Personal Energy Update

by Georgi Stankov,  October 27, 2012

When Heaven offers you redemption, e.g. an imminent ascension, be prepared for another dirty, heavy Hercules’ Labour.


I would like to apologize to you for not being able to respond to your emails in the last two days,.This has never happened before, but I was physically totally incapacitated during this time. Nevertheless, I have read all your emails and have sent you my loving thoughts of consolation, especially when unpleasant experiences or bad premonitions were reported, which were happily resolved later on, as was the case with Joana and her mother.

On Thursday night I was hit by a powerful energy tsunami with extremely penetrating, high frequency vibrations that caused the heaviest cold shivering and chills my body has ever experienced, accompanied by sweating and a sensation of fever and illness, although my body is no longer capable of raising its temperature. At the same time there was a profound dissolution of my physical vessel, while I was trembling all the time. These energy waves continued throughout the whole Thursday and Friday.

My physical incapacitation was aggravated by a loss of coordination and clumsy fingers, so that I could hardy do any physical activity or job. Most of the time I slept, which was not a normal sleep, but a powerful transition to a higher energetic state. In the short moments when I was awake, my mind was still in this altered dream-like state. The cold shivering was additionally augmented by very strong metatron vibrations which produced an enormous inner heat that manifested itself also as external epidermal burning. In other words, I was completely knocked down.

During this energy surge, I did not have a very clear communication with my HS most of the time, but I did receive subconsciously some basic technical explanations on my energetic situation. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to express this knowledge in a verbal form.

As you remember, Dorie’s HS gave us the following information on the latest changes of the Ascension scenario:

“Georgi’s role as “Captain” will be changing to the role of First Ascended Master, therefore, he will be the “one” who will disperse new information. The script, once again, has changed. Georgi is needed to ascend into the Higher Realms first, before the core group, in order to reappear FIRST. This change has occurred for one reason and one reason only.There needs to be an EXAMPLE. Just as Georgi has been the key in opening the dimensions, he will now not only be the key, but will set the “tone” that sparks the final detonation of the PAT supernova.

Understand also that it was a necessary strategy for the Captain to now go “first” because of the last minute infiltration of dark forces. This act is being implemented along with the “web of light” protocol for protection, and the recently altered plan of ascension that was presented by April. This had to be done because the Dark had been working to create divisiveness between the members of the PAT by projecting thoughts of “unworthiness” and “uncertainty” into their thought processes. With the “Captain” taking the lead and Ascending by example, it removes ANY and ALL energies that remain in the way, even for members who believe in the Ascension process, but are still fearful that they are not members of the PAT, simply because they themselves do not experience many of the LBP symptoms.”

and then she finished with this cryptic statement:

“As we cannot possibly explain all the intricacies of the processes involved, know these details are being taken care of in the Higher Realms and that all that is left for you to do is Ascend and be the domino that sets all the other dominoes into motion within the Web of Light.”

I can assure you that the energetic processes that are now running behind the veil are mind-boggling and are beyond the comprehension of any human consciousness, no matter how expanded it may be. I am receiving myself only glimpses of them as they involve my personal energy field in the first place. April’s message from her HS confirmed  this information from Dorie’s HS by expanding somewhat our insight:

“All future PAT activities will be coordinated telepathically with George taking the lead, similarly to how he takes the lead managing/coordinating all PAT communications now. This “first-action” by George as the elected PAT Captain, is a mirror of the other “first-action” by George last month as having been given the “master key,” and the subsequent drilling up through all the dimensional levels, and the ignition of the entire, larger final ascension sequence with Source.

So these two activities are closely related, as he is your elected group representative. There MUST be a focal/nexus point of each group’s energy when consciously creating together. George is yours because you’ve chosen him to be, not because he’s declared it himself.” 

And now comes the most important statement which is the key to a proper understanding of what has actually happened in the last several days:

This is very different than the focal point of the PAT’s collective mind and serves a different function. George helps align all the PAT’s energy into one focal/focus point, and this is beneficial for many different reasons, but mostly for co-creation. “

What I received from my HS during these two extremely debilitating days of complete energetic transformation and physical incapacitation, was that the energetic plan for ascension has been changed one more time more dramatically than originally anticipated by us, while reading the above messages. This is however nothing new  to us, but still there is an urgent need for further elucidation.

