PAT Comments on the Latest Post – December 2, 2012

Personal Energy Update – Dec 2, 2012

Since November 24 when the threshold for mass ascension was reached, I have been through the most massive descent of source energies into my body I have ever experienced in the last 13 years. This was accompanied by the usual pains and physical suffering as is the case with our LBP for many years. This descent was actually the continuous ascension of myself and the PAT in its unity field, and the portion of ascending humanity wrapped up in the web of light we have created in the last two months. 

This ascension process is like a birthing when the hardest pressing and pains are before the child’s head appears in the birthing channel. After that it is a matter of seconds for the child to pop up through the birthing channel. I remember how my first daughter came out so quickly, like a champagne cork that we almost dropped her on the floor. I hope this will not happen with the ascending Gaia, but definitely with the catastrophic earth B that will be dropped to the lower and denser 3d-dimension, after the light will leave the crust of this debased planet during the final ID split, which will be merely the completion of the ongoing split of the two timelines.

I feel much better today after last evening, in the midst of my pains, I asked all angles and healing forces to help me mitigate my suffering. They did this in the night and today I have risen rejuvenated and bursting of energy. This is how quickly the energetic situation changes now, because our bodies are already immortal – they are already light bodies even though still using the holographic form of a carbon based body – and can recover very quickly. I would have added the word “unfortunately “, as we are no longer able to leave this earth in any other conceivable way before the ascension program of humanity and Gaia is over. But this is irrelevant now as the ascension process is now definitely coming to an end.

December 1, 2012

Hi Georgi!Thank you as always for keeping up with posting on the website.I hope you are doing OK physically, my situation has not changed much so I just gave up. trying to live minute to minute in order to survive all this. I’d concluded there is absolutely nothing to be done to alleviate any of the physical symptoms or tortures except to resign myself to just letting it happen, come what may.I don’t follow any 3D reality that I don’t have to. I have mostly been relying on the updates you post on the website about any 3D issues as being the only ones relevant.

The past few days however, I’ve had the opportunity to follow what Putin has been doing. This was interesting because immediately after I made my current assessments of him, you posted about the flood of people trying to get into RU.

My succinct personal observations of Putin were that his energy has changed dramatically, almost a complete 180 degrees. My extremely limited contact in the past with him has always been the same, just another evil Illuminati reptile puppet, just like all the rest of them. His face reeked of this energy and at times I would swear he was going to shape sift into a lizard in front of my eyes, they same basic energy that the current pope has.

Over the past month and mostly the past few days however, Putin almost looks and ‘feels’ human and happy, maybe even emitting positive energy. The change was so dramatic, I thought I was surely completely wrong in my assessment and I do not trust my observational skills now.

Is this possible Georgi? Have you been working with him energetically like you have in the past?

This is obviously not a critical issue other than my questioning of my own observational skills, but I am very curious about this if you get a chance to answer.

Thanks again for everything you do,

Dear Marco,

I am under one continuous huge cc-wave with unbearable headaches for almost a week. In addition comes my back pain, stomach pains, skin burning etc. and not being able to sleep at night due to powerful  energy crises that knock down my physical body each night. I have had all this in the past, but not in this severity and continuity for such a long period of time. It is a solitary peak. And still I edit this website which is my only effort in these last days. This is the most clear sign that we will soon ascend.

Now to your question about Putin. From my latest dream encounters with him, he appeared to be a highly evolved and enlightened personality, fully dedicated to the light. It could be that he is now a walk-in by a very old soul. This is a common method that is used by the forces of light to exchange key political figures and achieve the maximal result with a minimal effort. Then it is impossible to explain this change in the attitude of Putin solely by his personal evolution, given his past political record.

Therefore my explanation is that he is a recent walk-in and is now waiting for the just moment to enter the scene. This is also the reason why he has cancelled all his meetings with US politicians in the last several months and now appears to be injured, which is camouflage for him to play the role of the puppet master behind the veil.

I have just written a new political article that I will publish today. I have decided to do this more often in the next few days as to broaden the scope somewhat. But also to tease the Internet trolls, who immediately react after such a publication, as if they have been bitten by a tarantella (tarantel) and gone mad. Thus I know that they regularly have to read my website for the blood money the get from the secret services for their dirty job.

Their reactions also reveal to me what news hurts them most. In this way I influence them very effectively in a very subversive, but sovereign manner. They are getting mad at me, but are also very scared at the prospects I paint for their future, as they have already started to believe at the subconscious level  what I am writing. That is why I also write these articles for them, as I consider this to be my last major battle with human darkness that is magnified at the higher levels in a paradigmatic global way and contributes already vastly to its abolition on the earth.

