The Establishment of the Unity Field of the PAT and Its Connection to Godhead. Personal Experiences of PAT Members

October 28, 2012

My Dear Georgi,

I cannot believe everything that has happened over the past several days and I am in awe of the huge transformation you have undergone at this time. You have great courage and a love of Humanity that surely must exceed even that of God himself.  

When you came to me on Thursday morning, there was such a huge energy shift and a knowingness that you had ascended, but not only had you ascended, I intuited that you were also building and drawing light and energies of a cosmic nature through your field, building a new high frequency web that was instantly of cosmic proportions. You were in my presence for about 8 minutes, the longest and most surreal 8 minutes of this lifetime.  There was so much information flooding in to me that I felt like I was in suspended animation, unable to move but simply to download all of the information flooding in. As you say, there are no words for this miracle.

I have been sitting in the energy for hours, and in spite of my crazy 3D life, I have managed to create an environment to facilitate or rather engage this happening. It is interesting to note, and as you know, my new home was infiltrated by the dark, but Source arranged a beautiful scenario, where it has necessitated returning to my old residence for 2 weeks or so. This connection and completion with your energy field would not have been possible from within the energies of my new, recently-moved-to home. So Source planned this as early as the 21st, when you stated on your website that your Ascension was imminent. I remember reading that and it was almost as though my HS KNEW what was going to take place (of course) and created new circumstances to facilitate and achieve a successful outcome confirmation for myself and the PAT. If I had not had this experience and not written to all members on the short list about it, doubt may have entered some members fields with your posting of today.

I am rambling here, and I am not consciously aware of my thoughts, my fingers are typing at 200 wpm. I guess I am confirming ALL that you have described in totality. The GaiaPortal release of October 25  jumped out at me when I hadn’t been aware of activating it:

Gaia’s Upgrade Nears Completion

Galactic imprints are being overlaid and interwoven into upgraded Gaia grids.  Connections to Galactic communications channels is implemented.  Gaia communicates directly with Higher Galactic Command centers.

Gaia upgrade nears completion.  Sufficient for next steps to commence.

Gaia appearance includes iridescent star image.  Gaia now embodies Star Citizenship.

This e-mail came in at 12:11 pm on Thursday. I had about 2 minutes to check my mail and it opened instantly. I had been immersed in the energies you had brought in 3 hours before and was trying to intellectualize the meaning. When I read this message, I realised that this was what had taken place. This was the understanding I seeking.

There is so much more that has filled my field that I am at a loss to describe, to understand, to elucidate its meaning.

I can only say that when I did not hear back from you, coupled with my feelings of “something is not right”, I sent out an e-mail of my experience to the short-list group members. Within 30 minutes I had an overwhelming sense of love, compassion, sheer joy and fulfillment that every Being of this divine Universe should experience. Georgi, you are surrounded by the most loving, compassionate and sincere Human Beings on this planet.  They rallied for you at 1,000% so that any physical/emotional/mental challenges thrown your way were surely met with this sacred elixir to hold you on high as the great man you are.

With infinite love,
Dear Carla,

I am deeply moved and humbled by your letter full of excitement and personal validation of the energies that have now shifted one more time and have built the unity field of the PAT in the last several days in the final stage of our ascension. The PAT has simply won all the preliminaries and now has positioned itself on the pole position, ready to win the last and most decisive victory over the residual darkness that still envelopes humanity, while the dark archons and the other insidious entities from the Orion/ Reptilian Empire have been fully detained and neutralized. We all were target of their massive attacks during the last week or so.

Yesterday I checked my email waste basket and analysed that the dirty muddy torrent of nasty emails sent to me by dark Internet trolls and secret agent provocateurs started on October 18, exactly when Dorrie’s HS warned us that we will come in contact with some negative energies and stopped yesterday. All in all, just one week of a very weak resistance of the dark side before it has fully surrendered. The greatest disadvantage of these dark human minions is that they have no stamina and never do anything out of conviction, but only for payment, so that they give up very quickly when their dark attacks have no effect, while we proceed according to the Bulgarian  saying:

“The dogs are barking, but the camel caravan (train) is moving forward”.  

