time. At that time I/we needed those words, to keep on pushing forward, to be able to deal with all the ugliness of 3d.
Sure, we can say now that all we’ve got out of the channeled materials are only broken promises, but I don’t see it that way.

I do believe, you’ve been doing what you’ve been asked to do by your HS, delivering hope for us. That was your job!

I do not feel disappointed by any of the broken promises you’ve delivered, because they kept me going, when I needed to push and fight inhumanly hard and in my understanding that was the purpose of your work!!

Of course I feel let down by the higher realms, but it has nothing to do with you or with your work, what so ever!!

I know you’ve fulfilled your mission/role in my life by helping me when I needed and that’s how I see you in all that what happened. So, now when everybody is full of doubts of basically everything, I thought it was time to share how I felt about you and your work.

None of the star seeds I work with ever doubted me or any of the information I gave them, ever! I experience unconditional trust with these beautiful, high vibrational people, no matter what! They know that the information or message I give them is always true in ‘that now moment’! And I have the same kind of trust for you Dorie and April.


Dear George,

I figured out what went wrong and advised my HS that delay will be a few months at best up to a few years if there is no drastic change. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that world, as it is, cannot go on forever.

I will not talk about disappointments because this serves no good to anyone. Instead I am looking for solutions.

In this regard your “the naked truth” publication served as an uplifting information. I am simply sick of idiots, who still channel and shit talking “nice guys” from heaven. I think something needs to be done and stop those idiots from channeling, like we did successfully with Greg Giles.

I am not sure if Heaven has any real plan. In a dream it has been revealed to me that USA is preparing for a major revolution-war within their borders. Revolution is OK, but if this turn into a civil war, I don’t think Heaven knows exactly what it is doing.

These stupid humans don’t care much about anything, but money. It is only logical that total financial crash is the correct card to play. To avoid total chaos and turn the focus of the masses on the spiritual agenda, you HAVE to ascend. Better sooner than later.

I have reasons to believe that Heaven do not wish to ascend early any one of the PAT. Therefore we really need to push this issue publicly. Create great pressure on Heaven and even expose them for their incompetence, stupid tactics and lies.

Having to ascend you is the only logical action that will lead to success. Than, of course I am prepared to take some of your energetic duties on my shoulders.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

thank you for your support of my idea to start with individual ascension and thus trigger the necessary social changes. But you are also right in your assessment that heaven wishes to keep us on the ground as long as it can. This is the actual conundrum and I do not know if we can accelerate this event consciously on the ground. We tried it with our enthusiasm during each ascension test run and it did not work. We were only more depleted each time. Now we can decide to boycott the cleansing process to press our ascension, but this will also not work as our HS will still burden us with similar unpleasant duties.

I myself am tried to avoid any nasty waves in the last days and this did not help. My HS begins with the wave in the night when I cannot willingly stop it and then it goes on throughout the day. Of course I am charging the idea of my ascension on a daily basis now, but I am not sure how much success this will have in the higher dimensions. Consider that the higher realms are now in a dilemma themselves as they failed several times with the ascension of Gaia and humanity in the past and now must go new ways. They badly need us, the PAT as the wild card in this new awkward situation. They will not freely reject of our activities on the ground as they have only a few other conduits of light to do this job.

In general, I think that there is almost nothing we can do to change the course of the events or accelerate our ascension, but we may continue charging our favourite scenarios, knowing that our scope of creation is very limited.


Dear George,

I don’t like idea that there is almost nothing we can do; even I know you are right on this issue.

After 11.11.12, when my depression hit the roof, I decided to boycott my mission until I get valid and true information on our status and/or until you ascend. After your ascension I believe you will keep your crew, on the ground, properly informed.

I also collapsed my entire portal network, only to find out that Heaven don’t give a fuck for what I think or do. They burdened me with even more cleansing work, keep me in dark and my HS advised me that I have no hope against them.

After two days I had to fix my portals. I feel like Heaven is holding my neck down and there is nothing I can do. I am still fuming.

In this regard we experience the same hopeless situation. In this sense Heaven is really not much better then PTB. In fact PTB did better job than Heaven. If they need us so badly, seems logical to treat us with more respect. We, the PAT are not spoiled girls who need to be told how lovely they are.

I simply want the truth, and Heaven keep failing to deliver it. Not to mention they failed to ascend Gaia and the masses of monkeys and have NO real plan for the future.

If you ascend by yourself and if we assume that the PAT is strong enough to take additional burden, I see NO reason for you not to ascend. In fact I consider it a very stupid decision to keep you on the ground any longer.

As you said, it is not much we can do. I experienced this hopelessness and therefore must agree with you.

I also believe we, the PAT, can change our destiny even against Heaven or higher realms.

If we EXPOSE their incompetence and hammer them as hard as you did with the Internet trolls and dark US cabal, our destiny MUST change. One way, or another.

In my opinion only hope and charging idea of ascension is way too small gun to go against Heaven.  We have to do it as a team. I also understand that most of the PAT members are currently healing their battle wounds.

To use a laymen technical term: We are in a deep shit.

I wonder what else to say?

Again, I do believe we can change this dire situation.


