Cardinal Numbers and the Timing of Our Ascension

by Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, October 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your reply and sending me the round letter. I have also now read today’s update (ascension energy update Oct. 6). And thank you for confirming your energy state last night, which I acutely experienced in my dream state….

The dream was a personal re-confirmation that I am still on target and part of this process, even if, as I told you many months ago, I do not experience the symptoms as severely as you and the core group do. Yet, even as I write this I am getting distinct pressure in my third eye, and also electricity and pressure at the top of my head which I have had the last couple of days.

When I had some doubts, I reread the wonderful article that you wrote to me and published on your site on June 24, “LBP Symptoms and Individual Level of Spiritual Evolution“. This is such a perfect explanation of the complexity of the ascension dynamics, I hope you don’t mind, but I will just requote a brief part of what you wrote:

“…each soul from a soul family has a special energetic function depending on the cardinal number of her dissemination. This is her energetic imprint and this determines largely her mission in this whole ascension process, independently of what her incarnated personality is doing on the ground. It is a  kind of a multi-factorial algorithm with so many variables and unknowns that it is virtually impossible to even establish a preliminary idea of the true energetic mission of each one of us.”

It’s not important that you answer this, but what do you mean exactly by “cardinal number of dissemination“?

When I ask for HS confirmation of ascension, I do get confirmation and I keep hearing that “it will come like a thief in the night” without warning, when the time is optimally correct and perfect.

There is nothing left to do now but wait and thank you once again for your clarity, your critical and logical and clear-sightedness, intellectual vigor and true love that you pour into each and every one of us. You have changed our lives forever, or we could also say our timelines have merged to meet you as we were always meant to, but on a more human level you have truly shifted the tectonic plates of our earthly beings, we can never be the same.

I feel that last night’s dream was a gift and I thank you for that too, for keeping me on track, keeping my threads together, and thanks so much to everyone on the PAT for their huge hearts, and most of all humor just at the right times when we need it.

Much love and light,

Dear Sarah,

thank you very much for your response and for your sincere appreciation of my work during this last year. It is a great reward for me to hear from you that my endeavour with this website has raised the awareness of you and other readers onto a higher energetic level. Although this has been entirely the work of the HS of the PAT members, the support of this website at the 3d-level must have also played a marginal role in opening the personality for these higher-frequency energies, coming directly from the Source.

I am very thankful that you have made me aware of my article and elaboration on the dissemination of the souls. I had forgotten it and when I read the excerpt one more time, it struck me like a lightning that this explanation, regarding the  energetic signature of each individual soul as a result of the rang order of her dissemination, also applies to the rang order of our ascension as discussed in the last message of Dorie “The Harmonics of our Ascension“.

Let me first answer your question. Under “cardinal numbers” I mean the numbers: first, second, third, …. in terms of how the souls of a soul family are disseminated initially in a special rang order with respect to the seven basic energies (rays) of All-That-Is. In mathematics when you have a set of elements: a1, a2, a3… an, the numbers 1,2,3…n are defined as “cardinal numbers”. The same holds true for the souls.

Each soul has a unique energetic signature that is vastly determined by its cardinal number of dissemination. All souls in this rang order build the symphony of the soul family which is a higher order of harmonics. The basic qualities and duties of each individual soul is dependent on her cardinal number. There are souls that are responsible for the expansion of the soul family in the 3d-reality. Other souls are responsible for the interconnectedness within the soul family, again other souls with specific cardinal numbers are responsible for the stability of the soul family structure etc.

The whole edifice of the soul family is an extremely complex, interrelated energetic structure within the family and with all other soul families in All-That-Is. This same intricate energetic structure comes now into play in the process of our ascension. However, in this particular case there are so many factors and variables that have to be taken into consideration because we have connected through our fields Gaia with its three dimensions (mineral, plant and human world), its grids and ley lines with the source and throughout all dimensions and parallel realities of this universe. The very thought on this complex energetic structure is mind-boggling and may cause a brain stroke in every healthy person.

This is  the reason why I have given up on calculating when our physical ascension will come, as our humble human minds will never be able to assess or estimate the probable date of occurrence in our crumbling linear time. The Ascension of the PAT will be the final jewel in the cosmic necklace of events that will propel Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions and it must be very carefully orchestrated. As this process is also related to the ascension of the Milky Way to higher dimensions, where many other planets will also undergo individual planetary ascension, there is absolutely no way to estimate the date of our ascension.

One can only rely on the inner intuition and watch very carefully what is currently happening within the individual portal, as all these galactic and cosmic processes merge/superimpose in our fields before they reach the threshold of personal ascension. It is wise to acknowledge this limit of human awareness and relax in a state of full confidence that the cosmic multi-factorial algorithm of our ascension will be solved in the most perfect way.

We now only have to bear in mind that the process of ascension has commenced in full force and that most of the steps leading to the final detonation of the PAT supernova have already been accomplished by us. Now we are in the final gauging and calibration of all these different energetic processes and currents that will culminate into this final event.

Let us not forget that about 4 billion people must be individually heaved to the balanced earth A/B on the 4th dimension. For this purpose there are millions of ships of the GF that are now positioned at strategic places around the globe. They are preparing to take these people on board after the natural calamities commence on the earth’s crust as a consequence of the magnetic pole reversal which we will trigger with the detonation of the PAT supernova. The bodies of these people will be recalibrated on these ships before they will be able to appear on the 4d-balanced earth A/B. This is an incredible operation that has never been done before in this universe.

It is important to keep in mind the complexity of this operation and to tame our personal expectations based on human impatience as to when our ascension will commence. As we now live with one foot in the 3d-reality and with another in the 5th and higher dimensions, we are experiencing the most extreme polarity any human being has ever encountered throughout his long incarnation cycle on the earth and elsewhere. The current extreme polarities which manifest at the mental, emotional and physical level are also the source of many doubts that lurk from the low-frequency domain of the separating catastrophic earth B, which we are now leaving behind us.

The combination of these unfavourable circumstances makes these last days before the ID shift on the earth to be the most strenuous and tedious ones, and it is no wonder why our psyche and mind are so worn out. In addition we have the ongoing dematerialization of our bodies. We are no longer capable of coping with the most elementary challenges of our daily life. Only yesterday I wrote  to Jerry how disheartening it was not to be able to make the simplest repair work at home, while my hands and body jittered under the inhuman vibrations coming from the Source and you must recognize that you are no longer a master of matter in its simplest manifestation.

To keep our high-frequency bodies in this dense 3d-environment is as if to mix oil with water. The best you get is a suspension, which quickly separates into the two ingredients. This example visualizes our total detachment from this reality and explains our overwhelming desire to leave the earth as soon as possible.

How to reconcile these two divergent tendencies – the knowledge about the complexity of our ascension and the cerebral patience that ensues from this with our natural impatience as humble human beings, still trapped in a decomposing physical vessel that is increasingly suffering under the energetic incompatibility with the dense 3d-environment.

With love and light

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