My Veto as a Captain of the PAT

Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2012

Dear Dorie,

before writing this response to your HS, I entered in a telepathic contact with her and was actually urged to say a resounding “No” to her proposal to develop  soft scenarios for a slow awakening of religious believers. From what I guess, there is much more to this proposal in the background and nothing seems to be as it is from first glance.

We are running now into danger of entering another tug-a-war with the souls of many believers who have just qualified for ascension due to our extraordinary cleansing efforts in the last months and weeks. They want to use us now one more time as doormats to enter heaven in the most clean and convenient way for them  without being too radically confronted with their false religious beliefs.

They want us to prepare for them a kind of a soft-porno version of stripping off their ludicrous religious clothes and raping their false and fanatic beliefs without hurting their faint egos too much. We must collectively insist that it is no longer our duty or obligation how these religions will be abolished at the individual level and that we leave this up to the numerous believers and their souls to cope alone with the eternal  truths of the new multi-dimensional reality, which we will very soon represent.

There is an urgent call on the part of our HS to issue a new decree that we are no longer willing to participate in such artificial dramas. All organized religions will be abolished after our appearance as ascended masters without any clauses and substituted by a new, unipolar spiritual weltanschauung based on the new theory of the Universal Law, which integrates Science with Gnosis in a consistent manner according to the Logos of this universe. This suffices.

If the believers qualify, it is OK for them,  if not, they should stay on earth A/B and cherish for a while their old religious or esoteric beliefs of partial separation from the source caused by their cumbersome human egos.

Our participation in human dramas is coming irreversibly to an end and we must all solemnly declare that we no longer want to participate in any earthly tragedies whatsoever. It is up to the individual souls of all believers to play out they own petty dramas without using us one more time as convenient donkeys in order to enter the New Jerusalem under the cheers of Hosanna, as Jesus once did, only to be  crucified by the archonic pharisees.  We need not repeat his destiny.

We are not Jesuses, we are not Mohammeds, we are not Buddhas, we are a Planetary Ascension Team, and our heavenly mission is finished with this ascension. If some members of the PAT want to participate in the future dramas of humanity, they may do so on their own, but not as a group.

It is very important to make this clear statement now on behalf of the whole PAT without saying our veto in form of a decree, as it has been shown in the past that Heaven seldom listens to our decrees, but the more so to our firm decision to boycott any further sacrifices on our part.

With love and light

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