What Comes After 12.12.12 – Message From the Elohims

by Carla Thompson, December 13, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have just now gotten home after being away for a few days. I was expecting to be able to get to you sooner but I am sorry, with unexpected cc waves I was not able to drive home as anticipated.  

There was a lot of information coming in to me today from the higher realms. The incoming light was extremely intense as the portal opened and hit my third eye with a bright ice-blue colour. In fact last night, 11.12.12, there were many blue star-like spots in my visual field, similar to fireworks. The sky was incredibly beautiful, with blue colours that I have never before seen.

I feel that, while the energy is strong today, it is actually also soothing in a way tonight. I have been extremely dehydrated with no desire to eat for 3 days.

I have sensed the presence of many, many Beings here with us expressing their growing anticipation and excitement over this event.

I am intrigued by the fact that you saw a unicorn in a meditative state today. I also saw a unicorn, in a dream state, just last week. I understand that the unicorn requires a high vibrating dimension in order to survive – Fifth dimensional vibration to my recollection.  My impression from the dream was that they are returning to Earth very shortly.

Again, I am sorry for the delay in getting this to you Georgi.

Now to the message from the Elohim. I had difficulty with some of the concepts, so please feel free to expand on their message where I wasn’t able.

Much love,


Greetings!  We are the Elohim.

Today 12.12.12 is a day full of utter joy and ecstasy as the Ascension process moves forward with the opening of today’s most significant portal. The crystalline blue waters that you see everywhere in all fields of view are indeed flooding the second through fifth dimensions in order to purify all that stands before GodThere are no more battles to be fought – the focus now first and foremost is on one of purification. As each dimension is purified, completion is realized. With full completion through purification, each level then back fills the next. The second dimension fully purified, then complete, supports the third dimension, supports the fourth and then the fifth.The co-ordination of this event is succinct and moving rapidly at this time.

The crystalline light flows through all grids completely in this moment. The light of which we speak is complete with symbols/ mathematical formulations/harmonics required by all of Earth’s Beings. These symbols are required for their purification to completion. Each form rises to it’s own level of completion through Soul direction. This is how the DNA Grid is upgraded in each form. The PAT group provides the energetic stability/force throughout the entire duration of this process.

The Ascension process has begun gently, for now. As the members of your group are vibrating at a higher/faster rate than most others, you are also affected easily and profoundly by the increasing frequencies now flooding your planet. As a result of an increase in light quotients  among members of the PAT group, a significant magnetic pull on Earth and her life forms has already been created (leading to magnetic pole reversal). As the purification/lightening continues, a quantum momentum shall grow exponentially until all humanity achieves what the soul has identified as the final resting dimension.

The creation of timelines departs from this juncture. Those whose vibratory levels are of a lower, slower nature are falling away from the rising consciousness in all things, all forms.  Soon the spread will be so great that neither shall see the other. Those of the 5th dimensional timeline shall move quickly through this phase and pull others, and Gaia, through the wormhole and act as a guide wire for those whose souls wish to guide them into the fifth dimension.

When the great shift/re-alignment and purification of this phase is complete (present to December 30th), all forms shall have chosen their path through soul guidance. As said clearly before, each is on their own path, their own life. No assessment is required.

We honour you deeply in this moment.


Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this succinct message from the Elohims. Obviously we are now repeating the same procedure as the one when we built the rainbow bridge through the dimensions this summer, this time with the crystalline celestial waters, which many of us see and have discussed on this website. As usually the unity field of the PAT is again the nexus to the source and the stabilizer of these energies.

I can also confirm that as soon as I close my eyes, I begin to see pages of written text in Latin, Cyrillic language and even hieroglyphs and mathematical equations that run down in front of my inner eye, and even when I open my eyes. This optical phenomenon is rather old, but its intensity has increased dramatically in the last weeks.

The elohims are talking about the ID spilt as a gradual process until it reaches the tipping point and all 3-entities such as Internet trolls will simply disappear from our sight or we from their low vibrational catastrophic reality. This is nothing new to us and we have been expecting this event since 11.11.11.

What I miss in this message is any inkling as to when we will be released from our duties as stabilizers and conduits of these huge source energies and will finally ascend. This issue is of greatest interest to the PAT, the description of the underlying processes are also important, but they obviously follow the same pattern we have had many times in the past.

The statement “the Ascension process has begun gently, for now” does not bring much confidence in our tired hearts and minds. Why can’t they accelerate the process – we are now in the absolute final days and have had so many delays in the past? This reminds me in a pertinent manner of a famous Turkish saying which symbolizes the Oriental way of lazy life “jawash, jawash” (slowly, slowly).

Why can’t they force the course of the events by letting us ascend first and show up in front of the masses, thus confronting them with the true reality of All-That-Is and making an end to this holographic illusion. If we are here only to change the mind programs of the masses and not to save them, as Dorie’s HS recently correctly observed, how could these programs be changed with the usual slow pace of transformation as observed in the past in order to be fully eliminated before the final ID split and mass ascension. These programs are incompatible with the 5th dimension and must be first deleted. They can only be deleted with a shock therapy and not by pampering the masses and the light worker community with fluffy, soothing statements.

I do not say that at the end it will not occur as the elohims are telling us, however this ascension story is anything but a glorious affair for the higher realms – be they GF, angels or elohims.

With love and light
Email on My Meditation Vision of an Unicorn

December 12.2012

Dear Joe,

after I had answered your email, I had a short meditation and had a very powerful vision of an unicorn – a white stallion with a corn, which was actually a beam of intensive light coming from his forehead and reaching the sky.

The symbolism of unicorn  is given here (Christ transformation, purity = symbol of Mary, higher dimensions, etc):


Can you please distribute this email.

December 13. 2012

Below you can find my interpretation of the current situation to a question from Sarah before I received Carla’s message from the Elohims:

Dear Sarah,

my feeling is that we will stay some more days on the ground as yesterday my energy was very calm and not conducive for personal ascension. This may change all of a sudden, but the preference of the higher realms is to awaken as many people as possible at the level of their souls through us as conduits of the current source energies and not scare their dumbed down egos by our appearance as ascended masters.

These are the two schools of heavenly strategy how to ascend humanity:

1) to keep them dumbed down at the ego level and transform them peacefully and effectively at the energetic level of their HS or

2) to shock their ego/middle selves by exposing them to the truth, e.g. by letting us show up as ascended masters and turn around the course of the events.

Obviously the higher realms have voted for the first alternative and have thus postponed our ascension to the very last moment. I personally disagree with this strategy, but the higher realms are better in gauging the response of the masses and they believe that the second approach will only trigger their fears and will be detrimental to the overall ascension process.
This is the dilemma in which we are trapped this whole last year. It has nothing to do with us, as we have ascended long time ago. But also it has everything to do with us, as without our mission on the ground nothing will move forwards. So we are hostages in a  double sense:

1) We are hostages to the slumbering masses, to which we have dedicated our lives in order to save theirs


2) We are hostages to our success that creates a greater demand for more success on the part of Heaven. This is the classical “catch 22” and the only solution is the divine deadline at 12.21 or several days earlier for us.

With love and light

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