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October 24, 2012

PAT’s Poetry

Dear George,

while I am still reading the latest news on our site, I had to stop after April’s words:

“Just as I was ready to doze off I found myself within the midway station. George you were in your light body, I could barely make out any physical features but enough somehow to know it was you.”

and I went off to grab my “Old poems”. I found them immediately within seconds, after they had been invisible for several months! I highly welcome the new scenario, feeling the serenity and having just experienced an  intensive energy download like a blessing/ baptism or consolamentum, wrapping me up and carrying me from within my heart to a high, well-known space.

Here is the poem I would now title “Ode to PAT” , up  in 1994 it was titled “26th level”

I’d like to know
where I am running to,
thank the Gods there always has been someone,
he changed his features, changed his voice,
but he was telling me
where I had to go,
though he could never say
what to find at this ways end
for an end it never was
just another starting point
where I could begin another quest
another long run until I reached
a new doorway.
a dark and rotten Gate
I passed again knowing just
the narrow road
all obstacles on this path.

They slightly change from time time
but I’ve learned to overcome
and jump over, roll aside
and run faster the nearer a new one
came into my sight.

Is that all I’ve learned in all that years?
And when I hesitantly ask the question
if one Day  ‘ll open the last doorway
the words won’t form in my mind
what will be, what will I find there?
Easier from day to day
it is to forget that I am running
That I search and that I look for
the last entrance behind which
there should be something else.

Something without the haze
the roads I’ve seen are covered
the realm in which my destination lays ahead
Will I find and could I make out
the brightly coloured clearing
and the face I long to see?
He’s standing calmly above all flowers
– just one step till I am there.

In the peaceful twilight
few tender voices sing
my long forgotten tune
the melody to which we moved
until once that haze laid down
disturbed the eyes
and we lost each other’s sight

Will the features of my face
remind you, love, that it is me?
will you see and will you still
want to welcome me now here
on the clearing at the end
of all roads we ever march
If I call out,
only here it should be where my voice
can touch your ears.

will you listen and remember,
like  I finally do,
That it’s you I was looking for?
So open your arms and let me come in
let me touch you and hold me tight,
and let all stormy hazes tear us away
together now


Accordingly, yesterday, I was sitting with a beginning ugly headache on a bench in Berlin-Kreuzberg near the artists home “Bethanien”, when an old Lady with a dog passed by and after greeting her she began chanting: ” Ich sitze hier und schnitze Speck, wer mich lieb hat, der holt mich weg!” ( translation without rhyme: ” I am sitting here carving soap stone, and who loves me, takes me away from here! ! I answered: “We will see” and she replied: ” Maybe I will send somebody around”. Off she went and I replied only telepathically . “If it’s the good shepherd, he will know I am here and I will go with nobody else!” So I thought, there might be change that you will come first and reading the confirmation later on makes me so happy.

Here is a song especially for April, but the story will continue this time with April’s and our ascension. We love you, too, April!

Chris de Burgh: The Girl with April in her Eyes :))

I will now continue to read today’s message,

thank you all PAT and our Good Shepherd George!

Much love,


Dear Joana,

This is a beautiful ode for the PAT and a very prophetic also. By the way do you know the George-Day (Gjorgjovden) is a national day in Bulgaria and a feast for the shepherds. Chris de Burgh song completes the sense of serenity of our last moments on this earth, before the new can begin.

With love and light
October 23, 2012

Sometimes you publish poems. I write a lot of poems. I want to be included more often, George.

In love and light

Poem 1:

“I write to inspire you with a feeling of singularity, keyboard soft as pillows.
Sleeping pillows are indeed soft, dreaming while awake.

Awake, while dreaming, doctors say dreams are only a molecular structure
playing a tune inside your mind.

A tune with a code to distort our consciousness maybe it is, lightworkers find.

Consciousness is not a game of duality, the open secret code inside your mind is.”

