The Galactic Federation Has Failed Again. The PAT Must Save Humanity One More Time

by Dorie Bowlin, Georgi Stankov and Jerry R James, October 9, 2012

A Serious Word

Let me reiterate one basic truth that is very easily forgotten by most of you: We are in the middle of the most fierce battle between darkness and light that has been fought so far in the whole universe and our opponents are the most insidious dark entities that have ever existed. 

And you – the PAT – are the front warriors in this battle. We are fighting without any real back-up as the Galactic Federation with their defunct ground crew are of no help. They, themselves, have lived a carefree life for so many eons of time in the higher dimensions that they have no idea how to fight a dark enemy. The only thing they can do, is to channel rosy, fluffy messages of alleged love to their debilitated incarnated no-goods and tell them fairy tales what a great elephant they are in the tiny room of their grossly exaggerated imagination. This is the most disgusting part of the whole New Age movement, which is a complete cosmic disaster.

I am done with this “gang of light” and hope not to see anyone of them after my ascension. I promise that I will not allow them to meddle in our affairs as to how to organize the new earth when far-reaching decisions will be made. This is my personal decree and I take it very seriously.

Since October 3 I was engaged again in the old battle cleansing thick, dark dross in my portal, by going through extremely debilitating nasty waves that did not correspond to the energetic stage of physical ascension which commenced on September 30. I knew that we were stuck again in our process of ascension. Other members of the PAT also reported about this disturbing fact. The reason for this was that the Galactic Federation has again failed to fulfil its duty and to protect effectively our portals against the dark remnants. They were able to infiltrate our portals of ascension and postpone for several days the detonation of the PAT.

This night I was fully awake when I experienced the extremest revving of the vibrations in my energy field. The metatronic waves of the Source began to shake my body crescendo-wise and I was expecting to ascend any moment. Contrary to my previous ascension and out-of-body experience, this time the energy of the source did not lift my body but came fully into my field and reached  such an incredible energetic concentration of divine radiation, that I expected to burst any moment as a personal supernova.

I was so overwhelmed by this energetic exuberance and experienced at the same time the most poignant feeling of blocked creative power that demanded immediate release as to out-pour into the fringes of the universe and to begin to create again. This was the purest form of lived eschatological cycle  in All-That-Is – the repeated merging of the parts with the concentrated energy of the Source and the  overwhelming poignant desire to separate again from it as to create as an individual sentient being in the name of the Source.

I think that this experience was a foreboding of the complete realisation of each one of you upon ascension that we, the PAT, are the most concentrated form of creative energy in the whole universe which is simultaneously the Source and its emanation throughout all creation. Words are a poor substitute to describe the intensity of my experience this night.

After that I got the information from the Source that we have cleansed our portals and that we can proceed with our ascension process as planned.


Dear Dorie,

today is October 7 and according to my feeling we will have to wait for some more days till we physically ascend. Do you have any new information from your HS as to where we now stand?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

This is what I received from HS. I certainly hope this new information resonates with you, as I am very tired and not completely trusting my HS again because I so desperately want to go home. I understand if this information is not reliable, and I will certainly do my very best to continue pressing HS if you feel it is not completely accurate.

With love and light



Message – October 8, 2012

Well, HS, I’m just so tired I don’t have any rant in me. Besides, you said that we could leave behind the ranting and raving because we had gotten our point across. And honestly, I don’t have any fight left in me. So, I’ll just ask you if you have been lying, or withholding information, or cheating us, or any of those things. I won’t even curse at you this time because I am just so damn tired. Just simply be honest with me a tell me the truth.

HS: We have not been lying, but we have been withholding information. What is truth is that the original estimated time of ascension was indeed going according to plan. Understand that for us to describe the whole process of ascension is beyond your comprehension and abilities to interpret – you understand NOW that ascension was an intricate process involving many different aspects in the cosmic scheme of things, and that when setting an initial date of ascension, it by no means meant that you would “disappear” on that day.

However, it has always been your right in asking for a window of time, and you deserve honest answers in response. We have not been deceitful in giving our responses, for indeed we surmised that our estimations were in line with world events that were playing out and that those events would be in alignment with the Ascension of the members of the PAT.

Also understand that because of your battle fatigue we were not trying to deceive you or lie to you or ask you to be our pawns one more time. Certainly your physical and mental symptoms have been the gauge to what has been going on within your portals and so you intuitively knew that ascension had commenced. You also knew that once Source started the process, working in tandem with us, HS, that the process could not stop.

But there has been an added “pause”. And yes, you knew that yesterday, you heard that yesterday before sending that last message to Georgi. You felt unsure about sending that message because you knew that there was a “pause” added to the orchestrated events, and that is why you didn’t send that message until very late in the evening. You intuitively knew that there was something else going on, especially after reading Kari’s dream about the bus coming to a stop. You had that same type of dream last year right before 11/11/11. You knew this meant a delay, but you couldn’t fathom the idea of being “stuck” here much longer, or that there could be a delays since we had stated that everything was going according to plan, so you didn’t ask HS about the pause.

