The Manuscript of Survival 239 -You Are Already in the Birth Canal to New Earth and Love

December 17, 2012

The times are turning and so too are you, as you are slowly but inexorably being pulled into this vast tunnel of love that is already starting to have its effect on you. For many, this will seem to be a rather painful one, because all of the physical symptoms from this churning and compressing will indeed mask what is happening at your core. But for others, this voice of bliss and joy is already starting to surface somewhat, and it will grow stronger in the days ahead, and you will all start to tune into this jubilant choir that awaits you.

But until then, you best be prepared for more of the physical and indeed sometimes mental ”setbacks”, because this process will only intensify as the hours and days go by now. Not much time left before you enter the crux of this vortex, but before you get there, it will indeed be like you are being in a vice that keeps tightening and tightening around you. Again, we say this not to frighten you in any way, just to prepare you all for rather a rough ride in the days and nights ahead. Remember, this can in many ways be likened to the fetus’ twists and turns down through the birth canal before it enters the world as a newborn baby, surrounded by love and joy. But before it gets there, it too will have to travel through a seemingly dark, scary and uncomfortable stretch that will literally squeeze, push and pull at it with relentless power. So too will you all be reborn into a world of love, light and joy, but remember that these final stages will be amongst the most uncomfortable and at times scary for so many of you.

We say this in order to prepare you, and also to remind you that just as in a birth of a new child, you are heading for something that cannot be described as anything but a revelation, and a joyful one, but again, it will take some hard labour pains indeed to get you there. We say this in order to reassure you all that even if your body will feel like it is being pulled apart or squeezed into an seemingly impossible space, or your mind will run gamut between ecstasy and agony in the days ahead, know that all is well and that this is only a transitional phase. And just like a human child, you have been designed to withstand all of the pressure that you can and will experience inside this ”birth canal”. So know that we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival into the new world on the other side, and we are already celebrating your successful delivery into this world. For we are all your proud and joyous family, ready to welcome you into this world.

So again we repeat the same message of staying centered, and above all, stay connected not only to your true source, but also to all of those other beautiful souls traveling down this same birth canal. For you are all moving forwards, even if it will at times seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We know you will make it dear ones, and we know that these days will go down in your history books as the rebirthing of the new. So take a deep breath, and get ready to be pushed and pulled forwards towards the end of this intense journey. We are already holding out our hands, ready to lift you up to the light in celebration.

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