Just as I was chosen by your HS and the Source to be the key opener of your portals in order to build the rainbow bridge from Gaia to the source by drilling all dimensions and subsequently connecting all ley lines on the earth with the energy circuits of each dimension, we are now undergoing a similar energetic procedure of unimaginable proportions.

When the decision was fallen last weekend for me to be the first to ascend, its dramatic energetic implications on the ground and at the societal level, while  being in the forefront of our considerations, were in fact just the tip of the iceberg. As Dorie’s HS told us: “This act is being implemented along with the “web of light” protocol for protection, and the recently altered plan of ascension that was presented by April.” In fact the whole alteration of the ascension scenario is much more profound than we have anticipated at the beginning.

The new energy protocols for ascension, including my appearance as first ascended master, necessitated the establishment of a completely new energy web of light that was not part of the original ascension scenario. Hence Dorie’s HS complaint: “While the script has changed, and changed, and then changed again, what always stayed at the forefront was the Higher Self’s desire for their troops on the ground, the PAT, to have the opportunity to experience the fruits of their labour, while still in 3D”

This is true, but this is just one side of the coin. Now my energy field has become the focal point, an energetic nexus or crossroad, if you will, through which all the energies of the Source will flow on the earth and humanity. This would say that the whole PAT group of incarnated souls is now fully embedded in the Source through my personal field. This has never happened before on this planet and at this level of density throughout the whole  universe.

This was the reason why I experienced in the last two days this massive and continuous ascension and calibration of my body. Obviously the information that the crystalline light bodies, which we will acquire during our ascension, will not allow us to dwell energetically in higher dimensions than the 5th one no longer holds true in my case. My energy field is now the proverbial elevator that will connect the PAT as a group of ascended masters fully to the Source, so that it will be able to work and create on the ground through each one of us in an immaculate manner.

In a biblical sense everyone of us is now the “true son of God”. The whole future creation of humanity and Gaia will flow and be coordinated through this new energetic field, which is a further higher graduation of the PAT’s role in all creation. At the same time the new powerful unity field, which I have established in the last two days, will be the focal point of all intergalactic pathways that will connect the new human transgalactic society, which will slowly emerge after mass ascension, with all other civilisations in this universe. This information which I received from my HS was confirmed later on by the latest message on Gaiaportal on October 25:

“Galactic imprints are being overlaid and interwoven into upgraded Gaia grids. Connections to Galactic communications channels are implemented. Gaia communicates directly with Higher Galactic Command centers. Gaia upgrade nears completion. Sufficient for next steps to commence. Gaia appearance includes iridescent star image. Gaia now embodies Star Citizenship” 

All these intergalactic connections and upgrades are now fully integrated in my energy field and that of the PAT. We will be the focal point/ junction /nexus for them. These energetic processes are beyond the horizon of any human mind. Our consciousness is based on the archetypal structure of the soul. However the soul structure only exists up to the 8th dimension. Beyond that the soul structure is dissolved ínto much bigger energetic units. In my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind ” I discuss this issue and speak of energetic realities beyond the soul dimensions. It is to these non soul-realms, to which  the collective field of the PAT has been now fully connected through my personal energy field and the energies that are active behind, and through, my humble physical incarnation.

I cannot explain it in a more simple way and hope to have given you some inkling as to what is currently ongoing behind the veil and why you have been also so hardly hit during these last days. There is an inviolable rule of Co-Creation: The more effort a soul or an entity exerts on behalf of the Whole, the higher it ascends in the cosmic hierarchy and the more it partakes in the process of co-creation.

My ascension and that of the PAT will trigger the collapse of the holographic model of the old Orion matrix within the blink of an eye and will immediately substitute it on a global level with the new web of light, which will be the energetic basis of the new earth A, including all future technologies and the like. Thus the web we are now creating in the final phase will include as potential all future possible developments and parallel realities of the omni-earth as a new multi-dimensional star. Only after we have ascended, can we begin to realise the full ramifications of our last heroic deeds on the ground.