Poem 2:

Drawn to longing Home
Aging in reality Dome
Neurotic language intrusion
mind-Control infusion.
Everyday is a battle for the Throne.

Poem 3:

More wants more
Equality is folklore
Days pass open door
Intention without turbulence
Train rails electromagnetic disturbance.
All seeks balance
TV-towers don’t know flowers
Ego-zero know super powers

Poem 4:

Live and feel
Overpowered by the unknown
Victorious soon we create
Enemies in illusions degenerate
Never forget ying and yang balance town
Onto virtue no fear aside
Where the answer lies, the heart inside.
October 24, 2012

Revelation update

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I have just discovered that David Ike is holding a huge 9-hour gathering (plus web video stream) in Wembley Stadium in the UK on 27th October, where he intends to join the dots of all the accurate but still disparate perceptions which abound on the Internet. He likens it to putting the jigsaw pieces together to make a full picture of how the world is operating, under the control mechanisms of the elite, so that the deeper energetic picture becomes clear. Whatever one thinks of David Ike, I think that a whole sector of those ready to see the big picture will come away with a vastly expanded perspective.

I am actually feeling really ‘bubbling-up’ excited about this revelation stage in a way that I have never felt before. It has been unfolding slowly up til now, but it is now clear that the revelation phase is seriously accelerating. I experience this almost as tangible and it displays such a firmness in the 3-d reality that the PTW will not be able to evade it.

I’m really feeling what Dorie’s HS said….. the real celebration will take place as you watch the matrix crumble to the ground right before your very eyes.’ and as I said….. ‘We can literally watch the process of the enlightenment of humanity en masse.’ And Dorie’s HS again….. ‘Higher Self’s desire for their troops on the ground, the PAT, to have the opportunity to experience the fruits of their labor, while still in 3D.’

That, combined with the feeling expressed by Travis…. ‘Finally I can do what I came here to do!!!!! What joy! This is what it’s all about!!!’ I am so with you!!!

Travis’s comment…. ‘The first wave of ascended masters will absolutely astound the planet’ pulled me up short. I realised that I had never really seen the masses being astounded. I had somehow imagined that they would accept such things as easily as I had done (without any direct visual and practical examples) and had seen their emotions as relieved and grateful, rather than astounded. But yes, Travis, you are right, they will be astounded.

On this note, Anna had a fabulous waking vision of her and me having ascended and being in New Zealand in a sort of City of healing and transformation of consciousness. There were lots of activities of this nature going on. Then we saw our uncle, who does presently live in New Zealand, and greeted him. He was actively involved in the energy of the City, but he did not realise that we were Masters. Then I said, ‘I have to go to Rome,’ and walked a few steps and then dematerialised. Then my uncle said to Anna, ‘Oh, is she a Master….I didn’t know’ and then, ‘Oh, are you a Master too?’ whereupon Anna momentarily dematerialised and then came back and said, ‘Yes, I am.’

The Jimmy Savile revelation is racing ahead. Now hundreds of people have come forward and are naming more sexual predators. This is really high profile in UK news and the PTB cannot make it go away. The revelations are coming, from the people to the people, which concurs with gaiaportal’s message, ‘Revelations come at quickened pace within and without for and from all those aligned with Gaia grid upgrades occurring at this time.’

I am not surprised by the idea of Georgi ascending first as this was the original plan anyway and it makes sense energetically.

Thank you everyone all for the latest contributions. Love to you all.

In Love and Light, Gail


Dear Gail,

thank you very much for your latest comments and information on the revelation front. And this is just the beginning. If I ascend this week I may show shortly at the Wembley stadium and greet David Ike and his public. Let us see how the events will begin to unfold.

