The Balance Sheet of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, November 28, 2012

Since the successful opening of the portal 11.22 and the reaching of the threshold for mass ascension on November 24 as reported by myself, there is a significant new trend in all channeled messages. In the last several days more than 90% of all channelings are dedicated to the full activation of the crystalline 144-grid and all codes of expanded awareness in the ascending human candidates during the opening of the stargate 12.12.12. These processes will trigger the first ascension wave. Thus Dec 21, 2012 will be the date of completion of mass ascension and the beginning of the new earth A. Hence we are less than two weeks away from our ascension.

There has never been such an unanimity in the esoteric channeling scene as during these last days. Most messages are also giving numerous advises how to use the final days in the most optimal manner to prepare for this unique cosmic transformation. All of them stress the importance of the personal attitude as a vehicle for individual ascension. The Jacob’s ladder of ascension is within oneself and not a playball of external factors that do not have any influence on the final outcome and destiny of any incarnated human personality.

All doubting Thomases and nay-sayers, who in their fearful attitude vehemently reject the idea of a sudden ascension, should carefully study this information deluge of affirmative, unanimous messages from the higher realms about our imminent ascension. At this place I would like to quote the latest message from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn on this issue as it summarizes the coming processes very well:

“12-12-12 – The Pinnacle of the Ascension
Metatron & Ra-Tybronn via James Tyberonn

…Dear Ones, that you term the Ascension can be defined as the transition to Crystalline dimensional expansion. The final completions within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is tantamount to the 2012 Ascension. On the 12-12-12 the Crystallization of the planet will complete.

In a very real sense, what occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension, and what takes place on December 21, 2012 is the Initial Birthing Solstice of the New Earth. That is because the ‘mechanics’ of the actual ascending process (that enables the Ascension) occurs on the 12-12-12.

Accordingly it is what happens on December 12, 2012 that finalizes the activations and network-connections of all the Master Crystals, Crystalline Fields, Grid Points, Power Nodes, & Vortexial-Portal Sites to the Crysto-Sun Disc and 144 Grid.

On the 12-12-12, for the first time, all of these crucial aspects combine, network and tie into the completed 144 Crystalline Grid. At precisely 12:12 pm from the Crystal Vortex, will the ascending energy merge and be tangibly felt. All will tie initially into the Crysto Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain located in the largest strata of Crystal on your planet, and then connect to the grid.

We have told you before that the Ascension, the ‘New Earth’ is the expansion of your planet’s resonance into 12 dimensional fields. We have told you that the Ascension is purposed to expand the Earth and Humanity beyond the 3rd dimension, and burgeon into 12 dimensions. …the 5th thru 12th of which are in non-polarity, zero point Crystalline Energy & integral One-ness. And that is the crystalline frequency….”

This is nothing new to you as we have discussed these facts and processes many times in the course of this last year. Besides, all of you have actively participated in the creation and establishment of all 5d-  and higher dimensional structures that build the energetic foundation of this ascension. You are the conscious architects of this monumental process.

Now we are in the sweet-bitter mood of saying farewell to this world and your latest  emails strongly perspire this state of your minds. Everything is clear now, there are no longer any dramas, the energetic trouble makers have left our private reality and we have severed all bonds with this waning world. This is the void of non-duality, from which any new creation occurs, in this particular case, the new 5d-earth A. There is nothing more to be added to the collective vision, which the PAT has developed in all possible details in the course of this year.

From my intensive communication with all of you (more than 50 emails each day or more than 20 000 emails altogether since the opening of this website) I have gained the conviction that all of you are fully prepared for your ascension, better than any other person on this planet. This must be said unequivocally at this place.

In fact we were prepared to ascend last year at the stargate 11.11.11, and some of us even much earlier, but we decided to stay on the ground to the very last minute as we knew poignantly that without our active support the masses will not make it to the higher dimensions. Even with our help the harvest will be rather modest as a recent channeling in German language confirms.