Dear Boyd,

although I assess my influence in the  higher realms as very modest, I am hammering my HS every day with my desire to ascend asap. I only commented that I am not so sure if this desire will be considered. Notwithstanding the whole esoteric crap about our creative abilities, it is not we who create our destiny, but our HS and they do not care a damn how we feel or how much we suffer. This is a sad conclusion, but an undeniable one.


A humble request?

Dear George,

I share your pain. And that of many others.

I once argued in my email to you that we should not publish dates and make everybody “look stupid” in the face of seemingly never ending occurrence of little visible change. “Unless making us look stupid benefits the ascension”. Precisely because it creates those expectations that are crushed and create much disarray.

This is obviously not gloating as ascension is not about “being right” but about truth and ascending to it and all that we suffer in-between. I am saying this for a reason.

I also want to underline that asking a starseed, who intimately knows the wonder that lies ahead, not to be excited, willing and happy when even an opportunity for merging with oneness occurs, IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and impossible.

EVEN when just before the event the starseed attempts to be reasonable if not somewhat cynical as a medium to cope and the starseed recognises the pattern that is repeating itself. Ergo, it is impossible to make a starseed NOT SAD when it does not quite happen.

I have recently tried to hint in my emails to you that much like MJ – PAT has its own dramas instigated by various Higher Selves on an individual and group level. The repeating of the “PATTERN”, we are in ever since any date was announced, is the major one.

Many of those and other dramas were somewhat purposefully created by You also (thus your HS obviously) to educate/stimulate the masses and the lightworkers and the PAT.

What I fail to quite entirely understand is the reason behind the APPARENT NECESSITY of the pattern of disappointment and indescribable heartbreak. Many explanations have been forwarded, but they do not entirely satisfy me. I am certain however that there is a purpose behind it that cannot be achieved through other half-measures.

It is often hard to read you (and REALLY talk to you) Georgi as to what extent it is you consciously creating a drama, following your HS, your HS behind your back making you create it or a concerted effort of all above to various extents applied to different situations. Where is the purpose and what to do with it? You often act LIKE a HS of sorts through your work. Your site is an illusion, an arena, a tool or sorts to be used; it is still influenced somewhat by the laws of 3D, it USES them as a HS uses the incarnated personality in the vessel.

This present drama of you quitting to use this tool, if I may say, is not much different. So one could ask oneself to what extent you/your HS actually mean it and to what extent it is just your tired to the edge of death vessel screaming to the heavens and waving your hands at the angels? And to what end?

I share your pain. The symptoms somewhat too. I wish to say to you that this tool of yours was of an incredible use to me and I thank you for that. Probably many others feel alike. I completely understand that you may “not be able to” use it anymore and it is your natural right to refuse to use it.

Should your state allow you to do it, however, I would strongly suggest you not to quit. Considering we may have even more ugly time in this repulsive reality on our hands, it would be STUPID to tackle it ill equipped. I am certain that many are now perfectly capable of manning the front lines all on their own, but I for one would welcome the help… so that at least ONE thing in this whole damn universe would finally and actually make this mission EASIER. So this is my humble request to you. Should you be able to fulfill it.

The drama and its elusive ways… I find that when faced with a drama it is important to DISARM it by ruthlessly and mercilessly baring its source, essence, meaning, purpose to the best of the capabilities to understand it. So that its rampaging mean effect that it always unavoidably carries with it is able to REALISE itself, its purpose, lesson, message BUT with a minimal… collateral damage.

Maybe it would be possible to cunningly “together” find such a way to use dramas as stepping stones to ascension, till we are in this prison but attempt to disarm them as soon as possible to the best of the ability and not get CAUGHT up IN them, thus perpetuating the COLLATERAL DAMAGE that is presently sticking a pole up the ass of the whole planet. Naysayers appear to be stimulated in the more perverted, but superficially pleasurable ways.

It will certainly ease the way ahead till we finally get “surprised” since the higher realms obviously just cannot deal with NOT “surprising” everybody. It is certainly not as cool as they think though. Heh.

If we cannot avoid being made to look stupid by the higher realms instead of quitting to play the preposterous and irritating game let us try to adjust to it calmly and efficiently and deal with what we have at our disposal – always with the “critical” eye, always careful, but always willing, not caught up, not negative, with healthy cynicism… with minimum divine anger and waving fists… AS MUCH AS IS POSSIBLE, since as I said for enigmatic reasons, the higher realms like to watch us dance on fire as we seem to jump ever higher then and scream ever louder for everyone to hear and I for one have a busted hip because of all that and it hurts.. like HELL.


Dear Piotr,

heaven likes dramas. Our souls love dramas. This is the main motif to incarnate on this toxic planet. And it does not matter if the drama engenders positive or negative feelings, such as disappointment and depression. Not only the dark archons, but also our souls, feed on our emotions.

The whole ascension process currently is one huge passion drama of cosmic proportions that has been written and rewritten each moment, especially to amuse our higher selves. They live in an eternal bliss and they can create whatever they wish, but when they need true dramas, they have to incarnate on a toxic and dense planet like the earth.