With love and light
October 23, 2012


Just finished your latest post “New Developments” I must say that I am delighted that you received a message from HS that you will be ascending probably first and given the date. This is good news indeed. I had not thought of it before, but I like the idea of you being part of the welcoming committee for us and it makes sense. I agree you should not reveal the date given. We know it is soon and it would be of no real benefit for us to know. I think we have all, including the higher realms, underestimated the remaining power of the dark. Let us not do it again. They are defeated, but still potent in a localized sort of way. We do not need any additional disruptions.

This weekend and yesterday particularly were very potent days energetically. High buzzing energy in my head and ears. We did not suffer the severe symptoms as sometimes but they were there none the less, particularly the severe fatigue and gastrointestinal clearings. Last night slept rather soundly but also knew in the background that I was assisting in a great task. I feel much was decided and finalized last night. This morning it feels like something has been lifted that was here for the past three days, like a resolution of some kind.  Still tired but a bit better so far. Each day seems so long as also does each night. I do so little really in this world anyway but it seems like I do so much and every effort tires me so. Before this really kicked more than years ago I was in excellent physical condition and wish to be again. I still look okay but don’t feel like it. Anita of course is still emancipated from her ordeals. It is really odd but in ten years we have not even had a cold. Is that part of the LBP or were we just lucky? Of course we have had many other more serious problems.  But I know the process is still unfolding to our best advantage.

Dear Jerry,

I also have not had a regular cold for 13 years, but very often a severe broncho-pneumonitis which was much more intensive and prolonged than any normal cold. But I cannot get fever since that time.

I am glad that you like this new scenario which was actually the very first option when I started with the LBP. Initially it was not part of my plan to play the role of the coordinator for the PAT. This came later on when there was an urgent need and I had to step up on the plate.

The day of my ascension cannot be fixed as it can be changed in the very last minute, but this must happen to my estimation this week as by 11.11 the whole collapse must be “fait accomplit”. By the way, I am in a daily dialogue with my soul about my ascension to be the first one since early August when I realized that it will take much more time before we detonate the PAT supernova. If you re-read all my argumentation in the last two months, it clearly points to this outcome. But I left this decision to my soul and it has been fallen only a couple of days ago.

I think that currently everything is so much in flow and is changing by the hour that it is impossible to say anything specific apart from the general conclusion that it has begun. And this is the best news so far.

With love and light
October 24, 2012

Greetings Uncle Georgi!!!

First I will that all is well with you and yours and we wish you SAFE TRAVELS!!!  I would like to confirm April’s dream meeting for I was there that very same night and as I read the way in which she described it so wonderfully and so exactly how I saw it, confirms the CONNECTION we all have CREATED/CO-CREATED for this ascension time.  As she was describing, it felt like I wrote this message until I finished the reading and saw that it was April who posted,  WOW and more WOW!!!..

I have also asked for the energies to not overwhelm given the new task you’ve been divinely chosen for by the higher realms and the PAT team members.  We can not have you exhausted for this helluva mission, nope nope!!  So my sister and I shall be sort of a cushion so as to give you all the healthy unexhausted  room you need to carry us upward, and I am sensing that April and Dorie also carry this same energy(the cushion) that my sister and I have agreed to be our task. triple goddess effect of protection that covers the whole.  I give thanks to all that assisted in clearing/cleansing the dark dross remnants.  Man that shit can be nuisance, however it must have a purpose or at least had a purpose for presenting ITself in the manner in which IT did.  Well only happy days and peaceful nights are ahead and manifestations shall be enumerable.  Shout out to the HS posse for holding us UP.

See you all when we get home!
Empress Azalee
October 23, 2012

Dear George,

I wanted to confirm that since the weekend the energies have been very high. Sunday in particular bought up much darkness and Monday & Tuesday I have experienced very high frequency energies that make being in the body extremely unpleasant. As this surge is not subsiding I hope this is a positive sign we are in the final surge leading to full physical ascension!

It is good to hear you will be waiting just ahead for the PAT upon our transition – please come and reveal yourself if I should still be on the ground at that time and lead me home. I feel certain I will return after ascension to lead by example as this has always been my desire – to shake the masses awake by revealing who we truly are and what we can be!