I know this as I have fought many such battles in the past and know how they unfold and what their purpose is. This time it makes a lot of pleasure to me as the dark Internet trolls have nothing to put on the table. They are like chess players who know that they are checkmate and I now only prolong their final defeat by letting them make some obsolete moves that have no influence on the final outcome, which will be terrible for them as we all know. And they know it too, but cannot do anything to avoid it. It is a diabolic game with reversed roles this time.

With love and light
December 1, 2012

Hi George!

Thanks again for your Herculean efforts in kindly responding to all of our e-mails and keeping the site running along with all of us, particularly the way we have all been knocked down, relentlessly I might add. The ringing in my ears today is so intense that it has almost created a deafening effect to the rest of the world, which I have to say isn’t all that bad!

I just wanted to add some information I received last night that answered my own question regarding my continual amazement at how dense humans are –  pun intended. I loved what you said about how you would have to be a dumbed down cretin not to be experiencing the pounding energetic waves that are knocking us down.

I had a hilarious conversation in another dimension with someone who explained to me that absolutely none of us expected things to be so bad here, and that we would be around till the bitter end as they say. I was able to find humor in the fact that the members of the PAT are intelligent beings and that none of us would have agreed to come here if we had known the extent to which the humans species was controlled.  None of us could ever have imagined it. I continually laugh at myself and say “I can’t believe I really agreed to this!.. I thought I was somewhat intelligent!”. .

What this being told me and we agreed with, was that the dark forces did an incredibly brilliant job at programming humans. Their method was impeccable, they managed to control them through every aspect of their existence, so that it is literally impossible for them to exhibit any form of consciousness. It’s just how the program was designed – brilliantly!  What we didn’t understand was how completely effective it was. Our plan to infiltrate from the inside was doomed, our “human” mission was, well, impossible! We couldn’t get through their clever system at all and I will speak from my own experience. I have mentioned this before, but through my intensive efforts to raise the frequency here, I do not know one human that will ascend, so I am batting zero. It appears from what you have said, validates my experience that the numbers are very low.

The good news is that Gaia is ascending, so we have accomplished what we came here for, but what I never imagined was the huge number that the dark side has managed to cultivate for planet B – billions of soulless humans who get to do it all over again.None of us saw that,.so their ingenious programming was hugely successful. I am giving those folks a lot of credit,job well done, so all of that being said. The reason why we are still here to the very end,is because that is just when the program ends. It’s that simple. The feeling of the conversation was of mutual admiration and a sense of satisfaction, things have actually worked out well for everyone.

Hoping you and everyone else out there are getting some relief. How about some satisfaction everyone??

Love and Light
Dear Fiona,.

I fully concur with the content of your conversation with another entity in the higher dimension, however with one caveat.

Only about one to two billion of the currently incarnated souls will continue with their incarnation cycle on the catastrophic earth B. Many more, about four billion will simply die and this will be the acknowledgment that they have not managed to ascend in this incarnation. Then they will reside in Celestria and will incarnate again on earth A, as about 50% of the current incarnated souls have the potential as adult and old souls to continue with their incarnation cycle on a higher dimension.

With love and light
December 1, 2012

Hi George

How are you feeling today? I´m exhausted. No pain, thankfully, but wiped out…

Wanted to report about last night. While I was asleep, I visited Mount Fuji and worked there to create an ascension portal or “Jacob´s Ladder”. What I remember mostly is bathing in a hot/ thermal water with very potent healing properties at the base of this mountain. Before this part of the dream, I had been an administrator of sorts, responsible for the transfer and organization of many files. After working with others to prepare the healing waters, an airplane arrived to take us away.

I feel that an important imprint has been made or connection between me and this mountain and perhaps even it will be the portal through which I´ll help many others ascend.

My experience combines information from the Group of Forty, who had mentioned setting up an ascension ladder above Mt Fuji and the topic of the celestial waters, which has been very prevalent as of late.

I hope you are enjoying your last few days. The weather is crisp and very refreshing up here in Berlin.

Warmest regards,
Dear Debra,

I am under one continuous huge cc-wave with unbearable headaches for almost a week. In addition comes my back pain, stomach pains, skin burning etc. and not being able to sleep at night due to powerful  energy crises that knock down my physical body each night. I have had all this in the past, but not in this severity and continuity for such a long period of time. It is a solitary peak.

Today I feel really ill, although I have no fever but only heat waves. I have never felt really ill in the last years, notwithstanding all the waves. Something huge is in the making and it must come through my field. My back pain was not only from the “Hexenschuß” (witch shot) but has involved the injury of some thoracic nerves as I have now lost my tactile sensitivity of the skin on my left back and even on the breast. There must be a greater injury due to these huge waves  – they  have virtually burnt me inside and outside and I feel like this all the time.

Your dream is very positive and elevating. I have no dreams as of late as my sleep is a roller coaster when I am allowed to sleep.

