The Dark Cosmic Awareness and its Human Morons

Dr. Georgi Stankov, September 25,.2012

Dear Dorie,

Today I am feeling a new powerful wave, although the energies/vibrations are very subtle, at a very high level of course. It is as if I am pulled away from the earth, my power is sucked out of my body and the slightest physical effort exhausts me. I must move very slowly and cautiously as not to stress my body soft- and hardware program. I interpret this as the final pull before we detach from the earth’s dimensions. 

Yesterday we had the most spectacular sun set I have ever seen – the whole sky and clouds were burning in crimson red in my portal. Even  my family was impressed, especially as I told them that the sun set will be very spectacular in advance before the show began.

My guess is that we will ascend tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but I do not want to herald this premonition. It is very difficult for me to stay in this reality and even my editorial work on this website can no longer anchor me. I do not have even any desire to eat, although I am hungry. I am too lazy to eat anything.

How are you feeling?

With love and light

I will be honest. Yesterday I was feeling joyful, excited, elated and full of energy…READY FOR HOME! Today I have also been hit by a very powerful wave. It is exactly as you describe. But what’s different for me is the emotional experience I am having–let me explain.

I received an email from Sanita last night on the latest channeling from CA about false prophets. I have never put any value into anything CA has ever said. I have never trusted that man from day one when I first listened to his voice back in September of last year – I never listened to him again after that, because as someone who has channeled my own spirit guide, I know that the change in voice patterns is NOT something that is out of your control, but something that is used for EFFECT in order to make what is being said more believable. But last night, I was curious as to why Sanita had sent me the audio file from CA, so I listened.

While it was obvious this was an attack against the PAT, what bothered me was how I reacted to it. I actually began to question whether what I believed was real or not. I suppose that this is part of my detachment process, so I can review all the experiences I’ve had this last year and learn to fully embrace who I am without question. The fact that I KNOW that I can go within, in order to validate my SELF, offers so much more than any fake, robot voice, channel of “who knows what”. .

I read the latest PAT comments and they also help to validate who we are and how incredible our connection and synchronicities have become. And so I am taking all of this energy with me as I connect with HS and ask her to help me once and for all disconnect from this reality and ascend into the magnificence of who I am, which will then remove ANY doubt. This will be my last act in detaching from this reality, form the illusion of the “impossible” once and for all, and in giving my self the gift of freedom I’ve been longing for all along…experiencing ALL things POSSIBLE.

With much love and light,
Dear Dorie,

I see now what you mean. CA actually addresses me. Obviously Berlinghof is so crushed by our recent critics (of Gail, Henry Bizon, and others) that he needs some moral support from his HS, but the kind of support he gets is very feeble and full of wrong common places and prejudices and outright lies, while not a single fact has been presented to support his case.

Of course, I have said on numerous occasions that CA was better in the past and there is a lot to learn from it. I have said openly that now this is no longer possible, quite on the contrary – it is a source of deliberate disinformation. This dark source under the name of CA now implies I was using its information in a hidden manner as to present myself as an all-knowledgable guru. This is such an obvious lie on the part of this source  that this alone disqualifies it fully as a very dark source. How can you be indignant about somebody who openly criticizes you with facts, if you attack him with insidious lies, but do not bother to respond to his just critics? This is the worst of all behaviour – even among humans – it is the same dark behaviour we know from the Orion/Reptilian aliens that have reigned on this planet before we expelled them.

If I were a false guru as this source claims, I would have hidden my information sources and claim that all wisdom comes from me. In fact I am the only one in this whole esoteric circus who reads and openly recommends other sources when they are good. But only few are really good. Most of them are trash and I say this openly.

When your HS gave us wrong dates for our ascension end of July, I asked you to clear the matter with your HS and neither you, nor your HS were indignant about this intervention on my part. In fact your HS admitted, pressed by your critical questions, that they, our HS, deliberately cheated us. This was a highlight of honesty from the higher dimensions – the only case actually that I know that the higher dimensions have made such an admission.

CA has been amply wrong in all its predictions for this year and for the last year and nobody asks it why? This is what I have repeatedly urged these morons to do as to display discernment,which this source allegedly also advocates, but not for his own dark behaviour, and now they are hurt when I call them “morons”. This is the least despicable word I have found to describe their idiocy  Of course they are morons, if they are not able to ask a single critical question to their dark source under the disguise of CA and get a proper answer. It is not only my personal opinion that this source has become very dark – recently Gail (and also other PAT members) wrote an essay confirming this opinion, without me asking her to do this. It was her personal decision.

The insinuations of this very dark source go further – they make you believe as a listener, if you do not know me, this website and the PAT, that I demand full subordination and unquestioned obedience from the PAT members. This is the most insidious accusation and an obvious lie, which one can immediately reveal when one reads our website which contains the most open discussions in the whole esoteric circus.

No human being has ever dared to make such statements so far, as they are first insidious lies and second, my critics know that I would immediately question this false accusations publicly and substantiate them with irrevocable facts. But a bodiless dark source as this one is simply hiding under the name of CA in the astral dimension, where the other dark Orion sources have now retreated after we threw them out of this planet, as the HS of Daniel recently confirmed, and now believes that it will not be attacked by myself.

I think personally that this whole group is in a huge crisis and that this channeler is so insecure and totally infiltrated by this dark source, given the fact that all forecasts of the CA have been bluntly wrong in the past two years. Instead of questioning this information, they start attacking other critical people. I can quote many past statements of CA, where my critical attitude is explicitly welcome. None of these morons bother to read past messages of CA to find the difference between this clear source at the time of Paul Shockley and the dark source this moron of Berlinghof is channeling now

One can take many past messages of CA with which one can reject all present statements of this source. Henry Bizon did this recently. In fact this is another lie – this source only criticizes me, but in fact the critics of CA come independently from many other members of the PAT. This is typical for all dark sources – they hit one person in a group and hope thus to eliminate the whole group.

Dear Dorie, you should not bother anymore about this source – it is not better then Greg Giles from the Orion and Co. who has recently published similar messages that all critics of his messages will be arrested by the GF. It is getting obscure by the hour now because of the very dark energies which now leave this earth due to our mission to split the two timelines and affect many weak people with a week brain such as Berlinghof.

Please observe also that the CAC group has never dared to publish a single article written by myself on the website as to discuss my accusations openly, while I publish any accusation on their part immediately on our website and present it for open discussions by the PAT members who, according to this dark source, I ruthlessly suppress. This is the transparency I advocate contrary to the darkness of this group and source.
If one should call me a guru, then I am the “guru of total transparency and openness”.

While I finished this email I got a very powerful information from the Source that it wants me to criticize this source as a dark one as to save this mired group. The shock will come very soon when we ascend and appear as ascended masters, so that it is necessary that I reveal this fact now. As you remember, this dark source channelled about an year ago that I will never ascend. It is published/documented on this website. This would say that this source also claims that nobody from the PAT will ascend. Do you realize now how dark and insidious this source has always been since Berlinghof has started to channel it. I knew since then that it is a very dark source, probably the darkest and most dangerous of all, as it operates under the reputation of the previous CA.

With love and light

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