The Disgrace of Cosmic Awareness and Its Human Minions. The Naked Facts

by Georgi Stankov, April Bender and Dorie  Bowlin, October 18, 2012

Dear Callista,

now that the dark attacks of your source CA have stipulated, you are obliged as LW to publish our response on your website just as I have always published meticulously all your insidious attacks on the PAT and myself on my website and then have appropriately responded. This is the minimum to prove that you are able to lead an open and fair dialogue vis a vis and not just hide in the citadel of your dark sect CAC.

Otherwise you are in my opinion and that of the PAT, as well as of all intelligent people the world over, not only morons that have been mired by a very dark and treacherous  source, as is the case with Greg Giles, against whom I have issued many justified warnings from the very beginning, but also despicable cowards which is the worst spiritual crime one can perform.

If your husband is so indignant against my substantial critics, why does not he enter an open discussion with myself and we will put all the facts on the table as I have always done. Otherwise he runs the risk to be defined as a typical coward that has no balls, in addition to no brain, and only hides behind the skirt of his wife.

You both, and the whole CAC group, are a real joke now. If you do not publish this documentation on your website within the next days, I will do this on mine and on many others. This time I have officially opened the final battle against the dark forces and in particular against this insidious source  that has usurped the name of the former CA of Paul Shockley, as well as against their petty human minions shortly before our ascension. I do not want to be in your shoes when we appear as ascended masters very soon.

You should be really ashamed, then you are a disgrace to this community.

Dr. med Georgi Stankov

To the Webmaster of Cosmic Awareness

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

the last lies that this dark source CA has disseminated through your website about the PAT and myself personally, have reached an unprecedented peak and disqualifies the CAC as a spiritual group. In fact, the CAC has already declared its moral, ethical and spiritual bankruptcy. And if you carry on like this, you will also lose your soul and will not ascend. Please consider that ascension has already commenced.

Besides, your website is even under current Orion laws liable for disseminating obvious and infamous lies which can be very easily proven. Therefore, I urge you to do what any decent person should do in this situation and publish the documentation below, which is our official response, on your website and open it for broad discussions, just as I have meticulously published all the insinuations and dark attacks of this Orion source, under the name of CA, as we have nothing to fear and hide, contrary to you.

Until now you have practised the policy of complete cover-up of critical information and this has led to your total infiltration by insidious dark Orion propaganda as is the recent case with Greg Giles. You can only escape this mental intoxication, to which your group is now subjected, by implementing the policy of full transparency as this will be case in the higher dimensions. Without this prerequisite none of your group will ever ascend, make no mistake about this.

And think about the fact why CA has never mentioned in all these years the term “light body process“, about which you confessed to myself two years ago to be your highest interest. What happened to you and your LBP? Could it be that you have lost your soul to this dark entity, hiding under the name of CA and have succumbed to its fear mongering.

The current source that is channeled by Berlinghof has nothing to do with the previous source channeled by Paul Shockley, because Paul was a much highly evolved personality than the current medium and could not be mired so easily. But if you fall a prey to this morally corrupt person, you are already lost as you have no time to change the course of the events. You will remember my words very soon, most probably this month, but no later that November when the shit will hit the fan. And it will hit your group very hard, I promise you.

With love and light
Dr. med Georgi Stankov


Documentation – October 17, 2012

Dear Dorie and April.please find below a very dark statement by the source CA which I have just found. There are some more concerning myself, which I will not mention now for the sake of simplicity and clarity. As this passage also involves you and your HS, I would like you to ask your HS just for a comment. Not that I need any confirmation, but probably a verification that this source is really dark tainted in the last years.

Cosmic Awareness: That it indeed is leading individuals into what you called dangerous ground, but sometimes the soul aspect in its journey in the physical must go into such disillusionment, must go into such dangerous ground in order to gain perspective, in order to learn and to grow. In the case of the individual himself (Stankov), who is blaming now even his High Self (?), this is simply indicative of the lower level this individual is coming from, for in the end, if one cannot trust one’s own High Self, one’s own spiritual inner guidance, one’s own connection to the Divine source, then one is truly on the false path, on a path where the ego has taken such control that it will not even allow the individual to determine for him- or herself the truest importance of one’s High Self. 

That many of his followers claim that they are channeling their High Selves and are presenting information that is confirmational to what the individual himself has put out in his postings on his web site but unfortunately often these individuals are not truly channeling their High Self, for if they were, they would receive information that the individual is off track and that much that he asserts is indeed falsely interpreted or even being presented through him from another source that is not of the light with the intent to misguide and misdirect. Their channelings of their High Selves that are confirmational to the individual and what he is asserting simply are misguided attempts to curry his favor, to provide to him that which he is most seeking, spiritual guidance. That they need also therefore to question what they are receiving. 