As you have said, one may identify with these dramas or take them for what they really are – illusory shadow skirmishes, but one cannot do without a drama as long as one lives in this holographic model.

I myself don’t mind to have a tidbit of a drama from time to time, but the current incessant delay-drama of ascension does not display a high level of dramatic talent to my taste and I would not mind if it finally comes to an end like a bad sequel, the popularity of which has rapidly dropped among the spectators.


Dear George,

It looks like all failed and faked elections coming together with all the faked and failed electoral promises in all the glaring obviousness. I never said I want to get rid of the drama, just use its energy better in some instances. You mean that if they feed on those emotions EVEN the PAT and the like would be stupid not to put additional rocks under its legs every time to purposefully fall over everything like a mad cow all the much harder, so that they can feed better and denying them that would just hinder the process? Even when the play seems poorly written? Thank god, I do not need to turn my skin black.

The moment you identify it as illusory you are not affected… not in the same way. There always is the mass mind tearing you apart, people surrounding you who do not see the illusion and then you feel their pain also. The pain when you need to be here to watch this unfold. It is usually more tiring to deal with the dramas of others when mine are most of the time obvious to me. Sometimes even… the vessel does not listen and feels the pain when the logical source of it is long gone. Like stage fright. That is largely the mass mind too I think…

I guess I do not need to bother anyway since the date drama will… most probably not occur anymore. I wonder what will come next  since it’s unavoidable, what rock will I hit myself with? The most dangerous thing now is SOMEHOW SURVIVING the next days in the demanding patterns of physicality among all those incredibly stupid people constantly pulling my legs with their ignorance, till I can kiss them goodbye. I am not sure my HS extensively planned for that either…

I really tried to be brief. May your vessel be kind to you George.


Hi, dear Georgi,

I completely agree with your opinion that without collapse of the Orion system there is no progress, because people simply will not get themselves out of the comfort zone. The current status-quo leads to nowhere, but only to further delays. Higher realms must be aware that without a dramatic shift / event on Earth nothing will occur until the end of the next cycle.

We in Croatia in the past 20s years have learnt one thing, and that is that there is no progress without drama (you can see now that comfort zone in Croatia is day-by-day extended, people are sleepy and work without questions). Orion-reptilian empire on the earth has taught in the past thousands of years that one should never exert too strong pressure as to expel the people from the comfort zone, at least not in a high percentage, as to notice this. So they have been testing and reducing the stress a little bit, but eventually implementing the plan over the years, and they have been very successful.

Similar tactics are used by the higher realms with us, the PATers, stretching us to the limit… but, if it no longer works, they must change the tactics, Orions are more malleable than it looks and if you let them, they are a bit quicker and take a position. What the LIGHT failed to accomplish all these years, can not be achieved in a couple of decades, as there is no rescue authorities to save souls!

We were here rolled up to our necks, I have long been aware of what was happening to the Ascension process and sadly, “I am afraid that” we will wait for my birthday in similar circumstances (and my birthday is at the end of March) … Why … I get it? Well, because I suddenly am so burdened with physical work, like my HS want to compensate time with Orion currency.

All in all, No Pasaran, no Surrender, without us, and some similar to us, the whole project would probably have failed and the Earth itself shall be deleted as an experiment. I have deep hope that in HR they have learnt something by now, though stubbornly hold on some principles that obviously on the Earth does not just function like that. No wake-up without a cold shower ….

Love & Light

Hallo George,

I fully concur with your suggestions in your latest message.

I have always said that humanity needs a 3D trigger to awaken, and your ascension and subsequent multidimensional appearance to introduce the New Theory of the Universal Law would be the ideal vehicle for that. Not only that, but we need someone on the other side to see things right, so to avoid any more fuck ups.

As for myself, I am currently managing my niggling physical discomforts, so I can offer to take some of your “load” if need be, given that my vessel is appropriate for that.

I am only a little disheartened by this news of this latest let down by the heavens, however not devastatingly so. I think I had already made piece with this scenario in the aftermath of my aborted ascension on 12/12, after which I felt intuitively that it would be postponed again. What weighs a bit heavy is not that we are still on earth A/B, however that it still includes the earth B candidates.

I am just scratching my head about this statement by AA Michael:

There are those souls who have already sealed their fates on timeline B, and they therefore will begin to experience a degenerative reality that runs concurrently with and is viewable from A/B, but B has no power to effect A/B. “

Yes, but as long as those souls are still in A/B (and not fully transferred to B) and start to degenerate (their reality), how this will not effect us negatively on A/B in any way.

Well George, this is all from me at this time. Oh, and I truly welcome your decision to keep the website going.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

The intellectual level of such channeled statements have long hit the bottom and they are meaningless series of words. Of course we need a total collapse of the current Orion order and the demise of all politicians and ruling elite in finance and economics. As long as this social changes have not been accomplished, the earth B-reality is still omni-present. The other solution would have been to have a clean ID split of the two timelines, but obviously heaven was incompetent to deliver to its promises. So this is a “catch 22” and all excarnated sources are well advised to shut up their mouth or that of their mediums, instead of reiterating such superfluous trash.


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