The Pathological Psychology of the Internet Troll

by Marco DeiM and Georgi Stankov, November 20, 2012

Hi Georgi;

Thanks for posting again today, it’s the only thing that’s keeping everyone relatively sane, quite literally. I’m just sharing thoughts as we always do and hope there is no energetic attachment or sense of obligation that you ‘must’ continue posting for us. I’m always so grateful that you think of all of us first and continue to publish as I sense your feeling of responsibility in that regard. I also wish I could help you more as I’m very good in the technical aspects, but sorely lacking when it comes to organizing or contributing in some skillful and elegant literary fashion.

The selections of today’s (19 Nov, Part II) emails and discussions was quite interesting. The email from Arnaldo of Portugal was particularly interesting since the content and message he was conveying is how I assume we all feel about you, we’re just not so exuberant and excited and most of us don’t usually express ourselves in the way he did. I seem to be able to discern information instantly from most things like people and written information and somehow Arnaldo’s email seemed coded or presented in an activating kind of way, and I’m not talking about all his CAPITAL letters, LOL. The wording and intention seemed to have more power behind it, not just thoughts on paper. It was all very positive and at the same time very interesting as its still in my mind now.

Likewise, the email from the troll was also extremely interesting since it was so targeted. You’ve said you get lots of those types of emails, but I assume you posted this particular one since it also had some sort of energetic attachment to the words, obviously extremely negative and carried no weight as your simple opening, reading posting it instantly negated that. But it struck me that this particular troll was so very very angry that they knew that they would not be making the cut for ascension and was acting out in an infantile attempt to unbalance you.

It’s all sad really, whether it was a random angry troll or a paid CIA disinformation troll, they knew at every level that they had no possibility to ascend this time around and truly do represent the scum of humanity as even the troll proudly reaffirmed in his signature.

Brilliant of you to post them together like that, I totally suck at any word based presentations or ‘literary’ endeavours, so hats off again to you again! Maybe you can start the ‘Stankology’ school for all of us to learn your techniques and secrets, I must reserve a place next to the above mentioned troll, as they are sure to be first to sign up for classes and most assuredly are the one that needs those lessons most.

Anyway, the 3 links below: the back story is incredibly involved so I won’t bore you with that, they are 3 clips from a scifi TV series in the 90’s that I wish I could have seen called EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. The clips total about 20 minutes or so hopefully you might try to distract yourself for a few minutes and are ‘allowed’ by the YouTube people to watch them there in the DE. The show is about an ‘alien’ race of light beings in light ships that supposedly comes to earth to ‘help’ us, but of course they have a different agenda.

The show ran for 5 years or so so the story line and plots are incredibly complex but the other thing is that it was written by Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel, who also stared in the show. While this is a bit of interesting trivia, the Roddenberry’s seemed to have been well informed about the subject matter and at least in the episodes I’ve seen so far, it seems like they were trying to present fact, not fiction. In this episode a human doctor geneticist, introduces the DNA of many non-human races into her body which transforms her, with much pain, into a god like creator being.

I’m just setting this up to help you decide whether or not you want to watch the clips, but even if you did, it like maximum 20 minutes of total time.


My best always,

Dear Marco,

I did not intend to publish the email from Arnaldo at first as it was too much of a praise for me and I do not like this. But then I received this email, which is by the way the most harmless of all emails I normally receive from these rats. They can be rather nasty in their all-encompassing hatred towards humanity. They know that are done and will die this year and these are their mortal convulsions.

This agent provocateur(s) has somehow deciphered my email address, as I told you already, and is now writing regularly to me with my own email address. This is annoying insofar as I cannot respond to him, but only to myself. Therefore, the only way to give him an answer is through this website.

I immediately saw the possibility to put Arnaldo’s email as a response to his naive, nasty email. I had already prepared my report and had to add these two emails at the end in the very last minute before publication. The signature below the email of this moron of an Internet troll is from myself and not from him, this you can figure out. But this is the only way to show this oligophren what I think of him.