I have just published the latest message from Dorie that confirms the integration of all personal energy fields of the PAT members into a unity field that will be basic for all future co-creation for Gaia and humanity. My personal field will serve within this unity field as a nexus to the Source and all galaxies in this universe that will establish contact with the ascended human civilisation in the near future. As I wrote in the last article with Dorie, the few days we will stay longer on the earth are necessary to finalize our victory in the optimal way and to save as much human souls as possible. This new sacrifice of the PAT on behalf of humanity has hugely augmented the importance and role of our group  in the imminent, total collapse of the old Orion matrix and its rapid substitution with a new, highly evolved social order, where we all will be the architects and builders of the new human civilisation in all its social, economic, technological, and above all, spiritual aspects.

Today I feel a significant relaxation and easiness after a well done job and no matter what else we will have to accomplish before our physical ascension will take place – this now no longer depends on our preparedness, but on the final gauging of the energetic details concerning the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity within this galaxy – we can be sure of our preeminent and all-encompassing, key role in all future events, for which we have come on this planet to experience to the full extent. Our role will be grandiose, much bigger and more rewarding than anyone of us can now imagine in his most daring dreams.

With love and light
October 28, 2012

Beloved Georgi….

wonderful news and all the changing you just posted. Yesterday, Friday (26th), about 7 pm Texas time…. maybe 6 later your time…. I heard AA Gabriel tell me “you had made it”. When I heard that I felt this exquisite joy and humility that I only feel with very Divine events. So whatever you have moved through, I am grateful. We are well on our way.

~ Love, Carolyn
October 28, 2012

Dear Georgi!

Over the past two days I’ve been wondering what Herculean task you might be involved in, that leaves you no time/energy to access the Internet. I knew you did not ascend physically yet, you’d have let us known if you had. Today’s personal energy update of course answered this question. I’ve been experiencing some nasty LBP symptoms the past 3-4 years myself, but if I was subjected to what you’ve been through, I’d probably curse all the gods off the heavens. I take my hat off to you one more time for completing this enormous task.

In my last message I reported you about tranquility and the absence of dark forces. Ironically, that same day (Friday), I felt a huge package of incoming high-frequency energy followed by yet another dark attack in the evening, which lasted until 3 AM. I won’t go into specifics, we all know what it’s like. I made up my mind to refrain from shouting “victory” too early.

It is great to have you back, I feel more focused and encouraged now.

I raise my cup to your health and that of the PAT!

Yours truly,
Dear Zoltán,

thank you very much for your moral support and for your confirmation of the impact of the energy shift which the PAT has accomplished, while connecting with Godhead, and of our last decisive battle against the dark ones. Now we have prepared the ground for our physical ascension and that of Gaia and humanity. I can only hope that after that the masses will have at least a modicum of apprehension for what we have achieved during this lifetime in order to save their slumbering souls.

With love and light
October 28, 2012

Hi Georgi,

While I am happy to see you’ve published again, I really thought maybe you had ascended completely these last couple of days. Last night I was awakened by a strong clap of thunder and a huge thunderstorm. I truly thought for a moment that it was you and your ascension or that you were about to appear.

Alas, not, but your message of late about us being the representatives of the Godhead and tied to the energetic grid to the Source via YOUR energy field has left me speechless. Wow.  Somehow it all makes sense and I can understand why it was so difficult to articulate in words and I applaud you for doing so.

I am going to go now to try to enter the dream state and hope to meet you and the rest there. Bless you and the PAT George, draga moja.