This Awareness fully understands as It channels this information, that as this is received by those individuals, they will be outraged, they will be indignant, and this Awareness fully sees that there will be further personal attack on yourself and the Interpreter for having been so off track in his channelings of this Awareness. Yet this Awareness challenges those, who are providing this “spiritual” information from their High Self to the entity, to truly stop for a moment and look at the results of these confirmational channelings, for this information is misguiding in itself and preventing them in their own journeys from looking at the deeper issues, from looking at their own ego and their own personal journeys towards self-awareness. That as long as they feel they must support this misguided individual they are not proceeding on their spiritual paths in the way that they originally designed for themselves, but, as this Awareness has already said, it may well still be part of their overall soul’s journey, the journey into false territory, under false prophets, for the reason and purpose of their own spiritual growth and development.” 

Here, this dark source uses the classical tactics of all dark sources/archons: “The thief cries, catch the thief“. CA knows very well that it is distributing only lies against me and the PAT that can be easily proven (see below). If I reject them officially, it will say: “Strankov is indignant again as he does not want to hear the truth“. if I keep silent, CA lies will be accepted as truth as there is no response on the part of the accused. This is how the Fall of Atlantis came in the first place and humanity was debased to the current state. CA is the epitome of this darkness, which the PAT has almost eliminated on the earth and reduced to negligible pockets.

As to the assertion of this individual that the Galactic Federation are the bad guys (this is of course absolutely wrong, it was first your HS that told us that the GF has failed and I or we have never said that they are the bad guys, but that they are not good enough) again, this is incorrect and it is seen that he himself is under the influence of a source that is not of the light, that is of extraterrestrial quality, but not a Galactic Federation being or source. It thus seems reasonable that he would presume that the Galactic Federation are those who would misdirect and mislead when it is seen the true Galactic Federation beings and the force that is the Galactic Federation are here to assist humanity, both in the ascension process and the time beyond. That they are also here to help Mother Earth in its efforts, in her efforts towards her own planetary spiritual ascension.” 

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I feel you are right in saying that we really need not waste any energy in confronting this Dark energy any further, however, it was really nice to hear from HS on this matter, just to have personal validation that these energies truly can no longer cause us any further disruptions!

With much love and light,

Message from My HS on the Dark Attacks against the PAT by Cosmic Awareness

There seems to be a little battle of sorts between the Light and Dark again, that Light being Higher Self and the Dark Energy source known as Cosmic Awareness. Let us address some of the most recent accusations, not that you need to defend your “self” or justify anything, but to let this presence know that you do not fear it.

You do not need to define the magnificence of Higher Self that comes from the Source of All That Is. It is your connection to HS that is your connection to SOURCE – there is no higher connection available, for HS is ultimately a Spark of Source. Therefore, there is NO NEED to channel other sources of information, (Angelics, Spirit Guides, Extra-terrestrials, or energies referred to as Cosmic Awareness) because even in channeling those other sources of information, all messages are received and come through Higher Self. However, there are certain instances where channeled information  received from those sources, if purely channeled, can also be conformational and give validation that is received from Higher Self.

And therein lies the question at hand. How do you know that what you are receiving is being purely channeled? Certainly you could develop a large following of people who listen to the voice of one who speaks with an altered voice making it appear that they are spiritually knowledgeable and wise, to make it appear that the information that is being imparted comes from a Higher Source, which would give the ego validation, OR you could encourage people to listen to the voice that comes from within their own being.

In communicating with the voice that comes from within, there is no need to make things look any different than what they truly are. Messages come from a space that is truly one’s magnificent SELF. And while Higher Self can certainly employ means that may ‘appear’ deceitful, or contain the misleading information, the information supplied is not dark in nature, and not given to cause harm, but to create experiences that will encourage the individual spark to proceed on with it’s mission that cannot be fully understood with a human mind. Therefore, an individual spark learns to follow that voice, the HS, the SOUL’S urgings, even in instances where the understanding and meaning may be kept hidden, until the moment when all can be revealed, knowing that this is in alignment with the Soul and Universal Law.

Validation is required from those who participate in the messages shared, only as an added gesture in assuring that ego is not involved in the channeled message. Those individuals who are highly evolved can immediately detect when a message is not sincere or valid as they have already received the same information through their connection to Higher Self and  so use any shared messages only as a source of resonation and validation. These highly evolved individuals also have the ability to immediately discern when a message has become Dark, as is evidenced for some time now, in the channelings of the energy that is known as Cosmic Awareness.

When one KNOWS that they are writing their own story and creating their own reality with LIGHT, and then joins forces with those who are creating the same story with LIGHT, then there is no need to address a source other than one’s Higher Self, a Divine Spark of Source, in writing that story. Nothing further need be said.


Dear George,

It’s so timely that you sent me this. I awoke this morning feeling like I was being enveloped by “dark energies” though I was easily able to dispel them away.

Below is a response from HS after having read CAs message.


HS Speaks on CA Message

Me: Care to comment on the latest post from cosmic awareness?

HS: Goodness, what is there really to comment on?Our words and intentions, that have been shared on the PAT website, have been twisted to fit into the perspectives and belief systems of a differing group/channeler, with a differing mission/roleThe processing of our information (all messages by PAT HSs Ongoing questioning is a must for the avid seeker, for in the end it will make your faith/foundation stronger, and it certainly does bring up issues of ego for each PAT member to process as you are already aware of, though this is shared more in individual email exchanges of the PAT and not so much focused on in the published messages, as you as a group are very used to dealing with these ego issues/blockages arising, both in yourselves and in the masses. This has been part of your LBP for YEARS.