Now if he sends me such emails in the future, he will always run the risk that I will publish them with similar despicable signatures in his name. Thus his nastiness and hatred will hit him back all the time and he may eventually decide not to write to me anymore, if his IQ is a little bit higher than that of a clinically diagnosed cretin, which I strongly doubt. This was my calculation when I decided to publish this email full of unmotivated hatred.

By the way this person is so stupid that he has not realised yet that I do not live in the USA, but in Germany as he (and some more Internet trolls) wants to extradite me all the time to Bulgaria, which is, by the way, a much more free and liberal country with a functional democracy than the USA. For instance in the last four elections each time a completely new party, founded between the elections, won them. This political flexibility of the Bulgarian people is unique in all European democracies, where most of the ruling parties now were found after WW2. In the USA you have the same two Orion whores as faked parties, which fuck the American people alternating from front and back since the foundation of this country.

But these cretins in the US-secret services have absolutely no idea of history and politics. Otherwise they will not be employed in these services. This is what will make this bankrupt country crumble in the next days.

Idiots can not hold on power. Until now they were minions who received orders from the dark archons. Now that we, the PAT, have purged these dark entities from the astral planes, their human slaves are without their masters and believe in their stupidity that the more ugly they behave, the longer they will stay on power. It fact it is exactly the other way round according to heavenly dialectics.

I will have a look at these videos you have recommended to me later on. It is however obvious that the elite knew in advance what is coming – ascension – and that they will not prevent it. Even worse, they will not be part of this grand event, but are doomed to stay on a catastrophic earth B and experience hell. This is what I stress in my latest publications, knowing that the rats in the dark US-secret services are diligently reading my website and that this makes them dread their future even more.

Each time I announce some negative forecasts as recently with the four billion people dying in December, which is the most likely outcome now as my HS confirms, there is a peak of nasty emails from these agents provocateur.

They must be so deeply obsessed with reading my website, even if they do not understand it at all, as one can easily conclude from their angry infantile comments of fearful children, as if they are watching a horror picture show, where they are playing the role of the main protagonist as a victim. And this is exactly the case.

These pitiful creatures believe that when they deposit their deep seated existential fears in my email box that they will be somehow recycled and that they will be relieved from their painful angst that martyrs them all the time. In fact, it is the other way round as we all know.

As I am telepathically in contact with them as a supervisor of their unripe, dark souls, I sense their pain and desperation. They wish indeed that I were wrong. For this purpose they project all kinds of dreadful scenarios that will soon hit them onto myself as if I were a waste basket for the fearful trash which their pathological minds produce tons-wise each day. Thus they hope to evade their dreadful destiny and survive the End Times somehow, especially now when the bells ring twelve.

They seem to be so relieved when there is another delay in our ascension, which will also be  their end, that they think that when they rejoice about this that they will somehow save their petty, worthless lives. Unfortunately, their souls tell them a different, much more sinister story and they are now running amok.

I personally enjoy this game very much, as I know that they have already lost the battle. I do not invest any emotions in this marginal skirmish and feel a lot of compassion for these lost souls. I try to help them by presenting them a mirror image of their ugly face. This is the only way how karma operates and yields positive results. Unfortunately they do not know this yet and only deepen their karmic debt, while still indulging in dark deeds, thus perpetuating their hell.

The most stupid mistake they commit in this illusory game they have already lost is that they are unable to grasp the elementary fact that I have deleted all my fears in the course of my LBP many years ago and that they have no chance to reach me emotionally with their naive menaces. They do not comprehend that we all are Christ protected and that it is them that will be very soon exposed to “Heaven’s wrath”, while dying in the coming natural catastrophes.

Ultimately, this is the destiny their rudimentary souls have chosen for their current incarnation and there is nothing we can do for this poor creatures.

This is just as a background information for you, but when I will publish this email exchange, they will have to read it as this is their job, for which they are paid with blood money by their dark masters, and this will make them even more mad.

With love and light


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