The PAT is the Driving Force Behind all Human Ascension and Revelations

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, October 17, 2012

Dear George,

I’m so glad you posted/re-posted “The Multidimensional Character of Human History“. It was EXCELLENT and VERY timely! I just love how you so succinctly “break it all down.” You rock George!

I wanted to thank the PAT members for their wonderful email messages. I just loved reading through them! I also very much appreciated Jerry’s “thumbs up” regarding my last message from HS. When I do take down messages from HS, l always feel like I do it in a vacuum, and it’s really not until I hear back from you and other PAT members that I truly have a sense of just how accurate/or “off” it was, or if the information was specific to me vs. the PAT collective. I also very much liked your metaphor of a decompression chamber. That was perfect!

I decided to check in with HS today just to see if anything had changed/moved, especially since things seem to be shifting so fast in these final days. Below is her message. I hope it resonates with you and other members of the PAT should you publish it. I will try and do as she suggests and will check in with her again tomorrow, though it probably won’t be until late in the day.

Much love and light,


HS Update 10-16-12

Me:  So I have been enjoying this new space/container, and even find that when 3D energies get to be too much, I can retreat here and it all just melts away.

HS: Wonderful! You should be using this “space” in that way, as a retreat/sanctuary when needed. Now keep in mind you might still feel the turbulence outside the plane/bus, so to speak, but nothing can penetrate the plane/bus/this “space” itself. So anytime you need a reprieve, bring your awareness back fully to this protected place.

You (the PAT) and the Higher realms are still doing 3D “retrieval/weaving” work, from this new space. Meaning you’re weaving the further connections of this “web of light.” You are helping create/identify another preliminary set of passengers for the next bus/plane of ascension hopefuls, though that bus won’t leave for a couple of months yet.

You could say the first wave energies were the first tier of this web of light, but those of the masses who are already prepared/qualify for mass ascension in December, are being woven into this fabric as well, though not with the solidity that the first wave has been woven, at least not yet. And obviously the lower tiers have not yet risen to the level that you have, but they will soon follow/rise with you, as far as they are able. I mention that this work is happening so that you are aware that you might still come into contact with “dark energies” and might still be needed to help clear dross in 3D, but the difference is you now have a “space” in which to retreat to in order to rest, unplug, explore, be safe and just enjoy the company of your fellow PAT members, first-wavers, etc…

I also would like to bring your attention to the fact that by moving in and out of this “space,” and beyond if you’ve been exploring, you’re actually becoming quite consciously adept at “bilocation.” Sure many of you have been doing it all along, but now this skill/gift will become really tangible for you. Both bilocation and telepathy are among the first “master” gifts/skills to be bestowed upon the first-fruits/first-wavers. Or you could say that these are the first master gifts “remembered” by you.

These are also additional indicators for you that ascension is happening NOW, especially as you are now experiencing these on a broader collective PAT level.  Later on, other gifts will be bestowed/remembered such as speaking in tongues/languages, miraculous healing, raising the dead, your garment of light, understanding the “language of light,” etc… all of these to aid in your testimony to the masses once you return post-ascension.

Me:  Wow, that is pretty exciting! I have felt that my sense/skill of bilocation has deepened/shifted significantly over the last few days. I know I’ve always done it in a sense, but it has become so much easier to both “move” and stay conscious in multiple spaces since moving to this new transitional “space.” And of course the PAT’s skill in telepathy has grown markedly in the last year, and continues to do so.  So how close are we to full detonation?

HS: You’ve never been closer. We (the higher realms, the GF, the PAT) are finalizing the weaving of the web to the point we are able. Once all these individual “nodes of light” are connected, the first-wave group will be free to ascend /rise up even further. Keep in mind that your recent ascension to this “space,” generated a lot of energy output/codes to the masses in 3D. They are processing this information now (some with the help of the GF) and are also being triggered internally to awake even more from their slumber. As they are triggered into awareness/awakening, they have the opportunity to be activated/woven into this web.

This is where the energetic process stands today but as you know, these things don’t tend to take very long. We are looking to weave only those who qualify/are ready at this point, the rest can/will be woven/transitioned in later. Those of the masses who are being woven in, will then benefit from this by being able to receive messages/ relays/ impulses from this “new collective mind.” It will provide them a better foundation for the unfoldment of events over the next 2 months and will also trigger a further avalanche of revelations/truths that until now they could not see/process.

Gaia also received a “surge” from your recent ascension to 4D. She also is being “triggered” in different ways because of this “stretch/pull.” Cosmic and geophysical events will begin to manifest more rapidly now as the “pull” becomes great. This again is all in line with the further manifestation of the ID split as we’ve discussed.

Check in for another update tomorrow if you’re able. Things should be moving/changing yet again by then as the mass weaving/connecting process should be done.

