The Likely Outcome of the US-Elections

by Georgi Stankov, November 6, 2012

The likely outcome of the US-elections will be a total mess at the polling stations and this will lead to the inability of the American political system to elect a new president. There will be a widespread fraud, ineligible ballots, voters who will not have any access to the polling stations, massive intimidation of voters by legions of alleged GOP observers, who have been trained to mire the voters with false interpretations of the voting laws in the USA, e.g. by distributing false information that one needs an ID card with a photo to vote, which is an absolute fraud, etc.. 

The mass media are full of these stories that are now looming high in the course of the preliminary voting. In addition comes the material havoc´in the East Coast states, which are unable to provide shelter for the people, fuel to heat their homes, restore the impaired electricity grids or even remove the numerous boots and yachts from the yards or on top of many coastline houses at a time when a second cold storm is about to ravage these states one more time. The pictures of this devastation on the Internet are more vocal than thousand affirmations by the incumbent president that the government has everything under control. In fact they do not even control their own electoral fraud.

It is known since many years that the voting machines that are used in US elections and the companies that produce and run them are under the full control of the dark US-cabal which is not identical with the US-government, although the latter is a proxy and a minion of them. Recently it has become known that the candidate Romney is financially embroiled with these companies, responsible for the voting machines. The results from these elections are already rigged before they have been announced.

Although the USA lived through the biggest electoral scam in the whole history of Western democracy when in 2000 about 240 faked ballots were sufficient in Florida for G. Bush to steal the presidency from Al Gore, after more than 8000 ballots, predominantly from black voters, were declared ineligible by his brother Jeff Bush, who was governor of Florida at that time. In 2000 Al Gore won over G. Bush with a popular vote of more than 1.5 million ballots. So much about the fairness of the US-elections.

This past electoral scam in Florida was carefully orchestrated by the dark American cabal to camouflage a much bigger fraud in the central battleground states. However it was peanuts compared to the scam that they intend to unfold today and in the aftermath of these last elections in the history of this country. One has only to read the warning news and listen to the numerous worried voices not only in the alternative media, but also in the cabal mass media to have a faint idea of the total political mess towards which this financially and economically ruined country is heading to.

The difference to the 2000 elections is that now neither of the two parties is willing to accept the official result as was the case with Al Gore, who suddenly and without any resistance whatsoever surprised his own party and admitted his defeat after being massively threatened by the dark cabal to be killed at that time. If they can threaten a small esoteric website editor like myself of being killed by Internet trolls who are paid by the dark secret US-services, how much more dangerously must a politician live in the USA, which is the epitome of a rogue democracy based on key political murders.

Expect no clear results from these elections, but an ongoing gridlock of the political life in the USA caused by severe legal battles and other nasty skirmishes between the two extremely polarised parties. This is a planned outcome on both sides – by the dark human minions, who are now operating without their masterminds, the Orion archons from the astral plane, and are thus acting as enhanced madmen, ravaged by their demons, and the forces of light, who are preparing a controlled demolition of the human Orion matrix  after the archons have been extradited with he help of the PAT from the atmosphere of the earth. The outcome of these elections – the inability of the US-political system to render an eligible new president – will be the first significant manifestation of the imminent collapse of the old Orion order that will be followed by an economic and financial crash very soon.

In this respect, these elections will still have a function to fulfil, namely to unleash the  abolition of all 3d-illusions  – first in the biggest citadel of the dark human cabal and then very quickly the world over.

This political event will be accompanied by a plethora of other events of cosmic origin and proportions, which we have extensively discussed on this website and need not be repeated one more time at this place. Let me quote instead the latest message on GaiaPortal published on this election day that sums up the coming dramatic developments:

“Releasing of outdated grids is near completion. Shadow paradigms are untenable in the current energetic environment. Furtherance of shadow grids is not possible. All have been rejected by conscious humanity, which has empowered Gaia to release these old paradigm continuance patterns. All will complete shortly.

Further upgrades to Gaia energetic structures continue, yet will accelerate in short order.”

Apply this message to the outcome of the current elections and you will know what to expect in the coming days.

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