Ascension as a Personal Endeavour

by Jerry R. James, November 3, 2012

I had always thought of spiritual ideas in a non-traditional way, but I had not really considered personal ascension. I knew of the Mayan calendar which ended in 2012, but I guess I just thought that the earth and its inhabitants would just suddenly transition into a 5-D world on that date.

Now I realize how naive and unrealistic my view was. But many LW still seem to think this. They will have no personal involvement other than attending seminars, or traveling to exotic spots as the Steve Beckow group did this week. I find it amusing that I already live only sixty miles from the Sedona, where Beckow and group gathered this week for the 2012 conference. Even if I had felt like it, I would not have even bothered attend, because I live the ascension process daily and have for many years.

Other than PAT members and a few others, no one thinks, there is a physical price to be paid for personal ascending. They think our world will just get fluffier and fluffier and we will meditate more and more and soon we will be there. No sacrifice necessary. But the devil is always in the details.

In fact the one thing they have overlooked is the devil and his dark resistors to anything ascension related. And details there have been plenty. So many of PAT have faced horrendous health and financial challenges and it still amazes me how the ascension guides, if there are any that care, can expect us to prevail.

But prevail we have and more than that victorious in every aspect. I know it and I feel it. Every phase of ascension has taken me unexpectedly to a place I was not aware existed, such as the PAT website in 2011. I had been involved with forums before, but they seemed so incomplete and most members wanted to still talk about fluff as they were really scared of personal ascension.

Personal ascension can be a rather scary thought. How dare we think of ourselves as gods considering our pitiful 3-D life? Maybe we would be better to repent and ask for forgiveness for some unknown sin. Or at least meditate. I can not even mediate and haven’t been able to for at least three years. Ditto that for listening to new age or “uplifting music”. I seem to be above it all, but yet my outer life doesn’t reflect that.

So today during one of my many naps I dreamed a lucid dream and in it some doctors came in to examine me and they announced that George would ascend within twenty hours and in fact all of PAT would if not within twenty four hours would very shortly after that. Even after all preparation and even to escape this dreadful life I had doubts in my dream and then I thought of the terrible price I and humanity would pay if there really was not ascension. Can you imagine as devastated as our lives are what they would be like in another year in 3D and how about the world? What kind of unfit place will it soon be and really is already?

Make no mistake this latest battle fatigue that we are all experiencing is not from our own ascension efforts. We were all ready to ascend in 2009. This is to save humanity that still refuses to wake up. They are still thinking the Sandy storm is an isolated storm of the century and are having a New York marathon this weekend. Without this latest battle, which have devastated us both physically and emotionally, there would not have been an Earth A. At least there would have been no inhabitants. PAT members and some others would still ascend because they have already qualified, but the rest of humanity has to still wake up a little. The bar is very low to qualify, but so far they have not even met that.

Let us hope and I have to believe that they will after this latest battle with the dark. How often I have wished that ascension did not exist or if it did, I was not involved, but it does exist and, thank God, that it does for without it what world would we look to. While certain of personal ascension three years ago I wrote a poem. I am actually glad it did not occur then, but I am ready for it to occur now.

I Had a Dream…

I had a dream once of a world that was wild and rough.
There was violence and there was never enough.
But I was slowly awakened by the light
To see a vision so bright
My eyes burned and I cried not from sadness but from joy
As God embraced me and said welcome home well done my boy

I looked around and wondered where the others were and they were fast asleep
Still in their comfy beds continuing to slide downward ever so deep.

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