Dear April,

I am glad that you like this old article which is still very actual when one considers the necessary revelations that humanity will have go through in the coming two months before mass ascension. The people must understand their present deplorable situation and why there must be an ascension process of this planet and its population in order to liberate them from the shackles of their past enslavement by these insidious dark forces.

Do not worry that you channel in a state of vacuum. This is not a deficiency, but an asset, it is an important prerequisite to receive clear messages. If you have preconceived ideas and opinions on the topic, this will only distort the pristine message.

Once you have received the information, it is of course mandatory to discuss it collectively, so that it can sip into our minds. This is what most channelers never do – they do not bother to analyse the information after receipt and to use it as a point of departure for further precise questions to enlarge their knowledge. Hence the ubiquitous stagnation, even regression, among all long-term channelers.

This last message presents a broader picture of our intricate creative work as a collective mind at the level of our HS. We now weave the energetic edifice or the template for the future evolutionary development of the new mankind. It includes all astral probability alternatives, the whole spiritual potential for future evolution of mankind in and beyond the 5th dimension as unlimited transgalactic civilisation. It is bigger than we can imagine it in our most daring dreams.

We are the main architects and the builders of this new reality. We now substitute the narrow holographic matrix of human enslavement of the Orion reality with the infinity of the new crystalline template and grids of the ascended mankind that will automatically connect it with the whole universe and with the Source. It is  a total model of new multi-dimensional way of living, and our ascension to the current interim 4d-chamber is the first decisive step in this direction.

We are now actively incorporating all incarnated human souls who have the potential to ascend into this new energetic, higher dimensional web and thus liberating them from the old way of thinking and feeling that has led to their perennial enslavement. This is already the beginning of the period of revelations.

This process is now unfolding at the collective subconscious level before it can rise to the collective conscious mind of mankind and we are the driving force behind this opening. In this sense the collective super-conscious mind of the PAT is the actual wayshower that heaves and expands the awareness of all human beings on the ground. This is a Tantalus act beyond the imagination of our still humble human minds, but we all feel the enormity of this cosmic task.

In a certain way, we now mould humanity into a new energetic form /template and thus raise their awareness to the pristine knowledge of their souls and oversouls. We have been doing this for a long time. Remember that we transmitted the Adam Kadmon codes to humanity more than a month ago. Without this energetic basis humans cannot evolve further. Therefore it is not a coincidence that I published this article one more time now as I felt strongly the enormous educational work we are now doing at the energetic level for the rest of humanity, even though the masses may not be aware yet of this transformation at the level of their ego-minds.

I was personally involved in the last several weeks one more time very intensively in the elaboration of all the personal fallacies, logical and emotional blunders, which the small light worker community has committed in the last several years. I had to cleanse repeatedly (it is a tedious, iterative work) their old beliefs, prejudices and unanalysed thoughts, to streamline the few correct ideas, and to heave them on a higher level of congruent perception.

I have done this intellectual cleansing job for the last 20 years full time (24/7) in the field of science, philosophy, ethics, organized religions, politics, etc. But during this time I was mainly preoccupied with the common thought patterns that belong to the mainstream of society. I have finished with this job about two years ago. In the last year, and especially in the last several weeks, I was thrown one more time in the cleansing of the Augean stables of the New Age movement, as this small group of people is actually the first wave of ascension candidates, which we have now taken with us to the higher dimension, like a baby in the mother’s womb.

Therefore my efforts were largely dedicated to this group and I had to evaluate one more time in depth why most of them do not comprehend the inner dynamics and logic behind the ascension process, but instead become an easy prey to all kinds of dark propaganda from the lower astral realms, where the few existing dark archons still dwell and do their dirty job to hinder human ascension.

Although we, the PAT, are now at a safe place, in a 4d-refuge beyond the astral plane of these dark archons, the rest of humanity, and in particular the small group of LW, are still not out of the woods and we have to fight for their souls the last skirmishes with the dark ones as to save them. But don’t expect any thankfulness on their part, these still mired New Agers are not there yet. This is also what your HS warned us to keep in mind and it is fully online with what I sense and being actually doing in addition to editing this website. I have always been aware of the bigger picture of our cleaning activities in the higher dimensions.

Let me summarize it at the end – the PAT is the prototype and the new template of the ascending humanity. We have proven this in the 3d-material world through this website and the high spiritual level of our discussions, and beyond this dimension by creating the new grid and energetic texture of the earth timelines of A and A/B. In addition, the PAT  furnishes the explosive power for the ascension of Gaia to the higher dimensions. This is multi-dimensionality in action.

I hope that this short elaboration gives you a glimpse into the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the creative work that the PAT is accomplishing now. It is not only about our physical ascension and disappearance from the earth. The urgency of this event is easily explained by our physical exhaustion due to the inhuman efforts we have done in the last years to save all human souls. But from a higher vantage point of evaluation of our mission, we have actually created a new planet and even a new galaxy. We are thus the new Elohims.

With love and light

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