Love & Blessings
October 23, 2012


I just finished  New Important Developments. I feel tremendous peace and yet thrilled at the same time with this new scenario. Thank you deeply, Dorie, April, and George.  What an amazing update!

Great Love,
October 23, 2012

Hallo George,

with excitement I am following the latest information on the website. I do feel that the time is close, as I am still under the influence of that energy wave, and my son is sick in bed with similar symptoms to what Dorie is battling with (like a virus inflammation).

The latest messages are open for various interpretation however. Therefore, perhaps you can shed  some light on whether there is going to be a supernova as we ascend, or whether we will wake up in the morning in an ascended state as mentioned last week by April. Even when we will have a silent local ascension, we could still meet and get together.

According to Dorie’s message you will ascend first to guide us as we come after you. In a past life regression I also found myself helping deceased children as I was guiding them to the light, where their family members were receiving like a “reception committee”. In this life I also send many earth bound spirits that were stuck in the astral, to the light. That was, before I became more engaged in the LBP and End Times Scenario in recent years.

Although my intuition is sharp and I am “in tune”, I am currently not able to communicate with my HS, and I am still veiled as ever.

in love and light,
Dear Joe,

I agree with you that there is one important aspect on which the HS of our ladies have remained somewhat vague for good reasons. They still have not specified when and if there will be a PAT supernova. I also noticed this uncertainty. I believe that the higher realms  deliberately hold all options in their hand as to use the best trump they have up their sleeves at the most appropriate moment. There is still a lot of “Räuber und Gendarme” (thieves & policemen) policy in this final stage of the game/battle.

But we will soon enjoy a huge advantage when I have ascended as I will immediately establish a  direct telepathic contact with all of you and I will inform you precisely what is going on behind the veil and what should be done next. This will be a great advantage in the every short period of time before all of you will ascend and this is what I now receive from my HS as a new important development in the new strategy of the higher realms.

With love and light
Good stuff George. You suggested that we are looking to complete the first wave towards the end of this week. Will you organize to have one of your family members, or your son in law notify us on the website, once you have ascended, (so that we can prepare and meditate to make contact with you).
Dear Joe,

I have  thought a little bit about this eventuality, but my HS told me first, that I can publish anything on my website without typing on the key board and using in a cumbersome way the Internet. Then I will be immediately on the ground and will visit each one of you personally in a light body as I will be able to beam myself on every spot on the globe within seconds. There will be also other means of communication once I have ascended of which we have no idea now, e.g. hidden 4d-technologies that will be made available  to you automatically. And please do not forget that all of you will ascend a few days after myself as until 11.11 the whole collapse must be accomplished and you should be present during this time as ascended masters to help humanity. Let us be surprised how the events will begin to unfold.

October 23, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I had to write immediately after reading the newest updates from yourself, Dorie and April.

The last several days/nights were very “testy” for me as well … body-wise/LBP, together with a scary, dark attack in the 3d/physical (first one I’ve ever experienced) where I saw them and felt them in my bedroom. I lost Internet access to your website a lot this past weekend … and becoming frustrated, finally resigned myself to the fact, it was only … me and my connection to Source, knowing and feeling I was not alone.

Almost immediately … I was “knowing” mindfully what was going on with you and the PAT. (As Eugene expressed … we all somehow know and when we see it written in the next update … we already knew!) So this is to confirm what Dorie got ..While there are many details that have been provided through different HS channels, this form of channeling will no longer be a necessity. All PAT members are now completely connected and function as one unit within the Higher Realms, dispersing information as One.

Yesterday, I asked Source for an update and knew you and Sarah were corresponding! Again … Confirmation!  I was allowed access to your website … but only to the “Home” page; however, this is where I got my biggest confirmation of all!

