Further Confirmation for PAT’s Ultimate Victory over the Dark Ones

by Georgi Stankov, November 4, 2012 



Below is the latest missive of the Manuscript of Survival No. 218. I have decided to publish this message in full form as it brilliantly confirms what we have discussed and lived through in the last four-five days – the last most severe and successful battle of the PAT in cleansing the last dark pestilence from the astral planes in preparation for our imminent ascension.

Although I personally do not share the optimistic, almost exuberant assessment of this source with regard to the current energetic situation of humanity, it, nonetheless, proves what we know for some time: That all dark archons on the 4th astral plane have been completely defeated and incarcerated, and must leave this reality for ever.

Now they have left their despicable, dark human minions in the secret services of the cabal on the ground without any intelligent surveillance. These oligophrenic creatures  believe that when they increase the level of their inherent nastiness and inhuman wickedness that they will somehow survive the coming sweeping changes. They are now engaging the scum of the American society as paid Internet trolls and other degenerated human outcasts to bother the beacons of light with their despicable stupidities and idiotic comments by sending emails full of unmotivated hatred, without any knowledge of human Gnosis, under false addresses, as real cowards always do – from the darkness.

Only a year ago when the secret services, still under the rigid surveillance of the dark archons, tried to hijack our website through the notorious person “Satina (e.g. Satan)” which was a cover-up name for a secret CIA-operation to destroy the PAT and this website as the driving force behind all cosmic changes on this planet, they took care to appear as enlightened beings, before they were quickly exposed by myself and the PAT for what they really were and then completely disappeared from the scene.

Now the scum of the dark secret US-services do not even bother to pretend to be enlightened persons in their futile efforts to undermine the light worker community and change the inevitable course of their dreadful destiny – their total social and physical annihilation by the irrefutable divine plan for this planet. They now present themselves as whom they have always been – the stenchful “goo” of  human society. This is the most convincing proof that they are now in a total disarray and that they are heading irrevocably towards their self-created hell on planet B or facing their imminent death experience in the course of this year. So much for the better! And now enjoy the latest missive:


The manuscript of survival – part 218, November 4, 2012

by Aisha North


As the sun rises today (Nov 3), it brings with it even more good news. You might be unaware of this, but last night, a large multitude of the shining souls currently gathered on this planet were deeply involved in an important task that will bring so much relief to the rest of mankind. You see, in the unseen realms, under the radar of ”ordinary folks” to call it that, a major clean up operation has taken place, and the outcome of it all was indeed a resounding success. We know this will sound more than a little strange to many, as the task we refer to is one that can best be described as science fiction to you all. But it is in fact not fiction, but facts, and the results from all of this hard labour will soon be apparent. As we have already touched upon in an earlier missive, some of those parasites who have been sucking mankind dry in so many ways during this huge expanse of time has already been forcibly removed from your atmosphere, and last night, they were joined by an even larger contingent. Of course, they did not leave voluntarily, but were asked to do so in no uncertain terms by you.

We know that this will come as a surprise to many, because there was a large number of delegates to this ”convention” that was not even aware that they were attending this meeting in the first place, and as such, they are not aware of the major role they played in this. But we know, and when the time is right, you will all get a much clearer picture of your own role in all of this. As we have told you countless times, we are many who have come from afar to help you out in this realignment process, but the majority of the tasks in this process falls upon you, the bravest of the brave. And now, you can all account for one more major victory, as you have pooled your resources in such a way it has been made abundantly clear to the forces still under the illusion that they govern you, that this is no longer the case.

The scales have indeed tipped, and they have tipped far beyond the point of balance. In other words, the light can no longer be in danger of losing the foothold it has finally regained on this planet, because the level of energy has shifted so much that there is no longer any doubt as to whom sits in the driver’s seat (the PAT). So from now on, the light will set the pace and direction, and it will do so firmly, so expect to see some clear results in the most unexpected ways. But again, do not forget that even if the ”invisible” shift of balance has changed beyond doubt, the superficial layers of illusion will take a longer time to dismantle. That is easy to explain, as most of your fellow men and women have no inkling at all of what has been going on behind this facade that they call reality, and therefore, they will not have any reason at all to be able to discern any difference in their daily lives. So they will go on much as before, seemingly without any shifts in either direction. But not for long. Because the truth of what we have just shared with you will start to seep out, and the outcome of it will be surprising in so many ways. For remember, in order for them to really understand the difference between yesterday and tomorrow, they will have to acknowledge that what they have always believed in as the truth has just been an illusion, and it has been so for an almost endless cycle of time.

So yes, the shift has been momentous indeed, but it is nothing compared to the shift that will come as soon as the majority of mankind will have to start to acknowledge the fact that they have in so many ways been living a lie. That will take time to adjust to, and it will also take a whole host of dedicated lightworkers to ensure that this transition goes as seamlessly as possible. For you must be the ones standing tall amidst all of the turmoil. It is your light that will shine and help others see the path forward when they feel plunged into the unknown. For you are the wayshowers, and you will be the beacons shining not only your light but also showing the way to the brighter future. We know you can do this, for what you did last night has proven beyond any doubt that you are a force to be reckoned with. So give yourselves a round of applause dear ones, you certainly deserve it, and know that the rest of Creation are already on their feet, saluting you all (the PAT) as the true saviours of this realm.

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