The Energetic Background of PAT’s Last Ascension Phase

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, October 27, 2012


Yes, it was a little disappointing that you had not “physically” ascended, but there is just such a sense of knowing for me now, that what is transpiring is beyond miraculous! I finally GET IT, especially after this last message from HS. While I certainly am feeling more and more impatient as the days go by, the impatience is slowly being replaced with excitement as I feel the higher frequency energetic changes within me beginning to take hold.

The latest message from HS is an energetic update, as well as an explanation of sorts, which has helped me to clarify the most recent events and further explain to me the unfolding process of ascension. This is what I have received so far. I hope this resonates with you as well.

Much love to you Georgi!


Message – October 27, 2012

Let’s get something straight…ascension means “moving upwards“. To say that one is ascending or has ascended has so many different connotations depending on the perspective. Certainly you all have ‘ascended’ many times energetically, but what you wait for ultimately is completed “physical” ascension. Understand that no matter what “type” of ascension occurs, it is still ascension, a “moving upwards” into the higher frequencies of energy. So when HS says, “Ascension will occur” this is indeed what happens, and what you may find disappointing from your “perception” is that it has not occurred at all, when in truth it HAS occurred on a whole new level.

And there are levels, upon levels, upon levels. And now each alternate reality is connected to one focal point that transforms them allBecause the energy is now streaming through the concerted focus of one individual within the web of light, this allows for a ‘rebooting’ to take place within the entirety of the web – and that’s what you are doing now – rewriting the past, the present, and the future – and you are doing so within the NOW.

What HS is doing, is attempting to explain the latest energetic update, the latest “ascension” of the entire web of light, and it is very important for you to understand what just took place energetically. You have once again moved into a higher frequency of energy, and each step you take leads you into a deeper understanding of what is involved in the process of ascension. YOU ARE ASCENDING ALREADY, as previously stated time and time again. BUT, and it’s a big but, your ‘idea’ of how that would look and what you would experience has been the “open script” all along. It was necessary for all to stay “light on their feet” in making any necessary changes that would come up in dealing with resistant forces. At this point in the ascension process, it was necessary for that resistance to be removed from all corners, in all realities, in which it was lurking. The Dark energies are now “neutralized”.

What was also necessary during this newest energetic move, was for each member to come into a deeper understanding of their own individual connection to the higher energies. You are very much beginning to utilize your Ascended Master abilities within 3d reality. Your newest downloads in the School of Ascension have made this possible. All PAT are coming “online” now as their Light Bodies begin to merge into their 3d energy fields, and all had to get used to how energy is interpreted through the use of their new energy centers.

As your Captain moved himself into a higher frequency, he was setting the tone, which all others within the PAT had to augment into their own fields of energy in order to learn how to correspond and communicate within it. This last energetic update will allow your own fully completed “physical” ascension process to proceed very quickly, so that you can be out the door and READY TO GO.


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for your latest message from your HS. The key word is indeed “rebooting” of the whole web of light with me and the PAT being the focal point. I personally interpret this rebooting as a further upgrading of the role of the PAT in the history of this planet in all past, present, and future realities (as they all exist simultaneously in the Now), but also as becoming the major driving force behind the coming profound social and economic changes on the ground.

We are now inextricably linked with the destiny of humanity in such a deep and all-encompassing manner that all members of the PAT will indeed need some time after ascension to fully comprehend energetically and spiritually the scope of our new paramount engagement in this planet. We are now definitely the main protagonists in the epic drama of ascension of Gaia and humanity. This is what this message perspires and what I read myself between the lines, probably because my HS makes me read it this way.

Ultimately, it all comes up to the basic cosmic law of co-creation I have already mentioned: The more you do for All-That-Is, the more responsibility and importance you gain in the process of co-creation. The additional efforts we are now making to achieve the perfect possible ascension for Gaia will pay off million times in the No-Time of the higher realms and will be the biggest gratification for us as creator beings. From this achievement we will cherish in all our future adventures.

It may sound somewhat arrogant now, but the appearance of the whole group of the PAT as ascended masters very soon will unleash such a concerted, transforming power on humanity that the long anticipated “Second Coming of Christ” will be a pale biblical fairytale compared to the sweeping cosmic drama we will very soon put on the stage. For this purpose we had to get fully rid off of all rest pockets of darkness before we can enter the stage as victorious heroes.

This explains why we had to deal with so much negativity during the last week or so, while the script was rebooted /re-written one more time – including all past, present and future alternative pathways of human evolution -in order to upgrade the PAT’s role as the major protagonist. From a higher vantage point of view, the few more days on the ground are not even the blink of an eye, while the fruits we will reap from this rebooting are beyond all our imagination. We are now operating under the motto: “Noblesse oblige“.

With love and light

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