HS Check-In 10-9-2012

April Bender, October 11, 2012

It is getting REALLY difficult to function here. I keep losing track of time, feel very dislocated, and am wondering how much longer this will go on? We are already passed the timeframe given and I’m really having serious reservations, again, about the information you’ve been giving me.

HS: April, believe it or not, these sensations/symptoms are what you have been waiting for. They are your confirmation, as George has repeatedly said, that your ascension is happening NOW. The highly intense humming or buzzing sound you almost constantly hear/feel now is part of the circuitry that you and the PAT are now completely jacked into to, since finalizing the rainbow bridge and activating/indwelling in all your dimensional light bodies (Oversoul). As you have low-jacked into the Universal power source, so are others low-jacking into you. You are their power source, as you are their closest source/jack/outlet of this energy for them.

Granted, to varying degrees this has been happening all along, especially during the last 4 months, but now with the rainbow bridge complete, and some of the outliers/solitary members of the PAT having ascended, the entirety of the Jacob’s Ladder is complete and anchored, though we have temporary pathways in place (like the PAT) until the PAT detonation and ID split commences and these energetic functions/pathways can be self-sustaining on their own. While yes, the new 5d earth grid is activated and parts of it “online,” it will not work at full power/capacity until the ID split takes place. Therefore, you (the PAT – in its expansive/inclusive sense) are the temporary bridges/anchors.

I mention this because you now have several thousand souls, low-jacking into you, through your portal. The most you’ve ever had and growing steadily daily. Remember also that the magnetism/magnetic pull has been growing within your portals as well. This is the force that is compelling other souls/energies to “jack/plug” into you and therefore this circuitry. Where they were once performing ascension “test runs” through your portals to become better acquainted with the process, they are now actually jacking/plugging in to the new circuitry in order to 1) be in a more conducive state of mind during the “shift,” including relevant downloads and 2) to finalize the connection of all souls on the first ascending wave. These activities are in addition to the solitary star seeds, masters, etc…who have ascended already through your portals just recently.

Imagine yourselves as the gatherers of the souls/living energies of the ascending first-wave. You are gathering them energetically into your portals (this is happening naturally and requires no conscious effort by the PAT). This includes souls as well as plant, animal, and devic energies. Your portals are now, very large standing waves of distortion/transformation. Distorted from a strictly 3D perspective of space/time, transformative from a 5D and higher perspective. These “standing waves” or “thresholds,” have a very strong magnetic pull to them, similar to when thinking of a black hole. Those of like resonance, can’t help but be pulled/drawn up and into them. Now this is only in an energetic sense until the PAT detonation. Once the PAT ascends these energies now connecting to and through your portals, will lift and cross the bridge with/behind you. This is actually happening right now as every day you rise higher and higher, dematerialize more, and feel the magnetic tug become stronger. You ARE ascending now!

You could say that these newly refined collective energies (of mostly the first wave) are arranging themselves into a new matrix of light, of oneness/unity, sort of like a spider-web of interconnected light, forming a new collective mind. This will be the foundation in which to build/live in 5D. Let your mind drift along the image I’ve given you and you can feel this new matrix, the firing synapses of the new collective mind as it stirs and awakens within its first thoughts/impulses.

In fact this is where much of your confusion and/or sense of dislocation comes from. You are beginning to dwell in the consciousness of this new higher/collective mind, as the PAT (in its most expansive/inclusive context) is the driving thought behind it, along with Source. Therefore, it becomes more and more difficult to dwell and function in your linear 3D human mind/world. And yet you don’t fully understand how to navigate this new terrain just yet and you haven’t been fully released (physically) either to dwell permanently in it. Also, add in all the portal activity, and yes, physically and emotionally you’re feeling VERY strained at times and unable to firmly get a handle on the new space, but this WILL improve rather drastically.

In fact, very very soon the rubber band (the metaphor I’ve used before) will not be able to handle the stretch any longer and will release/snap causing PAT detonation. Please understand that the stretching of the rubber band has happened in increments, so as not to completely overwhelm the PAT. Source is moving things along in a manner best for all and it would not have boded well for you had you experienced too much, too soon. For as much discomfort as you feel right now, if Source had opened up all the flows or energetic floodgates at once (as George signaled readiness of the rainbow bridge/ascension) you would have been energetically drowned. Please keep in mind that this is similar to the wake up process for the masses. Their rubber bands are being drawn taught as well, though being mainly played out on the world’s stage, and look at how tensions are rising there. That rubber band is about to snap as well, and the timing of the two rubber bands snapping at the same time is no accident/coincidence.

This is all very clarifying and helpful but you keep saying “soon” or “in a few days,” but still no ascension. Why does it feel like you’re just stringing us along? Again!

HS: It is our job to get you from point A to point B and of course that covers many stops/tasks in-between. We (the PAT’s HSs) have done our very best to be up front with you about each step or process that the PAT enters into. Again, time is relative to us and really most of this is happening in a moment, a blink of time from our vantage point and that’s why I prefer to discuss processes rather than specific timing. However, The PAT has completed all prerequisites prior to physical ascension. There is NOTHING more for you to do, so please don’t go and attempt to “find” something. It is strictly up to Source now and Source HAS triggered the final acts/motions leading to first wave ascension! Source has called all fragments/souls/energies of the first-wave Home. The tone has gone out!

This is why they are all being drawn, magnetized, and connected within your portals. This is why some have ascended and you are mid-process. The sense that something has “shifted” in just the last 24 hours is this new “collective mind/matrix” waking up or becoming active and having its first thoughts/impressions.

You are so very close! Please do not give up hope or lose faith. You are there, really! You can feel and sense all the activity I spoke of. You engaged and can testify to your part in all past energetic processes/tasks of the PAT. Therefore, you KNOW.  It can only be a small matter of time as the rest of the finale plays itself out, as it is playing out NOW.

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