May you not experience too much more of this bodily-energetic torture. May you have your sweet release and let us follow. Don’t forget to pick us up at #47 Marshala Tita (yes, I know it’s hilarious our rented apartment address), in Lovran, Croatia.

much love, Sarah
Dear Sarah,

While some residual disappointment may still creep in all our minds for not having physically ascended in the last days, the ongoing ascension of the PAT to Godhead has been successfully completed. Now our physical ascension depends only on the final gauging of all the variables concerning the ascension of Gaia and humanity within their connectedness with the whole galaxy, which is also ascending. Our key role in the coming events on the earth is now fully established and guaranteed – the script has been amended one more time on behalf of the PAT – and we have every reason to be proud and excited about what will come next.

With love and light
October 28, 2012

Hi George,

I don’t have any vital information for you but just wanted to touch base. Last time I wrote we were verging on homelessness once again… but once again we were saved from that in the last hours. I’m currently in Italy and have moved about different cities and have minimal Internet access. I’ve been able to check into the site every few days briefly, but have not been able to read all articles fully.

Full strength to you in these times!  We have certainly had our fair share of ‘waves’, a particularly dark one hit earlier that seems to have passed now.

May the time be upon us NOW!
Love Kate
Dear Kate,

I am happy to hear that you have passed through these last challenges on the earth without being harmed personally and that you are still comparatively well, notwithstanding all dark attacks against us. I am sure that from now on the situation will improve substantially in the short period of time before our physical ascension.

It is interesting that you are in Italy now. Some other members of the PAT have also moved there recently. This may be associated with the key role which this country has in the catholic church that must be abolished first after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters.

With love and light
October 27, 2012

Dear George,

It is so awesome to hear from you and I’m so sorry you have been so I’ll. My children have been attacked by the dark energies. They know that is the way to get to me but I used the Christed light to protect them and provide for their needs. It took several hours of demanding before there was any relief. Also Wed, Thurs and Friday my body was vibrating, heart pounding and heat kept pouring from my hands. I knew something was going on, it just felt too strange and intense. Friday night I thought I felt your presence. I had crazy chills which usually indicates a spirit is present.  I just felt like it was you. It made me smile. I really hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you and I very much appreciate all you have done. It was nice to be connected to the round table email list. It helps me feel so not alone. Blessed be to all.

Love and light to all. Artie
Dear Artie,

thank you for your validation of the latest energetic developments which were a common experience for all PAT members in the last few days. Many of them have also felt my energetic presence in their personal field as we are now building a new unity field that will be the focal point of the new web of light for Gaia and humanity and will be the fulcrum, from which we will trigger all changes on the earth and within human society. We will come out even bigger than initially planned. This also explains our last battle with the dark ones, which we have already won in a most decisive manner. I will publish tomorrow another message from Dorie that confirms this latest achievement.

With love and light
October 26, 2012

Hi Dorie,

Yep, I’m still here too. Although, I did have an interesting experience last night while laying down for bed. I think Georgi was trying to come through. I saw him in my mind sort of like Superman flying at the speed of light back to Earth so I’m guessing that visual meant “I’m coming.” I can sense him again, but he’s far away yet, almost like connecting to a deceased loved one. What impressions are you getting?

After the vision of George, my body started to buzz/hum and I then felt a pressure on my lower body, like someone was sitting on my legs, almost like my lower chakras were close to being fully released. I heard a male voice say, “this is your final ascension test run. This is how it will feel when you dedicate your lower chakras. Next you will completely fill with light and transition. I’ll be right here to support and witness you.” I think it might have been George, but I’m not completely sure, it could have been a member of my Soul family as well.

I awoke this morning feeling even more amazing than the day before. I think our time is close Dorie, maybe even tonight, but I’m not 100% sure. Are you getting any information?

I came across this amazing channeled message. Not sure if the channeler is a good one or not, but this particular message I thought was fantastic. It basically nailed/recapped everything the PAT has recently announced. Another confirmation I thought aside from GaiaPortal and HS.

Have any of the other PAT members reached out to you? I haven’t heard a peep. I sense that they definitely “know” now though.