With love and light
December 2, 2012

Hi George,  Good Morning…

As you know things are changing. I have a couple of really basic questions just out of pure curiosity between you and I. I am guessing you might find humour in this? lol I must admit that kind of do…

1. How do you personally mediate to maximize Love & Light? Any example through a quick guide step-by-step process would be awesome. I would love to know a basic day for you in this regard.

2. What is the best diet to be eating right now? Do you eat meat. I am eating meat and really quite an average diet.

I know you may think I should know the answers to all of this within myself and I feel I do through my own discernment, but I would like to compare what you do to best be align what I feel is right during the month of December leading to ascension.

My answer from my HS is to do what feels right for me and that none of this matters in the GST (Grand Scheme of Things).

Please know I send you love & light with abundant PEACE with a laugh. Thank you as always for your guidance George. Have a beautiful Sunday!

Dear Paul,

I never ponder about love and its expression. When I love something or somebody I do it spontaneously and when I dislike something or somebody  for what ever reasons, I tell this. I never put myself under pressure in this respect as true love is the most natural energy that flows freely through myself or anybody. When it flows without restrictions it is true love, when not, there is always a reason or a personal blockage at the mental or  emotional level.

I use no diet and in my personal opinion as a medical doctor there is no need for any diet. One should watch carefully what the organism craves for and then give it to him as the biological organism with its automatic programme of self-regulation knows much better what it needs, while the human mind  knows nothing, but pretends to have control over all human activities. This is the most succinct definition of the human EGO.

In other words, the use of a strict diet is the most pervasive expression of the Ego who wants to control the organism which is under the surveillance of the soul and thus instinctively also to take control over the soul, which is of course impossible. But this attitude of the Ego is part of the Grand Illusion on this planet.

With love and light
December 2, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I hope you have had a restful night and woken, this morning, feeling as well as humanly possible in the current energetic circumstances.

I continue to avidly read your website updates and to keep one ear to the ground elsewhere, for any additional news, which may resonate with the bigger picture as seen by yourself and the members of the PAT.

I have just come across this article by James Gilliland, the founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). I don’t follow his website (like you, I don’t like the black colour scheme some websites employ) but I have occasionally read his articles on other sites when they are re-blogged. He seems, for the most part, to be one of the more sober contributors to the ascension information highway.

This message is credited to the Sirians, although I have no idea how it was obtained because I don’t ever remember him claiming the ability to channel. Nevertheless, there is some common ground between this Sirian message and some of what you have posted in recent weeks, which may interest you if you haven’t come across it already.

I would particularly draw your attention to the lines,”There will be some who will avoid this scenario altogether due to rising beyond this world. Their bodies will become less dense physically then move beyond this reality”.

You will find this quote about half-way down the article; the context of this reference and its exact meaning will be extremely self-evident to all of your readers!

With much Love and Light, as always,
Dear Henry,

thank you very much for this link. I read this article very carefully and it does not seem to be a channelled message, but a compilation of this person. While he guesses pretty well what will happen this month, it is obvious that he is not personally involved through his LBP in this process and does not fully grasp the energetic imperative behind all these events.

One can read this article as a confirmation that the impulse from the higher realms has begun to work at the collective subconscious level and is now coming high at the level of the daily consciousness of the people. They begin to make forecasts and visions accordingly. He has correctly assumed the magnetic pole reversal, parallel to the ID shift and the rectification of the earth’s axis. But he has not carefully elaborated the fact that this event alone will be sufficient to wipe out several billion human beings along the coastal lines when the deluge will come.

Anyway, he has no idea of the 5d-earth or the balanced earth A/B. This knowledge, defined as the three-earth-scenario by ourselves is only restricted to the PAT and some former members of the CAC such as Joe (anarchistbanjo). I will publish your email today with the link and will advise the people to read it with a grain of salt.

With love and light
December 1, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I’ve just been through the latest article on “the rats are leaving the sinking ship“, with great delight. From these millionaires’ narrow point of view, fleeing the western tax system might seem a logical move, but in their ignorance and panic they fail to realise that this won’t save their overfed fat butts. They may buy themselves some time this way, but nothing more, as it is the ship of this predator-capitalist system that is going under, therefore going one deck higher will not save them from drowning.

Obviously it is not a new and more decent way of living, they seek in Russia If that was their motivation, they could’ve chosen any place on Earth, regardless of the local tax policies. I guess it doesn’t make much sense trying to understand how their deviant minds work. It is certainly not common sense that drives them. I’m glad that we’re bound to leave this obscure reality soon.

On a different note, I have noticed a significant change in my energetic condition recently. I’m still processing pretty serious emotional dross, but the physical aspect is much less pronounced than any time in the past 2-3 years. The technique you’ve taught me recently has been of great support. I hope the 12.12. portal will offer no nasty surprises for us, but judging from past experiences, we may be in for another free ride on the roller coaster.