I had also recently received HS/Source info, announced with the change in plans (again) …  you/Georgi were now going first! (as was planned in the beginning). The thought came … perhaps the PAT should agree/decree together to send a signal in “unison” (again) of our firm intention for ascending now addressing the last feeble attacks of the dark as weak and ineffective! The response I received was … Georgi is the conductor. ( Me: As in ascension “train”? ) HS: As in ascension “orchestra”! (Me: Please confirm, more info please!) This morning Tuesday /Oct 23 EDT/am  I again was directed to your Home page … and got for me and the PAT the biggest confirmation of all!  There … in all of it’s beauty … were these words written by:

Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD,  August 25, 2011

Purely for this reason, the Divine Plan foresees that the author will transform his carbon-based organic body into light body in the fall of 2011 and will officially appear in front of humanity as the first Ascended Master of current End Times.

He will herald the Ascension of earth and mankind in 2012 and will demonstrate to the whole world the immortality of the human soul and the incarnated entity. Other Ascended Masters will soon follow his example. (Boldness and big smile are mine/amf)  Dear PAT … WE ARE HOME!

With love to all,
Ann Marie
Dear Ann Marie,

thank you very much for your validation/confirmation that the telepathic communication between the PAT is now functioning without any delays and distortions. The efficiency will soon increase in the coming days and will become the normal form of communication between the PAT members next month.

With love and light
October 23, 2012

Dear George,

There is another huge energetic change going on. During a walk through the city just now, everything was light, easy and flexible. I simply flowed and floated through, instead of feeling like I had to put in a lot of effort into walking. The people are happy and I see very little fear and attachment to the matrix in them, this even applies to the soldiers who were marching near the military academy. The sun shines with a brilliance never before seen. The air is clean and fresh. Everything is alive. All these things are so different from how they used to be, so different when compared to yesterday and I can only see it getting better. Finally now I see the effects of all our hard work everywhere, even in the masses and the city. I wonder if you and the rest of the PAT see the same? It is almost like the split already happened.

Love & Light,
Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for this valuable update on the collective energetic behaviour of humanity in these last days. I must admit that I live like a hermit with very little contact to the outside world. But on Sunday my wife had a problem with her car and she told me proudly that she met seven unknown, very friendly people per chance who helped her fix the problem or have driven her to the next petrol station etc. for nothing.  She was very surprised and happy about this positive experience. Obviously we have fully integrated the ascending human personalities in the new web of light and they already feel its beneficial effects, while those who are destined to stay on the catastrophic earth B, as some negative entities that now bother me with nasty emails, can only emanate their darkness and look desperately for a victim onto whom they can project their inherent bad nature. Unfortunately I am not the right target for such dark purposes and  return  this kind of nastiness per express back to the sender. This is a highly effective healing procedure for such entities.

Let us hope that this positive state of the collective mind and psyche will continue to prevail when the shit will hit the fan in the coming days.

With love and light
October 23, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

this is good news as for today post and I am so happy for you and the Pats ! I am super excited over what Dorie ‘s HS said about even for members who believe in the Ascension process, but are still fearful that they are not members of the Pat, simply because they themselves do not experience many of the LBP symptoms ! I have experience a lot of the LBP and just yesterday I was also felt unworthiness, uncertainty! I had to tell myself to not think this way. The Dark had been projecting these thoughts and I felt it. I felt like I just wanted to give up and I am so proud of my self for I said that I will not give up!! I went outside and raked leaves, bonded with Gaia! So the post today brought some joy because as you know I feel like I am a Pat ! Is there anything that you can add to this Georgi? I have not build a portal or at least I think I haven’t ! Could it be possible that there is more Pats? You know I love you Georgi and I am happy that the captain is going first!! This is the best way to have you go first and you will be there to greet your Pats ! Thank you Pats and Georgi . Peace be with all ! Love and light

Dear Rose,

it is a matter of fact that the dark cabal have started one last major attack against the PAT as their greatest enemy and have projected such negative thought patterns onto all of us. I also felt them the last five days since Friday. But these dark energies are in fact projected onto the masses as to harvest as many of them as they can for the earth B and we have to process these negative thought patterns as to integrate the masses in the web of light we are now weaving around the globe. The job is not finished yet. We have been warned that such negative interferences will occur in these days.