I’m so freaking excited all I want to do is dance!
Love you sis,
Dear April,

I think I heard him talking to me yesterday, but like you said, it is similar to connecting with a deceased loved one! I had some amazing signs from him yesterday. I wish I had time to type it all out, but have a busy day. I have heard from Carla as she is on the email list of the small group of people from our forum. I will forward you her email experience!
I have also heard from Eugene, Mara, Vicki, and Jerry.

I am SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED APRIL!! I can hardly contain myself this morning! I’ve only had just a few hours of sleep because I’m so excited. I wish I could have slept longer so maybe Georgi could have payed me a visit too!

Oh George,

Obviously Dorie and I sensed your withdrawal and that something important was happening to you, we simply put it in the wrong context. Not completely wrong though, from the way it sounds.

And it’s just like HS and soul family to me mention that my own ascension is imminent and them bam, I’m hit with this nasty crud. At least I’ve learned to laugh instead of cry over their sarcasm. It does help to know that this is all part if our final ascension process. We must indeed be very close.

Much Love and light,
October 27, 2012


This came in my email today.

by Former White Hat

Expect something globally wonderful to occur by the 7th dimensional hands of the Arcturians, your friends, within the week.

That would nice. I am on such an emotional roller coaster ride now…I’m just a big aching, blubbering mass of emotions…. the dark sure knows where to jab at me… and my precious little kitty is dying of cancer before my eyes. I am beginning to really, really hate people, Georgi…. how much more can our puny 3 D bodies and emotions take?

Dear Vicki,

I am not very fond of the Arcturians since 11.11.11 when they failed and disappeared from the scene. I can assure you though that they will play only a minor role in what will come next, while we, the PAT will be the driving force and the main protagonist in all changes that are bound to come very soon. Besides all these white/dark hats are despicable agent provocateurs of the dark secret services. How could they know more than we do, now that we have connected to Godhead? This is ludicrous.

With love and light
October 27, 2012

Dear Georgi,

attached is my letter. I hope you are holding up alright with all the energetic transformations and calibrations. I am suffering physically too, as if the body is massively compressed (by 3-d energy) and, at the same time, bursting at the seams (by higher-d energy.) Sending you love and support,

in love and light, Gail

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I don’t know how well the child abuse case of Jimmy Savile is being reported around the world, but this is growing bigger by the day. There are now accusations of at least a dozen other TV personalities and links to high level political personalities (including one former prime minister) and also to necrophilia and child murder. There are many celebrities who are reported to be worried that their past behaviour will now be seen in the same light. This is going to blow the minds of the public when the full extent of the organised and transparently intentional nature of mass child procurement and abuse within the entertainment, political, legal, medical, social services, media, police, royal, finance, sports and fashion circles is fully revealed. They have not managed to brainwash the masses to accept and condone child rape, and this is their downfall. This is being revealed as a long-time, ongoing scenario and not merely a recent aberration. It is not possible that this will remain isolated to the UK. It is just a matter of time for the world-wide scale to become apparent. Connections to ritual abuse, cannibalism, murder and satanic practices will also be revealed, as it is all intricately connected. The dominoes are falling.

This is why we will be needed very soon. The present authority figures will lose all credibility and all their structures will crumble rapidly without their energy and direction to hold them up. Our time has come. I think you will be going very shortly, Georgi, and we will follow very soon. Already many of us are having strong visions and dreams of being active Masters, healers and leaders and of being recognised as such.

Very much love to all the PAT,
In love and light, Gail
Dear Gail,

thank you for this latest update on the Savile pedophile scandal. I am following closely the  development of this scandal, but to my taste it is still going too slow, with all possible attempts to suppress further revelations. Of course the energies are now such that they will preclude any major hindrances on the part of the dark ones. But how keen are the masses to learn the full scope of the truth in this and other matters? I am afraid that there is not enough outcry in the UK in this respect and I do not see much indignation throughout Europe and in Germany in particular either. This case may be the ignition spark for much bigger revelations, but, as you said, we must ascend first and heave the scope of the revelations to a much higher level, before we can burst the slumbering collective mindset of the people.