I would challenge CA with this one question: why is it only one channel is available/elevated within this group? Why are not all souls encouraged to go within and connect directly with their HS?The only way a strong channel is to be developed is through practice. You and I my dear, have been in practice together, for a very long time and know this truth/lesson perhaps better than most out there. Our relationship has also been forged through trial and error, periods of understanding and misunderstanding, like all good relationships, and this is NORMAL. The way back to Self is an unending journey, and it is silly to think that one day you simply arrive or know it all.

To also assume that higher vibrational beings such as the GF are impervious to folly is also a mistaken assumption. How do you think the Fall happened in the first place? Lower vibrational thought forms do make their way into even them from time to time. This is why it’s important to remember that “school” does not end with ascension, nor does the mechanics of ascent/descent stop there.

The message from CA resonates strongly of fear and separation. Perhaps this channeler is afraid to ask CA for more specific information? The channeler seems afraid to take a risk in asking for this detailed information because what if they are wrong? So instead, many things/processes are glossed over or not addressed at all. This may be fine for a particular audience, but is in no way comparable to the role/information needed and provided by this group (the PAT) in order for you to execute your role.

Though both groups are serving the divine, the PAT has a very distinct role of its own (both in its core form and its expanded form) and it does no good to compare apples and oranges so to speak. It is not honoring of either of you groups.

Having said all of this, we in the Higher/Inner realms would like to see less friction/ contention between light groups and instead more of a shared understanding that different roles/experiences have been divvied out. None of you will completely understand the entire complexity of this “transition operation” until post-ascension, but suffice it to say EVERYONE has a role to play and should not assume that one groups role/work is better than another’s, it simply IS.  However, there is nothing wrong at all with practising discernment, especially when looking at another groups piece of information and deciding whether it resonates with your personal role/HS information or not. In fact, this is healthy, again to question the relativity of the information to Self or the collective group. But the information provided by this source, CA, might at times be helpful to you but overall is not your “news network” to follow. Another “station” has been created for you in the form of the PAT site.


Hope this is helpful George.

Much love and light,

Dear Valeri,

I know that you are an active participant in the CA forum which you have found through my website and recommendation. I just want you to comment on the truthfulness on one recent statement by CA (there many more other dark false statements from this source regarding my activities  which I will not address now for the sake of simplicity), as you were personally involved in this information transfer.

“This in regard to information that the individual (Stankov) puts out as for Planet A, A/B, the new harmonized, balanced A/B, and Planet B. It finds this a curiosity indeed. This Awareness finds it a curiosity indeed, that the individual does use some of the information this Awareness has presented in the past, but never acknowledges its source and yet demeans information that this Awareness presents through the Interpreter.”

I  would appreciate your response.

With love and light

Hello Mr. Stankov

I was involved in information transfer if you mean the March 21-22 articles you posted on your website regarding planet A, A/B and B, then I can confirm that it was information I had transcribed from my own session with Cosmic Awareness and found this info,at the time, of big relevance and so decided to send it to you for evaluation and consideration by others reading your website. So I can say that I did send you a transcript that you published on march 21-22.

As for You either demeaning or disagreeing or feeling disappointed in some of the information of Cosmic Awareness,I have certainly seen articles published on your website over the last few months, where you have expressed your own feelings and opinion that CA is giving out incorrect information regarding some potential or likely events CA spoke of at one point or another…


Dear Valeri,

thank you very much for your answer and for the confirmation that I have published the information on the three-earth-scenario from CA as given by you to me with the explicit reference to this sourceThis proof on your part is enough to discredit this source as very dark and deliberately distributing obvious lies and insidious defamations.

One lie, dealing with an evident fact on the ground, which can be proven beyond any doubt, is sufficient to discredit this source for ever.How can such a source come from the unity of the 12th dimension? It is bad enough that so many dark sources distribute lies and deceptions about allegedly events behind the veil, but its is a real disgrace when a dark source begins to lie about obvious facts in the 3d-reality that can be so easily proven.

This deepest line of worst deception has only been crossed by CA so far.

This will do for the moment. Thanks!

With love and light

CC: Below are some links that prove the lies of this source:

This Awareness finds it a curiosity indeed, that the individual does use some of the information this Awareness has presented in the past, but never acknowledges its source and yet demeans information that this Awareness presents through the Interpreter”


Infamous lies about alleged plagiarism of a person with the aim of discrediting his reputation is a criminal act according to the German law and that of most countries and is persecuted accordinglyThis applies to Berlinghof and the whole CAC group. The personal persecution of this dark archon entity that is hiding behind the name of “Cosmic (Un)Awareness” will be my first and most imminent duty after my ascension and appearance as Ascended Master and Earth Keeper in November at the latest. In case it has survived the detonation of the PAT supernova, which I strongly doubt.

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