The US Choice – Plunging off the Ascension Cliff or the Fiscal Cliff

by Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2012

The USA are now between a rock and a hard place. For those who are experts in Greek mythology, this bankrupt “colossus on clay feet” (a bestseller on the USA by the famous German journalist Peter Sholl-Latour) is currently facing a choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

Hardly a choice! The outcome is preordained and it will be the sudden collapse of the most vicious empire in modern times, with or without a deluge due to the magnetic pole reversal. The current bickering or rather suicidal balancing of the Senate on the edge of the fiscal cliff is the last act in this illusory comedia dell’arte that will very soon turn into a full-fledged Greek tragedy for the main dark protagonists on this planet. 

The weakness of the former world power is palpable everywhere – in the UN, where the General Assembly has just granted Palestine a non-member observer State status  against the No-votes of the isolated USA and Israel, to the recent coquetterie of the US foreign secretary Hillary Clinton with Iran after the dark Obama administration failed to blackmail this country in the last four years and let it surrender to the sinister plans of the US elite to take control over the huge inter-dimensional portal on its ancient territory, which will play a vital role in the ascension of Gaia and humanity this month.

After a decade of threats and stalemates with Iran over its nuclear program, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that the U.S. is ready to open door to diplomacy, if Teheran can prove that it is not a threat. Good Morning America! What motivates this significant overture all of a sudden? Why this unexpected love of the new Hillary clone for true diplomacy? Are Obama and the US-elite afraid of what is coming soon?

You can bet on this! He and his government are like “paralysed rabbits in front of a cobra”,  to use a popular German saying, and are totally scared by the inevitability of the ID split and the irreversible collapse of the old order that will bury the dark political elite and its minions in the secret services under its shambles.

These are some of the many significant symptoms of the impending collapse of this already ruined country and the number of new symptoms and prodromi of its weakness will skyrocket in the coming days.

It is true that we have waited to the very end for these sweeping events, but as one source from the higher dimensions explains, this has been for good reasons:

“The times are changing on your world and the power is shifting back into the hands of the Light and, while the cabals on your world have had their day in the sun, recent events that have manifested and will continue to manifest on your world are truly displaying that the road for change is being paved marvelously and with much more of a grace and ease than many would expect, because of the waiting time involved in enacting such changes.

The Light has been working steadily and slowly, but quite surely, and the manner we have worked on the projects we are to bring forth for your world in the time ahead is one that builds up steadily and powerfully and when this building-up finally reveals itself to you and your world, the rapid progression of so very many Lighted events will leave your heads and hearts spinning and you will perform so much work in such a small amount of what you would perceive as time.

This has always been our assessment, and I congratulate all members of the PAT for their faith and endurance to the very last minute. Every single “jota” of what Heaven has decided for this planet will be fulfilled in these End Times. And the time of fulfillment has already commenced.

What is the biggest mental mistake, which most incarnated human beings are committing in respect to the auspicious date Dec 21, 2012? Human mind operates in a linear manner in order to perceive the 3d-illusion of linear time and separate the real “Now” in past, presence and future. A major default of this thinking is to extrapolate this linear process of events as they seemingly unfold from the past into an unknown future.

If one founds his predictions on the current End Time scenario on what has happened in the course of this year or the last several years, then, indeed, one may believe that the merry-go-round of this debased human life will go on and on for ever. This is the chief fallacy of all forecasts of the establishment as published in their controlled mass media – be they NASA, economic “wise” men or insane politicians.

However energy = space-time is a non-linear entity and is subjected to singularities. A singularity is a sudden major event that offsets the course of all past events all of a sudden and changes their direction in an unpredictable manner. The evolutionary leap of mankind, which I predicted 12 years ago in my first gnostic book, will be triggered by the ID split and ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th and higher dimensions at the latest on Dec 21, 2012. This is now the leitmotif of all channeling messages, which I need not quote at this place as you all read them more or less. This single event will offset the whole history of humanity and will heave it to a new dimension.

What the  dumbed down human masses and the likely dumbed down elite, even against the better knowledge of the latter, have failed to comprehend so far, is that the singularity of ascension is not a “fata morgana” that appears out of nowhere, but is a prolonged, continuous and a very painful event for its main protagonists, the PAT, and many other star seeds that actually commenced with the appearance of our predecessor Apollonius of Tyana two thousand years ago.

His mission was to prepare the people in the Antiquity for a partial ascension, but his plan was offset by the PTB. Had he been more successful with his mission, humanity would not have gone through the dreadful Dark Ages of 1000 years and emerged so degraded in the last 20th century prior to mass ascension. But this is another story line I would rather not discuss for the moment.

The Dark Ages were only possible because the PTB managed to forge the mission of Apollonius of Tyana and establish the biggest fraud on the earth – the myth of Jesus Christ and the introduction of the most insidious mass religion that has ever existed on this planet – Christianity. This highly militant religion was in the core of most wars in the last two thousand years, as it shaped decisively the collective mind-set of the most reckless civilisation on this planet – the current Western civilisation that emerged from the ruins of the decaying, corrupt and extremely violent Roman Empire.

Now all these past trends will be abolished within the blink of an eye as our PAT member Elizabeth has channeled in her last message:

There will be much change upon the face of the Earth; indeed, many of you are calling out and praying for such change to occur yesterday. We commiserate with you; however, allow the adjustments to flow naturally. We assure you that they will proceed at a pace that will astound and delight even the most cynical among you.

What will change? First and foremost, humanity will move from greed, disease and fear to a constant state of harmony, peace and happiness. In and of itself, this is an exceedingly large step for an entire planet to undergo. As a result, all wars and conflict will disappear. Peace will “break” out and former enemies will finally recognize their mutual humanity. Many will extend their talents and skills to clean up the remnants of a corporate world gone amok, where the selfish interests of a powerful few outweighed the considerations of billions of their fellow people. No longer will the powerful and arrogant run the world; it will be truly inherited by the “meek” who are not meek at all, but in reality powerful light beings in physical bodies.

For too long, the religions of the world have sought to control humanity by driving a wedge of fear between humans and the planet, their Mother Earth, Gaia. The dream of going to heaven or paradise or just dying to escape the daily onslaught of pain while locked in the 3D fear matrix was enough to inspire many people to listen to their ministers, rabbis, gurus and others to strive to leave physicality and leave it all behind. There was a reason for this madness, one that your erstwhile mentors did not trust you to know; physicality is the key to soul growth and development. To enter into the school room of Earth is a highly coveted position, even in the darkest moments of the last hours of the departing Dark Age or Kali Yoga (Black Age in Sanskrit).”

Therefore I personally believe that the current political drama at the Capitol in Washington D.C. around the fiscal cliff will be the best indicator for the exponentially growing angst of the US-political elite and its inability to solve a single problem, knowing deep in their closed for love hearts that they are condemned to die this month or stay on a catastrophic earth B. On this timeline, which their secret computers for remote viewing are spitting out as their dire destiny all the time, the financial plight of the USA will be the least problem and their naked survival the biggest one. It is highly unlikely that after the ID split and the deluge from the magnetic pole reversal this country will continue to exist as a functional entity.

But by then we will enjoy our multi-dimensional life in the higher dimensions as many of your dreams published on this website have already anticipated.

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