With love and light
October 28, 2012

Hi George

I have been meaning to write to you about the latest developments however for some reason I could never find a quiet moment during the day. By late afternoon and night I am just too tired to think straight to put intelligible sentences together. I don’t suffer like you though it is still challenging. I can’t prove to my wife that I am tired and this makes my life frustrating. A week or so ago I wasn’t even able to put up some curtains in my daughters bedroom. I just didn’t have the energy or the motivation to this simple task. I tried and ended up throwing in the towel with a childish rant. I was beaten by a curtain rail! and I know you feel my frustration ten times over.

I have actually become more tired ever since I stopped working. I assume my soul has turned up the juice so to speak as my 3D responsibilities have changed and again is something my wife does not understand. The hardest part for me is my lack of motivation to do anything these days, even when I have some energy. There are very few things in this world that give me joy anymore and doing anything else is a chore in the extreme.

Anyway the main reason for my email is to say that I fully support the latest developments in the ascension scenario particularly your role as our Captain and finally playing out the second coming. You certainly deserve to go first and be recognised for your life long sacrifice, not to mention being the most qualified of anyone incarnated. It will also be a tremendous gift for all the PAT to see you return as an Ascended Master in front of humanity while still residing in 3D momentarily. To see what the masses will see before we ascend in turn. To see how we will be seen. In short the scenario feels right that you be given the first slot. It’s all falling into place.

This brings me to my pictures. I was given a sign today that confirmed what Dorie’s HS recently said in the latest message – The Dark energies are now “neutralized”. This sign was actually tangible so I had to dive back to the location and take a picture to forward on to you. The sign was very obvious to me as I was the intended recipient and I’ll do my best to briefly explain why. The first picture is of a property in a wealthy area of Perth. All properties in this area normally have lush green manicured lawns. I only want to draw your attention to three things. The two arrows pointing to dead and green lawn, and two shrubs pruned in the shape of obelisks highlighted within the red circle. See the second picture for a closer look. 

The third picture is briefly explained by the quote below, which I realise is old news to yourself. I have included it for the benefit of others reading that may not be familiar if you so choose to publish this. I have bolded the pertinent sentence.

The Empire of the City actually consists of three cities, which belong to no nation or state and pay no taxes: Vatican City, the City of London ([inside] London), and Washington DC. Vatican City controls the world through religion, the City of London controls the world through currency, and Washington DC controls the world through force.

The City of London (or the Square Mile) is a plot of land approximately a square mile in London. It is independent from England and is ruled by the City of London Corporation.

Located in the center of each city is an Egyptian obelisk erect. They are: the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, the Washington Monument, and Cleopatra’s Needle in the City of London. Of course, one question you might want to ask yourself is why is there an Egyptian obelisk, which is a tribute to the Egyptian “pagan” sun god Amen-Ra, in the middle of Vatican City? Contained within these three cities is more than 80% of the world’s wealth.

The Empire of “the City” is essentially the British Empire, or more accurately, the forces behind the British Empire of the past. The Empire asserts its control over its colonies (such as the US, Canada, Australia, the European Union) through complicated means.”

So what I noticed initially with this property that I photographed was the un-characteristic dead lawn. I then noticed the obelisk shaped shrubs. This along with an impulse immediately told me that the dark forces behind the ruling elite or their hold on the ascending portion of humanity is now effectively dead. Their days are over and yes I will be cheering when the Orion system visibly crumbles. I hope you like the sign as much as I do and I just want to add that I am not implying the owners of this house have anything to do with the ruling elite. Probably just someone on holidays with a broken reticulation timer. But why anyone has shrubs pruned to resemble obelisks is beyond me.

Anyway I have some pruning to do.

Warm regards

Alex, Australia

Dear Alex,

I can imagine how difficult your current situation is, not being able to explain to anybody what a huge workload you are performing with your body and energy fields for the rest of humanity. People only see your/our visible immobility and reluctance to do any 3d-physical work and immediately label us as lazy and the like. Of course these are only expressions of their deep-seated fears, which they are unable to recognize with their still limited minds, but this does not ease our frustration with such blind people.

