The Gods Must Be Crazy! Reflections on Religions, Science and Us as Ascended Masters

By Alex Golowyn and Georgi Stankov, November 13, 2012

Hi George

I just wanted to say thank you for nipping the artificial religious scenario in the bud and making us aware of how Dorie’s HS threw us a hint at what was being considered. The movie title “The Gods Must Be Crazy” comes to mind when I think on the proposed scenario. Do they really want to win the battle by perpetuating the lies?

I can fully understand why this scenario was on the table. To maximise the harvest.

It still follows the law of energy optimisation, utilising the distorted beliefs of the masses and turning the conditioning of the dark against them. That is fine, but what would it have achieved? A continued sentence for the PAT on Earth A/B dressing up as the usual suspects (I suppose we could take turns – “you can be Jesus today George”, “shit not again, they still tried to crucify me last time”). No real enlightenment or evolution for humanity. 3D thought forms and beliefs existing in 4D. More re-educating in the future with the same issue not resolved. Not really a win.

I’m not really in the mood for playing dress-ups with the masses after revelations, where pedophilia will just seem like a misdemeanour compared to the full scope of crimes perpetrated by the former ruling elite.

To end on a different note, I would like to quote the recent message you posted from Albert Einstein that I feel is one of the most important realisations for anyone on their path of personal evolution.

They must follow the rules of selfless service by serving themselves first.”

I would say very few people have understood and live by this rule. Only those few people would know how difficult it is to try to live by this rule in this dualistic reality, judged by superficial unreflected and unquestioned morals. It is one of the biggest forms of sacrifice one can make, that will not be acknowledged and will be frowned upon. Your reward will be to be seen as selfish, lazy and depressed, among other things, even though it is a constant battle against the conditioning!

It was my duty recently to start doing something that makes me truly happy, which I have denied myself in the past. Something that makes me smile on the inside and in turn helps me be in a better state to serve. Again something that is seen in an opposite light by those who don’t yet understand.

Almost there George!
Warm regards
Alex, Australia

Dear Alex,

you have addressed the two major areas of gnostic evolution that will determine to a large extent the thinking and behaviour of the ascended humanity in the next decades in the 5th dimension:

1) How to overcome the religious thought patterns and substitute them with true spiritual knowledge coming directly from the soul, and

2) How to forge your personal evolution based on selfless principles, i.e, how to achieve the optimal individual evolution, so that it will be at the same time of utmost benefit to the whole society / human civilisation. This is the high school of implementing the law of energy optimization at the societal level. The correct solution of this optimization task will determine the future of humanity as a transgalactic civilisation

I must admit reluctantly that humanity has not even started to ponder on these issues and that is why I am very glad that you have raised them now.

The suggestion of Dorie’s HS to develop in our imagination new religious scripts after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity was indeed a very treacherous test. How could one possibly develop different scenarios to fit in the five conflicting world religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Chinese Universalism (Taoism, Confucianism, etc.) without being embroiled in the numerous blunders, deliberate falsifications of the Orion PTB and still existing, extremely violent   political conflicts, which have nothing to do with true gnostic knowledge that we will exemplify as first ascended human masters.

The emanation of love from our aura, while we will shine as “thousand suns” in our crystalline bodies, will be merely the energetic medium that will help us transport this knowledge to humanity.

Every knowledgeable person in human religions on this planet must know perfectly well that any involvement in the current outdated world religions would be tantamount to the opening of the proverbial Pandora box with all human evils. This would not have been even any solution of the current indoctrination of the believers’ masses, but a further heating of the most dark human thought and behaviour patterns of mankind that must be deleted in the course of this year before mass ascension can occur. When I read this proposal, the red lamps of alarm began to blink with full force in my mind.

There is absolutely no theoretical and practical possibility to reconcile the five world religions and their numerous sects and branches, which are a mere manifestation of the perennial compartmentalisation of human minds under the dumbing-down machine of enslavement of the Orion Empire. The only viable solution is their complete elimination.

This however does not mean to combat these religions from a human, dualistic point of view, but to simply shine the light of the Source as ascended masters and represent the idea of GOD that has been hijacked, twisted, and  heinously compromised by all Orion religions. This demonstration of pure light will be so strong that it will either fully convince the mired believers or will blind them in a most dramatic manner for a while, as was the case with the Christian persecutor Saul on his way to Damascus before he became Paul. This example is for those who may still believe in the New Testament, written by the Reptilian Piso brothers and sisters. This “holy” book is in fact a most outrageous fraud of the divine mission of Apollonius of Tyana on this planet.

In other words, none of the believers will ever reach Damascus, and the New Jerusalem they so dearly await in their rotten Advent Church will remain a Chimera for the rest of their lives.

I have studied the five world religions in depth and have discussed them in some detail in my gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” in the final chapter. Of course I could have said much more on this controversial topic. Suffice to say that none of these religious teachings is able to grasp the divine essence of All-That-Is as this has been paradigmatically demonstrated in our discussions on this website.

From this it follows that this website is the new universal spiritual heritage for humanity. It  exemplifies how to deal with gnostic and spiritual ideas and concepts and integrate them in daily life. This website could very well become the practical guideline (no longer “bible”) for any true spirituality and a substitution of all current religions with their stupid rites.

In addition, all religions will be abolished as absolutely wrong categorical systems of transcendental knowledge by the new Theory of the Universal law. This will be the much acclaimed unification of science with true spirituality, as the new way of life in the higher dimensions will be exclusively based on immediate creation through intent and emotional imagination by using only soul energies. The new technologies of the future transgalactic human civilisation will be thus based on pure science and pure spirituality in their perfect amalgamation.

Their foundation will be the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law that is derived from the Primary Concept/Term/ Idea of All-That-Is.

From this we can succinctly conclude that we have already provided all prerequisites for the ultimate abolition of all religions and present-day failed empirical sciences. These two main streams of human knowledge will be substituted by the new Theory of the Universal Law.

The spiritual communication between the PAT members the world over through this website will serve as a future paradigm as to how organize the new spiritual communities on earth A, based on self-respect, unanimity in the understanding of basic spiritual principles, diversity of ideas, unlimited expression of personal individuality and full transparency of emotions and thoughts. And all this will be based on active, spontaneous love – in the first place, on self-love, which does not need any weird esoteric interpretation of still egomaniac human minds, but simply flows in an unrestricted way from our hearts without any further superficial explanations and recommendations.

In my final remarks to the book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction ” I have written:

Every incarnated soul on earth has only one duty – to express her unlimited spiritual potential to the best of her divine powers against all social resistance, prejudices, and suppression that she may encounter throughout her incarnation, but without challenging or limiting the prospects of evolution of other entities even when this evolution may take for a long period of time the road to perdition, leading to a greater separation from All-That-Is, as this will be the case with the incarnated human beings staying on planet B. 

The most difficult algorithm of human life to solve in this dense 3d-reality has always been to find the ideal mixture between optimal spiritual evolution of the individual and his selfless service to the Whole. This has always been my maxim to follow and an intellectual challenge to solve in this last incarnation.

With love and light

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