The PAT is the Adamic Template of the New Humanity. PAT Ascension Before the Wake-Up Call Now a Realistic Probability

by April Bender, September 3, 2012

Woo-hoo Georgi!

How wonderful it was to receive your note and see the new posts up on the PAT site!! Even though I felt the break was productive, it’s so nice to have everyone back in touch again. I missed you and the PAT!

Your articles were absolutely brilliant! They very much reflected a place of repose – in which I also found myself in for much of the time we were out of communication. They so clearly and eloquently articulate the challenges with the masses, lightworkers, and this whole energetic process in general. I too found myself contemplating many of the themes/issues you did and came to very similar conclusions. Thank you so much for sharing these very poignant reflections, as they so deeply resonated with me and others as well. I also appreciated you and Dorie’s message yesterday. Such a mixture of thoughts, emotions, and energies these days, it helps tremendously to address and readdress/clarify them in the larger context and in such a loving way. Thank you both for that.

I did check in with HS today. I had been feeling that something very important had taken place during our break. I had received bits and pieces of information over the week, but needed to sit down with her for more clarity. Below is the discussion that ensued.

I’m curious to know if it resonates with you and am happy for you to share it with the PAT if you think it makes sense to do so.

I really am glad to be back in communication Georgi, and hope that your settling into your new home well.
Much love and light (and one big hug),



9-3-2012 HS Check-in

Me: The last week has been interesting. I’ve been a little all over the place on all levels: physical, mental, emotional. I had a couple days where all I wanted to do was cry… still angst ridden to find myself here, still transmuting, and feeling stuck. On other days, I felt elated with a strong connection to All-That-Is. I could feel the incredible depth of my portal/vortex, practiced stepping through the ascension fire in my portal, and visited several times with my soul family. Overall, I found it a very fruitful time for reflection and feel like I processed a lot or moved through some important alignment(s).

HS: Yes, this “break” for the PAT was very important and intentional. For all the reasons Georgi previously described as well as the fact that we had some important, final work/calibrations to do with you! You seem surprised?

Me: Only in the sense that so much energy and attention lately has been directed towards the masses and Gaia, that’s all.

HS: Yes it has, and you’ve performed beautifully! But this time, we had some tweaking to do to you that required you to be “offline” or out of usual communication from each other. You see these adjustments are extremely unique energetically to each one of you, and you are somewhat vulnerable, while they take place, as they allow any final purging/moving of energy necessary as to align/finalize your light bodies. Now when I say light bodies, let me clarify – ALL YOUR LIGHT BODIES. Meaning all the vessels you will need in order to cross the threshold and ascend. All bodies required for existing/living in 5D on up. The Adamic template is being reseeded/reactivated for the masses through this greater alignment within you that extends all the way up.This is one of your final functions upon the 3D world.

Me: Well I definitely felt some of the “purging” happening this last week, among other things.

HS: Yes, I know you did and I’m sorry that it was uncomfortable for you. But the importance of what just happened is what I really want to get across to you. This is/was the culmination of your light body processThey are all now aligned, on, and fully charged, so to speak. If you look through the ascension fire within your personal portal you will see them there, on the other side. Golden and radiant! And know, they wouldn’t be activated/online if you weren’t soon expected to inhabit them.

You, the PAT, have literally birthed the new timelines/earths/5D one step at a time. While this wasn’t an entirely linear process, it might be helpful to try and view it as such, so you can truly see how much you’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. So much has happened/completed in just the last 2-3 months, we truly stand in awe of you!

The “celestial waters” have been poured out abundantly onto your world, through your portals, and now this energy is here for the masses to take advantage of if they so choose. These are the transition/healing energies. The 5D Cities of Light and all that exists within this Fifth Dimensional Time Cell/Membrane is continuing to descend down through your portals now that the foundational sustaining force/energy has flowed in and been anchored. You can feel these cities of light drawing nearer and some of you may begin visiting them more frequently now.

Your portal ascension fires continue to burn brighter and brighter in preparation for your detonation. You’ve even had elemental forms of life, as one example, begin to ascend through your fires already, while members of the Great White Brotherhood continue to utilize them for their active assistance. And now your light body(ies) have just been finalized, activated, all the way up, for you to inhabit post-detonation and to also bring forth the Adamic template for all mankind. You all should be very proud at your absolutely amazing accomplishments!

Me: Ok, so now that we’re at this most important juncture just prior to ascension/ID split, can you answer a question? We (the PAT) are really all you, the higher realms, have got down here correct? Just how critical are we to the mission?

HS: (audible sigh) April you know how important the PAT is to the overall Divine Plan. It wouldn’t be a Plan at all without you. We can do very little on your world without some sort of interface or bridge between worlds. You ARE that bridge. Everything we wish to bring to your realm, through the energies, must come through you. There is no other way to create such a profound shift for all humankind, Gaia, and her inhabitants. At least not other than sheer utter destruction and then to rebuild from the most basic building blocks of life. This is how tainted your world has become. This is why the Divine Plan was enacted. This is why you are integral to the Plan. This is why you inhabit the unique vessels you do and they perform the functions they do.