I have myself stopped explaining anything anymore and only insist consequently on my way of life. Especially my daughters try all the time to change me, but have to live with their frustration of not being able to achieve anything in this respect. Fortunately they are now experiencing the crumbling of the old matrix in their personal lives, having blockages and negative experiences around every corner  –  a trend, which I have anticipated and announced to them long time ago. This mitigates my family stress, as my family is now occupied to fight thewindmills of their minds” like Don Quixote (By the way this is a beautiful song and its lyrics is even more staggering, see also the excellent interpretation of Dusty Springfield.)

I can confirm that the dark ones have been very active in the last week or so, as I will publish today in another report. But my feeling is indeed that since yesterday they have fully surrendered and the attacks have suddenly stopped. The photos you have sent may indeed illustrate this fact to the attentive observer as you are. I would very much love to publish these photos, but I am not able to establish a proper link for the website and need the help of Chris who is coming back on November 1. I do not come into terms with this Orion digital technology. What I will try to do is to copy the small pictures you have sent me and see if they appear on the website and you must confirm whether you can see them. I cannot do this as I always see them as this is my portal  (PS: I failed to copy them).

There is also another obelisk, which Napoleon, this notorious reptilian shape-shifter brought to Paris from his military excursion in Egypt and then placed it at the “Place de la Concorde“, in the centre of Paris, near all power places/palaces of the French empire. This is a recurrent pattern of Orion power the world over and it is time for us to put an end to this pestilence. Now that the dark archons are fully contained, we must eradicate their negative remnants and thought patterns from the collective mindset of humanity as ascended masters.

My guess is that my ascension as the first one has little to do with my appearance as an individual in front of humanity, but as a cicerone for all ascending PAT members and with the establishment of the energetic nexus with the Source/Godhead and other civilisations in this universe. Through this connection and the unity field of the PAT, the Source will work on Gaia and within humanity. This unity field is now fully integrated through the new web of light with the chakras, minds and fields of all ascending human beings and we will be able to directly insert our energetic impact on them in order to foster their rapid evolution during the rest of this year and  after their ascension on earth A.

With love and light
October 28, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have thoroughly read today’s post ‘The Energetic Background of PAT’s Last Ascension Phase’ and agree with Dorie’s post and your position in explaining it.  In order for this group (the PAT) to gain enough psychic power to accomplish the many miracles, we need to trust each other enough in the dimensional realms to realize that we capable of doing them without going through a lot of religious formulations.  The Source is the fountain of the Mysteries and we are locked into it.  We must remain still, conscious, and capable of developing the powers without showing-off and turning it into a big ego-thing.  Martina’s PAT shrine in the alps marks the center-point between the top of mountain and the Earth.  We need to envelop its simplicity and power into our hearts.  Then we can recall our dreams and the psychic powers in them to dwell as long as we need to in 3-D.

The hurricane is going to slam into the east coast by tomorrow evening.  When it hits land, it is turned into a gale and will even effect fresh water lakes in the northeast.  Lake Ontario, for instance, can rise as much as 15 feet and take a bunch of property with it in return.  It will rain for at least three days causing power outages and relocation.  All members of the PAT will be safe if we rely on you and the Source to protect our lives and property.

In Love and Light,
Dear Henry,

thank you very much for this validation of the latest energetic shifts of the PAT’s energies to a unity field that is fully connected to Godhead. The whole process of ascension is so complex that we can only scratch on the surface and gain some glimpses that help us understand our experiences in the last few days. But the complete vision we will receive after our ascension will be so big and multi-dimensional that we cannot imagine it at present.

I hope that this hurricane “Frankenstorm” will not cause much damage on the East coast, but the weather is indeed very erratic these last days. We have since yesterday snow in Bavaria, the earliest date when snow has fallen since 40 years. If these are the signs of nature that tell us the the time of change has commenced, so much for the better.

With love and light

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