The role of the PAT has been upgraded one more time in the last several days and this explains why we became again object of the most massive attacks on the part of the dark forces we have ever observed since we have opened the stargate 11.11.11. We were warned by the HS of our channelling ladies about the coming of these dark attacks several days in advance. Obviously these Orion morons realised finally who is their greatest enemy on the ground. But in the meantime they have been completely neutralised /energetically detained, as Tom reports in his last email to me on October 25:

 “While I was taking a bath a short time ago, I saw a vision of the current activities of the dark ones. They were behind prison bars, and were desperately trying to reach out to me and the rest of PAT. The best they could do was to send different kinds of tentacles towards us, since their bodies were being held back by the prison bars. I saw their jail cell slowly moving away from us in the future, and they became more desperate as this happened.

My HS then showed me some images from the third STAR WARS movie, RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983). He said that the dark ones will trying to get to new PAT members (especially those who don’t access your website regularly) the way that the Emperor tried to get to Luke in that movie. He said that those of us who are in regular contact with you and are more knowledgeable in these matters will need to protect them in the future.

Next, I felt the dark ones making a major concerted effort to send a big wave of disruptive energy towards PAT over the last few days. This confirmed what I’ve experienced and other PAT members have shared recently. My HS said that they are sending this wave because they are stuck in their prison cell, and are running out of other ways to get to us. 

Last night I dreamt that I had numerous discussions with representatives of the Rockefeller Orion dynasty and their human minions. They were desperately running along the dark corridors of power, trying to save their lives, only to find themselves confined at the end of a huge corridor which was separated by a demarcation line from myself and the rest of the corridor. I was in the best possible mood I could ever remembers. One of them run towards me and yelped at me: “We do not want you here. Leave this place immediately”. Another incarcerated human minion of the Rockefeller family, who sat beside this agitated one with a gloomy face, tried to calm him down with a weak voice full of resignation: “Don’t you see that he is on the other side of the demarcation line and you cannot do anything anymore.” The furious dark entity stopped abruptly in front of the line and then he realised for the first time in a shock that he was incarcerated and that I was on the other side of the aisle and in full possession of their corridors of power. It wast the most hilarious dream and I felt highly elevated, notwithstanding the inhuman energies to which I was subjected this night.

Now make no mistake – we have entered a new energetic state, where all miracles are possible. The PAT has reached a new level of cohesiveness and direct telepathic communication, which will be the foundation for the Source to unleash the collapse of the old matrix. The moment I shall ascend and you begin to pop up, the symphony of Orion decay will commence and it will be “uno grande finale furioso”.

On Friday Carla wrote to me about her exceptional experience:

Dear Georgi,

I am writing to ask if you have experienced anything unusual today. 

The reason why I am asking is because this morning (Thursday) at about 9 a.m. PDT (15 hours ago)  your energy came into my room. With my third eye I saw a large bright white light in a 3 dimensional rectangular shape, emanating out from an aura-like light in a vibrant indigo blue. This energy was hovering about three feet off the ground and was about 3 metres in diameter. The energy signature was immediately recognisable as yours.

I could not write at that time because I had an emergency with regard to my ill mother.  I have just returned home now and I immediately came to my computer to share this remarkable event with you. I look forward to hearing your side of the story. Perhaps this event is confirmation of your ascension? 

What Carla has experienced is the new level of merging the individual energies of the PAT into one powerful, global web of light that is now fully connected to the Source through my field, and through which all major events and changes will be triggered on the ground. This unity field of the PAT is much more than the simple detonation of the PAT supernova. By the way, the last days I did experience the filling of my personal field with detonation energy, where the cold shivering and chills of my body, the inner heat and the palpable dissolution of my physical vessel were merely the clinical symptoms of this final process.

I have no idea when the God’s spark will ignite mine and the PAT’s ascension, but it can be any moment from now on. During these last two days I believed that it can happen any time. But now I have the absolute certainty that this time our final victory is fully guaranteed as it has become the top agenda of Godhead and we the PAT are his divine prolongation and the executors of his will on the ground. We are now the representatives of Godhead.

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