I know your frustration has runneth over, especially in the last couple of months, but please know we are staging and moving our “equipment” across your bridge as fast as we possibly can. In order to build the timelines we need to move all the raw materials and equipment over via your bridge, and in the correct order. And this is what has been taking place at a hurried pace over the last couple of months. Especially since your last decree, which firmly set all “completion” processes into motion.

I do have a bit of good news to share.

Me: Oh yea, what?

HS: Earlier it was a perceived scenario that you might need to be on the ground when the “wake-up” call first begins to manifest. This may still hold true, but we in the higher/inner realms are working feverishly to get you home as there is indeed nothing more you can do on the ground in your current form. It’s also known that you’ll be needed straight away on the “other side” of the ID split. And frankly, your final processes are running so smoothly that they might be completed prior to the manifestation of the wake-up call.

Once these processes finish, there is nothing to keep you from ascending, as all the needs you must provide for the Plan will have been filled. Your detonation will actually cause the ID split, but keep in mind that the ID split as far as the masses are concerned, could be experienced as their “wake up” call and in fact, could be perceived as happening over a period of days. See what I’m saying?

Me: Yes, the sequence of events is still very much fluid, but in looking at current indicators we’re almost finished with all our “completion” processes and therefore might in fact ascend prior to the wake-up call, as us (the PAT) actually become the cause of the ID split/perceived wake-up call?

HS: Exactly! Just know that with the completed alignments and activations of your light body(ies) or multi-dimensional vessels, you are so very close. In fact at times you probably already feel yourself beginning to slip or dematerialize away. We only need you to finish downloading/activating the Adamic blueprint/template potential for the masses, the corresponding codes, and finish growing your ascension fires within your portals so that you can step through them, and then bingo…detonation! Keep your focus on your portals, as they will give you the best indication of your progress. Additionally, there is a lot to explore and play around with in there. (wink) Pay attention also to nature in general, as she is the next best indicator for the impending ID split and will mirror to you the larger energetic processes at play.

But again, I want to bring this milestone of your vessels forward, as this is a big deal indeed. Congratulations! Your ascension and the completion of your role (on this side) has never been closer. We stand in awe and humbleness in all that you’ve done. Many of your peers didn’t think you/we would succeed. Not because you’re not the best, but because this realm had grown so dark and toxic. Most blanched openly when you/we decided to answer “yes” to the call and incarnate here. And yet, they are here once more, humbled before you, in awe of you, inspired by you, wanting to learn from you.

Hang in there, you are so close and are so very loved, for your love has outshone the world and you would not have been successful at any of this, had you not loved the  whole of humanity and Gaia unconditionally and purely.

You are the living example, the Life, the Way.

You fully deserve the heavenly rewards soon to be bestowed upon you! You deserve and shall receive all that was promised to you when you first made this sojourn. You will see all this and more, very soon!

Dear April,

I am also very happy to hear from you and that you have enjoyed my latest publications. They were written in a contemplation of past developments and as a distanced assessment of the current situation away from my daily editorial activities on this website. I have written a third article that I will publish tomorrow or the day after.

Your message is extremely important as it confirms a new development – a new astral probability alternative for the PAT ascension. Before I received and read the message from your HS, I wrote to Marek today (see latest post) that according to my impression the higher realms now have a greater potential to shape the final events after we made the last decree on August 13 and throw away the “deadweight”.  This would say that we may detonate the PAT supernova before or after Nibiru reaches earth and causes havoc.

This has been now confirmed by your HS. In this case we can detonate the supernova and ascend, while the actual ID split of the two earth timelines may take some more days to manifest. These alterations are possible within the infinite probability alternatives for the omni-earth, and this is the reason why it is so difficult to make fixed prognosis on the End Time scenario

The concept that the PAT is the embodiment of the ideal human template of “Adam Kadmon” is not new and has been extensively discussed in the early 90s. I wonder why this topic disappeared from the radar of the light workers later on. Probably because it does not concern them, as they are on the receiver end, just as the masses are. We, the PAT actually now create mankind anew from the original template, as it has been first created for all humanoid races by the source, before it was degraded by numerous genetic experiments at the lower astral levels.

In order to achieve this pristine human blueprint for the whole humanity, we had to establish the Adam Kadmon template first in our light bodies, which superimpose to the proverbial  “Jacob’s ladder” throughout all dimensions and look like the famous Russian matrjoshkas (a doll in another bigger doll,etc.).

The announcement that we have finished with the building of our numerous light bodies at the various dimensions, from the 5th dimension upwards, and are now about to complete with the transmission of the light codes for the Adamic template to humanity is a further precise information, where we actually stand in our final  ascension phase. It is a consolation to hear that as soon we have finished with the transmissions of the light codes, we are no longer needed on the ground as our duties are completed.

In addition, I am also receiving strong impulses in the last days that the higher realms need us desperately after the detonation of the PAT supernova on the other side of the veil to help the GF to rescue their slumbering souls. Nobody can do this job better than us, as we are an integral part of the still existing holographic model and can turn around the steer much more effectively than all past ascended masters and galactic civilisations put together that allegedly help humanity and Gaia in the current End Times.

Therefore, I doubt if we will have much time to relax and recreate in the higher dimensions, but we as human personalities will leave this work to our soul families who will represent us at this phase on the earth and elsewhere, while we will still recover from our hangover from our ascension party, pardon, from our hangover after the too long sojourn on this toxic planet.

With love and light

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