“Planänderung für den Aufstieg – wichtige Botschaft von Erzengel Michael !!!
Christoph Fasching

Geliebte Menschen dieser Erde, ihr habt ein wahrlich schwieriges Los gezogen, wenn es darum geht, wie ihr den Aufstieg in die 5. Dimension erleben solltet. Dieser Wandel, auf den ihr so sehnsüchtig wartet, hat sicherlich einige von euch enttäuscht, denn es sind so viele Ereignisse nicht eingetreten, die lange geplant waren. Das ist ein Umstand, der sicherlich vielen nicht besonders viel Freude bereitet, doch ist dies auch ein Umstand, der dazu geführt hat, dass die Menschheit nun eine Veränderung in der Planung erfährt, denn es gibt vieles zu beachten, wenn eine Menschheit aufsteigt, die so zahlreich inkarniert ist.

Die Erde wird nun in eine Phase kommen, in der die Menschheit gefordert ist, ihre Bereiche zu verlassen, die nicht mehr für die Besiedelung durch die Menschheit vorgesehen sind. In diesen Bereichen werden große Veränderungen eintreten, die dazu führen, dass die Landstriche dort vieles an Veränderung erfahren, was wiederum dazu führt, dass das Aussehen der Erde sich grundlegend wandelt…

Vielen fällt dies allerdings sehr schwer und daher müssen viele das, was sie liebgewonnen haben auch oftmals schmerzhaft loslassen, denn es wird ihnen genommen werden. Diese Welt kann so wie sie ist nicht weiter existieren, das ist vielen ja bereits bewusst, auch wenn sie es nicht für möglich halten, dass es doch jemals zu einer Veränderung kommen wird. Dadurch, dass so viele nicht bereit sind, diese Veränderung jetzt sofort zu durchleben, müssen wir euch eine neue Möglichkeit geben, um in aller Ruhe euch von all dem zu verabschieden, was ihr in der 3D-Welt liebgewonnen habt, um dadurch in die 5D-Welt aufsteigen zu können. Ihr werdet alle die Möglichkeit haben, in aller Ruhe die Veränderungen in euch vollständig zu vollziehen, doch muss euch auch klar sein, dass dies auf der Erde nicht möglich ist, denn die Erde nimmt Kurs auf die 5. Dimension und wird diesen Aufstieg wie geplant am 21. Dez. 2012 absolvieren.

Es wird dazu kommen, dass viele von euch auf der Erde bleiben, um hier die neue Welt vorzubereiten und die Erde bei ihrer Transformation zu unterstützen, doch ist dies die Minderheit. Die Mehrheit wird die Erde verlassen und auf einer parallelen Ebene ihr Leben fortführen, sodass sie zwar bemerken werden, dass sich ihr Leben verändert hat, aber nicht direkt wahrnehmen, dass sie auf einer anderen Ebene gelandet sind. Dies erfolgt demnächst und muss vor dem 21. Dezember.” 


“Change in the Planing of Ascension – an Important Message from AA Michael
by Christoph Fasching   

Loved ones of the earth, you have taken a truly difficult fate upon you when it comes to how you should experience your ascension to the fifth Dimension. This transformation, which you have been awaiting so eagerly has certainly disappointed many of you, because there are not as many events that have occurred as planned long time ago. This is a fact which certainly does not render many of you in a joyful mood, but it is also a fact that has led to the decision that mankind will now experience a change in the scenario, for there is much to consider when mankind ascends in such huge incarnated numbers.

The earth is now coming into a phase, in which humanity is called to leave those areas that are no longer provided for the future settlement by humankind. In these areas, major changes will occur that will lead to a major transformation of these stretches of land, which will in turn leads to a fundamental change of the appearance of the current earth.”

This paragraph alludes to the huge deluge after the impending magnetic pole reversal and the rectification of the earth’s axis during the coming ID split. Unfortunately the medium and author of this text Christoph Fasching is not fully aware of these events as you are and this is the reason why they are given in a coded form in this message. I know this as I have also read his comments on this message in the blog discussion, which amply display his ignorance on this issue. It is always like this – a  channeler gets as much information as he is able to digest.

