The Final Act has Commenced

by Georgi Stankov, October 20, 2012

Again Cyber Attacks on Our Website. How to Eliminate Them

Urgent!!! There seems to be again cyber attacks on our website today, as some readers have no access to it. Herewith I ask all members of the PAT to make a short Christed meditation and then to expel the dark entities from Internet that block our website and to establish unrestricted access to it again. These cyber attacks of the dark ones are beyond any doubt due to the importance of the latest two publications and we must use our power as the new Earth Keepers to contain these dark intrusions once and for all.



Hi George

Just let you know that I have found a way to circumvent the “page not found” problem, all I do is type this after the home address of the website


So the web page would be all the articles of october like this:

and the problem is over.

Tomas T.


Dear George!

The “astral news” section is down again, however every article can be found via the search engine, also the ones you’ve published yesterday.



I have felt increasingly disappointed in the last years, seeing how time is running and none of the anticipated events has ever unfolded. The role which my HS has initially anticipated for myself in this incarnation, as presented on the homepage of this website, seemed to dwindle with each passing day. I accepted this unyielding trend of social devolution, knowing very well the overarching imperative of helping humanity to ascend to a higher dimension, come what may.

Now we have reached the final destination, where there can be no longer any delays. The showdown has commenced. The masses must be thrown in the abyss of their true reality, the Orion facade must be torn down, the tsunami of collapses in each area of the old matrix and the corresponding revelations are now on the cusp of a veritable explosion. Next week could indeed mark the beginning of a new era for humanity.

Those incarnated entities, who have the soul potential to ascend, have been carefully woven in the new network of light provided by the PAT from the Source through the newly established rainbow bridge. Thus we have built a protective shield against all dark thought patterns coming from the archons of the Orion Empire, still dwelling on the lower 4th astral level.

The first ascension candidates have been heaved by the PAT to the higher 4th dimensional space/chamber, where we also reside since the beginning of this week. The much bigger group of souls, who have just begun to awaken, have been also embedded in the new PAT’s web of light and will soon follow suit. This has created a kind of a “cordon sanitaire” that contains and prevents the dark ones to interfere with the process of ascension. Our portals are now fully protected by ourselves and the GF, after they were not so attentive at the beginning of October and allowed their infiltration with detrimental dark thought patterns.

In fact the establishment of the new network of source light for all potential ascenders by the PAT became necessary only after this infiltration of our portals had occurred. Thus we transformed an initial handicap into a great advantage for the light. The dark ones were out-maneuvered one more time and, as the latest message from April’s HS confirms, they will have a hard time to find a weak place in the new PAT’s shield of light.

They can now only mire a few unenlightened individuals on the ground, as is the case with the CAC group and their compromised channeler. We see the big cracks in the fear-protected wall of the small esoteric (New Age) community, where one guru falls after the other in the abyss of his self-proclaimed lies and illusions. The time of human tragedies has commenced, as Piotr observed in his email of today:

“Dear George, In short – today seems important. I just awoke to another bus dream with buses lining up and ready to go. Then I checked this new Gaiaportal and :

“…Grids and portal points have aligned correctly for enabling and supporting revelation phase prior to Gaia ascension…”

It is sad about CA. I share Marcos view of its energy and abusing CA truly is like defiling a child. It was also my feeling at that time that this event was going to be transformed into a helpful one. A similar message also occurred in the manuscript :

“…So we ask you to look carefully into each challenge you meet on the way, the better to be able to ascertain what lies behind it. Are you being challenged by something or someone trying to hold you back, or are you being challenged in order to help to speed up your journey?…”

On the bright side, it was especially hilarious how I lost count of the words “idiot” and “moron” in all the correspondence. Exemplary…

Finally, it truly is a pattern now – Steve Beckow… tries, Giles obviously defends Obama from the plesiosaurs.., David Wilcock finally ended his financial rampage to focus on what matters again, Berlinghof… and probably others I forgot about. ”

Revelations always commence from the top – in this case from the alleged top of the self-proclaimed light worker community, which considers itself to be the enlightened top of the current debased human society. What more signs do we need that the End Time has truly commenced? Ah, yes, the personal information from our HS that the transmission of the light codes for the ascending masses has been completed and that we must now simply wait in confidence that our tanks are being filled with the source energy to physically ascend, as Carol wrote to me an hour ago:

Dear Georgi. Before reading your latest post (April’s message), I want to tell you what I’m perceiving, so not to be influenced by this reading.

Yesterday evening Source told me that with our last task, the Source Codes transmission, our job is completed, there’s nothing left to do.

And this morning (20th), upon awakening, the energy was much much lighter than yesterday and the previous days. And a thought seeped through my mind: Oh, could it be that I have ascended already? And when I say “I” the feeling is collective, it is WE. And with that I went to explore the day and see if this could be true.”

There are only two months left to destroy the old matrix, to pull the rug away from under the feet of all humans and then to begin to awaken them to the dreadful reality in which they have been mired and lived like somnanbulists for thousands of years and numerous incarnations. Not an easy job!

Hence humanity needs true “SUPERMEN” like the PAT, who would not hesitate to lead the masses beyond their shame for having been so stupid in the past, beyond their disgust at the atrocities of the dark elite, whom they have blindly believed and followed to the very last moment. beyond the reach of the petty Orion chimeras that have controlled their robotic lives for so long…

There is indeed nothing we can do anymore or need to know. Very soon, when we will ascend, we will know much more, almost everything we need for our mission as Savior of humanity. It will be a short mission – only 60 days or even less in terms of earthly linear time, but a great adventure for humanity. Each one of us, who has waited impatiently, but with a great devotion and personal endurance, will be honoured to play the first fiddle in the greatest cosmic spectacle ever orchestrated in this part of the unverse.

In a couple of days each one of us will awaken as a new Creator God, with the immense power of All-That-Is and the wisdom of an ascended master, and will immediately begin to bi-,  tri- and multi-locate him/herself in all four corners of this world. like Asterix and Obelix after taking a multiple sip of Miraculus’ drink in Goscinny’s Asterix series, in order to do what we all have dreamt doing for so long time without ever losing hope that this dream will become a reality some day. And this day has already arrived.

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