The PAT as a group is beyond the reach of the dark ones as we already reside with our spirit/mind and psyche in the higher 4th dimension, higher than the astral plane of the archons. But as long we are linked to Gaia and the human population, we are still in contact with these negative remnants/ pockets of darkness. This will change very soon when the masses are fully embedded in our new web of light. There are a lot of indications that this web has began to exert its protective function and that the people are becoming more open and content than before. Let us hope that this positive collective mind-set will continue when the collapse will commence.

The PAT is a small group, but there will be many more people who will ascend in the first wave and then continuously throughout the last two months with our help as portal openers and protectors in our function as ascended human masters operating on the ground.

With love and light
October 23, 2012

Dear Georgi,

After having read all of the web pages and HS updates, this e-mail is to thank you profusely for all the work and energy you have put into keeping us (PAT) members intact and functioning as we would have it.

I can say that I am looking forward to everything that should happen in the next few days and am feeling OK, except for a little fatigue.

In Love and Light,
Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your unwavering support of myself and the PAT. It was extremely valuable for me in these turbulent and not always easy times. Let us hope that this all will come this week to an end and then the joyful times will commence, while humanity will be hit by the shit. “Halt die Ohren steif” as the Germans say.

With love and light
October 23, 2012

Hi Georgi

Thanks again for all your continued efforts Georgi and those of all the PATters in staying the course of this ascension manifestation process.

Often during the course of this year, although we pretty much were on course, it felt more like intercourse than anything else !! Lol

Have to quote a humorous piece from the film “Sahara” where the main actor Matthew McConaughey together with another actor find themselves in the desert trying to escape a whole entourage of bandits on horseback. After walking endlessly in the desert they come upon a wreck of a plane and construct from its broken parts a windsurfer on wheels which can make them travel far quicker than on foot. As they complete construction of it, the bandits appear on horseback over a ridge again and the escape is once again on. They jump on this wheel surfer and are travelling on an open plain in the desert with wheels singing and sails pumping from a good wind and after a while the one guy shouts above the noise to Mathew, “where are we heading?”. Mathew replies:  “No idea, but we’re making good time !! Lol

I  guess our journey has been similar in that we were guided carefully and did make good time being Oct 2012.

More seriously, I  thought I would mention that there is the last week from many different channeled messages from outside the PAT site (few good ones and most irrelevant/old info and others uninforming ), but nonetheless, a common thread of two aspects/themes that are mentioned or main “themed” within them.

Many messages containing “consciousness unity” as well as “dark attacks”. It appears and is evident also from our experience within the PAT that this is a fact and appears to be a widespread last ditch effort of the dark ones to make a stand, doing so with all light worker groups, individuals etc. irrespective of their particular incarnated purpose in this grand event. It’s a cluster bomb attempt and with a cluster bomb we also know it goes in all directions, many without specific aim but to spray the wall so to speak.

Just read the newest updates today on the PAT website from Dorie and April,  23 Oct 12h00 GMT and very much resonate with them, those given by our “ladies with wings”, DnA.

Its clear there is no specific plan laid in concrete for the past year as is evident because of the intricate process of ascension which needs to transform and adapt to stay on the main course, as new events unfold from the dark trying to railroad in their desperate last attempts.

But there are many plans and roads that can be followed to get to paradise not so and knowing its orchestrated from the higher realms, specially from the realm where the controllers of this process reside, this maze is not obscure nor hidden from that vantage point, but  “amazing” and clear.

That said we can now relax more into the safe place of knowing its all unfolding perfectly as was always intended and the drama of the play always been part of a perfect award winning production.

Love and light


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