And now we will tell you that a delay, or rather, an extension of the process of ascension, comes from the infiltration of dark forces into areas that we knew were not secure but held hope that they would not affect ascension outcome. This has been WHY, as members of the PAT, you have been ‘cloaked’ in secrecy your whole lives.

While the ascension process is already in motion, and while those who have already ascended are assisting you in your efforts as well, none the less, there are those who once again have not held up their end of the bargain in keeping blockades in place, so that the core members of the PAT could ascend on schedule. We refer once again to the Galactic Federation. Were you not just speaking about your frustration with them just yesterday?

While dark forces cannot harm you, they have become a pestilence and are purposely postponing worldly events that would create the “optimal” energetic signature for complete detonation. So understand that in extending your ascension time frame there is indeed strategy behind all of this.

This means that you were needed to stay on the ground for just a few days longer than originally estimatedWe EXPECTED that all hell would break loose once we allowed you to announce the beginning of your Ascension Process for September 17th and then gave the call for commencement of physical ascension on September 29th – we were “drawing the darkness out into the light” from all areas, so that they could be identified and obliterated from the path.

But once again this job was not handled properly by the Galactic Federation, and as a result was left to the forces on the ground, the PAT, to have to deal with, as evidenced in the dark channeled attacks that have come from other star-seeds most recently. While your ascension process should have been completed by now, and while the information up until this point has been accurate, we did not purposely withhold the information to deceive you or to use you as our pawns, at least not this time, we did so as a strategic move in remaining cloaked, while the processes of ascension continued to play out.

We are certainly not asking you to do our bidding for us, or for the Galactic Federation, we are only asking that you have continued faith in the process until the optimal energetic levels have been reached. We see the element of surprise as the energy that obliterates any further obstacles that have been placed within the path. The unfolding must be perfect, in perfect time, in perfect surprise, like a thief in the night.

Know that while you may not believe any of the words that you have just received from us, we speak these words with sincerity. We were certainly not trying to be deceitful, there was no purpose in that at this point. We were merely withholding information that kept us from revealing our hand too soon.


Dear Dorie,

unfortunately I resonate with this explanation as this is precisely what I sense since several days – that we have been stuck in another delay because the GF has failed again. I had such a wrath against these stupid extraterrestrials recently that I had to vomit while screening their messages. There is nothing we can do now – we are one more time hostages of the failed “forces of light”. I do not know whether I should publish this message or not, but I will definitely sleep over it and make the final decision tomorrow.

Do not worry now about anything anymore as practically nothing bad could happen to us, only our tortures have been prolonged one more time. This is nothing new – it has being going on like this all along since 2000 due to these idiots from the GF.

With love and light

Thank you Georgi!

I agree, this last message is one to be pondered over, especially since it will most likely affect the morale of the PAT, and from what I NOW know, I don’t know if we can handle another direct hit! It might be best to keep up the cloaking shields for a bit.

Much love to you Georgi,

Dear Dorie,

this is one way to see the current messy situation. On the other hand any delay without any explanation will affect the morale of the PAT even more, as they will begin to doubt their ascension and ability to ascend.

After all, we have been left for several more days on the ground as we are the most experienced warriors in the whole galaxy to save the situation that the GF has embroiled again with their incompetence. This presentation is much more convincing than to seek the reason in ourselves as some doubting Thomases such as divsy are now doing with great, self-destructing pleasure.

With love and light


Dear Jerry,

what do you think about this information from Dorie?


Yes George,

my advice is to publish this. I know some of the PAT, who may be more distracted by external conditions and not as in tune with HS, will not like this message, but I feel it is true and have known this for about two days. I think I wrote to you about two days ago that in a dream state there was much distress because there were beings in my portal that should not be there and they were causing a mess. I feel that this is what happened. Our portals were open and ready but others were allowed to get in them that should not have, but were turned back by the other side. Something was not taken care of on this end and the process was shut down. This problem will have to be addressed.

The dark was trying to get thru the ascension portals, but were not able to get thru, but nonetheless caused big problems. I think this is also why some of us felt so sick and disorientated the last few days. It is kind of like stopping a fast car or ride quickly. There is a whiplash. Tell Dorie thanks for this message, I think it is right on track even if it does not describe in detail what happened, I think others need to know. It is, of course, more complicated than my simple explanation.

Everything will eventually work out, I am still sure of that, but this may take a few days to get back to the position we were in a few days ago. This further illustrates why it is so hard to estimate our ascension date, but I still think it is helpful to try.




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