Strategic Considerations Behind the Last PAT Decree

by Georgi Stankov and Marek Prochyra, September 3, 2012

Dear Georgi,

have you read the latest message from CA? It gives some information regarding approaching Nibiru and possible effects it can cause. From the following part of the message it could look that at least until mid of Sep the detonation will still not be executed.

“By mid-September many will be able to see Nibiru through telescopes and many will be asking officials what is happening. Part of the reason why so many have forecast economic destruction and downplay is that the authorities in their attempt to distract the populace will seek other things to replace the concern with Nibiru in the sky, for it will still not be reported on the daily news. But those events that could distract will be, and if there are things indeed that are planned then these things will be launched at that time, the mid-September timeframe onwards, to distract.”

For me personally even chaos on financial markets or other kind of disorders is simply not important enough. After all recent experiences and events I don’t give a single thought to predicted dates and I treat all non-PAT channelled messages only as a way to fill my time being still here.

But one question still keeps reoccurring in my mind: “We dramatically accelerated all things after our latest decree – and it’s Sep and we’re still here. How and when was ID split meant to happen if we didn’t make the decree?” That the energies are low and awareness can be by no means augmented under the current situation on Earth, had to be known long before August, Lion Gate.

Link to CA message:

Yesterday I had a discussion with my wife about the possible effects of Nibiru and that, in case big tsunami wave was approaching, I woudn’t try to hide and save my life but stand firm and look at it and wait to be swept away (I know though, that I would feel huge fear because the self-preservation instinct is primal instinct built-in us ).

Her response was: “In this case, you can stand in front of approaching train – it’s the same.” Me: “No, it’s not the same. This is suicide – which is against all cosmic laws and from some point in your life you’re even unable and
prohibited to do it.” I was smiling to myself about the continuing synchronicity between PAT members – after I read about your and Dorie’s “try” to jump off the rock and the reply from your HS that you wouldn’t be allowed to end
this “Calvary”.

On another note, I’m trying to understand what you’ve written about people nearly losing the hope in their soul. How can this be possible? I’m so far and ahead on my journey, that I can be frustrated, depressed, fed up, angry with my soul, but I can’t stop believe what I know is truth. It’s impossible for me even when the tortures and physical situations around me would be unbearable – this knowledge that it all soon ends is the only certainty that one has on this lonely journey. And this knowledge at the same time is me, my soul.

Yesterday evening I also experienced strange thing. Around 10 PM there was a dark night without stars, only moon was brightly shining. My 12 years old sun came to me excited and asked: “Daddy, look at the moon – how can it be completely ORANGE and not white like always?”. I immediately recalled the message where it’s mentioned that the big event is near when we start to experience unusual things physically.

I’m sending you love and strength,

Dear Marek,

thank you for giving me this CA alert link. I read it and I must admit it is rather confusing as most messages from this source lately. It raises more questions than it answers. What strikes me for some time, is that this source diligently avoids to use the term “ID split” and declines “to pour pure wine in the empty glasses” of its readers. This is the reason why I have given up relying on this source many months ago.

Now back to your legitimate and key question, which I also discussed with my HS recently. My guess is that they, the higher realms, did not have any fixed dates for the ID split. Until August 8th they believed that they will take more people to the balanced earth A/B. When it became evident during the last ascension trial run at the lion’s gate that this is not possible as the necessary energetic threshold could not be reached one more time, our HS urged us to drop the “deadweight” by issuing the third decree on August 13.

They deliberately instigating our indignation with their obvious cheating and lies with respect to announced ascension dates. This was a planned action of our HS to achieve a certain goal – drop the souls of the fence straddlers. It  was much more elegant and effective, if this decision came from us, the ground ascension crew, than from our HS. It had much more power and validity, but they needed for this crucial decision somebody like myself with a clear-cut mind to perceive the necessity of this decision and the dilemma of the forces of light.

One should not forget that our HS were under great pressure from the GF and the other soul families to save their incarnated souls of fence straddlers, who will not make it now. Our last decree has led to a great frustration among these soul families, as Jerry also noticed recently.

I expected this outcome for some time and this was the reason why I published several weeks before the announcement of our last decree the controversial article “The Sarcasm of Our Souls” which some readers rejected as it run contrary to their past esoteric beliefs. They did not understand the bigger gambit that was played at the higher realms between the different fractions of light and not only between the forces of light and the former PTB, which is a fairly easy game as the winner is known in advance. Not so with respect to the number of saved souls during these End Times. This has always been the big unknown variable.

Ultimately, our HS wanted to prepare the ID split for the anticipated date when Nibiru will reach the earth the closest and will be able to unleash the magnetic pole reversal, although my guess is that the forces of light have a certain potential of linear time to manipulate the Nibiru magnetic effect on the earth as to suit their higher plans.Therefore, they may use Nibiru as a catalyst earlier or later than the date of its closest distance to our planet. This is still an open question.

The advantage of giving up the souls of the fence straddlers is that now the forces of light have more space for maneuver and can better arrange the events on the ground, while in the former case they were under a considerable time and energetic pressure, if they had to save the souls of the fence straddlers, which comprise to my estimation 1-1.5 billion souls.

From this point of view, when we talk about acceleration of the ID split and ascension, we actually mean the gain of more flexibility of the forces of light without the “deadweight” of the fence straddlers. But the dates were fixed more or less from the very beginning in conjunction with the Nibiru effect.

However, one must also bear in mind that ascension could have taken place much earlier if humanity was ready and the fence straddles could have been saved. This was the maximal objective, and it has been dropped now, but the time schedule remains the same modo grosso.

This is at least how I see this key strategic aspect in the preparation of the ID split and the detonation of the PAT supernova, which you have correctly addressed and I am grateful that you have done it, as it was very important for our understanding of the ascension scenario and had to be discussed one way or another.

With love and light


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