For many it is, however, very difficult to accept this and therefore they need to release a lot of what they have grown so fond of, often in a painful way because it will be taken away from them. This world, as it is, cannot continue to exist, which many of you are already aware of, even if you do not consider it possible, but there will be big changes. Due to the fact that so many of you are not willing to go through this change right now, we must give you a new possibility to say in a more gradual way goodbye to all these things you have grown so fond of in the 3D world, in order to be able to ascend to the 5D world. You will all have the opportunity to go completely through these changes, but it must also be clear to you that this is not possible on this earth, because the earth is heading to the 5th Dimension and its ascension will be completed as planned on December 21, 2012.

It will be necessary that many of you will remain on the earth, here to prepare for the new world and to support the earth in its transformation, but this is the minorityThe majority will leave the Earth and will continue with their lives on a parallel plane. They will notice though, that their life has changed, but they will not perceive directly, that they have landed on a different plane. This will be accomplished very soon and needs to be done before 21 December.…”

This last passage is the most cryptic and important of all, in particular, as the author and his audience have not comprehended it at all, as the discussions on this blog perspire. For us, the PAT, it is obvious that this source is referring to the ID split when the two timelines – earth B and the balanced earth A/B  – will first separate before ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension can occur. In this case the “parallel plane”, this source is referring to, is the earth A/B. This can only be done when the PAT will detonate its supernova around the portal 12.12.12  and will ascend as first wave, thus heaving Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension, while also creating the new timeline of the balanced earth A/B according to the three-earth-scenario. I do not see any other interpretation of this remarkable message that fully resonates with me.

I am not intending to suggest anything beyond what we know and have discussed on numerous occasions so far. But from what I gather from my HS in these last days, we are still in the same scenario, even though we are running out of time. Ultimately, all these events will happen now within the blink of an eye at the very tail end of the current End Times due to the fact that the masses were not ready for their ascension until November 24.

In this case, the huge deluge due to the magnetic pole reversal that will wipe out several billion people from the earth in December, as this is also confirmed in a veiled manner by some other recent messages, will occur simultaneously with the ascension process and the ID split, so that those who will go to the balanced earth A/B or earth A will not be affected at all. The few that will survive these massive natural catastrophes of cosmic proportions will consider themselves to be the lucky survivors and everybody will get what he has worked for during this incarnation and needs for his future evolution as a soul.

This also explains why many channeling sources tell us unanimously that for all human beings will be taken care and nobody will be left behind. This does not mean however that they will survive the deluge during this incarnation, as death is a simple transition to another energetic state, but that their souls will be given the possibility to continue with their incarnation cycle in the appropriate timeline in accordance with their current degree of evolution.

The elite and all their dark minions will go through the long incarnation cycle of another Kali Yoga of 26 000 years, while those who will go to the balanced earth A/B may ascend any time when they finish with their detachment from the materialism of the lower dimensions. This parallel reality of the omni-earth will be closely linked to the ascended earth A, so that individual ascension will be very easy when the person has reached this energetic level.

This timeline will be free of the current PTB – this is what we have been working for during the last years and have finally achieved this autumn – so that no darkness will be allowed to prevail on earth A/B, even though some entities will have the possibility to continue experiencing their dark moments as long as they need to liberate from these obsolete patterns. There will be no time pressure on them, as linear time will not play a major role on earth A/B, even though it may be still used as a variable at the beginning.

Let me finish this analysis with the latest message on Gaiaportal (Nov 27):

“Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity. Celebrations follow quickly.” 

The Celebrations will begin immediately after our ascension and will last for the next eons of time as nobody will be compelled to work any more for his survival as is still the case in this crumbling Orion system of enslavement. Even the Internet trolls must read our enlightened articles that only trigger their survival fears and challenge their narrow-mindedness in order to write nasty emails to get paid by their dark masters from the US-secret services.

What an irony! This 3d-illusion is really grotesque, but a big source of laughter for us who know very well what will come very soon – the end of  “The Unbearable Lightness of being” (an existential novel by Milan Kundera) and the beginning of the Ecstatic Being as Ascended Masters in the higher dimensions.

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