The American Sociopathocracy

by Jack D. Douglas, December 3, 2012

We have known since the ancient world that all great power drives human beings insane with hubris so that they are blinded to the dangers their powers produce and to the total moral blindness that engulfs their minds and hearts – sociopathy.

The ancient Greeks thought of this catastrophic madness overwhelmingly in terms of political and military power because hubris is most obvious in those realms and has always led quickly to the destruction of those blinded by it and their armies and states, if the people do not first overthrow the blinded sociopaths.

But vast power is also bestowed by vast wealth, fame, and sexual prowess and these also trigger soaring hubris and its blindness and sociopathy.

In America we see all of these sources of hubris at the extreme in the first truly global empire, in the world-destroying nuclear and bio-chemical weapons, in the vast concentrations of wealth at the top, in the vast fame of the global media, and in the sexual revolution and all the drug and beauty industries supporting it.

Hubris engulfed the Church as its vast powers and wealth grew over the centuries. But all concentrations of power, wealth, fame and sexual prowess were small and local compared to the explosion of all of these at the top of the U.S, global empire in this past century.

And, of course, hubris has totally engulfed everyone at the top of the immense U.S. system. Our rulers are so totally blinded by hubris that they cannot even see the obvious fact that America has become a travesty of the original land of Constitutional freedoms and the land of the brave defending those. The shining city on a hill that inspired the world with hope has become a vast, totalitarian police state and murderous empire loathed by all of mankind except other sociopaths wanting to share in the immense plunder and power and by those too ignorant to see that the once shining city has become a terrible black hole of debts and atrocities.

Hubris engulfed not only the political and military rulers, but also the big corp. rulers and even big science in the past 65 years as the “famous scientists” became the high priests of government weapons industries and the absolutist proclaimers of media truth. The Los Alamos scientists fought against this sociopathic “science” at first, but they died away or joined the political empire and went on to help produce more world-destroying weapons, such as hydrogen bombs and bio-chemical dooms-day poisons, viruses and bacteria.

Now the big bio-scientists are powerful, famous, rich and the absolutist proclaimers of truth, so they are engulfed by hubris and sociopathic blindness to their dangers to mankind. They cannot see that they have become Frankenstein pseudo-scientists and death.

No human society can survive long when ruled by totally blinded sociopaths. They quickly destroy themselves, as we older people have seen over and over again in our own lives if we have closely studied what has been happening around the world. The Soviet Sociopathocracy lasted only one long lifetime and then destroyed itself, imploding from the inside. The Nazi Sociopathocracy grew into a totally blinded empire far faster than the Soviets and lasted only about fourteen years. The American Sociopathocracy grew slowly for most of the last century and then began soaring from the victories of WWII. It took many more decades for the rulers at the top to get total control of our society. They have had that total control for only the past few decades. They are now destroying themselves and their vast, totalitarian system at a soaring rate. Their immense black hole of bad debts alone is swallowing up America at the rate of many trillions more in bad debt every year, much of it hidden by the sociopathic lies broadcast by the sociopathic Republicrat media to the American slaves.

December 3, 2012

Jack D. Douglas is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.


Dear Professor Jack D. Douglas,

I like your article

The American Sociopathocracy

very much and I have published it on our website

which is read by more than 4000 people daily (58.000th place in the USA and 190.000th worldwide) and thus represents a remarkable result for a single, private European website editor.

I can assure you that the American nation consists to a large extent of sociopaths as I am attacked by Internet trolls paid by the US-secret services on a daily basis (more than 10 emails each day) of the most debased art and full of unmotivated hatred only because the esoteric views presented on our website seem to be disliked and/or feared by the same dark circles on power in the USA that you define as sociopaths.

This is also my professional diagnosis as medical doctor long time ago. Personal experience precedes theoretical knowledge, although in science it should be the other way round, as I have proven by the discovery of the Universal Law of Nature and the establishment of the General Theory of Science (15 books as pdf for free available on my website).

There are good reasons why the US sociopathocracy lives in a dreadful fear. They know that by Dec 21 they will lose all their power by divine intervention and will either die this month or remain on a catastrophic earth and experience hell. Contrary to the average American citizen, now matter how educated, the secret services of these US-sociopaths have intimate knowledge about this inevitable catastrophic end in the year 2012 since the end of WW2 and have been preparing like crazy (because they are crazy) for this doomsday since then.

With best personal wishes

Dr. med Georgi Stankov

Munich, Germany


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