Yours truly,
Dear Zoltán,

this is exactly the case –  this article simply shows the dilemma of the elite and that they have reached a dead end.

I am still under great energetic pressure and pains and cannot relax. Obviously a lot of dross must be processed through my energy field now. Hopefully for the last time.

With love and light
December 1, 2012

Dear George,

Wave after wave. Definitely in sync with your ‘3 days in a row’. Last night came even more clarity with a huge energy surge through the body. During sleep, I entered the light-body vibration and was having a ‘dream’ sequence, but this has happened before, and with the intensity and realism of the frequency, and the lucidity of consciousness, it should not be called a ‘dream’. In other times, there has been practice with higher-d skills, like telekinesis and levitation. But it hasn’t happened since at least a month or two. Last night, among many other positive experiences I faintly recall, I was experimenting with the visceral experience of moving through different 3D objects with the lightbody. All the sudden I was being pursued by humans who were misunderstanding and terrified. I was in a tall hotel, and emerged through the stairwell door into a hallway. Immediately someone opened another door and threw this frisbee-sized disc robot at me that stuck like a magnet and was meant to electromagnetically (?) seize my vibration and lower me into 3D, so I could be apprehended. I managed to shake it, then felt my last 3D-object pass-throughs as I went upward through the concrete floors to the roof. It was night, and a helicopter was circling to find me. I gave up trying to escape, and the sequence ended. Planet B, or any other alternate reality remotely like it? Never again shall I visit.

In another lightbody ‘non-dream’ sequence, I was on A/B, I suppose, in a kind of hospital awaiting a procedure (??) and trying to track down people I knew from this life. All the sudden ALL of them showed up and were surrounding me with loving and caring energy, and were so pleased to be with me. The sudden activity was overwhelming in a good way.

George, there was so much more to these sequences and experiences of the light-body vibration, but these two minor episodes are all I recall. It would be nice for some standardization of referencing certain experiences, but my approximations will have to do until ascension. What I know for sure is the light-body vibration, and it was also nice to know I would have some kind of trough to the wave last night (the Planet B sequence), because the energy surge was so high, and I couldn’t fall asleep for a while. I also know for certain that my few sojourns into this vibration over the past year +, have accustomed me to existing in that frequency, and I have some great skills on board and ready for my ascension!

I look forward to the 12/10 – 12/12 window and completing altogether. Go PAT!

December 1, 2012

Hello All,

My intuition over the past three weeks strongly suggests that the ascension for our Team will begin on Dec 3rd, and by the 12th all members of the team will have made the ascension, then by the 21st all those others choosing ascension to A and those of the transition to AB will be completed.

I am still hopeful anticipating we as PAT will be able to have some influence of awakening/ preparation on humanity prior to the 21st. I am also okay with everyone being taken totally by surprise by the change on the 21st.

This may be of interest:

Dec 3, 2012 is an 11, nine days later Dec 12, 2012 is an 11 and nine days later Dec 21st is an 11. So I am seeing three gateway days for December 2012 over the span of 18 days.

Yes, I am counting the days. I have so much energy waves daily increasing, no physical symptoms but stresses in relationships among unawakened and some concern about housing situation and finances until my ascension. Housing and finances will be an issue of limitation and discomfort until I ascend, so I am demanding of HS that I ascend ASAP.

Currently and the past two months I have been eliminating lots of water as urine while my physical body is preparing transition to crystalline state.

Last night as a result of the energies of full moon eclipse I had a dream which revealed my lifetime emotional coping pattern of resistance in the sub // unconscious self to life experience. This was the last revelation to self of any patterns which may inhibit expansion to multi-reality consciousness of my light body. It was a pleasant surprise and with gratitude I have cleared last of dross from shadow self.

Wishing everyone all the best and godspeed with strength, fortitude, perseverance, patience and holy humility until your ascension.

See y’all really soon.

Love and peace,
Dear Tim,

thank you very much for your latest predictions. I can only hope that you are right with Dec 3 as I am under one continuous huge cc-wave with unbearable headaches for almost a week…

I see all this as one huge portal and dates do not matter to me any more – the only salvation is indeed our physical ascension. It has also been my intimate desire for us to ascend first and show up in front of humanity even if for a few days and trigger all other cataclysmic events.

With love and light

December 1, 2012

Hello George,

Thank you so much for your two articles, “The Balance Sheet of Ascension” and todays’ “Immortality of the Personality“….  Together these are two articles can help many to consider letting go of the fear of death, those who do not follow your website regularly. I sent these web links with a note to many this afternoon. Most were those who felt bewildered in summarizing PAT philosophy at this late date.

Much Love,
Dear Marilyn,

these articles are the litmus test for all those who have reached full awareness, have overcome all their fears and are ready to ascend. All the others who will not qualify, will be bewildered – this is normal and this is what I expect from them. It is all very predictable, especially in these final days of full transparency.

With love and light

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